Demon God - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Bone Explosion Form

Translated by Udeze


Xiao Han and Ah Chou both went down the mountain . At this time, Xiao Han’s surging mood had subsided gradually .

“God Emperor Fist? That Deacon Leng bastard intentionally gave me this useless parchment . He never thought that it would contain the ‘God Emperor Fist’ style . The name is really domineering, and I think this technique should be as powerful as the Golden Immortal Body . If this fist style can be on par with my Golden Immortal Body, then my martial path will be great! Good! After I return, I’ll fully devote myself to studying this technique . ”

“Xiao Han… I have practiced several martial arts techniques, I’ll privately pass them onto you . How about it? Don’t waste your time on that worthless parchment!” Ah Chou looked Xiao Han’s straight in the eyes .

“Oh… Senior brother Ah Chou, I don’t need to learn your martial arts techniques . ” Xiao Han waved his hand and continued: “Ah, right . Senior brother Ah Chou, I received my breathing technique manual to cultivate into the Body Purifying Realm . Now, can you please show me where I can buy Body Purifying Pills . I must start purifying my body . ”

“Then I’ll take you to a medicine store . ” After being in contact with Xiao Han for a few days, Ah Chou was quite familiar with Xiao Han’s personality . He knew that Xiao Han, although young, his will was very tenacious . Once he decided to do something, nobody could force him to step back . Therefore, even if he tried to persuade him to give up on studying the worthless parchment, Xiao Han would certainly disregard his advice .

Xiao Han and Ah Chou returned to the main entrance of the mountain peak’s passageway .

The passageway was bustling as Ah Chou led Xiao Han to enter one of the medicine stores .

Medicinal fragrance filled the air inside, and the pills also emitted a divine and wonderful spirit qi . There were various concocted pills and medicinal herbs on the shelves . It was simply amazing .

The store’s boss was a friendly middle-aged fat man . He seemed to know Ah Chou . When he saw Ah Chou bring Xiao Han along, he hurriedly greeted them with a smile: “Ah Chou, what compound pills will you buy today?”

“Oh… actually, I don’t have any zhenwu coins left, so I won’t be buying any pills for a while . Today, I’ve brought my friend to buy compound pills . Boss Ma, my friend must breakthrough to the Body Purifying Realm, and he needs the sect’s special pill to aid in purifying his body . I’ve brought him to you for an introduction about these things . ”

Xiao Han politely smiled at Boss Ma .

Boss Ma didn’t speak too much as he then took out a slip of brochure and gave it to Xiao Han . “Young man, read those body purifying pills listed on this brochure, take your time . ”

“Okay,” Xiao Han took the brochure and read it . But, he became surprised immediately…

“Black Turtle Viscera Purifying Pill… Made from a 1000 years old black turtle’s saliva as the main material . Main functions are solidifying and cultivating yuan qi, nourishing and purifying internal organs . The price is 200 zhenwu coins . ”

“Fire Bull Viscera Purifying Pill… Made from a wild fire bull’s gall bladder as the main material . Supplemented with 18 types of medicinal herbs’ essences . The best compound pill to purify all internal organs in the Body Purifying Realm . The price is 1000 zhenwu coins . ”

“Seven Revolutions Viscera Purifying Pill… made from 7749 best quality medicinal herbs’ essences . This pill should be taken after a successful breakthrough into the Body Purifying Realm . This pill will purify and force out the body’s impurities from all internal organs, whilst strengthening them . It also purifies other parts of the body, as well as strengthening the soul force . The efficacy and effects are very powerful . The price is 2000 zhenwu coins . ”
……… . .

“These… these pills are too expensive, right?” Xiao Han couldn’t help but choke . But, he finally saw a line of small characters written at the bottom of this brochure…

“Basic Body Purifying Pill… made from a tiger’s bone marrow and bezoar, a bear’s gall, crimson river grass, wood butterfly, then mixed with other materials . This pill is the most basic foundation pill for Body Purifying Realm, and has mediocre effects . The price is 50 zhenwu coins .

Xiao Han only had 100 zhenwu coins, so even if he continued looking around, he could only buy this Basic Body Purifying Pill .

He didn’t think much further as he then took out all his wealth, 100 zhenwu coins, and bought 2 Basic Body Purifying Pills .

Xiao Han and Ah Chou quickly left this medicine store .

Looking at the two thumb-sized brown pills in his hand, these two Basic Body Purifying Pills made Xiao Han smile bitterly, “Senior brother Ah Chou, these pills are really expensive . These pills burnt all my money . ”

“That’s not entirely true . ” Ah Chou deeply nodded, “Xiao Han, since ancient times, there is a saying, learn literature arts when you are poor and learn martial arts if you are rich . Cultivating in the martial path requires good talent . But wealth and resources are also very important . Even a smart housewife can’t cook a meal without rice . You just look at me . I’ve been an outer disciple for 5 years and had never saved so much zhenwu coins in my pocket . I’m very envious of those rich disciples who can buy and take those pills wantonly like they were eating sugar . They don’t need to work hard or practice diligently, but their cultivation level still improves like a feather being carried by the wind . It was said that cultivating whilst relying on external aids, like those pills would only create ordinary and mediocre cultivators; but still, achieving a higher realm without the pills’ is very difficult . ”

The two of them finally arrived at the outer disciples’ living area .

Xiao Han and Ah Chou returned to their respective residences .

Even if he just returned to his own house, Xiao Han was burning with impatience as he then quickly closed the front door, locked it, and rushed into his room . He immediately sat on the bedside, and took the parchment out of his sleeves .


“Puff ~ puff~ puff ~”

The mysterious thing in Xiao Han’s heart started throbbing .

Divine lights burst out and started to form runes .

The parchment emitted countless divine lights which illuminated the entire room, as it then took the form of a dragon .

Xiao Han felt dizzy . It felt like he was being sucked into a dreamland .

A short while later…

“Buzz ~~ buzz ~~ buzz ~~ buzz ~~~~”

Endless marvelous divine lights started to weave into a light cocoon .

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However, it was different with the previous Golden Immortal Body scene, which formed 100 light cocoons . This time, the divine lights only created 7 light cocoons .

Finally, the 7 light cocoons were lined up in one row .

“God Emperor Fist . ” The four magnificent golden characters hovered in midair with a magnificent aura .

“Ah? This God Emperor Fist only has 7 moves?” Xiao Han’s brain couldn’t help but quickly analyze the present scene .

At this moment…


The first light cocoon blasted open and exploded .

Endless divine lights twisted and moved back and forth like a flying fish . Several patterns and mnemonics were being formed and evolved into several pictures with descriptions .

Xiao Han hurriedly analyzed the forms, he observed the first picture and carefully read the description .

“God Emperor Fist, first move… Bone Explosion Form .

The first picture was very simple . It was just a transparent naked man’s picture, showing a simple outline of the man’s skeleton with the corresponding text next to it .

Xiao Han carefully read the text description below the picture . After reading it, he was immediately overwhelmed with shock and amazement… “This God Emperor Fist’s first move is named ‘Bone Explosion Form’ . This form is composed of a very strange posture, and used a peculiar method of which could make a person’s entire bones’ explode! If a cultivator can successfully create a 100 bone explosions, condense them into one and get it stabilized, it could then instantly produce a very powerful explosion and could level a mountain peak as well as create earthquakes in the surroundings . If one were to successfully condense 150 bone explosions and condense them into one . When released at once, it could…”

One must know that cultivators in the Body Refining Realm had a powerful body . Every bone explosions they produced were incredibly powerful . However, they could only produce one bone explosion at a time in sequel . If all the bone explosions were to be condensed into one, how strong could that one be? Wouldn’t the bone explosion be more powerful?

Xiao Han could produce 280 bone explosions right now . If he could condense them into one, he could directly destroy all the bones of an ordinary person . Even a Body Refining Realm cultivator could be killed instantly .

This Bone Explosion Form seemed to not only produce an amazing power and a pressing shockwave, it could also condense and compress the cultivator’s qi into a single point, then be released all at once!

“I never thought an ordinary looking gesture would have such a frightening effect . This form could completely overwhelm others with the power it could create… But if I really practice this God Emperor Fist style, wouldn’t it be too frightening? Wouldn’t it be that I could destroy everything in the surroundings?” Xiao Han couldn’t help but swallow his own saliva as he then quickly turned his sight to the second picture .

The second picture was of a man with a powerful imposing aura .

The man was wearing a crown and dressed in a bright yellow imperial robe, embroidered with a golden dragon with five claws . Also embroidered on the robe were mountains, rivers and a sea dragon . The last embroidery was a five colored cloud, which lingered and formed a canopy on top of his crown .

His facial feature could only be seen vaguely, but his eyes gave off a deity-like aura, and an indescribable imposing aura emitted from his body . This man gave off the impression of being able to conquer the entire world with only his aura . He really had an emperor’s aura, with a devilishly delicate and handsome face supplemented with his mysterious smile .

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Xiao Han knew that he was currently looking at a picture, yet he felt terribly suffocated! Frightened and terrified! He even had the impulse to kneel and worship this man!

Xiao Han wiped the cold sweat from his forehead . He secretly mused… “Who is the figure in this picture? Could it be that he is the emperor from the fist style’s name? The emperor? Yes, he must be the emperor who created this God Emperor Fist style!”

This emperor’s picture made Xiao Han aware of how weak he was . Even his spirit was completely suppressed by the picture . Xiao Han didn’t dare to look at the picture any longer as he then quickly shifted his sight .

Next to the emperor’s picture, there was another picture which had the shape of a man’s body . It showed the man’s hand forming a fist . This fist didn’t seem to have any profound laws or other movements linked to it . The fist was just a straight back and forth strike .

There was also a simple text written below this picture…

“God Emperor Fist style, the first fist . ”

“World Ruler . ”

“Comprehend the laws behind the fist first, then practice this move . ”

“What? This simple gesture is the first move of the God Emperor Fist, ‘World Ruler’? This move is too simple, right? It had no changes neither did it have any transition moves that were linked to it . It only had one pattern, strike with your fist . ”

Xiao Han’s brows twitched, and then furrowed .

From seven light cocoons, only one opened, which then formed 3 pictures; a Bone Explosion Form, an emperor’s picture, and the God Emperor Fist’s first move, ‘World Ruler’ .

The remaining 6 light cocoons were still the same and quickly faded away .

“What is does it mean to comprehend the law first? What law do I need to become aware of? What is this law actually?” Xiao Han was at a loss, confused .

Xiao Han was immersed in deep thought for a long time, but he couldn’t figure it out . He then put the parchment in his sleeves and walked into the garden .

In the garden, Xiao Han quickly sat cross legged, and gradually calmed his mind . Explosion sounds gradually broke out from his body .

“Whole bone explosions must overlap with each other and finally be condensed into one…” Xiao Han recalled the mnemonics and tried to figure out the first form of the God Emperor Fist style, the Bone Explosion Form .

In the evening, Ah Chou called Xiao Han to have dinner in the Dining Hall . But, since Xiao Han was still trying to figure out the Bone Explosion Form, he didn’t want to stop and asked Ah Chou to bring his dinner over .

Late at night…

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“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Thunderous bone explosions were blasted out of Xiao Han’s body . It even shook the trees in the garden and made its leaves fall .

“I’m able to produce 280 bone explosions right now, and I can compress them into 140 explosions . Each explosion was much more powerful than before . However, it is still insufficient . I must condense these 280 explosions into one explosion to successfully practice this Bone Explosion Form . ” Xiao Han stood up and returned to his room to rest .

He stopped for a second, and saw that there were many leaves and petals on the ground . When he carefully looked at the ground, traces of hair-sized cracks could be seen .

The next day, Ah Chou still came at noon and at evening, and called Xiao Han to go eating together in the Dining Hall . However, Xiao Han refused and asked Ah Chou to bring the food back to his residence instead .

Five days later . Late at night .

Xiao Han stood motionless in the garden with his eyes slightly closed .

Silence engulfed the garden .


A loud noise shot up to the sky from Xiao Han’s body!

The explosion sound was like the heaven’s wrath coming down to earth like a disaster . The wind and cloud dispersed, and created a stormy wave! Making all living things on the ground crawl in fear!

The tremors caused the entire garden shake and tremble!

The cobblestone alley shook as pebbles were chaotically thrown out through the air, and fell in all directions . The stones which hit the pond made the water splash everywhere .

All vegetations in the garden seemed to have been swept by a hurricane, some were falling down as the remainder were shaking . Leaves and petals chaotically sprinkled on the garden’s soil .

“Puff! Puff! Puff!”

Dozens crows, which were perched on a tree, directly fell down motionlessly . It was obvious that all of them were killed by the shockwave .

Several moles drilled out from their holes, and moved chaotically as if they were drunk and quickly lied on the ground with their bodies twitching unceasingly .

“Well, after practicing this Bone Explosion Form for several days non-stop, I was finally able to condense 280 bone explosions into one explosion . This is really an arduous and exhausting practice!” Xiao Han’s eyes flashed . He relaxed his whole body as he then stretched his upper body and waist . “I really need to have a good nice rest this time . Practicing this style for several days is indeed very exhausting…”