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Dark Blood Age - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

Published at 9th of February 2017 04:49:39 PM

Chapter 4

chapter 4 Arrival of the ruthless monsters

This type of low level yuan fu can only be used once, when it  consumed all the yuanqi that stored in the yuan fu, it will lose its power and all the stuff that stored in the yuan fu will be removed from it . so either he has to make new one as back up or he has to improve himself to a level that he could make level three yuan fu, at that time he can replenish yuan qi to yuan fu .  So yuan fu could be used over and over .

The structure of yuan fu is not complicated, it has three parts, head , body and foot;
Head is use to direct yuan qi into the body and activate yuan fu; body act as storage space for incantation , for chu incantation is something he could not figure it out, it is like driving a car, but not many people understand how engine works . Foot of fu is also called seal, it is used to seal the yuan qi inside yuan fu . So yuan qi could not leak out . Many practitioners would leave their personal signature at foot so only themselves can use it, some doesn't leave it so other people could use it .

Chu spend almost three hours just completed one fire enchanted yuan fu, even though it is just level one yuan fu, it consumed all the yuan qi he stored .

It is first time he can actually feels yuan qi and gain experience when making yuan fu . he doesn't want to to take risk to make wu na(storage) yuan fu at first,  it is level 2 yuan fu not only it is much more difficult but also chances of success are very low .  He doesn't have much time nor yuan qi for him to test it . He hopes the experience he gained from making level one yuan would help him complete wu na yuan fu in one go .
Every decision he makes right now can affect his life afterwards, so he has to be cautious .

Luckily he has the book, he noticed that it is less difficult to make yuan fu on top book . But according to the book he is still far away from stage 2 which will provide him enough yuan qi to make level 2 yuan fu . In order to get to that stage earlier, chu give up times that used for rest, spend them all on practice .

During the time chu practice, the situation has gotten worse, weather has got colder, some people were freeze to death . The sun does not show any sign want to come back again . Cold and hunger drives people to get out of house seek for foods and help,  conflict never stopped,  army start to lost control of riots . they had to narrow down and only focus on protecting some important area .

Chu was not aware of what was happening outside until one day a bizarre incident happened in his housing estate . One man started to argue with soldier about the fewer food he received everyday . Man was furious, and punched one soldier, but this punch shocked everyone on the scene including chu, the punch that man threw out instantly froze the poor soldier, the man was scared his hand is still covered with frost “no , no it was not me, i just simply pushed him, you all saw it … . ”  he shouted with a quivering voice, started slowly move backwards and then escape from the scene . One hour later, few armored vehicles with a group of fully armed soldiers came to the housing estate took the man with ice punch away . No matter how strange his punch was, and how much damage he could do, at this time people are still afraid of the army .

Man the ice punch did not resist, he tried to explain everything was not his fault, but no one was listening to his explanation, he was escort from his home, left his wife and a 7 or 8 years old son crying on the door .

Chu knew this is exactly like what it mentioned in the book, his spirits has awaken in the 4th dimension it itself . that man clearly did not know his ability until his emotions start to agitate the world original qi around him caused him to freeze a soldier .

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“What a talented guy” chu envies ice punch man’s ability, he has been practising yuan qi  for so long, just barely awakes his spirit  in 4th dimension, but this guy already can threw a punch with frost damage . But chu still feels lucky because if it was not this book, he probably would not achieved anything .
This incident has also warned him that he could not tell anyone or reveal any of this ability to someone, especially army, look at how their escort the ice punch man, he does not even need think, the army will not treat him nicely, probably will do all kind of experiments on him .

He used to think if the practice that mention in the book actually works he will tell everyone, so no one will suffer, but this incident scared timid chu, he learned that the world has changed,  He does not want to be the second guy, so he has to keep everything as secret .

Few days later,  during getting the supplies from army,  the neighbour who lives upstairs told him that government research department has discovered a lot quantity of dark matter and dark energy which could not be found before, it probably has something to do with the ice punch man . They are now mainly focusing on doing this research .

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Also he heard from neighbors who lives upstairs claims that because of some dark energy our temperature stopped constantly dropping, even the plants outside already start to absorb the dark energy instead of sun light . This is going to be a entire new physic system .  But chu does really know what he is talking about, he felt it is lucky enough as long as he was not freezed to death or suffocated,

His progress with storage yuan fu is not going well like what he thought was, he failed making one when he thought everything was ready . It upsets him entire night . The whole he kept thinking what if the made other fu instead of storage fu, he would probably had succeeded it . Now his yuan qi had been wasted, he has to gather them again .

9 days later, he faced another failure of storage yuan fu again . A scream fill with fear and panic interrupted him while making yuan fu, he failed to seal the yuan fu and then all the yuan qi inside were leaked outside . Then comes the sound of gun shoot .

Chu was furious, he simply thought that it must have been someone trying to cause trouble, riots has been spread to here, so it happens quite frequently recently . When it is the end of world, despair, chaos,  hunger ,  gave people motivate to do all kind of crime, rape, rob, killing… everything as long as it can help them live happily in rest of few days, month or years .
Neighbour who lives upstairs said army has already killed a lot of people, order has been given, no time for prison the only punishment is shoot to kill . It also intimidate civilians who are going to cause trouble prevent situation out of control . neighbour also whisper to him that actually quite a lot of soldiers did some pretty bad stuff, but no one dare to stand out accuse them .

Chu has been a good person for 20 years, he is calm and little bit timid .  The number of people he had argument with in the past 20 years can be counted by using one hand . This time whoever interrupt him enraged him a lot, he used the courage he has been build up for 20 year about to curse loudly at window to  whoever did this . The funny thing is in the bottom of his mind, he actually thinks that person probably gunned down by army so he is not afraid of they will coming after him .

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he removed the only small metal plates that has not been sealed, when he looked outside all the anger is erased by complete spine-chilling and horror, cross the street under the armour vehicle’s light, there is a huge monster that chu swear even the most vicious and ugly animals in the tb programme planet earth are better looking than this one . Under it a audi sports car had been destroyed out of shape you could barely recognised it .   
The body monster just as big as original sports car, covered with red exoskeleton, it has four Razor blades liked legs at bottom and two large deadly claws at front . Chu could not stop shivering,through the binoculars he saw sharp teeth inside that monsters mouth and blood red eyes on its head .

Green liquid has been dripping from its mouth, it cause the green to raise when it touches the destroyed sports car, he can almost hear the sizzling sound,  then a hole appears on the car, it seems like the liquid has corrode and penetrate the metal . Chu does not even need to think how Corrosive strong that thing is, the answer is right there .

”We are doomed, we are doomed, here they are, here they are, what do i do, what do i do” chu keeps mumbling uncontrollably . He thought he had planted everything perfectly, he was not panic when the sun is gone, the world chaos does not sacred him .  He is not afraid of cold and darkness, because he has already done the preparation,

But this, this is something he is not ready yet, fu is not completed, monster is much stronger than he expected . Tian gui has returned as expected What should he do now, he lost his calm and directions, 

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