Demonsong - Chapter 142

Published at 29th of August 2019 10:20:08 PM
Chapter 142

It was a day like any other, peaceful and happy

children were laughing, people were having a great time on New Earth 2 .


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World Peace had just occurred and all nations were in a state of good trust with each other .

We all never that, Our world would be destroyed .

but on that day we were wrong . Thousands of New Order ships appeared and began to blast our planet apart .

Even though we never believed it would happen we had prepared a backup plan .

A Planet in a Alternate Universe to house a large portion of our race . We readyed the ships at least two hundred ships around the world were able to leave safely but the rest were destroyed

I looked back as I saw my home being destroyed by the New Order it was then and there that I vowed to destroy the New Order and avenge my father . @@