Demon God - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Outer Disciple

Translated by Udeze


The middle-aged man was standing with his arms crossed, his hair was fluttering as the wind blew, and his extraordinary bearing and aura made him looked like as if he was a God descended to earth . He gracefully controlled the white cloud’s movements to circle around the surrounding mountain range before directing it to another direction .

The cloud and mist dispersed and scattered wherever the white cloud arrived, as if they were prostrating and making a path for a monarch .

The white cloud’s flying speed was unbelievably fast, but Xiao Han didn’t feel any turbulence in the air . Even the steadiness and the cozy-gentle feeling emanating from the white cloud made him feel safe, not letting him feel afraid of falling off .

After flying for some time, the white cloud finally stopped and floated on top of a mountain range .

Xiao Han curiously set his sight below the cloud, and couldn’t help but swallow his saliva with his eyes opened wide .

The cloudy mountain range below the white cloud he was standing on was emitting an indescribable sacred and majestic feeling, as the peak was like a towering huge giant pillar penetrating the sky through the lingering surrounding clouds .

A faint and discernible divine spirit qi was very dense, as if the force of heaven and earth was concentrating here . The flowing natural spirit qi created vague sounds, as if there was some kind of music being played around the mountain peak .
A grand majestic mountain peak accompanied by other lesser mountain peak that were full of life, covered with beautiful flowers and exotic fruit trees . Hundreds of waterfalls pouring down from the mountain peak like innumerable Jade Dragons winded around the mountain’s body .

Thousands of ancient exotic trees and thousands of exotic flowers could be seen everywhere . Countless Golden Eagles, Giant Rocs, Crimson Crown Cranes and many other exotic birds were seen flying and circling in the deep blue sky hovering the mountain peak .

Xiao Han even saw some kind of city in the distance, floating in the sky . It was completely defying all natural laws he knew of, and the city was covered by layers of clouds lingering around the base of the city .

The whole surrounding mountain range was exuding a heavenly divine aura .

It had a layer of light-colored glaze, as if a curtain covering and enveloping this large area, adding a more divine, mysterious and sacred feeling .

It seemed that people had to fly through this layer of light-colored-glaze protective shield dome in order to reach the inner peak .

“Young man, this mountain peak is the place where the Outer Disciples practice their cultivation, and now you can go inside and participate for outer disciple examination entry . ”

The middle-aged man slightly smiled and spoke to Xiao Han as he controlled the white cloud and passed through the light-colored-glaze shield .

This is our Cloud Rain Sect’s ‘Divine Mountain Guard Shield’, shielding all surrounding area from all kinds of evil qi, and forbidding any evil spirits from entering here . Even if they were to disguise themselves and pretend to be human, it would be impossible to enter . ” Said the middle-aged man smiling .


The white cloud carrying the middle-aged man and Xiao Han flew through the Divine Mountain Guard Shield .

Whuzz… .

“Oommm, pshhhh… . ”, the mysterious thing lying dormant within Xiao Han’s heart, slightly trembled and quivered and then condensed into a very tiny particle, almost as if it was tried to hide itself .

Xiao Han was slightly surprised, as the white cloud successfully passed through the protective shield and finally entered the area .

“Why? What’s going on? Why would this mysterious thing in my heart be afraid of this ‘Divine Mountain Guard Shield’?” Xiao Han cautiously and curiously wondered .

“Let’s go . ” the middle-aged man didn’t notice any abnormalities from Xiao Han, as his sleeves were fluttering when he took Xiao Han’s body to the air and flew over the mountain peak . The white cloud dispersed and deformed into multiple divine lights and shot back into the middle-aged man’s body .

Xiao Han curiously glanced to all directions as his feet reached the ground floor, he found himself on a square-shaped area on top of the mountain peak with the middle-aged man standing in front of him .

This square-shaped open area was very large, around ten acres in size, and its surface was all covered and paved with white jade blocks .

“Ah~~~, we are really honored to have your gracious presence, forgive us for coming late to greet the venerable elder . “ several old men at the middle of the square immediately greeted the middle-aged man .

Xiao Han saw three old men were rushing toward the middle-aged man, though their hairs were already white, but he could feel the full vigor and strong vitality exuded from their body . A strong powerful aura emanated from the three, as if they were dragons and tigers among men, their cultivation in body refining must absolutely have reached the pinnacle .


“These old men’s physical strength is much stronger than me” Xiao Han was surprised .

However, the three old men seemed very respectful before the middle-aged man and full of courtesy toward him as if they were afraid to offend the middle-aged man even in the slightest .

At the edge of the square, four young men and three young women with proud arrogant looks were seen standing and watching, strong vitality and powerful aura could also be felt exuding from their tall-imposing bodies .

“You three are responsible for managing this Outer Hall, right? There is nothing important, I just came here to let this teenager participate in the Outer Hall’s assessment for outer disciple entry . ” The middle-aged man lightly said .

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“Ah? The venerable, personally bringing this youth to participate in the Outer Hall’s assessment?” The three old men were shocked at the moment, and then carefully looked at Xiao Han .

And they immediately frowned as they saw Xiao Han’s appearance .

Xiao Han was shabbily dressed,his clothes were tattered and dirty, and even several patches were stitched on his pants . It was kind of strange seeing him standing close to a venerable cultivator from a Zhen Qi Realm . .

One of the old men couldn’t help but slowly whisper, “Where is this youth from? Is he your disciple?”

“Oh… this youth and I are not really related, He was just a walking target, but due to his adventure he ate a Crimson Radish Divine Fruit, which cleansed his marrows and made him reach the peak of Bone Refining layer . ” said the middle-aged man, “However his strength should be more than enough to become an outer disciple and according to our sect’s rules, he has the rights to enter the Outer Hall . Well, since you all have the authority here, it’s your call…”

After finishing the speech, the middle-aged man suddenly vanished into a ray of light in the blink of an eye .

“Seen the venerable…”

The three old men hurriedly bowed respectfully .

Immediately, the three looked at Xiao Han with strange looks .

Many young men and women around the square whispered to each other, and talked about it…

“I can’t believe it, a lowly walking target, actually being promoted to outer disciple? Isn’t this against the rules?”

“Yeah, I’ve never heard that walking target could actually be promoted to outer disciple, this is the first time ever in our sect . ”

“Wasn’t the walking target role is to be our training sandbag? How could he have the rights to become outer disciple, and practice martial arts? Isn’t it too ridiculous?”

…………………… .

Many youths in the surroundings directly expressed their disdain, however some of them were laughing…

”It seems that you didn’t hear the venerable elders words, due to his luck, he ate a Crimson Radish Divine Fruit, it made that walking target reach the peak of Bone Refining layer thus he has the rights to become an outer disciple . ”

“What? It’s really a pity, this lowly walking target actually obtained such a heavenly medicinal treasure, the Crimson Radish Divine Fruit? Just thinking about it is really hateful enough . ”

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Hearing all the disdaining comments and criticism from all the people in the surrounding, Xiao Han was standing silently, only licking his lips with his tongue .

“You were a walking target?” one of the old men finally spoke to Xiao Han .

Xiao Han nodded .

The three old men looked at each other and exchanged a thoughtful look .

“You really do not have any relationship with the venerable master before?” One of the three old men cautiously asked .

“Well, brother, how could this walking target have any relationship with the venerable Zhen Qi master? Maybe you didn’t hear the venerable elder clearly, this walking target was lucky enough to obtain a Crimson Radish Divine Fruit, and completely refined his bones, which was his good luck, but that Divine Fruit obtained by him was indeed too wasteful . ”

One of them waved toward Xiao Han and said, “The three of us are responsible for this mountain peak Outer Hall, and according to the customs, you can have your assessment and obtain the rights to become an outer disciple, but if you fail to pass the assessment, you must leave this Outer Hall, and go back as a novice disciple, and slowly build your martial arts foundation . ”

“Allright . ” Xiao Han nodded respectfully .

The three old men took Xiao Han to the center of the square, where large bronze cauldrons were  lined up .

Many more youths curiously came from all directions to  the center of the square to watch  the event .

There were numbers written on the surface of the large bronze cauldrons lined up in the center square, the numbers were lined up with ascending number such as ‘1’, ‘5’, ‘10’ … and so forth .

“These are the bronze cauldrons to assess your power . ” one of the masters explained to Xiao Han .

“In order to become an outer disciple, you need at least a minimum threshold of 100 bone explosions, which is equal to 3 dings strength, which is approximately around 3000 jin strength, young man, how many bone explosions sounds can you produce right now?”

“Uh…”, Xiao Han hesitated for a while . If he was to expose his true ability and produce 200 bone explosions, he was afraid that the people around him would be shocked, since no one could reach such a height in this generation of Cloud Rain Sect novice disciples . He intuitively felt that hiding his true ability would be a good thing, since getting himself into the limelight would be counterproductive and could bring him more troubles than necessary .

When the surrounding youths saw Xiao Han hesitate, they let out some ridiculing laughter . “What did I tell you, that lowly trivial walking target, even if he had some good luck with him, what can he do now? A stone will always be a stone, it will not change into some exquisite jade . He doesn’t even know the primary requirement to be promoted to outer disciple, it’s really wasting time hanging around here . ”

“Ah?” The three old men were dissatisfied with Xiao Han’s response .

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But, Xiao Han quickly said, “I have just reached 100 bone explosions . ”

“Then you try to move that bronze cauldron . Remember, put your two hands around the cauldron’s body, and hold it over the top of your head, and maintain that state for at least 10 breaths . If you can do this then it will be considered that you have passed the test” . One of the old man pointed the number 3 cauldron to Xiao Han .

“Alright . ” Xiao Han rolled up his sleeve  as he rushed to the front of that big bronze cauldron .

Under the gaze of many people in the square, Xiao Han calmly inhaled a breath, circulated his qi to all the muscles and bones in his body and concentrated his strength into his two arms . He roared loudly and with  both his hands embraced around the big cauldron, he lifted it up from the ground .

“Ahhh!!!” Xiao Han deliberately let out a roar, breathing roughly, and distorting his face as if the big cauldron was extremely heavy and difficult to pull up . But, on the contrary, the big bronze cauldron was not even that heavy for him . He even thought that he could even lift  two cauldrons with each hand with ease .

Xiao Han held the big bronze cauldron over his head, he put on an act, pretending to make his legs tremble, as if it was difficult for him to stay in that state .

After 10 breaths…

“Well, you passed . ” Said one of the old man .

“Huff… huff…” Xiao Han put the bronze cauldron back to the ground, and pretended to breathe heavily .

“Yes you just barely passed”, the other two old men nodded their heads .

“You see, even after taking that Crimson Radish Divine Fruit, he could just barely pass the most minimum threshold, if I were to eat that Divine Fruit, I would at least have 200 bone explosions right now . ” One youth looked jealously to Xiao Han, and continued speaking, “Unfortunately, that Crimson Radish Divine Fruit was eaten by him… hmph…” The youth sighed again and again .

One of the old master took a thick book and a pen brush from his large sleeve, and talked to Xiao Han . “Now I’ll register you, tell me your name, age and family background, your personal details  will be recorded here . ”

“Oh… my name is Xiao Han, 15 years old, I have no family, and I was a walking target for a few years”, Xiao Han lightly licked  his lips with his tongue after he answered the old masters questions .

And then, the old master  wrote Xiao Han’s personal data…

Xiao Han,

15 years old .

100 bone explosions, overall strength, 3 dings .

Walking target .