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Chapter -1

[16 September 1995]

"I . . . There's . . . There's no other way . Y . . . You must . . . " She coughed uncontrollably, flecks of blood and flesh mixed with phlegm leaving her mouth .

A middle-aged man stood beside the golden-haired beauty, the both of them weary, dirty and covered in blood from injuries . But the difference was that the woman was lying on the ground, her life-blood flowing out of her from a deathly injury; one that no magic could restore .


He gazed up above their heads and saw the planet Jupiter hurtling through the cosmos and unto the Earth like a planetary missile, its impact imminent within the next minutes .

"I'm s-sorry . . . " The tear stricken girl wept before him, growing weaker by the second .

He felt unwillingness well up inside him, even as the heat from the celestial body above approached, evaporating all the sweat and tears he shed before they could fall from his eyes .

He felt cheated .

With all his strength . With all his striving . Despite all his power, he . . .

He could not save both her and this wretched world .

"AHHHHHHH!!!!" A desperate cry, against the injustice of this world . Against the fate that he had struggled so strongly against .

Against his loneliness and heartbreak that he could not shake off, though decades had passed .

He raised up his hands, eyes turned red from madness, fury and blinding sorrow, then pointed his hands at the descending gas giant .

"This is for you . . . "

" . . . My love . "

"Transcendent Spell . . . "

"Ultima!!!!" @@
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