Demon Hunter - Volume 6 - Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.7

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Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.7: -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.7

Book 6 Chapter 33 . 7 - Storm

Sally only half-understood what the priest was saying . She didn’t have that much interest in the Revelation, things like religion and politics were a bit complex for this girl, but she was rather interested in economics . At the same time, Sally had considerable talent in technology, including theoretical chemistry, physics, and mathematics . All knowledge that pertained to the exploitation of the wilderness drew her like a bear to honey .

The priest shook his head, not explaining any further . Right at this time, through the half-opened window, Sally suddenly saw a large amount of flickering stars in the distant night sky, but they were moving quickly . As they moved about, many of them began to fall down, scattering onto the great earth!

“Father! Come look, what is that?!” Sally cried out . The stars were moving extremely quickly . When the priest lowered the scriptures and arrived by the window, they had already departed into the distance . The priest only saw a few falling stars .

“What are they?” The stars and meteor shower were all extremely beautiful, but the beautiful scene instead gave Sally an icy-cold and suffocating feeling . She held her breath, and then turned towards the priest,  but the priest’s complexion was extremely bad . A moment later, when there were no more stars moving across the dark night sky, only then did the priest close the window . After releasing a long sigh, he said, “That might be the demons’ front line, unknown as to who released them from hell . Fortunately, it seems like our luck isn’t that bad, not located in their path . ”

The priest turned around, patted Sally’s head, and then said, “Alright, go get some rest . Even if they really are demons, the ones they are targeting isn’t us . We are merely some ordinary people, we just need to continue living first and foremost . Before winter truly arrives, if we cannot finish the second factory, then there won’t be enough food to take us through winter . ”

When the food synthesis factories and inhabited land’s development was brought up, Sally’s small body seemed to become filled with power . She nodded her head firmly, and then prepared to go back and rest . As for whether she would rest or continue working when she returned, that was something unknown . In Sally’s plans, the steam turbine generators were an extremely crucial set of installations .

After leaving the small church, Sally stopped, gazing into the deep night sky . She suddenly thought to herself, was it truly because of luck that those fiends avoided this place?

No one answered Sally’s question . However, looking at it from the eyes of a third party, Sally and the inhabited area were undoubtedly extremely lucky .


To the southwest direction of the Blood Parliament were low mountains, river valleys, and plains, both the environment and weather extremely favorable . Permanent barracks were built on a mountain top, the optimal high ground of this area, the two heavy artillery positions able to control an area of several dozen kilometers . Several dozen soldiers were stationed here, the supplies reasonable, firepower ample . On the barracks’ outer wall was painted the emblem of a pegasus .

This was the Turing Family’s crest .

Turing is a family name that dated back a long time, passed on since the olden era . Even after the war erupted, a large number of family members survived . Their style of doing things was old-fashioned, conservative, and rigid . Their conventional military strength was not bad, the family territory’s natural resources also quite abundant, at least capable of providing for a population of several thousand . Of course, when the family upper levels’ luxury needs were taken into consideration, the territory’s goods were only enough to provide for roughly a thousand family members . This manner of doing things made their reaction to the civil war rather sluggish, carefully maintaining a neutral position, thus not receiving attacks from either side of the war . The main reason for this was still due to their territory being too remote . Now that the civil war ended, soon afterwards, the Turing Family would be placed in the same predicament as before the war, which was slow growth . Every aspect was moving extremely slowly, including science, technology, and ability users . In summary, this was a bone without much meat on it, which was why all parties looked down on them . However, for the scattered soldiers and armed mobs, the Turing Family was still too powerful, their strength in the Blood Parliament could already be considered a second-tier family . Of course, if it was only their numbers one looked at, they should be part of the first-tier .

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After avoiding the destruction of the civil war, the entire Turing Family was extremely satisfied with the current situation, even the ordinary soldiers guarding the mountaintops unable to hide the pride on their faces . In their eyes, war meant death, and in the civil war, the highest deaths didn’t necessarily come from ordinary soldiers, but rather ability users . It was because battle tactics always made the ability users of the enemy side the highest priority targets . As a result, the Turing Family who wasn’t affected by the flames of war would definitely move up in ranking . In these soldiers’ hearts, they might even touch the borders of the three great influential families .

Only, they didn’t know, and not even Old Turing who grasped all of the family’s matters knew that in the blood and flames of war, a powerful batch of ability users would rise up again in the Blood Parliament . If they were talking about the comprehensive strength of ability users, it would far exceed that of before the war . The current Turing Family, had already been squeezed out of the second-tier ranks, perhaps even their position as part of the third-tiers in danger .

Ordinary soldiers obviously didn’t know about these things . For them, their days were dull and somewhat boring, staring at the roads below the mountains making up pretty much their entire lives . After spending enough days in this type of dull lifestyle, they already somewhat longed for battle, even though none of them wanted to throw their lives away .

This was a gloomy morning . The soldier in the lookout post lowered his binoculars and looked at his watch: it was already ten . However, the sky was still dark like daybreak . The wind also began to turn cold, the coldness for him who only had a level of ability still a rigorous trial, especially while being blown at by frigid winds in the ten meter tall sentry tower .

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Today should be another boring day, just waiting for the eight hours of sentry duty to end . What was the plan for this evening? Gamble some money, or should he just work out his body a bit? It seemed like his strength seemed to be a bit lacking now… the guard let his thoughts roam . Suddenly, he saw something from the corners of his eyes!

He shivered inwardly, immediately sitting up straight, reaching his head out from the protective fence to look around . The distant skies revealed an expanse of ash gray color, as if a cloud was currently moving in this direction . However, the cloud was moving just a bit too fast, not like a cloud at all . If that really was a cloud, then it still wouldn’t be something good . Behind a cloud moving this quickly, was likely a terrifying storm . That was still something he had to sound the alarm for, something they had to prepare for beforehand . The guard immediately grabbed the sniper rifle beside him, then looked through the scope on it, wishing to verify one last time . Between the sniping scope’s crosshairs, there was first a blurry expanse, and the after the focal length was adjusted, only then did he see that what was flying over wasn’t a cloud, but rather endless, densely packed flying machines!

The guard screamed out ‘enemy attack!’, subconsciously pressing the orange button representing the highest level of warning!

A sharp alarm sound immediately tore through the sky, only after hearing the alarm did the guard wake up from extreme panic, inwardly saying ‘things are bad’ . Those flying machines, just their numbers alone brought him an incomparable pressure, instantly making him fall apart, and that was why he instinctively pressed the highest level of alarm .

The guard used his trembling hands to bring the binoculars before his eyes again, wishing to confirm the intelligence . However, what he saw weren’t flying machines, but rather countless flickering light specks and miniature guided missiles, the number enough to make him collapse!