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Demon Hunter - Volume 6 - Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.6

Published at 9th of June 2019 02:40:04 PM

Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.6: -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.6

Book 6 Chapter 33 . 6 - Storm

A perimeter wall had already been built around the inhabited area, and there were set sentries and guards in place, the inner structures also neat and tidy . In a corner of the inhabited land was a small church, the public square in front of the church extremely wide, six sculptures that were already completed standing tall . There was a rock that was propped up against the side of the plaza, only some work done to it so far, laying there just like that . The small church’s light was lit, the priest currently reading Revelation under the dusky lightning . At this time, the door slowly opened, Sally walking inside . She was clearly skinnier, dark rings hanging below her eyes, her face displaying an abnormal paleness . However, the feeling her skinny body gave off was still that of a vigorously burning flame .

“Sally, what’s wrong? You can’t sleep? This won’t do, what you need is rest and not work . If you fall ill, then this inhabited area will lose its soul . ” The priest said with a smile .

Sally laughed weakly, and then said, “For some reason, I just can’t feel at ease tonight, as if I’m scared of something . However, the food synthesis factory is almost finished, the new factories’ designs just completed, progress also made on the simplified steam turbines idea . Once all of this is completed, we won’t lack electricity, it’ll be enough as long as we can find coal . Once the steam turbines are completed too, what I can do after is already truly limited . ”

“Do not underestimate everything you’ve already done . In this age of chaos, you’ve actually already opened up another path, a path that allows for ordinary people to continue living without relying on ability users, yet still live just fine . ” The priest said amiably . He always encouraged Sally, and he never spoke empty words, every sentence having substance .

Sally’s gloominess also lessened considerably . She turned around to look at what part the priest was currently reading, and then asked, “How long will it be before we can see the seventh apostle’s sculpture?”

“This…” The priest thought to himself, and then shook his head in the end, saying helplessly, “I still haven’t obtained a complete idea yet, moreover not even the slightest bit of inspiration . The seventh apostle… I can only wait until the lord brings me enlightenment . ”

Tonight, Sally felt especially ill at ease . She always had something to say, what she talked about wasn’t important, she just didn’t want to let go . Only when staying in the small town would she feel a sense of peace and safety .

This was why she tried her hardest to find topics to talk about, and then in a daze, she asked a question that had lingered at the bottom of her heart for a long time . “Father, what exactly are the apostles?”

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Sally had asked this question before, but the priest either gave her an ambiguous reply, or he would give her an approximate description . However, tonight, after remaining silent for a moment, he slowly said, “Sally, you know that our human race abilities are divided into five great ability domains . ”

Sally nodded . This was common knowledge for all ability users, something even ability users with a single level knew . This was why she was a bit confused as to why the priest would suddenly mention this .

“The apostles are the incarnations of god in the human world, the messengers of divine will . That is why they must possess unmatched power, and only then could the will of god be smoothly passed on, moreover stop the slandering and attacks of non-believers . ” The priest’s words still sounded like the traditional message missionaries preached, and it was also something written in Revelation . However, his serious expression and low voice expressed that this wasn’t an empty and simple religious brainwashing .

“The division of ability domains into five great domains isn’t something done at will . Perhaps in the beginning, the division of five great ability domains was a bit of a coincidence, but how could this type of coincidence not be an embodiment of god’s will through unknown means? In the following few decades, new abilities were continuously discovered, while old abilities were continuously upgraded and strengthened . Almost all theories made regarding abilities in the beginning were proved to be more or less incorrect, only the ability domains’ division remained, moreover continuously verified to be true . The human race’s division of abilities’ foresight and precision already exceeded conventional reasoning . Apostles, in reality, precisely corresponds to these five ability domains, each domain has a single apostle who possesses unparalleled abilities in that specialized domain, their abilities powerful to a miraculous level . Perhaps in the division of levels we are used to, every single apostle grasps twelve levels of ability in their respective domains .

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The priest’s words immediately made Sally widen her mouth, momentarily unable to say anything .

Towards Sally who only had two levels of abilities, she didn’t even know about many abilities above four levels . In her pure, complex, yet clean thoughts, ability users with six or seven levels of ability already possessed heaven destroying power . As for power that was greater than this, there was no difference, since she couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like either way .

However, from the priest’s words, she recalled another issue, which was that since there were only five ability domains, and there were seven apostles, what were the extra two apostles?

When he heard this question, the priest said seriously, “There are indeed only five ability domains, but there are seven apostles recorded in the Revelation, a prophecy of god . Even after thinking for a long time, I could only vaguely understand a bit about the meaning and mission of the sixth apostle, thus sculpt its appearance . However, the seventh apostle, until now, I still lack even the slightest clues . I can only read Revelation again and again, as well as await the night when God gives me a bit of enlightenment . ”

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“Then, the sixth apostle is…” Sally continued to ask . She started to develop a powerful interest in this question .

“The sixth apostle…” The priest remained silent for a long time, and only then did he sort out his words . “It should be related to the other five apostles, yet is above all of the apostles . Its role could perhaps be called the Lord’s Sword . ”

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