Demon God - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Xiao Han’s Force Laws Awakening!

Translated by Udeze

But Xiao Han’s thought was slightly different from Ah Chou’s .

The ten Outer Halls had approximately 20,000 outer disciples . But producing outstanding geniuses like Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran was only one in a thousand .

Even if it was rare, there should be other geniuses like Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran within the 20,000 outer disciples of the ten Outer Halls .

Besides, a big sect like the Cloud Rain Sect should also have many inner disciples who had reached the Zhen Qi Realm .

Feng Huo Empire had a population of ten billion, and there were five great sects in this empire . Cloud Rain Sect was only one of those big sects . And in those other sects, how many geniuses were there?

Aside from the Feng Huo Empire, there were also other empires, and countless small and medium-sized countries .

Xiao Han and Ah Chou left the Dining Hall with a big smile on their faces .

“Hey, senior brother Ah Chou . The feeling of someone kneeling for you is really good… Hahaha…” Xiao Han laughed .

“Xiao… Xiao Han… What did you do before? Was that your bone explosion?” Ah Chou forcefully shook his head . “But your bone explosion is like an avalanche, a tidal wave, or an armored horse army . It is simply amazing, no one in your realm could surpass it . Does this explosion technique need a formidable body? Xiao Han, you are a monster! I suspect that you are a reincarnation of a divine ancient beast… It’s really too fearful…”

Ah Chou himself was an intermediate first stage Bone Purifying Realm cultivator . He had 20 dings strength . He could transmit his sound for ten miles, and had a very powerful body . Therefore, even if he was directly exposed to Xiao Han’s bones explosion, it would be impossible to inflict any wounds on him . However, even if his cultivation level was higher than Xiao Han, for a short while, he also was being suppressed by the unfathomable imposing aura emitted from Xiao Han’s technique .

It was the first time Xiao Han used this Bone Explosion Form . Seeing such a magnificent impact, his curiosity towards the God Emperor Fist grew higher .

“Comprehending the Force Laws? To comprehend the first move of the God Emperor Fist, I need to comprehend the nature laws of the world rulers . ” Xiao Han immersed in his own thoughts as he walked: “Emperor’s nature? The World Ruler?”

Meanwhile, several outer disciples ran hurriedly in their opposite direction as they spoke with each other…

“Let’s go to the arena quickly! Senior brother Ling Feiyu and senior brother Meng Ran have just returned from their adventures . They had promised to have a duel after they returned . We can’t miss it . ”

“Right, these two senior brothers are the most dazzling talents in our Outer Hall . They have the greatest potential to become Zhen Qi Realm cultivators . With their outstanding talent, in addition to their new experiences from the outside world, they should’ve been able to comprehend their profound martial arts’ ‘nature laws’ . Observing and emulating their fight can give us a huge enlightenment in our martial path, and would greatly aid our cultivation . ”

“Good, don’t say any more, let’s hurry . If we miss this fight, we will regret it for the rest of our lives!”

……………… .

Outer disciples were walking or running towards the arena as they passed by Xiao Han . They only spoke about the geniuses ‘Ling Feiyu’ and ‘Meng Ran’ .

“Uh…” Xiao Han abruptly stopped . “Senior brother Ah Chou… if our Outer Hall’s two geniuses are going to have a duel in the arena… then… we should also witness this duel . ”

“Alright . ” Ah Chou quickly gave his consent and nodded . “Okay, let’s go . The geniuses’ duels are something that we can’t miss . Every gestures or stances, every action, and every movement might lead us to enlightenment . Xiao Han, a moment ago you were asking about the martial arts’ ‘Force Laws’ didn’t you? Senior brother Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran must have comprehended the nature laws contained within their martial arts . You should also see this duel and observe their fight . ”

Xiao Han and Ah Chou quickly turned around and headed straight towards the arena .

– Halfway up the mountainside, at the arena –

The arena on the third platform had been completely surrounded by outer disciples . An excited expression was drawn on their faces as they highly anticipated this duel . Worship and excitement were written on everyone’s faces . Some girls got so excited that it enhanced their charm and made their appearance even more enchanting .

“Hurry, Xiao Han . Walk quickly . ” Ah Chou led Xiao Han and finally arrived at the corner of the arena .

The arena platform was still empty right now . Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran had yet to arrive .

However, this didn’t affect the excited outer disciples who were busy discussing the upcoming duel .


“What do you think about this showdown between senior brothers Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran?”

“I’m supporting senior brother Ling Feiyu . He has certainly comprehended several points of the sea nature laws . His cultivation is immeasurably deep, and his body is incredibly powerful . I heard that Ling Feiyu once fought with a Zhen Qi Realm cultivator, and he could withstand three strikes from that cultivator . ”

“Heaven, has he really fought with a Zhen Qi cultivator? And he could withstand several moves? He is absolutely a peerless genius! You must know that the power disparity between Body Purifying Realm and Zhen Qi Realm is like comparing heaven and earth . The gap is simply insurmountable! Then I’ll support Ling Feiyu . ”

“Ling Feiyu is indeed very strong, and this is good . But Meng Ran isn’t weak! I have never heard about Meng Ran fighting a Zhen Qi cultivator . But Meng Ran had once beheaded a demon race member by himself! His Windstorm Style is very violent and boundless, even if he doesn’t move, the howling wind will kill his opponent!”

“He beheaded a Demon race member? Amazing! He is really amazing! Ordinary Body Purifying cultivators can only be scared and paralyzed with fear when they see a demon race cultivator . How will they be able to kill a demon? If he can kill a demon, then our sect will surely be promoting and cultivating him!”

………… .

Ah Chou, who was standing in the middle of the crowd and heard their discussions about the fight, was greatly inspired . He squinted his eyes and muttered: “If one day I can be as powerful as senior brother Ling Feiyu and senior brother Meng Ran, then these outer disciples will also talk about me . If I can achieve that, then my entire life will really be great…”

“It can be said that they are the most outstanding geniuses of the two thousands outer disciples here . ” Xiao Han mused, “I might not be as powerful as them right now, but it doesn’t mean that I’m unable to surpass them in the future . ”

Right now, Xiao Han’s point of view shifted to a long term plan and possibilities .

In the past, Xiao Han would’ve thought like Ah Chou . But after practicing the God Emperor Fist, Xiao Han’s point of view gradually changed .

At this moment…

“Senior brother Ling Feiyu has arrived! Brother Ling Feiyu has arrived!”

Many outer disciples shouted and cheered with excitement .

“Xiao Han! It’s senior brother Ling Feiyu! Look! That is senior brother Ling Feiyu!” Ah Chou pulled Xiao Han excitedly .

Xiao Han moved his sight, and saw a youth in azure robes walking towards the arena .

This youth seemed in his early 20s, with a reserved expression, and a very handsome appearance . He was almost flawless!

With every step he took, the air rippled and waved intermittently . A salty sea water smell faintly radiated from his body .

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A vague and illusory deep blue ocean manifested behind his back . Seagull’s voices could indistinctively be heard as a sea whale shot out a pillar of sea water from its nose .

His entire figure emitted an invisible but vast and boundless aura along with his hidden bloodlust . He had a condescending and noble-like demeanor .

The figure was Ling Feiyu, this Outer Hall’s topmost genius, a one in a thousand rare genius .

“This guy really has a particular bearing that can bring people under his wing . ” Xiao Han secretly nodded . Moreover, Xiao Han was aware that the deep ocean image behind Ling Feiyu, the seagulls and whales were only illusions! However, even if the image was an illusion, but the pressure felt was real .

“The sea nature laws? Is this the sea nature laws? His whole body gives off an aura like the ocean?” Xiao Han’s innermost sense was greatly inspired . A vague sensation subtly gushed out from Xiao Han’s inner feeling .

Yang Lei, Linghu Song, and several outer disciples were following behind Ling Feiyu . Their look was of complete reverence to Ling Feiyu . They revealed their absolute obedience and worship towards him .

“Ah, Ling Feiyu, it seems that your comprehension towards the sea nature laws is becoming more profound . You are really worthy to be my rival . ” A sharp voice transmitted from the other side of the arena and reverberated through the whole platform .

A swarthy dark youth walked onto the arena . His look was calm and resolute, and he exuded an indescribable swift, sharp, and fierce aura . It was like the air around him was like a sharp blade sheathed in its scabbards . Which could kill people once it was unsheathed .

Every step he took, a fierce and sharp hurricane would wreak havoc as it swept through the surroundings, and blew the sands off the ground .

Meng Ran!

On this mountainpeak, he and Ling Feiyu shared the honor of being the most outstanding geniuses!

“This Meng Ran, on the other hand, can concisely transform his aura into a fierce, sharp, and violent hurricane . It’s really powerful . His strength isn’t below that of Ling Feiyu!” Xiao Han secretly assessed .

All the outer disciples that surrounded the arena completely held their breath .

Two geniuses stepped onto the arena!

“Ling Feiyu, everyone says that both of us are the best geniuses in this Outer Hall . Then who is number one and who is number two? Today we will decide it . ” Meng Ran spoke in an indifferent tone .

“Meng Ran, you are always so aggressive and domineering . ” Ling Feiyu smiled with an elegant demeanor . “Our Outer Hall doesn’t solely rely on us, why should we divide between the strong and the weak? I’m not afraid of you Meng Ran . It’s just… compared to other Outer Hall elites, do you find it more interesting to fight me?”

“You can say that . ” Meng Ran however waved his hand: “It should be decided with one move . One move is enough for people of our cultivation level to see who is the winner and the loser! Ling Feiyu, you must use your most powerful move! I have journeyed to the Hurricane Mountain Valley in the Southern Domain and tried to comprehend the wind nature law . I can’t say that I have fully comprehended it, but finally, I could comprehend its ideal state . If you don’t use your full strength, then you’re not my match . ”

As he spoke, Meng Ran walked to the center of the arena . A windstorm howled in an instant, and completely shrouded the whole arena!

“One move then . ” Ling Feiyu lightly smiled . The tranquil sea water behind him started to stir, and became more turbulent . Ocean wave sounds were emitted from Ling Feiyu’s blood . It was just like the sound of a tidal wave which swept the reef .

These two geniuses’ duel would be decided with only one move!

“Windstorm Style! Windstorm God Kick!”

Suddenly, Meng Ran moved and struck first . He sent out a kick, and it was extremely simple, but due to his comprehension in the wind nature law, an invisible whirlwind started to howl in the arena and began to manifest into a mighty hurricane . Meng Ran’s figure instantly emitted a mighty pressure like an imposing aura from hundreds of thousands of soldiers that attacked as a single unit . This created an unparalleled force, which then rushed sweeping towards Ling Feiyu!

“The wind is too violent!” The outer disciples below the arena platform shouted . Their robe’s sleeves curled upwards due to the powerful wind as the whirring sounds completely shrouded their ears .

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“Wind nature law?” Xiao Han’s eyes turned wide and bright . The Emperor image immediately popped up in his mind .

“God Emperor Fist? The Emperor is the highest sovereign! His influence shrouds the entire empire, annexing the whole world in all eight directions . With only a word, tens of thousands of people bow their head! With only a finger, he can decide someone’s life and death . Once he moves to kill, he will behead the person like blowing dust…”

In the next moment, Xiao Han entered a trance-like state… “World Ruler? The Emperor’s imposing manner crossing over the heaven and earth with dignity, followed by a graceful magnificent Queen . ‘Rules the World’, ascending to the nine heavens, the guardian of the night, the dazzling star . This is the truest nature of World Ruler’ move! I’m the only one who holds the power . If I can’t conquer it, then nobody shall be able to do it . This is the invincible domineering Emperor’s true nature!”

On the arena .

The strong wind swept the ocean! A whirlwind piercing through the ocean!

“Meng Ran, you really have comprehended the true nature of Windstorm Style . Now you try mine… Sea Whale God Fist!” Ling Feiyu’s fist moved slowly .

Surprisingly, a giant whale fiercely jumped out from the ocean image behind Ling Feiyu as if it would swallow the sky . The whale suddenly condensed into Ling Feiyu’s fist .


The ground cracked and created a gigantic earthquake .

As the their powers collided, the stone blocks in the arena chaotically flew in every direction, smashing and exploding .

Smoke and dust chaotically burst into the air and completely shrouded the arena .

The outer disciples, that watched from outside the arena, were silent . They didn’t know who won the duel between Meng Ran and Ling Feiyu .

After the dust and smoke dispersed, Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran stood in opposite directions . It was like the fierce battle before had never occurred .

However the arena had been totally destroyed by their powerful force .

“Great, Ling Feiyu, you’re very good . Even if it’s only a single move, I’m satisfied!” Meng Ran’s figure flashed as he then gracefully left the arena, “I must say goodbye now . When I can sense more of the nature laws, we will have another bout, hahaha!”

Ling Feiyu showed a faint smile, the ocean behind him returned to a tranquil and quiet state . The bright moon rose from the sea level into the sky and created a marvelous scene as he then slowly walked off the arena .

Yang Lei and Linghu Song’s group immediately greeted and surrounded him .

“Senior brother Ling Feiyu, did you win the duel?” Yang Lei whispered .

“It’s a tie . ” Ling Feiyu waved his hand, “I must enter closed door cultivation for several days . ”

“Senior brother Ling Feiyu, that walking target…” Yang Lei quickly spoke .

“Shut up!” Ling Feiyu’s eyes glared sharply . Yang Lei almost crept down . “Yang Lei, your cultivation is at Marrow Purifying Layer in Bone Purifying Realm . How come you can’t even handle a weak walking target in the Bone Refining Realm? I won’t interfere with this matter, you deal with it . ”

“Yes, yes” Yang Lei replied obediently .

Ling Feiyu turned around as his eyes the stared directly at Xiao Han .

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Although they were separated by dozens of steps, Xiao Han could clearly feel that Ling Feiyu’s eyes transmitted an extremely dangerous pressure! This pressure felt like a deep vast ocean, vast and limitless! This made him feel very insignificant!

“Huh?” Xiao Han looked up at Ling Feiyu once and then quickly closed his eyes . He tried to perceive a subtle sensation and carefully savored it .

At this moment, Ling Feiyu led Yang Lei’s group and directly came over .

“Xiao… Xiao Han…” Ah Chou was scared shitless . His legs chaotically trembled .

“Are you that walking target, Xiao Han?” Ling Feiyu unexpectedly arrived in front of Xiao Han . He looked at Xiao Han with an arrogant king-like expression, and spoke to Xiao Han like a king to a beggar . “You should behave yourself . ”

Then, Ling Feiyu deeply gazed into Xiao Han’s eyes .


Xiao Han felt as if he was being sucked and drowned into the vast deep ocean!


“The sea nature law is originally condensed from their own qi and life force essence to fully integrate with the sea, to think and move like the sea, even become the master of the sea… I understand… I finally understand…!!!”

“Therefore, that Emperor painting means that I must not retreat, I must not tremble . I must never succumb to cowardice, never prostrate . I, Xiao Han, am the Emperor! The Overlord! I control the whole world! I can destroy the whole world!”

Xiao Han unexpectedly sat down cross-legged . He shut his eyes tightly and entered a mysterious state of enlightenment which entranced his inner self . He started to become more aware of the Force Laws . In this bright empty space, he was all that ever existed .

Ling Feiyu no longer looked at Xiao Han after gazing at him once . To him, this nobody was unworthy to even look at .

Ling Feiyu floated and flew into the air, and left .

Yang Lei and Linghu Song’s group remained there . Their glaring eyes intensely gazed at Xiao Han .

“Xiao Han… You… What are you doing?… Let’s go… “ Ah Chou repeatedly called out to Xiao Han .

Linghu Song winked to Yang Lei . Yang Lei nodded slightly .

“Xiao Han, don’t pretend to play your tricks here! Do you know about my cousin, Linghu Xuan? After he was savagely beaten by you, his talent… his cultivation was destroyed at that moment! Today I, Linghu Song, represent my Linghu Family to challenge you!” Linghu Song roared to Xiao Han . His monstrous hatred to Xiao Han was terrifying .

At this moment…

Xiao Han opened his eyes

At that very moment… Xiao Han’s eyes had undergone an unfathomable transformation . His eyes were like that of an emperor’s . He was the overlord with indescribable dignity . Even if he had to kill all sentient beings, it would be as easy as blowing dust .

“As you wish . ”

Xiao Han stood up .