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Chapter 121

Allie's eyes widened in surprise, which was almost immediately followed by her questioning Altair in an elated voice, "Really? You know my auntie?"

Altair had just finished brushing the hair out of the girls face so she could get a good look at her niece for the first time . She really looked like Aselia did when she was younger, even down to her chubby little cheeks that begged to be pinched . The only thing that Altair saw different about her was the fact that she had some freckles, which was bizarre for Altair . She had heard of people having them but she had never seen anyone with them in her entire life . She just assumed it was a rumor that had no basis in reality .

As she put her hand back to her side she replied with a genuine smile on her face, "Of course . I wouldn't lie to you . You're her niece so I would get in trouble if I did . "

Allie practically beamed at Altair as she excitedly waved her arms around while asking, "Where is auntie? I really want to see her!"

Altair's smile warmed at her excitement, 'She really is just like Aselia used to be . So, Aselia is somewhere in town as well then?' Altair somewhat didn't want to stop Allie from flailing her arms around like she was trying to wave an entire army off, but she also didn't want her to hit her hands against the fence that was nearby . So, Altair put her arms up to stop her while speaking with a pained expression painted on her face, "Altair is very busy somewhere far away . That's why she sent me to come and see you . I was sent the moment you were born, that's how far away she is . "

Allie's eyes widened in shock at this news . She didn't put any of her brain towards how ridiculous that was since Altair appeared to be only ten at most . The only thing she understood was that it took her entire life just for this person to get here now . She quickly asked with a voice filled with sorrow, "Then when will I get to see her?"

Altair felt a pang of guilt as she saw Allie quickly deflate before her eyes . "She was very busy when I left," Altair started while quickly changing to a gentle smile, "But it has been quite some time since then . Who knows, perhaps she's on her way right now . She could show up at any time and without any announcement . "

Allie's expression clearly told Altair that she wasn't convinced as she spoke with a voice filled with sadness, "Really?"

Altair quickly nodded, "Of course . She could show up when you least expect it . " Seeing that her words didn't do anything for the girl, Altair quickly came up with an idea as she asked, "Hey Allie, are you hungry at all?" The girl vaguely nodded her head like she wasn't really listening which prompted Altair to continue, "Well, your auntie did send me empty handed . " She opened her satchel and pulled out several cookies from it . She then handed them towards Allie while saying, "She had these made, just for you . They're called cookies and they're super good . "

Allie looked at the round cookies with chocolate chips in them and tilted her head to the side . She had clearly never seen such a thing before but she hesitantly reached out and took one from Altair's hand . She then took the smallest bite possible from it, as if she wasn't convinced it was actually edible . Immediately after taking the smallest bite possible, the rest of the cook vanished into her mouth .

Altair could barely contain her laughter at Allie's response to eating a cookie for the first time . She remembered how shocked she was when she first ate the food of the Empire, but she was restrained at the time so she couldn't really eat the way she wanted to . Still, there wasn't an infinite amount of cookies that she could give Allie so, while Allie quickly pulled all of the food from Altair's palm, she said, "There's no need to rush to eat them . They aren't going anywhere as they're yours, Allie . "

Allie nodded furiously but still stuffed another whole cookie into her mouth at the same time . Her cheeks were puffed out and she appeared to be having a hard time chewing with how full her mouth was . But, her eyes were shining like diamonds and her slightly distorted smile from her mouth being so stuffed was still pleasant to see .

The same woman's voice from earlier came from the other side of the house, "Allie, where are you? Allie!"

Allie turned her head towards the voice and it was obvious she was about to answer with her mouth full but Altair quickly covered her mouth to stop her . She then said, "Why don't you go and see her instead of responding? I think she'll like that better . "

Allie nodded energetically towards Altair while she still struggled with the food in her mouth . She then turned and ran around the corner while her hands were filled with cookies .

As she disappeared around the corner, the smile on Altair's face fell off her like she never had it there in the first place . 'I hope we won't meet again, for your sake . '

She stood back up and was about to turn to walk away when she sensed someone behind her . That person was, roughly, on the opposite end of the fence but they were just standing there and not moving .

Altair sighed lightly before she turned around to face the person . It was Sief, who was staring at her with a pained expression . His eyes were still plastered with guilt and, as if her looking at him was the signal he was waiting for, he quickly said, "I heard what you told Allie . "

Altair frowned slightly at him, "It's impolite to eavesdrop on other's conversations . " Even though she had done so earlier, she didn't mind saying such a line now . After all, she wasn't caught red-handed, nor did she openly tell them that she had listened to them .

Sief didn't react to her comment and instead went straight to the point by asking, "So, you've been in contact with my little sister?"

Apparently, he had heard most, if not all, what their conversation . That meant that the woman who called for Allie also heard everything that was said and chose that specific timing to call for her daughter so that Sief would be able to ask her questions . Although Altair could see the guilt in his eyes, so he clearly didn't believe her but was choosing to go with what she said in an attempt to get information from her . Or, perhaps he just wanted to talk to her without her running away .

In any case, Altair's feet felt rooted to the ground . So, she reluctantly answered, "Yes . "

Sief's lips twitched as he asked, "How is she?" The guilt in his eyes seemed to flare with the question he asked .

Altair felt the anger of what he had done to her ignite into full alongside her feelings of love and appreciation towards him . This complicated mess prevented her from saying anything more than, "She's alive," in an agitated tone .

Sief looked towards the ground and an awkward silence descended between them . After several long moments he finally looked up with a desolate gaze and asked, "Does she hate me for what I did?"

Altair's brows furrowed and her frown deepened . 'Hate you,' she thought to herself as she considered the mess of her feelings that was running rampant inside her . She closed her eyes for a moment before she opened them again and said, "No . "

Sief immediately gave out a sigh of a relief and his shoulders slumped down as if a great burden was removed from him . In the same moment he uttered, "Thank go-"

Altair instantly interrupted his moment of freedom with words filled with her anger, "She doesn't hate you but she will never forgive you . "

Sief shook slightly and he had to put his hands on the fence before him to prevent himself from falling down as his legs shook .

Altair continued on coldly, "No matter how much good you do in the world or how many lives you save . The one you turned your back on will never forgive what you've done to her . Nothing will ever change that . "

Sief took a deep breath and steadied himself before he choked out the words, "Can I ask you to tell her something for me?"

Altair reluctantly nodded as she expected some kind of apology would soon follow .

Sure enough, Sief said, "Tell her that I'm sorry for what I did…"

Altair only felt angrier at his words but didn't show it on her face . This caused her frown to deepen yet again despite having figured that he would say that . She was turning on her heel as she said, "Sure . "

However, Sief's next words caused her to pause mid-turn, "And tell her that she should stay where she was hiding at the last eight years since the Hero came . "

Altair abruptly turned her head towards him, who was looking down at the ground, with eyes as wide as saucers . She then quickly scrambled over the fence and rushed over to him while he sobbed slightly . She didn't step around the food being grown in their little farm they had and just stepped over and through them in a hurry .

As soon as she arrived near him she quickly shook him and asked, "What do you mean eight years since the Hero came? I've only been gone a little over two years!"

Sief looked up at her in bewilderment as he was violently shook . His eyes rested on Altair's and he saw the same emerald green that she had when he had chased her out and a pained expression came to his face along with the memories of what he did again .

Without letting him slip back into the past, Altair slapped him roughly to bring his unfocused eyes back on her as she demanded, "Tell me! I've only been gone a little over two years . How has eight years passed?!"

"Eight years ago," Sief managed to say as Altair was practically choking him, "Before I knew you were the Massacre Queen, the Holy Church announced that the Hero sent by the Gods managed to kill you in one-on-one combat . "