Demon Hunter - Volume 6 - Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.37.10

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Chapter -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.37.10: -.The.Last.Bisindle.Book.6.37.10

Book 6 Chapter 37 . 10 - Eruption

Su no longer continued his questioning, instead dropping like a streak of lightning, his entire body looking like a sharp sword, stabbing fiercely into the biological solvent, moreover continuously inserting itself deeper . Along the way, drops of blood seeped out from his body’s surface, once these droplets left his body, they immediately turned into sharp stingers, inserting themselves into the depths of the biological solvent, and then began to scatter . Those blood droplets were all activated intruder cells, and Su already removed the limitations on their multiplication . Inside the biological solvent, the intruder cells were nearly without equal . No matter how large the biological solvent was, as long as enough time passed, it was destined to become fertilizer for the intruder cells .

Several dozen energy crystals appeared on the surface of Su’s body, countless force fields frantically spreading in all directions . They were like countless hidden blades, dicing up all biological solvent within a dozen or so meters around him . Meanwhile, from his mouth, a high temperature flame stream continuously shot out . The flame stream was only the thickness of a finger, but the over twenty thousand degrees temperature made it unstoppable . The biological solvent destroyed by the flames continuously vaporized and expanded, the pressure in this sealed environment quickly growing . Even though the biological solvent immediately displayed a corresponding response, starting to frantically tighten and increase its rigidity, right now, it was still in the most basic primitive state, so it couldn’t resist the quickly rising pressure at all .

A large bubble quickly swelled on the biological solvent’s surface, and then it exploded . A strong smelling steam mixed with countless fragments sprayed in all directions, instantly producing a ten meters diameter, several dozen meters deep giant hole in the biological solvent . Meanwhile, in a different area, there was another large bubble that was quickly swelling!

Su moved quickly, wantonly destroying everything in his path while searching for Rochester . He looked like he was wasting energy, but he was actually controlling himself extremely carefully, energy flowing in an unending stream from space, approaching the limit of what his body could handle, yet not using his body’s energy reserves . This way, when he truly faced Rochester, Su could instantly double his fighting strength .

Su’s Panoramic View was expanded to its limit, the spatial energy now truly pushing him into twelve levels of Perception Domain, possessing the ‘Clairvoyance’ ability . Su’s own combat strength was perhaps inferior to a Combat Domain or Magic Domain expert’s, but ‘Clairvoyance’ completely allowed him to skip a few levels . It was just like when Helen previously imitated the ‘Clairvoyance’ ability to completely defeat Lafite . Moreover, Clairvoyance was an extremely discreet ability, leaving almost no traces behind in battle .

The biological solvent was extremely large in size, but for Su’s speed and perception ability, it was still extremely finite . However, after Su made a few circles around this place, completely searching through this place, he still didn’t discover Rochester’s existence . Moreover, Clairvoyance was in chaos, the data Su obtained not having any patterns to speak of .

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Just as Su was feeling alarmed inwardly, he suddenly saw a wide space, the biological solvent there already withdrawing, revealing the brain membrane-like substance . When Su saw the scene before him, he was also momentarily stunned . It was for no other reason than that this brain was too large .

A brain that was over a hundred meters in diameter?

When he saw it, Su immediately had an intuition that this was Rochester’s original body .

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Su only stopped for an extremely short amount of time, and then he immediately activated all of his energy reserves, extremely hot heat streams shooting out from the surface of his body . His entire body turned into a burning shooting star, shooting straight towards the brain!

If this really was Rochester’s real body, then his perception and spiritual strength already reached an inconceivable level . The giant body signified giant power itself . Meanwhile, now, it wasn’t Su who discovered Rochester, but rather Rochester himself who took the initiative to appear before Su . This was the home field Rochester chose!

The skin on the surface of the brain began to squirm about, an expanse of high temperature flame clouds appearing out of nothing, intercepting Su’s diving path . This flame cloud’s temperature was even higher than the flame stream Su released, the density great to the point where it was almost liquid . If Su wanted to directly rush through, even with his defensive strength, he would still suffer serious damage . This was the upgraded version of the Flame ability, but developing the lowest level Magic Domain ability to close to twelve levels, this was perhaps something only Rochester could do .

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Su didn’t avoid it, instead directly rushing into the flame cloud! He wanted to charge straight into the inside of Rochester’s body with the fastest speed possible, release his intruder cells, and only then would he have a chance of defeating the current form of Rochester .

It was now already extremely clear that Rochester was the Magic Domain apostle . Magic Domain ability users were the most dangerous, when fighting enemies like him, only blitzkrieg strategies could be used . As long as magic ability users were given enough time and energy, they might even shift mountains and fill in seas!

However, as soon as Su rushed through the flame cloud, he saw endless electrical flames surge from the skin surface of the brain, as if a sea of lightning laid before him . Su’s short hair instantly stood on end, the premonition of danger completely submerging his body and mind! However, he didn’t have the ability to react at all, only able to watch as an incredibly powerful streak of lightning shot out from the sea and struck his body!