Death’s Heir - Chapter 165

Published at 19th of March 2019 10:37:51 PM
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Chapter 165

"Don't touch the body, or—"

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Before Kakar—who was reading some papers on the desk— could finish speaking the tomb started rumbling, turning around he saw Azreal using the blade tip of Ouranos to try flick out the Beast Core .

"What are you doing!" Kakar shouted as he rushed over but it was too late Azreal already flicked out the core while Xavious grabbed up the bones tossing everything in Azreal space ring .

Gritting his teeth Kakar ran back over to the table grabbing all the books and papers and tossing them in a tiny little pouch on his waist .

The small veins in the room that once glowed were now starting to lose their color and the barrier that blocks the water was starting to wobble .

In truth, Xavious knew what would happen but the lure of the bones was just too much .

"What the hell is wrong with you! What you just did is nothing short of pissing on the master who's buried here! Fuck! We need to leave before this place crumbles! Fuck!"

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Once he said that he rushed towards the barrier that blocked the water .


Just as Kakar was about to step across three fists came and went straight into his stomach, caught completely unprepared Kakar flew right across the room .

"What the hell did you idiots do!?" The leading spider aside as he and the others stepped in .

He still couldn't suppress his rage, if he'd gone ahead of them he would've been on his way out while this place was crumbling from disturbing the body .

"Grab the body and let's go"

Without responding one of the Beast Kings seemed to have vanished before appearing behind Azreal and Xavious before vanishing again .

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"It's not there"


Looking over at Azreal and Xavious the leading warbeasts face showed nothing but rage especially since the tomb was starting to shake more .

Azreal, on the other hand, was still shocked by the fact that he didn't sense the beast king when he appeared only catching a glimpse of him .

"What are the black spiders doing here Gig?" Kakar asked as he got up off the ground wiping the blood off his lip .

Gig's unexpected punch really did some damage just the fact he was bleeding was enough proof to show how hurt he was .

"Don't stand in my way, just hand over the body and I'm gone" Gig spoke while looking at Azreal and Xavious .

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Clenching his fist repeatedly Kakar smiled .

"You know I'm not gonna do that"

Right as he spoke Kakar disappeared from his position appear right in front of one the beast kings, right as he was about to slam his fist in the beast kings chest a hand appeared grabbed his fist absorbing the full force .

"Get the skeleton" Gig spoke through gritted teeth to the beast kings behind him as he restrained Kakar

Without needing to be told a second time the Beast King's that stood behind Gig's dashed towards Azreal .

"Just hand over the skeleton, do you think your friends over there can survive against three beast kings? And once they're done with them do you think you can beat three beast kings and an emperor? Be smart Kakar!" Gigs spoke trying to reason with Kakar .

"How long do you think before the guards up above notice that something's happening and go report it?" Kakar asked with a smug look .

Gigs knew that the moment those guards became suspicious and tried to go back and report anything they'd be killed but still he allowed a trouble expression to show for a second before suppressing it .

"Hmph the rubles will be your grave"

Avoiding a conflict was the best possible outcome since they were in Kakar's territory and the tomb was starting to cave in, even though he had his men above to prevent anything the moment he and Kakar really started to fight it would take more than a few minutes for them to be noticed, but at this point a fight was unavoidable .

"Azreal Xavious try to hold on as long as possible!" Kakar didn't take his attention off Gig's in a situation like this he couldn't afford to, so all he could do was issue a warning .

The moment the situation started to escalate Azreal took out Azazel, holding both scythes in hand he was in a better situation than Xavious who had his glaive his expression serious, he knew he might die here but he wouldn't just sit back and die .

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