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Demon Hunter - Volume 3 - Chapter -.Between.Light.and.Darkness.Book.3.7.3

Published at 7th of June 2018 03:51:59 PM

Chapter -.Between.Light.and.Darkness.Book.3.7.3: -.Between.Light.and.Darkness.Book.3.7.3

Book 3 Chapter 7 . 3 - Night

Persephone stared blankly for a moment, the expression on her face immediately becoming extremely complicated . There was still some difference between obtaining abilities and evolution itself . The most important thing was that only an extremely small amount of genetic change brought about by abilities could be passed down, while all of the genetic variation of evolution could be inherited by a descendant . However, as for why there was this difference, to this day, no one knew .  

Helen obviously wouldn’t have reached this conclusion just from the changes that were happening to Su’s appearance . Persephone understood her too well . She knew that whenever Helen reached a conclusion, it would definitely be supported by abundant evidence and data .  

As a result, the value of Su’s body might have already surpassed that of the mysterious intruder cell inside his body . Those that knew how Su entered the dragonriders would all be shocked at Persephone’s astonishing foresight, how she had to leave her family and take on a huge amount of debt . She really did take this gamble decisively . However, at this time, Persephone was feeling a bit at a loss, as if there were many tangled vines that could not be undone .  

Helen tapped on an icon that was rather ordinary looking on her screen . In the spacious computer room below her laboratory, neatly organized processors that were emitting a soft humming noise began to analyze the sea of data related to Su with their powerful data processing abilities . After completing this, Helen closed the intelligence system and said towards Persephone, “That is why you have to settle things with him!”

Ah, right, umm…” On this topic, Persephone would always have a hesitation that didn’t match her strength .  

The command vehicle slowly came to a stop . The vehicle fleet had already arrived in the evening party’s pre-scheduled location, Dragon City eastern district’s Great Bell Hall .

The public square in front of the assembly hall was already packed with all types of vehicles . The assembly hall’s tall platform was covered in red carpet, and brilliant lights shone down on it . Pairs of guests were currently smiling and chatting as they slowly walked up the stairs . What seeped in from those gates was not only warm light, but also melodious music .  

Great Bell Hall was big enough to accommodate a celebration of almost a thousand people, as a result, even after they decorated the central stage and arranged a musical group next to the stage, it still appeared extremely spacious . After all, the number of people in Dragon City that truly had the qualifications to participate in Persephone’s birthday evening banquet wasn’t that big . If they weren’t the children of a great family, then they would have to be a formal dragonrider at the very least .  

It was already almost time for the evening party to officially start . More than a hundred guests had already gathered in the assembly hall . The important figures of Dragon City were practically all present, and there were quite a few people from great families who hurried over from their private territories .  

When Persephone appeared in front of the main entrance, the assembly hall immediately became quiet . The warm lighting landed on Persephone’s face, forming what almost seemed to be a thin layer of mist on her perfect skin . A portion of the guests immediately felt a bit fearful towards her appearance, inadvertently shifting their gaze!

Persephone’s status was high, so in Dragon City, there weren’t many people who could see her . When others did see her, they would either see her in a coordinated outfit or a general’s uniform . Apart from those from the Arthur family, almost no one had seen Persephone in this kind of exquisite attire before .  

Persephone raised her head and looked around . She recognized a lot of people, many that should be here, but also some that shouldn’t . However, on this special occasion, regardless of who it was, as long as they came, Persephone would welcome them with a smiling face .  

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What was a bit unexpected was that Persephone saw O’Brien among these people! Her younger brother that still carried some immaturity a year ago had already become a calm and unhurried man . The several dangerous battles he experienced and close to a year in a position of power added a type of wisdom to his appearance . When his eyes met Persephone’s, O’Brien no longer carried the awkwardness and uneasiness from before, but his expression lacked a bit of enthusiasm as well . He simply smiled and raised his wine cup towards Persephone .  

Persephone sighed slightly inwardly, gracefully returning a smile before heading directly towards the main stage .  

The violinists took the initiative to move their bows, starting the evening banquet’s opening movement .  

When Su arrived, a large portion of the birthday evening party’s ceremonial process had already finished . The speech, vows, and cake cutting had already been completed . It was currently time for the self-serve dinner . Women with perfumed clothes and gorgeous hair as well as refined and courteous men moved back and forth, chatting with each other . They carried out the back and forth game of false appearances that had existed since the olden era .  

The dressing process took longer than expected, and the assistant’s jabbering crammed Su’s brain with etiquette knowledge . Eventually, Su was even told that he had to ride in a car, that he couldn’t walk into Great Bell Hall with just his two legs . This was headed by a strict-looking old woman who was close to fifty years of age . Not a single smile could be seen on her face during the entire time she was there . With a resolute and decisive voice, she told Su that moving around in Dragon City with his limbs was absolutely prohibited .  

Even Su who always seemed rather indifferent felt extremely gloomy at that moment . However, since this old woman was one of Persephone’s most powerful subordinates, she definitely knew about his way of fighting, including his most powerful and effective movement methods .  

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Dragon City’s roads weren’t perfect . The infrastructure was still mostly designed around military use and some portions towards normal living . There weren’t any problems normally, but this issue could clearly be seen with the unusually packed roads today . At this moment, the areas around Great Bell Hall experienced rarely seen traffic . As he watched the crawling traffic, Su who silently calculated the amount of time it would take to get to his destination couldn’t help but feel anxious . After all, it had been a long time since he had seen Persephone too . This kilometer of distance, if he were to get off the vehicle, wouldn’t even take him a minute, but with the car’s current speed, it might even take over twenty . However, this thought was directly cut down by the eyes of the old woman sitting at his side! She sat close to Su, staring at him the entire time with piercing eyes in search of any signs of improper etiquette .  

Li, who was sitting on the other side, seemed to be taking delight in Su’s predicament, and Sally was doing her best to hide her snickering . Li Gaolei had on a rare clean appearance, his trimmed and orderly beard setting off the charm of a mature man .  

The moment he stepped into the assembly hall, Su took in the entire scene . After a rather tense and complex analysis, he concluded that it was currently the free dining period . As a result, Li and Li Gaolei said a few words quietly before grabbing a glass of champagne from the attendant and walking towards the two food tables .  

This time, Su’s sensible and accurate judgment finally obtained a bit of approval from the old woman . A slight bit of praise could be seen in her eyes .  

The food tables weren’t far from where they were, but Su found it quite difficult to walk this distance . From the moment he entered, a small area entered a state of silence . Almost everyone stopped their movements, their eyes uniformly resting on Su’s body . In addition, their eyes immediately burned with passion! The majority of the eyes that were cast over contained undisguised desire mixed with jealousy and hatred . The worst thing was that among those eyes full of desire, women obviously occupied the majority, but the amount of men wasn’t few either .  

Su’s ears trembled in a practically undetectable manner . He filtered out all types of messy noise and collected all of the whispers among people twenty meters around him into his ear . In addition, after organizing these voices, he matched them with the individuals he saw out of the corners of his eyes one after another . Only through a completely passive detecting manner and extraordinary data processing ability would one be able to achieve this type of result without being noticed by others .  

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Towards this evening party, Su felt a faint uneasiness . As a result, he wished to collect some information as a precaution . His way of thinking wasn’t wrong, but the result didn’t make him feel all that delighted .  

“This little fellow is called Su right? He really is cute!” This voice came from a white haired elder .  

“Right? If we dressed him up, he might not be any inferior to Persephone! Sigh, it really makes one envious . ” The one that spoke was a similarly old man who was trying to lower his voice, but clearly still couldn’t control his volume . In addition, his body weight was clearly just as out of control as his voice .  

There were many similar conversations . The presumptuousness and daringness of the women didn’t seem any inferior to the men, to the extent where they might even be outdoing them . There was no lack of young ladies with sexy bodies and beautiful appearances who directly displayed their interest on their faces . They confidently stood in front of Su, their faces all suggesting for him to run into them .  

Su calmly shifted a bit to the side, but he found that the two girls who stood in his way also moved to the side, continuously blocking his path of advance . From their burning eyes, it was clear that they were itching to devour Su .  

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