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Demons Beside You - Chapter 681

Published at 16th of September 2020 04:15:06 AM

Chapter 681: 681

Fali had never seen Chen Zhao sleep for two days in a row .

If he didn’t turn occasionally, Fali would suspect that he was in a coma .

They couldn’t go anywhere these two days either .

If it wasn’t for Haus’s arrangement, they might not even have a place to stay .

All the hotels were packed . The entirety of New York City was covered in mud .

Of course, Haus’s abilities showed now .

Even when all of the hotels were packed, he could still get Chen Zhao and Fali into the best hotel .

When Chen Zhao woke up, New York had recovered too .

New York City was the world’s busiest city and had an annual GDP of one trillion dollars .

When a city like this stopped operating for a day, billions of dollars would be lost .

Even though tragedy floated over every corner of the city, things went back to normal in only two days .

Chen Zhao stretched in bed . Sleeping was the best enjoyment for humans .

All of his pain and weakness had disappeared .

“Fali, how long did I sleep for?”

Fali brought him breakfast and looked at the time . “Fifty-one hours in total . ”

“Fifty-one hours?” Chen Zhao was shocked . “What date is it?”

“The 20th . ”

“Is Rufford’s race today?”

“He called yesterday,” Fali said . “The New York leg is canceled . ”

Chen Zhao thought about it and didn’t find it unexpected .

“What about Zola’s fashion show?”

“It was held yesterday . ”

“In times like this, people would still attend a fashion show?”

“You underestimate the wealthy’s resistance toward a disaster . For them, this is just a special experience . ”

Chen Zhao didn’t know how to reply . He pulled Fali into his arms and said, “Do you dislike rich people?”

“How can I? You’re a rich person now too . ”

Chen Zhao’s hand started straying but Fali stopped him quickly . “Wait…”

“What’s wrong? You can’t today?”

Cough, cough—

Alyss coughed awkwardly .

Chen Zhao finally realized that there was another person in the room .

“Alyss, how come you’re still here?”

Alyss’s expression was awkward .

“Where do you think she should be?” Fali rolled her eyes .

Chen Zhao had a blank face . “What else? The problem is solved and no one will keep trying to kill her . Shouldn’t she disappear from my eyes now?”

“She’s just a child . ”

“She’s 18, right?”

“Sixteen . ”

“Okay, 16 is an adult in some states, I think, so I believe she knows where she should go now . ”

“Mr . Chen, I want to join the Supernatural Organization . ”

Chen Zhao was speechless .

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Was the Supernatural Organization something you could join whenever you wanted?

“Mr . Chen, my teacher Michelle is known as the Wikipedia of Magic . ”

“And now, not a bit of that Wikipedia is left, right?”

Fali pinched Chen Zhao . Why did he have to make it sound so bad?

The little girl just lost her family . Couldn’t he be nicer?

Chen Zhao couldn’t help it . He didn’t want to hurt Alyss, but he really didn’t want the Supernatural Organization to become a trash collection .

Right now, the only one who could fight was Gaia .

The ratio was already low enough . If he added another failure, then it would lower the average of the group again .

“Half of the Witch Society’s books are recorded in my blood . I can contribute them all to the Supernatural Organization . ”

Chen Zhao’s eyebrow arched . “Welcome to the Supernatural Organization . ”

Fali and Alyss were speechless .

Just then, Chen Zhao’s phone rang .

“Chen, it’s me, Louis . ”

“Oh, Louis, what’s wrong?”

“Did you forget something?”

“Huh?” Chen Zhao thought about it .

Then he suddenly remembered that he might’ve agreed to help treat Louis’s friend .

“Oh, I remember . Your friend’s condition, right?”

“Yes . When are you free?”

“I’m free now, but if I have to give your friend a check-up, then can you lend me your private jet?”

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Fali and Alyss were speechless .

“Just tell me when you want to use the plane . It’s ready for you at any time . ”

“Sure . Where’s your friend? I’ll go over now . ”

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up . ”

“Fali, where are we now?”

“Hilda Hotel . ”

“This is the Hilda Hotel?” Chen Zhao was somewhat shocked .

He would never forget the Hilda Hotel or what had happened there .

“What’s wrong? Is this some strange place?”

Fali didn’t know what had happened, but Alyss did .

She didn’t participate in that battle, but it didn’t stop her from knowing about it or how Chen Zhao had performed during it .

A while later, Louis was here .

“Chen, have you been living here these days?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“After the rain stopped, I went to your neighborhood to look for you, but you’d already left . ”

“No sh*t . How can anyone still live there?”

“I used all my connections but couldn’t find you . You didn’t register with the hotel?”

“My friend helped me,” Chen Zhao said . “It’s that urgent?”

“It’s urgent for my friend,” Louis said .

“What exactly is wrong with him?”

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“It’s hard to say . ”

“What’s hard to say? Are there no symptoms?”

“She keeps saying there’s someone in front of her, but the others in her house don’t see anyone . ”

Chen Zhao considered it . “Hysteria?”

“She says her mind is normal . I suspect that she’s seeing ghosts . ”

“You have magic inside of you now . Can you see the people that she’s seeing?”

“No . ” Louis shook his head .

“What about George? Can he see his own people?”

“No . ”

“Have you checked a psychologist?”

“Do you think it’s hysteria?”

“I hope not,” Chen Zhao said helplessly . “That’s the only condition I can’t help with . ”

“Whatever it is, please go take a look . ”

Chen Zhao nodded . Louis’s friend was rich too .

There were a dozen servants just in the garden, but they kept cleaning up the garden .

The rainstorm from a few days ago had affected this place too .

Louis led Chen Zhao to the front yard . There was a woman sitting under a parasol in the distance with a butler in a black uniform beside her .

“Norma, Uncle is here . ”

Chen Zhao glanced at Louis . Didn’t he say it was a friend? How come it’s his niece?

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