Death Scripture - Chapter 750

Published at 11th of September 2019 11:20:04 AM

Chapter 750: 750

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Han Fen was shivering so violently that her upper teeth seemed to be punching her lower ones, and her fear had even reached the oil lamp on her head as it was shaking violently . With one hand clamping onto her mouth and the other holding onto the lamp, Han Fen was so scared that she was temporarily rendered incapable of talking .

The other four people were also startled, but they didn't believe in the existence of ghosts . Having forgotten the fact that he didn't have any internal energy, Old Man Mu leaped forward and yelled, "I'll kill you!"

Normally, he should have been able to reach the front of the bamboo pole . But after he leaped just one step forward, the bamboo pole seemed to become scared and disappeared into the passage, which left the four more positive that it was a person and not a ghost, because the bamboo pole snapped into two figures as it entered the door .

However, Deng Yuanlei recalled a more horrible issue and in a low voice, he said, "They're kung fu experts, and we can't defeat them . "

Lu Mian snorted . Instead of replying to Deng Yuanlei, he asked, "Han Fen, did the Master Commander leave any guards here?"

"I… I… don't know . " Han Fen moved her palm away and squeezed out those four words . Then she looked at the Dragon King in horror . "Are they really humans?"

Gu Shenwei nodded and assured, "Even if they're ghosts, there's no need to be afraid . You see, they like playing, and are not scary at all . "

"You're right . " Han Fen stopped trembling immediately . She walked a few steps forward as if she had never been scared, and in a sudden, loud voice, yelled, "All you ghosts, big and small, show yourselves . I'm not afraid . "

Her voice reverberated through the room, yet no humans or ghosts showed up .

"Eek, it turns out they're cowards, ha-ha . " Han Fen was satisfied with the results . She laughed out loud and then turned to ask the Dragon King for help, "Now what? There's no way out . And the Master Commander will be angry with me if I fail to get to the Western Regions in time . "

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"We'll take the other path . Maybe there're other exits . " Gu Shenwei's suggestion received immediate approval, and Han Fen led the way confident once more with the lamp on her head .

The two from the Qingcheng Sect exchanged a glance, but didn't move . Deng Yuanlei said, "It seems that the two people there mean no harm . Maybe they were just trying to show us the right way out . "

Old Man Mu shook his head and rejected Deng Yuanlei's proposal . "First of all, we've already tried that path, and there's a lake there – we have no idea what's waiting us on the other side and we'd have to swim across if we wanted to find out . Secondly, from now on, the Khan's mausoleum belongs to the Dragon King, who has to inspect those treasure Lotus left behind along with me . As for you two, you'll be the Dragon King's prisoners, no matter what path you take, ha-ha . "

Old Man Mu had guessed part of the Dragon King's plan . This luxurious mausoleum was indeed an exceptional resource which could be of great help to his fight for hegemony . For certain reasons, Lotus hadn't taken all the valuables in it, and Gu Shenwei would love to ascertain what was left behind . Another reason was that he had a habit of never taking a path guided by unknown people .

Han Fen's head craned out of the passage and beckoned to the Dragon King excitedly . "Come on . The next hall's even more interesting . "

Gu Shenwei and Old Man Mu walked forwards . Deng Yuanlei and Lu Mian exchanged another glance and also followed along . Treasure always held great appeal, and yet the two had a different opinion on the treasure's ownership .

What had excited Han Fen was a jewelry hall, where all of its surfaced had been covered with brass . Numerous gems were mounted on the walls . The light of the little oil lamp refracted when it shone through those gems, which lit up those gems with beams as colorful as fantasy shining stars in the sky . Han Fen was running around the hall like a child .

Even Gu Shenwei, who had never cared about wealth or jewelry, was shocked . Raising his head and looking around, Old Man Mu stroked the gems on the walls, and asked a question completely in line his intrinsic practical mindset . "The Khan's such a wastrel . All those things he did – seeking immortality, building mausoleums . What was it for?"

"This is not a mausoleum . It's the Khan's underground divine palace . " Gu Shenwei had thought that the Khan was a wise man during his limited interaction with him, and he had never thought that Khan would be so obsessed with immortality . No wonder the Court Attendants Army and common herdsmen were similarly obsessed .

The two from the Qingcheng Sect were even more surprised . Deng Yuanlei produced his dagger and tried to dig a ruby out of the wall closest to him, but his current mediocre strength and his lack of knowledge of the right method caused the dagger to snap while the ruby hadn't loosened even a bit .

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"Hey, don't touch anything . All the jewels here belong to Dragon King," Old Man Mu said .

"They belong to the Master Commander," Han Fen corrected .

"Give them to the emperor as a tribute, and I will receive a reward even more handsome than if I brought back the Khan's head," Lu Mian said to himself excitedly, as if he hadn't heard the words of the other two .

"We should keep some to ourselves, as… assets of the Qingcheng Sect . " Deng Yuanlei's greedy eyes were even brighter than the gems .

The three parties glared at one another .

Gu Shenwei didn't take part in the debate . As we walked through the hall, he became more and more confused . He thought to himself, 'What was the Khan's purpose of building these luxurious halls? Why aren't there any defense mechanisms? The two figures back there were clearly not disciples of the Waning Moon Hall . They refused to show themselves, but why did they let the Waning Moon Hall take all the gold previously?'

He walked into the next hall which was totally dark, and the wall had a jade-like texture .

Oil lamp on her head, Han Fen walked in, putting aside the debate with the others on the topic of ownership .

This was a jade hall, which was just as colorful – black, white, red, yellow, green jade, just to name a few, gleamed in the light of the lamp . All of the jade had been sanded down and then assembled into a wall like seamless bricks . "This one feels better . The previous one gave me blisters . "

Soon the five discovered the rule of the halls: the passages on the left always led to the next hall, and those on the right were either dead ends or led to the underground lake .

None of them seemed to have any interest in leaving, and they just kept going, one hall after another . Deng Yuanlei and Lu Mian, each with a wounded leg and sweating buckets, tried very hard to keep up with the others, as though they would lose their claim to any of it if they missed a glance at any one of the halls .

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"The mausoleum is indeed circular . " Old Man Mu had forgotten which hall this was . Looking at the hall full of jade, he gave an involuntary sigh . "I wonder what's at the center of the circle . "

He had just finished his sentence when the oil lamp went out .

Han Fen rushed in between the Dragon King and Old Man Mu in one quick step, and grabbed their hands with her own . "You protect me if there're ghosts, and I'll protect you if there're humans . "

"What about us?" Deng Yuanlei asked .

"Shh, " Gu Shenwei hushed the others . "There were many ebony planks in the previous hall . We can make some torches with them . "

"Good idea," Old Man Mu said . Although they hadn't gotten into any trouble on their way here, they felt anxious when the lamp went out and none of them knew why .

Gu Shenwei retraced his steps to the passage they had went through previously . Han Fen was holding his left hand tightly and holding onto Old Man Mu's with the other . Deng Yuanlei and Lu Mian followed after hesitating for a while . The former found the other hand of Old Man Mu and gripped it quickly, and he wouldn't let go no matter how hard Old Man Mu tried to shake him off .

"Dragon King, your hand is cold," Han Fen spoke whatever came first to her mind . "Old Man Mu's hand is much warmer . "

"That's because my Yang Qi is stronger . "

"So are you saying that the Dragon King has a strong Ying for visiting .

Gu Shenwei opened his arms and harshly pressed his palms against the walls on the two sides . Like this, he stopped himself from falling and also saved Han Fen and the others .

The mausoleum guardians didn't follow, and they seemed to believe that the people who had fallen had surely died, so they closed the stone door . Gu Shenwei could hear the sound of the stone scraping against the floor .

"I… I got hit twice . Who can help me?" Deng Yuanlei screamed feebly, with his right hand still grasping onto Old Man Mu tightly .

"Can we go up?" Old Man Mu asked, holding his breath . Without his internal power, two people's body weight was too much for him .

"Not if we don't take care of two of them first," Gu Shenwei said . There were still two enemies up there whose sabersmanship was excellent, so he didn't want to go up there with any encumbrances this time .

Deng Yuanlei yelled out loud, "Please show some mercy to me, Dragon King . I don't want to die . We… the Qingcheng Sect will answer to Dragon King only . "

Old Man Mu had been annoyed with him for a long time, and he raised his leg and kicked towards Deng Yuanlei's face . "Liar, go to hell . "

Deng Yuanlei gave a screech and Gu Shenwei felt a considerable reduction of the burden pulling on him .

"Eek, I reached the end . " Deng Yuanlei's excited voice came from the bottom . It turned out that this hole was not very deep .

The stone door above opened once again and several torches emerged .

Gu Shenwei loosened his hands and the three slid down together, the torches following them . Ying Qi is the opposite of Yang Qi, an supernatural aura related to the underworldOld Yang is someone who has extremely strong Yang Qi