Death’s Heir - Chapter 100

Published at 12th of February 2019 07:26:35 PM
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Chapter 100

His response left Azreal stumped, those didn't exactly sound like creatures that would rules an entire continent much less a supercontinent, no matter how amazing he imagined them it didn't seem to work .

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The rules aside four supercontinents sounded amazing, now that he was free of problems why not go explore .

"Little white cat, the burning bird, oversized snak— wait you mean the Tiger, the Dragon, the Phoenix, and the Turtle? The four mythological beasts?"

Darius looked over in surprise .

"Yea those guys you know them? They're the rules of the four continent and they guard this realm"

How strong do you have to be to rule over an entire supercontinent in the realm of God? Thinking to this point his mind couldn't help drifting to the person those four obeyed

"What about the queen how strong is she and which of the four continents does she live on and what would they need to be guarded against?"

Darius could feel a shiver go down his spine when Azreal mentioned the queen .

"Don't even think about her and wherever Gods reside there will always be demons not too far"

Right when Azreal was about to say something Darius cut him off .

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"Oh yea if I'm not mistaken this should be the southern part of the Coiling Continent based on all the idiots you've ran into so far it could only be there"

"I should've asked before but who rules each continent, this is the Coiling Continent so it should be dragons right?"

"Haha yes it is, the turtle sits atop the Iron Continent, the bird the Sun Continent and the tiger the Kings Continent, see the names are pretty obvious right? beasts don't have the same mind as Gods, they're a bit slower"

Azreal couldn't help think all the names were stupid because of how obvious they were, he was expecting names that had deep ancient meanings .

"So on this continent what kind of powers do I have to look out for? Law enforcement, Gangs, Clans?"

"Mhmm to really tell you who to look out far would be hard since I haven't been here for quite some time, I mean look at I'm just a spirit but the dragons guard are the ones you'd really have to look out for, they're an army that maintains the peace in a sense"

"An army of dragons?"

Azreal asked in aw, how powerful would an army of dragons be?

"Sounds amazing right? but they aren't the all-powerful creature you might think, just like how every God's strength is different so are dragons but never underestimate one"

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"If I were to fight one of them what would my chances be like?"

When Darius heard the question he immediately started laughing

"Hahaha they might be stupid but they most certainly aren't weak my friend, you hear stories about how powerful dragons are for a reason hahaha you think those idiots that you killed represent anything? once you move further north you'll see a massive increase in strength"

When Azreal heard that he went silent before speaking his thoughts aloud .

"How am I supposed to stand a chance here?"

His victories in the arena had given him confidence but now he's hearing that what he faced so far were only children .

" . . . Cultivate"

Darius said it like it was a completely simple thing, nothing of importance .

"Tsk, don't you think I've tried? But there's hardly any Divine Energy here"

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"Azreal, this isn't the realm of God's, this is the realm of the warbeast, cultivate like one"

"I'll tell you this now, it's going to hurt like nothing else you've ever experienced"

"Tell me how"

"Haha well unless you can somehow develop a core, you'd have to get a cultivation technique from one of your little friends and… . . follow the instructions"

Confusion was written all over Azreal's face .

"Why did you say it was going to hurt? And what's a core?"

"Because it will, the constitutions of humans and warbeasts are different and the core is like energy pool in warbeast but they don't usually develop them until really late in their cultivation, so for the early stages all they focus on is their physical body and for that reason the average warbeast will almost always beat a god of the same level or even slightly stronger, as long as, they can get in close"

"Do you know which level correlates with which?"

"Yea mhmmm, it should be— starting from the lowest— Savage Beast to Divine Beings, Beast Kings to Demigods, Emperor Beast to Gods, Sub Legendary Beast to True Gods, Legendary Beast to Name True Gods, and frankly you don't need to think about what's above that for now"

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"So right I would have the strength comparable to an Emperor Beast? That doesn't sound too bad and Named True what are those?"

The confidence he'd lost a moment ago quickly came back to him .

"Ahahahhahhahahahaha, compared?? If you come across a strong enough savage beast you'd be killed, without Divine Energy, your useless and Named True God is the time when you should start calling yourself a God because that's when you have authority"

Taking his time Azreal digested all the information Darius was giving, as for whether it was true or not he didn't know so he'd ask Kakar once he got out of this state .

Sigh .

"What's happening right now? Where we are"

"This is your mind, when you took that pill you must've triggered something so now you're in the final stages of breaking those seal, honestly speaking this should happen unless it triggered a memory or something like that"

When he spoke he pointed over to the seals on the body of the laughing child .

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