Death’s Heir - Chapter 162

Published at 19th of March 2019 10:38:07 PM
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Chapter 162

In the morning when Azreal and Xavious woke up, a feast was already prepared and waiting for them .

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All sorts of dishes made from fruits and vegetables, not a single drop of meat could be found .

Sitting around the table they took their time eating but when the sweet taste of the fresh fruits and refreshing vegetables touched their lips they tossed all manner aside and dug in like wild animals .

In no time at all the table was cleared of food .

The servants to the side couldn't help but cast looks of contempt at them, food that should've fed four or five persons was devoured by the two gultons like nothing .

"And here I was thinking I'd eat breakfast here" Kakar spoke with a wryly smile as he watched the servants clear away the empty dishes .

"It tasted amazing though right?" Kakar asked looking proud .

"You cultivated them?" Xavious asked while contentedly rubbing his stomach .

"No . . . but you can probably only get food like that here in the city"

"You ready?" Azreal ignored Kakar's bragging and instead asked about the favor .

"Why are you in such a hurry? You have somewhere to be? It's a pretty simple thing so whenever we do it by the end of the day we're done" Kakar spoke as he sat down .

"Then why can't we just do it today?"

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"You really in that much of a hurry"

Azreal didn't speak only nodding his head with a serious face .

"Where do you wanna go in such a hurry?"

"Capital" Azreal answer honestly .

Rubbing his chin Kakar went quite as he thought .



As they heard the calling they all looked towards in direction it came from, it didn't take long for Sabali's little brother —Fabian— to burst through the door .

"I've been looking for you all morning," Fabian said as looked at Kakar disregarding Azreal and Xavious like he did yesterday .

With what happened last night Azreal started thinking that Fabian looked less and less desirable but before his thoughts started going in a darker direction he took a deep breath to get rid of them, no matter what he did to Fabian it wouldn't affect the current situation .

"I'm not in the mood today Fabian! Go ask someone else" Kakar said his voice filled with unwillingness .

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"Come on! Your one of the strongest person on the compound and the others aren't willing, plus you've been doing it for the past year so how can you suddenly not be in the mood!"

Azreal nor Xavious said anything they just sat down listening to the conversation .

"Why don't you ask Azreal? You two should be around the same level, plus I trained him a little so sparing with him will be the same as with me" Kakar said while turning his head towards Azreal .

Kakar knew that Fabian was stronger than Azreal especially since Azreal couldn't really cultivate here so his strength should've stagnated but for the time he hadn't see him he should've absorbed some energy and that would probably make up for the difference .

"Azreal?" Fabian asked in confusing, he didn't know who that was .

Following Kakar's eyes, he turned to Azreal, looking at him up and down, a bit of anger flashed in his eyes before it disappeared .

Last night he was going to visit Nala but he saw that Azreal was already there, Nala had spoken about them before that they were just her companions but still which man would feel seeing another man visiting his woman late at night .

"So what do you say?" Fabian asked .

"No thank you I'm fine" Azreal responded without much interest

Sparring with him was pointless else especially since his thoughts might cloud his mind and lead him to do something stupid .

Fabian was slightly taken aback by Azreal's response, this was how warbeast got stronger so in his mind it could only mean one time .

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"If you're scared that's fine"

Opening his eyes Xavious sat by the side and enjoyed the show he'd seen the body of the four beast kings he didn't doubt Azreal's ability .

Seeing where this was going to go and that Fabian would turn back to his Kakar spoke up .

"Come on Azreal just do it, this will be beneficial to you too, fighting an opponent your not family with will benefit the both of you"

"Fine but if I do this you're gonna tell me what you want and we're getting it done today"

"If your uninjured" Kakar laughed as he spoke .

"Let's go" Azreal spoke to Fabian as he got up .

Fabian didn't say anything or show any forms of acknowledgment just walking in front .

After a few twists and turns, they were at a training field with only a few people around .

Fabian didn't say anything just started taking off his shirt, he didn't put on any armor or anything like that he just didn't like messing up his clothes .

"Let's not go all out this is just friendly spar" Kakar spoke from in the distance as he and Xavious walked over leisurely .

Following Fabian's lead Azreal took off his shirt as well .

When Fabian and the few people around saw his skin they shook their head .

His skin gave the impression that he didn't work very hard .

When they finally got to the edge of the field Xavious looked at Fabian's body in surprise, yesterday he didn't notice it but it was clearer now, Fabian's body had hundreds of scars that a healed up almost perfectly if it wasn't for the slight discoloration he would've noticed .

"Amazing isn't it? So young yet he's already at the peak of the Savage Beast Level, just one step further and he'll become a Beast King" Kakar spoke as he noticed Xavious staring a Fabian

Fabian was at the very least a year younger than Xavious but was already a step ahead, the whole situation left a bad taste in his mouth .

The scars showed that Fabian pushed his body incredibly hard but what about him? He's been stagnant for a while since he refused to enter a fight when his chances of winning were too low .

He treasured his left .

So his body wasn't being pushed hard enough .

Sigh .

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