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Dead End - Chapter 2

Published at 19th of January 2016 08:39:21 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Never-ending Dream

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-Never-ending Dream-
"Would you like to join us, Yuuki?"
Father's words echo in my ears . While I hear the noise he makes, my head can't grasp what he
means .
My eyes are fixed on Kyou's open thighs and I can't move . . . . The proof of his manhood is
erect . And I can also see that his body is devouring a man's, my father's, manhood as well .
The white semen that had flown at me is now staining the carpet, and a masculine scent wafts up
to me .
What are you guys doing . . . ?
Isn't it obvious?
I'm wrong . There's no way that could be . Why would father and Kyou be . . . ?
Then what is it that I'm seeing right in front of my eyes?!
My thoughts can't settle . My wide eyes dry and begin to hurt . --It would be nice if I could
blink . What is blinking . . . ?
I feel like I'm hearing-- some sort of sliding noise .
Kyou's open thighs are lifted, and I'm able to see all of his large red and twitching length .
Kyou doesn't move at all, as if he's frozen, as father lays him down on the bed and then
approaches me halfway .
"Come here . "
He summons me with his usual confidence-filled voice .
He calls out to me again since I haven't moved and slowly extends his hand to me . I feel a heavy
weight land on my shoulder-- and I stand there still processing .
As I look up at my father's face I can see that he's wearing his usual smile, and yet--
I shake my head .
"Then, will you leave?"
I shake my head more rapidly .
"This is troublesome . "
Combined with that wry smile, when my father's voice reaches me I feel like a child and can't do
anything but shake my head .
" . . . Then, watch from there . "
When he takes his hand away from my shoulder I shiver at the sudden cold . Despite the fact that
the warmth had such an effect on me, I feel like I was suddenly through the pane of glass that
separates me from the winter yard outside .
"Kyoutarou-kun . "
Father sits back down on the bed and calls out to Kyou in a gentle voice .
" . . . Did Yuuki . . . leave . . . ?"
"No, he's right there . "
I can tell that Kyou's body is cowering . And then, he turns his face towards me with a look of
absolute dread .
It lasts for a single moment . Our gazes meet for only a moment before he turns his face away
again, as if he's trying to run away from me even a little bit while staying on the bed . For the
moment our eyes met, I see that his face is more pale and sorrowful than any other time I've seen
him .
" . . . Please . . . hurry and . . . leave . "
"But it seems that Yuuki wants to watch you . "
Kyou's plea sounds as if he had to force it out, and father easily answers him . With those words
Kyou's body cowers again, and when I look it seems as if father's enjoying himself .
Father unties the cord around the robe he's wearing, and then takes Kyou's trembling arms and
ties them together with it .
"Mr . Yajima . . . ! What are you?!"
"We need to provide our audience some service . We need to make it easier to watch you . "
"What!!! P-please don't joke! Anyway, Yuuki is . . . "
"See? If I don't do this you'll just run away . "
Father easily stops Kyou's resistance and takes the rope tying both of Kyou's hands and ties it to
the bar on the headboard at the top of the bed .
Kyou's so strong, and yet he's easily overcome by my father's strength like this . I feel like I'm
seeing something totally strange and can only stare straight ahead at the scene in front of me .
"Yuuki, come closer . "
As I'm called again I leave the door for the first time to obey those words .
I stand at the end of the bed . Kyou twists his body with his hands still caught above his head, the
only thing he lets me see is the line of his body running from his shoulders to his hips .
"Do you want to see Kyoutarou-kun?"
I hear father whisper .
Despite father's voice and the hand on his shoulder, Kyou doesn't respond .
"It can't be helped . "
Father smiles thinly over his shoulder .
"Kyoutarou-kun has a very pretty body, doesn't he?"
Father strokes his fingers over Kyou's fingers and Kyou's body arches like a fish on a hook .
"Excellent musculature . "
Kyou's light brown skin makes it easy for me to make out the movements of his skeleton beneath
it .
"And most importantly, these hips . They're hard and so tight . Just like his ass . It takes me in
deeply and refuses to let me go . "
Father quickly trails his fingers down Kyou's back and to the curve of his ass, and opens him up
there . Kyou quickly shakes his hips in an effort to escape, but even so I'm still able to perfectly
see his red and twitching hole .
" . . . Enough . . . please . . . cut it out already . . . "
His voice is feeble and shaking . It's the first time I've heard Kyou's voice . . . like this .
I want to hear more of it . I unexpectedly think about how I'd like to see more of his crying
expression .
"You can't hold back anymore?"
As father leans over him, I can see that his exposed body is twice as muscular as Kyou's
is . Father whispers gently into Kyou's ear before thrusting his tongue into it .
As father's tongue moves, Kyou's body shivers . He can't escape so he repeats his resistance .
"You're wrong! No . . . ! Ah . . . !"
His leaked voice sounds as if he's being squeezed to death yet in the next moment is
excited . And with father's skilled guidance his body opens up .
"Good grief, they're very long, aren't they?"
Just as father says, Kyou's nipples are long and hard as father slides his tongue around them .
"Uh . . . !"
The flush on Kyou's cheeks deepens, and the teeth biting into his lip look painful . As father rolls
his tongue over his nipples it seems like Kyou's voice will spill out and he bites down even
harder . . . until blood spills out .
"It's really all right for you to cry out . . . Yuuki, come help me . "
What should I do . . . ? While still trying to figure it out, I unconsciously reach out my hand and
touch Kyou's lips . They're so hot they feel feverish .
" . . . Don't touch me . "
Kyou recognizes me, and spits out the words . They are stronger words than I expected, and my
chest suddenly becomes hot as if it's burning .
I pull Kyou's chin back and slide two fingers into his mouth . As I timidly slide them in, Kyou
moves his tongue around as if he hates the invasion and is trying to push them out . Meanwhile,
I'm getting hotter and hotter .
I feel a sharp pain in my fingers . Even at a time like this, Kyou's trying to hold back by biting .
He is turning his unreasonable anger on me, so I catch his chin and meet his lips with mine . Our
hot breath mixes . He tries to avoid my tongue as I seek to tangle mine with his, and father
continues his stimulation causing Kyou to forget to breathe . The movements of his tongue slow
down, and it becomes mine .

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I never imagined Kyou's tongue would be this soft and sweet--
I keep our mouths together as I greedily indulge in the sensation, and I can feel Kyou's throat
vibrate . If I release him and look down, I would see father's head moving between Kyou's
legs . And if I looked at what father's tongue is doing, I'd see it wrapped around Kyou's hard and
swollen length .
And also-- if I look above my head I would see that rather than the restraining cord biting into
Kyou's wrists, there would be slack as Kyou's arms bend backward as he reaches his limit .
Father strokes the length to squeeze out every last drop before lifting his head . He holds some of
it in his mouth, and I can see a drop glistening at the corner of his mouth .
"Do you want to taste it too?"
I'm drawn in by father's captivating voice--
I feel the weight of a tongue hotter than Kyou's as it thrusts deep into my mouth . Father's stiff
mustache touches me, and my skin breaks out into goosebumps .
"How is it?"
I carefully drink down the thick liquid on his tongue .
"It has a weak taste . . . "
"--Good boy . "
Father gazes happily down at me and pats my head .
"Now then, I'll have Kyoutarou-kun show you everything . "
Father gets onto the bed again, and Kyou tries too late to hide his naked body by rolling onto his
left side .
Being on his side, father's fingers are able to easily slide down the length of his body, and Kyou
shuts his eyes .
"That's . . . please, Mr . Yajima, anything but that . . . Please, not in front of Yuuki . "
Kyou twists his body and it seems to my eyes that father is clinging to him with the pads of his
fingers .
Father wears a cynical smile .
"Why not?"
"Why not . . . ?"
While Kyou struggles with not being able to answer, a hand sneaks between his thighs . The
hand grips the back of his knee and lifts it up . Kyou tries to resist with his other leg, but father is
able to use his own leg to block him .
Kyou's thighs open and his soft length, the result of having already found his release, is fully
exposed . I can confirm that his bud truly is red and that it's twitching a little .
"No, don't! Stop!"
Kyou becomes slightly freer and moves his hips as his voice raises .
"Oh, I see you're as energetic as always . But if you keep moving your hips like that, I might just
slide in . "
Kyou's resistance stops with father's teasing voice . I can't see from where I am, but I wonder if
there's something thick and hard pressing against his ass .
"Yuuki? Come here and see Kyoutarou-kun's bud open up . "
He lifts Kyou's legs up even higher, and I can see small spasms as he stretches him . Then I see
that small opening devour father's hard manhood .
Kyou's breathing stops .
"Breathe . If you keep holding your breath it will only be harder for you . "
As father whispers in Kyou's ear, Kyou shakes his head .
"Yuuki . . . Please make Yuuki leave!"
Despite the desperation of Kyou's plea, father treats it as non-important .
"I can't do that . After all, once I've finished with you it will be Yuuki's turn . "
I'm not sure if the one who cried out is me, or Kyou--
I awake with a cry . My body is damp with sweat .
"Again . . . "
I push aside my futon, and cup the problem standing between my thighs .
Father and Kyou . . . It's been nearly a month since I saw the two of them together like that . And
since then I've constantly been having these types of dreams .
--I had gone back to my house to get something I'd forgotten, and went looking for father who
should have gotten home before me .
The last door I opened was the door to the guest bedroom, and it was like I entered a different
dimension . I chased after my yearnings, and ended up catching up with my father . And what he
was doing to my closest and most trusted friend Kyou was--
When I finally came to my senses I ran away .
And yet I'm still dreaming about it . . .
Or is it because of that, I'm dreaming about it--?
The things I wasn't able to do .
The days flow by . While I'm captured by that one thing and feel like I'm wandering a maze that
has no exit, Christmas and New Year's Day pass by .
After that-- we received confirmation that my grandfather's condition had recovered and father
went back to work . He left with a smile as if nothing had happened .
I haven't met with Kyou since then . Our classes have become even more different, so without
planning ahead of time there's no way we would meet on campus, and club has been on break the
whole time . Even if we see each other from afar, he never comes up to me .
My plans for Christmas Eve with Ikumi passed by, but I canceled them with a lie that I'd caught
a cold . And just like that, the year ended . No matter how many times she calls me, I apologize
evasively . Right now I don't have the ability to think about Ikumi .
So, of course, I hadn't planned on meeting with Eiko either . But since Eiko is Kyou's girlfriend
and Ikumi's friend I agreed .
That's why today I've been forced to meet with her .
"Hello, Yuuki-kun . I'm sorry for dragging you out here . "
"Hey . "
It is the afternoon on their day off . They are at a bright tea house filled couples . And we're
probably viewed the same way by the people surrounding us too .
Eiko is seated across from me, and is staring hard at me .
"I heard that you caught a cold and have been in bad shape this whole time, but . . . are you sure
you're all right? You look like you've lost weight . "
I touch my own face to feel . Saying that I'd caught a cold was a lie, but it's true that I haven't had 
much of an appetite lately .
"You always had a pretty face, but with this sort of gloomy air hanging around you, you look
even more lovely . "
I return a dry smile to the flirting girl . At that moment my complex, which I had thought I'd
finally gotten rid of, starts to come back a bit . I hate my body . I'm weak and extremely pale, but
girls seem to like that . . . . That's right, and guys especially seem to .
"Do you mind?"
Eiko is holding a box of cigarettes in her long, pretty, well-manicured fingers .
"Yeah . . . . I didn't know you smoked, Eiko-chan . "
"Fufu . I quit because Kyoutarou didn't like it, but since we've broken up I figure it's fine . "
"Eh?! You broke up?!"
I wonder what happened . I thought they suited each other really well . . .
That reminds me . . . Ikumi had told me that Kyoutarou was acting strange . That was just a little
bit before I discovered what was happening between Kyou and my father .
"Well, does that mean you haven't met up with Kyoutarou either?"
This time, it's Eiko who looks surprised .
"You know, lately Ikumi's been crying to me about how you haven't been willing to meet up with
her . I thought that maybe it was because of Kyoutarou . "
"Eh?! Why would it be?"
In reality, part of my unwillingness to meet with Ikumi is because of Kyou . But there's no way
she could know that . So where were these hostile words coming from?

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"Fufu! I'm sorry . "
Eiko smiles in amusement at me as she gets rid of the ashes with a single flick of her finger .
"It was around autumn when Kyoutarou started acting weird . So, when I heard that two months
later you had started acting weird as well . . . I thought that maybe it was possible that the two of
you had gotten together . "
Today is just full of surprises .
"Because, you see, you seem like the type that would be popular with guys, Yuuki-kun . And the
two of you get along really well . So all of the girls have been gossiping that you guys have that
sort of relationship . "
"Is that a joke?"
The ones who have that sort of relationship are Kyou and my father .
"Yeah, I'm sorry . It's just a joke . It's just that the timing of the two of you acting strange seemed
to fit too perfectly . That's why I thought that maybe that might be the case . . . so that's why I
wanted to meet with you to confirm the truth . "
The sharpness, and yet being slightly off . . . I really don't understand the way girls think .
She hasn't even smoked half of her cigarette yet, but Eiko puts it out and looks at me with a
serious expression .
"But Ikumi . . . she's feeling depressed so she's thinking the worst things possible, and is feeling
jealous of you two . . . "
Jealous . . . ? Of me and Kyou . . . ?
"In that case, Yuuki-kun, I want you to explain things clearly to Ikumi . You don't need to
explain every single detail of your relationship, but you did make Ikumi cry . Um~ and there's
still the matter of your Christmas Eve plans hanging in the air, right?"
As expected, it's hard to talk about that last part . Our Christmas Eve plans-- we were supposed
to experience a very girly first time .
" . . . Why did the two of you break up? Although, maybe I shouldn't ask . "
Eiko and Kyou already had a physical relationship and had been full-fledged lovers .
"U~m, how should I say it . . . ? I realized it when we had sex . That Kyoutarou didn't love me
anymore . "
"I'm . . . sorry . "
"It's all right . You already knew, Yuuki-kun, that we weren't together in a pure way, right? He
just started acting more and more awkward . . . And after that something changed about the way
he held me . . . Kyoutarou's such a serious person that it shows up right away in his
behavior . That's why . "
The reason Kyou changed-- was probably because of father .
My thinking leads me to that point . It seems that their relationship had started some time before
what I unfortunately witnessed . . . Kyou had told me before that he only sleeps with the person he
likes, so there's no way he could handle being with both father and Eiko at the same time .
Does that mean that Kyou's in love with my father . . . ?
"Yuuki-kun? This isn't really something I should say as a girl, but if you like Ikumi would you
renew your Christmas Eve promise with her? I think she's waiting for that too . And if you don't
like her, then would you break up with her?"
Eiko shows me her white teeth as she smiles sweetly at me .
"I've always thought . . . that both guys and girls can be the ones to want to sleep with someone . "
"Yeah . I'm sorry for making you say so much . "
I find myself smiling in response to Eiko's bright expression .
"Fufu! Well, I was free anyway . . . . Now then, I suppose it's time for me to find my own partner,
rather than worry about other people's relationships . "
With that, she gives a flashy wink as she sets down her money .
Pretty and bright Eiko . She may have just felt like meddling a bit, but I wonder if she's so sweet
to Ikumi because that's how girlfriends are .
When she was by Kyou's side I thought she was the perfect partner for him .
But now, Kyou is--
"I hate this room . "
Kyou stops in front of the door to the guest bedroom .
After that-- it took nearly two months before I finally called Kyou . For that long we'd been
avoiding each other and so of course when I finally called him out he was confused . And yet, he
still came to my house and only now shows refusal when I invite him into this room .
Kyou simply turns his face away and doesn't answer . And I realize that I've done something
incredibly cruel .
"I want to talk here . I want to talk about what you and father did in this room . "
And yet, he still doesn't say anything, so I grab Kyou's arm and pull him into the room . The
guest bedroom is a small eight tatami room . It's set up like a hotel single room with just the bed,
a dresser, and a single chair .
Since there's only one chair I let Kyou have it and sit down on the bed since I know that Kyou
absolutely won't sit on it .
"I met with Eiko-chan a while ago . The two of you broke up, right?"
Kyou doesn't answer . And he doesn't sit down .
"Was it my father's fault?"
" . . . No . . . "
He answers in a pained, husky voice .
"I broke up with Ikumi . Because of you and father . "
Finally, I manage to get Kyou to look at me .
"You know, I keep having dreams ever since that day . About you being held by father in this
bed . About your sperm flying through the air . Was it that good? About your ass being spread
wide, and clamping down on my father . . . I'm surprised it didn't tear your ass . It was so big . . . "
"Stop it!!!"
"Why?! It's all true, right? I saw it myself!"
" . . . I'm sorry . "
Kyou loses his strength and falls into the chair .
"I'm sure you already know this, but I've always wanted to be like my father . He's strong, firm,
bold, and yet also kind . That's why I want to become more like my father and less like my
current, weak self . And also, Kyou, I want to become more like you . "
Kyou shakes his head .
"You saved me when I was attacked by that horrible man . You're brave, straight-forward, and
always confident . I never imagined that you would do that with a man, but . . . are you in love
with my father, Kyou?"
Kyou shakes his head while murmuring an apology .
"Then why?!"
"--I can't say . . . "
"Honestly . You're such a good boy, Kyoutarou-kun . "
The door opens and father enters the room . Kyou looks at him in disbelief .
"Mr . Yajima?! Why are you here?"
"He returned home yesterday . "
Kyou looks back and forth between my father and me as I answer .
"You can't say it because you're afraid of hurting Yuuki's feelings . With the fact that I raped you
and then forced you into a relationship . "
And then, father adds with a cruel smile that I have never seen him wear before .
"Well, I suppose there was the issue of a man's pride as well . "
" . . . Yuuki-- . . . "
Kyou also makes a completely hopeless expression which I have never seen him wear before .
Kyou was raped by a man . I thought that something like that would never happen to Kyou,
unlike me . And to think, the culprit was his friend's father .
Father said he did it 'forcefully' . Looking at Kyou the way he is now, I know that isn't a lie, and
yet . . . At that time, before Kyou saw me and froze, he hadn't looked like he hated it .
"You know, Eiko-chan told me that there are times when a guy or a girl wants to try having 

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sex . And that it's the same whether you're a guy or a girl . "
I suddenly remember Eiko-chan's long fingers .
"Back then, I received a big shock from seeing you and father together like that and I ran
away . After that . . . I really regretted it and wondered why I couldn't bring myself to join you . At
that time, it wasn't disgust I was feeling but jealousy . "
"You . . . what are you thinking . . . ?"
Kyou's face steadily grows paler .
"I realized it thanks to the dreams I keep having . I want to hold you, Kyou . And I want to be
held by my father . . . Who was it that I was jealous of? Who was it I wanted to sleep with then?"
"Don't say something so stupid! You're father and son . That sort of thing is--"
"Then will you do it, Kyou? Will you sleep with me?"
"And that ends the negotiations, doesn't it?"
When father speaks-- Kyou doesn't say a single word to object .
Just like in my dream, Kyou's back is curved like the trunk of a young tree . When I thrust in he
bends like a leaping animal, being on all fours .
"Uh . . . ! Uh . . . "
I'm not able to hold out for very long . Kyou's tight body is even hotter than I anticipated . He's
stretched to his limit, making it feel like he's scraping me as I thrust in and out .
I'm seduced by the waves of lust coursing through me and quickly find my release, and Kyou
who is positioned on his hands and knees, collapses to the bed . My hands can only touch his
hips .
"That won't be enough to satisfy Kyoutarou-kun . "
Father, who had been smoking a cigar, approaches the bed .
"Come on . He's still clamping down on you here, right?"
I'd already gone soft while still inside Kyou when father thrusts his finger inside of him as
well . Kyou's ass twitches shamelessly in response .
"The twitching is telling you that he wants more . "
I wonder if Kyou is biting his lips at father's perverted words . His ass definitely tightened up
around me .
"Do it just like that . "
I don't know whether father is talking to Kyou or me, but it doesn't matter . Then, father runs his
tongue over the point where we're joined together .
Unlike me, who is following father's movements with my eyes, Kyou who is lying prostate on
the bed seems surprised by the sudden stimulation . And he seems to get more sensitive the more
his body is spread .
"Mr . Yajima! . . . Please stop!"
Kyou props his upper body up with his elbows . Father ignores him, and continues what he was
doing .
Father's tongue continues sliding around, and ends up traveling up my length . The rough
sensation and intense heat of the movements, combined with the feeling of Kyou's ass tightening
around me, causes my body to pulse .
"Yuuki, do you want me to lick your ass too?"
I see father lick his lips suggestively .
"Mr . Yajima!!! Yuuki is your son! Please stop this! That's the reason . . . that's the reason I'm 
letting him take me, isn't it?!"
Even though Kyou's lower body is restrained, he still tries to move as far away from father and
me as he can .
"I don't believe I made that negotiation with you, though . . . . So, what will you do?"
Father looks at me, raises his eyebrows, and smiles .
"I . . . want father too . "
"Good boy . "
Father wipes the sweat from my forehead and combs his fingers through my hair . My father's
large, gentle hand--
When I was a child I was lonely because I hardly ever saw my father . But when he did come
home he would definitely hold me with his large hands and hug me tightly . I was so happy, and
whenever he held me against his hard, warm chest a strange feeling would come over me and all
of my loneliness would disappear .
My father smells of the ocean and greenery and all sorts of things I don't know about . Father is
filled with all of the things I long for but haven't yet seen .
"Father . . . "
I stretch my arms out through the space between us, and naturally Kyou separates himself from
me . He stares at us, father and son, from the edge of the bed .
"You guys are . . . insane . "
I can see flames of anger in Kyou's eyes .
"Kyoutarou-kun, you really are a straight-laced child . But I believe I told you that on this planet
there are many forms of love . Just like I love you, I'll teach how I love my son as well . "
Father moves closer to Kyou . It looks like Kyou is plotting ways to try to avoid him and escape
but the reaction time of his overwhelmed body has slowed down and when father's fist connects
with his stomach, Kyou loses consciousness .
"What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to place him in a seat where he'll have a better view . "
Father picks Kyou up with ease and sits him on the chair he had been sitting in earlier on his
own . And in order to keep him from running off, although I have to wonder if that's his only
purpose, father ties his hands and legs to the chair .
It's not just a theory . This feeling is my body happily accepting father .
Father's large hands, as if they are one living creature, creep along my body .
Father's lips, his tongue, teeth, and even his overflowing saliva are being used as weapons to get
me excited .
"Ah . . . nnuh . . . "
Father is gradually lifting my thighs, and he isn't allowing me to suppress my voice .
"Your body is clinging to me . "
His hands slide my legs to the side and I shiver as I'm startled .
"My beloved marks look like cherry blossoms . "
He sucks hard on a soft portion of my thigh and I let out a single gasp .
I partially open my eyes, and when I look past my abandoned arms at the sides of my body I see
that the trail of marks that father has already left scattered about have turned a pink color .
"Your white skin is incredibly sexy, Yuuki . It's pleased many men, hasn't it?"
" . . . What about you, father?"
After all, my skin is so different from father's .
I feel father's breath against my thigh as he chuckles, and my pulse quickens .
"I love it . It's the same skin that Fuyuko has . "
When father brings up mother's name, I feel my body shrink away from him a bit .
"But you're a man, so there's more to it than just that . Underneath this white skin are straining
muscles . That makes me even happier . "
And then, father suddenly grabs that part of me .
"And right here this is hot, hard, and straining, and more wonderful than anything for a man . "
In an instant I swell and get harder as father pushes his finger into me . He gives me a small
smile .
"That's right . Good boy . "
He rubs me strongly in preparation while adding another finger . The direct stimulation,
combined with the sweet words, causes all of the tension in my body to disappear .
I'm so happy that father appreciates this body, even though it can't become anything like him .
"You're starting to smell like a man . "
The tip of his finger nudges something deep inside of me, and pre-cum starts overflowing from
the male part of me .
"Does it feel good?"
I can't answer, so I nod instead .
"What about this?"
Something strange starts to push into me back there . As it starts twisting around, I realize that
it's father's thumb .
" . . . I don't know . . . "
It feels strange .
As father adds another finger, the conversation repeats inside of my head . Once it's up to three
fingers, the penetration becomes unexpectedly difficult and there is a sharp pain .
I make a grimace, but say nothing .
"It's all right . I can still fit more in . "
Father's voice is gentle, and it calms me to think that he really cherishes me .
Even though I thought that my own body had become hot, father's mouth is much hotter . He
uses his tongue to play with me, and my body starts stinging as though I've been burned .
It resonates with the stimulation from before, and father slowly spreads his three fingers inside of
me and repeats the motion of thrusting them in and out of me . Every now and then his lips
descend on my length and tighten and leaves more moisture behind .
The movement of his fingers becomes smooth, and a different sensation is born inside of me . I
feel uneasy and impatient . I'm not sure if this feeling is pleasant or uncomfortable . . . My
consciousness can't decide . But another part of me screams out that this is pleasure .
The wave comes .
"Just a little more . Bear with it . "
Father's words and fingers are able to hold the wave in check .
Father lifts his head, and I can see his smile is filled with self-confidence .
"Would you like to come together with me?"
As I try to gather up my scattered thoughts, father kisses me repeatedly . I quietly slide my
tongue against the lips touching mine . His hard mustache reminds me of my lower half, and I
become increasingly hard making it more difficult to bear .
He lifts one of my legs to open me up, and I feel a cold breeze against my entrance . However,
that is quickly replaced by body heat as an overwhelming pressure pushes inside of me .
"-- . . . !"
Without thinking, the pain causes me to swallow my breath . It even runs all the way up my
spine to my brain .
"Breathe out . "
Father grabs my jaw and forces my mouth open . And with his fingers still gripping me, I'm
urged to breathe .
I breathe in, and the pain of the penetration starts to diffuse .
"Touch it for yourself . I'm inside of you . "
I timidly touch my hole and can't believe how large it's being stretched as it swallows father
up . I'm connected to father!
The feeling of confirming this with my own touch is probably causing my eyes to sparkle as I
gaze up at father, and he smiles with satisfaction .
"Relax your body . . . accept me . "
Father starts moving slowly . As father withdraws his hips, my body clings to him as if it doesn't
like letting him go . And when he thrusts back in, my entrance contracts as though rejecting
him . I'm losing my senses with the contradiction and I feel pain well up inside of me again .
"It's all right, just like that . It feels really good . . . You'll slowly start feeling good soon too . "
As I'm wondering if father can tell that I'm shaking, he pets my hair and kisses me on the
forehead .
Slowly, my body starts feeling lighter .
After this, I entrust everything to father and focus on my own pleasure .
Slowly, little by little, my body is tormented by pleasure and I begin to reach my peak . And, as
if trying to get father to match me, my insides cling to him as his pace intensifies .
"Yuuki, can you wake up?"
" . . . Yeah . "
Being completely drained, the only thing I can do is respond .
"Kyoutarou-kun . . . "
That's right . While father was playing with me, I hadn't had the composure to think properly .
I sit up and look at him, and it looks like he's regained consciousness . And although his body
has become relaxed, his face still shows resistance .
"It seems like he's aroused . "
I look back at Kyou, and I can see that in-between his legs he's hard and wet .
"It would be sad to leave him like that, right? Do something for him . "
"Something . . . ?"
"If you ride him, I'm sure he'll come soon . "
Father looks like he's enjoying himself as he narrows his eyes .
Kyou is still bound with his hands tied behind his back and his legs tied to the chair legs, spread
open .
Both Kyou and I realize what father means at the same time and we stare at each other-- After
that, I'm the only one who nods in agreement .
I get off the bed, and Kyou lets out a flustered voice .
"Yuuki . . . ! Don't do something stupid!"
"Something stupid? You might think there's something wrong with me sleeping with my father,
but with you it's all right isn't it?"
I say sarcastically as I loosen my ass .
No matter how much he struggles, with his body restrained all he can do is use his voice to resist 
with all of his might .
"No . What are you saying when you're already like this?"
I straddle him, and grab the length that's standing tall . I can tell that he's already plenty hard .
"Stop it!"
I don't concern myself with Kyou's resistance, and use one of my hands to guide him inside of
my ass, and this causes what was left over from father to dribble out . I turn my head and see
father staring at us intently .
I give him a small smile and lower my hips .
Suddenly, I feel Kyou thrust up from below and feel a tight pressure in my ass, and even though
I'd been opened up just a little while ago I can feel my hole tearing . The blood causes me to
become even more wet which makes it easier to take all of Kyou inside me .
It goes in all the way to the base, and I take a deep breath . I can feel Kyou's pulse with my inner
walls .
I can see my beloved Kyou is biting on his lip to the point it has changed color, and I feel the
need to own him well up inside of me .
I take hold of his chin and meet his lips with mine, and they're just as sweet as they were in my
dreams . I feel like I can get drunk on them .
Finally-- Kyou accepts my tongue and sucks on it in return .
"Aah . . . "
Kyou is crying as he rides father's shaft .
"Yuuki, you put it in too . "
Father pushes up his hips, and while still buried deep inside of Kyou he spreads his ass cheeks 
apart .
I move closer, excited by the sight of blood that is congealed around his entrance .
I straddle father's thighs and move up against Kyou's backside . His hole is already spread wide
and is twitching as it is spread left and right as he lies on top of father . His pulse is going so fast
that I can't tell if it's Kyou's pulse, father's, or mine .
"No . . . way . It's impossi . . . ble . . . "
Kyou's strained voice emerges as I start to push in .
Father pulls out until only the tip of his length is still inside, and Kyou lets out an animal-like
noise .
His ass is opened to its absolute limit, and it tears . Red blood flows out freely, giving me the
ability to follow father in .
--Earlier, Kyou told me that I'm insane . I wonder if I really am insane?
Even after having sex with Kyou, I still don't have an answer . Even after having sex with father,
and all three of us having sex like this, I still have no answer .
I wonder if, from the beginning, there never was an answer .
All I know is, I want both father and Kyou--!

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