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Demon Hunter - Volume 6 - Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.8

Published at 9th of June 2019 02:40:03 PM

Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.8: -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.8

Book 6 Chapter 33 . 8 - Storm

Ten minutes later, this swarm of mechanical bugs exceeding a million in number continued forward, flying southward . Meanwhile, behind them, the Turing Family officially became history . On the family’s traditional territory, a total of nine hundred and eighty-one people died, all of the buildings destroyed, the orchard and fields that were close to harvest going up in flames, food that could provide for tens of thousands of people through winter put to the torch . The explosion of the ammunitions warehouse left behind a ten meter crater, while the fuel storage turned into a great undying flame .

Moreover, when the mechanical bug swarm passed, all mid and large-scale life in Turing Family’s territory died . A cubic decimeter was the size of the mechanical bug swarm’s standard, they would eliminate all life above this size, only leaving behind those below this standard .

That day, similar situations were playing out in many places . In a single day’s time, over a hundred thousand people lost their lives . Where they previously lived, all traces of civilization were wiped out, what remained only the scorched earth left behind by explosions . Moreover, as the bug swarm forged ahead, more and more life would fall into the abyss of destruction .

The mechanical bug swarm had their own judgment criterion . When in smaller groups, they attached more importance to taking down ability users, especially higher level ability users . However, when they were in bug tides numbering in the millions, they would choose to target areas with greater numbers, one of the reasons why attacking the Turing Family took precedence . When the mechanical bug swarm’s numbers exceeded a certain threshold, it was no longer something a single high level ability user could face and wipe out . That was why Fitzdurk didn’t worry too much about the various dark spots on the map, what he was doing now was merely a rough purging . After cleansing the continent’s surface once, wiping out about 99% of the human race and various other intelligent life, only then would he continue with a more fine purging . At that time, the little bugs hiding in the dark spots would truly discover that they were only an insect, and not powerful ability users who could rule over everything .

As for the Blood Parliament… when he saw such a large area of shadows, for some reason, even Fitzdurk felt a hint of gloominess .

However, this was only a faint feeling of discomfort . The storm would still continue .

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Unknown if by coincidence, the area Su was in just happened to be between two mechanical bug swarms, and as such, he was instead not disturbed . He calmly laid on the tree, not doing anything . In reality, Su was thinking all this time about the relationship between himself, his instincts, apostles, ultra life forms, will of the world, and even the various mysterious symbols’ relationship . Su had a vague feeling that they weren’t singular events, but rather had a tangled and complicated relationship, everything connected like a web .

Su was originally full of patience, because it wouldn’t do anything even if he wanted to rush things . With his current less than two hundred second-class thought centers, he might not even figure out the connection between everything even if he thought about it several centuries . However, the few foragers continuously brought him new energy crystals, allowing him to produce a new thought center every few days . This process didn’t need to be rushed, whenever he used too much of his abilities, his instincts would become difficult to suppress . The usage of any ability was like giving his instincts fuel . That was why even though he knew that a great battle was imminent, Su was still calm as to avoid giving his instincts any opportunities . However, it wasn’t as if Su didn’t have his own misgivings . For example, his instincts were asserting that everything he was persisting with was an illusion, the product of believing his own lies, that one day, Su would understand how stupid everything he did was, as stupid as a lion who insisted on eating grass .

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He was originally going to pass this afternoon in a leisurely manner . Su endured the erosion of a sea of data, just about to rest a bit . Suddenly, a faint voice sounded, someone seemingly calling out to him .

Su suddenly stood up! He narrowed his eyes, looking north . At the limits of his eyes was an expanse of darkness . There was nothing there, only a lake surface and ruins, no larger creature in sight . Wherever the mechanical bugs passed, there wouldn’t be any large-scale life in existence any longer . Su could feel that the cry was currently sounding from up north . Even though he wasn’t sure about the concrete contents, he could sense the alarm, fear, and anxiousness, as if there was some kind of disaster that was about to happen . Meanwhile, this type of feeling… this type of feeling was completely identical to that of when Madeline was scared when she was still small, the feeling when she tightly gripped the corners of his clothes!

Madeline! What happened to her?

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Su stood up, his light blonde short hair flying about in the wind . However, that cry only continued for a bit before vanishing . Moreover, it was weak to begin with, to the extent where not even Su himself was certain if this calling did happen, or if it was just his own misconception . However, when Su began to carefully recall and analyze everything he perceived just now, he was suddenly stunned . There was a weak fluctuation transmitted from an area in the distance that was almost impossible to distinguish, only making his mind tremble slightly . However, it was precisely this bit of fluctuation that instantly made Su’s mind go taut . His thought centers reminded Su with an indifferent stance that the fluctuation just now might have something to do with Madeline, the correlation around 0 . 00 . . . 05% . This meant that in that direction, someone or something related to Madeline might have appeared, but the possibility could be completely disregarded .

Su put on his backup clothes, tightened his belt, and then jumped off the tree . His body drew out a beautiful and graceful arc through the sky, diving headfirst into the ice-cold lake water . Soon afterwards, a white-colored water line could be seen on the water surface, quickly moving north .

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