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Demonsong - Chapter 7

Published at 3rd of September 2019 09:01:13 PM

Chapter 7

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The Void of the Multiverse


2nd Age of Darkness

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"The Khains of Kombat are rattling though out the stream of space and time" A shapeless creature said in a low voice . Rattling chains could be heard as well as screams and begs for mecry .

The creature took one long inky tentacle and wrapped it around a chain that wound around his body

"Yes, I know you are finaly coming brother to release me from The Khain of Kombat that has bond me for so long . " The creature said

"Who gave you that idea Kain?" Voidheart said "I mean I am freeing you but why in all the Multirealms would I release the Khain of Kombat?"

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"Because your my brother? Kain said

Voidheart scoffed "Please younger brother you have been using that on my all your life"

Kain replied

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" well why not? Mom would do it . "

Kain felt the chains tighten around his body " Voidheart, I'm sorry . I forgot!"
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The chains lossed "don't forget who put those chains on you in the first place . "

"well now that we have the family stuff out of the way . why do you need me?" Kain asked Voidheart paused "Well brother, I don't really need you,

I in fact don't want you . I am stuck you and your lazy ass for all of time . So I am stuck with you . So brother I don't have a chace . "

Voidheart snapped his fingers and Kain teleported into human form . He was a small round man about five two with messy black hair and yellow eyes

"I hate this form . " Kain said Voidheart floated next to him tall lanky figure his clock a long shadow that floated down the floor and his hair like that of fire .

"So where are we going first boss?" Kain asked "Well my young frined . We will go and pay my good Demonborn a visit at the Black Dragon Inn .

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