Demon Hunter - Volume 6 - Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.9

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Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.9: -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.33.9

Book 6 Chapter 33 . 9 - Storm

With eleven levels of perception ability, the entire world was like a young lady dressed in a layer of light muslin, if the wind was just a bit greater, the final layer of obstacles would be unveiled . Right now, it could be said that as long as Su wanted to know something, he would more or less obtain corresponding clues . Only, the number of clues would often be tremendous, in the seven or even eight digits, analysis and differentiating requiring Su himself to complete . Just like right now, when Su suddenly felt a powerful worry for Madeline, he would sense information related to her . Meanwhile, what he was superior to ordinary ability users in, was his numerous thought centers, his processing ability far surpassing ordinary humans, so he immediately sorted out the single clue that carried the highest likelihood of being related .

The water line headed straight north, along the way slightly changing directions . The further north he went, the more clearly Su could sense the source of that fluctuation . It indeed had something to do with Madeline, yet he didn’t know what it was . When he found the place, the answer would naturally appear . Su was like a large fish, swimming under the water, his speed already exceeding a hundred kilometers an hour, the water line that was created drawing the attention of a few scouting bugs in the sky . They recorded the scene below, yet couldn’t come to a conclusion, only able to pass the data on, wait for a larger scale bug swarm to deal with . When Su dove into the lake, several dozen biological weapons made their way out from the forest, then entered the lake, following behind Su .

Currently, in Starship Valhalla, Fitzdurk was standing before a ten meter tall giant gate, his face cold . With a cold laugh, he said, “Serendela, what is the meaning of this? This is my Valhalla, could it be that you thought that I cannot open this door?”

As if proving Fitzdurk’s words, the wall on the side opened, several high energy cannons quietly reaching out, the massive diamond crystal at the front of the cannons silently telling of their great power . Before these heavy cannons that could easily blast through several meter thick sheets of vehicle armor, that giant alloy door was indeed as fragile as glass . At this time, Serendela’s projection appeared before the giant door, her expression indifferent as she said, “Fitzdurk, do not be agitated, I only wish to awaken Madeline’s instincts a bit earlier . ”

“Awaken?” Fitzdurk laughed coldly . “What do you wish to do to Madeline? All methods that can be tried I have already tried, her will in this world is exceptionally strong, so it can only slowly sink and soften in the darkness . What, could it be that you believe yourself to be superior to me?”

“No, there are many methods you haven’t tried yet . ” Serendela spoke in a profound manner .

“What do you mean?” Fitzdurk frowned . He just felt like her following words definitely wouldn’t be anything good .

“Madeline was born in this world, experiencing a complete childhood and teenage years, moreover starting to develop the heart of a woman . If you can understand this point, you will know what the weakness of her consciousness in this world is . ” Serendela slowly said .

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“Be more specific!”

“Putting it simply, Madeline’s will in this world is still that of a woman . What a human woman fears, her consciousness in this world will similarly fear, just to a differing degree . That is why if you want to suppress or destroy Madeline’s will of this world and awaken her instincts, make her truly return to our side, you must set your hand from this aspect! Fitzdurk, you have never lived as a human, never being lost, which is why you do not understand the human race . They are extremely weak, and also extremely complicated, their wills can become as rigid as ours, but when their weakness is found, they will instantly collapse . ” Serendela said .  

After listening to her explanation, Fitzdurk’s complexion didn’t improve much . He slowly said, “You are saying that you are going to use Madeline’s human female weak point to destroy her will of this world? What do you plan to do?”

“I can show you . ” Serendela moved her hand, and then the lower half of the giant gate became transparent, revealing the scene behind it . Behind the door was an extremely wide space, inside of it a platform, on it a thick chunk of steel, one able to vaguely make out a human shape . Around the platform, more than ten robust individuals who looked like men yet weren’t were busying about . They were incredibly ugly, but their massive bodies were covered in muscles, appearing quite strong and sturdy . They were all naked, lower bodies exaggerated, appearances sinister, their genitalia all perfectly straight, in an extremely excited state . The robust men were currently holding electric saws, polishing machines, and other large-scale machines, continuously cutting at the human-shaped chunk of steel on the platform . Even the sturdiest of alloys, under these powerful machines, would gradually be eaten through . However, it was unknwn what this steel person was made of, no matter how these robust men hacked at it, it showed no signs of activity . Sparks continuously flew between where the millstones, drill bits, and sawtooth made contact with the steel human, splashing onto the robust men like rain . However, those sparks’ fragments all seemed to be falling from the cutting machinery, the steel human seemingly unharmed . However, Fitzdurk could obviously tell that the steel human was still degrading, being continuously worn down . The process was slow to the point where it was almost unrecognizable, but the trend was clear . Perhaps in a few days, or a few weeks, the steel human would be cut through enough, exposing the sleeping Madeline inside .

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This steel human sculpture, was precisely where Madeline was sleeping . When she laid dormant, her body automatically produced layers of armor, covering her entire body, moreover becoming more and more thick, eventually forming this steel human sculpture .

When he saw up to here, Fitzdurk already understood what would happen to Madeline’s body when the steel human sculpture was broken through .

This was precisely the plan of action Serendela adopted, what she meant by attacking the weak point of Madeline’s consciousness in this world . However, Fitzdurk felt deep skepticism towards this method’s effectiveness . There were some women who were more willing to die than to be humiliated, but the number of women who didn’t care much about this seemed to be much greater in number . Could it be that those dozen or so biological humans who clearly walked out from breeding tanks would be enough to break down Madeline’s will? Fitzdurk felt that not even he would surrender because of this, let alone Madeline . She was but the sharpest sword!

As if seeing through Fitzdurk’s doubt, Serendela said, “That is why I said that you do not understand women . Madeline’s consciousness in this world is that of a woman, a normal woman . In the depths of her consciousness, there is already an image of a man engraved, in this type of situation, she would rather destroy herself than allow her body and consciousness to be tarnished . It is because by doing this, it is not only harming herself, but also that man deep in her heart . ”

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Fitzdurk nodded in half-understanding . He had a feeling that this matter was perhaps not as simple as Serendela made it out to be, but in the future, if Madeline felt resentment towards this matter when she woke up, then the consequences would be Serendela’s to bear . However, he just had a vague feeling that Serendela seemed to be hiding something from him .

His consciousness linked up to Valhalla again, suddenly discovering Serendela had unknowingly when already left Valhalla . When the first wave of bug swarms had just been sent out, before the second wave had been fully completed, for the sake of defending against the attacks of some powerful ultra life forms, Serendela’s perception ability was still extremely vital . Why did she suddenly leave at this time?

“Serendela, why are you not present in Valhalla?” Fitzdurk asked seriously .

Serendela remained silent for a moment, and then said, “I also have a remnant consciousness in this world that needs to be… dealt with . ”