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Chapter 101
"You're too stiff! What's the point of being so small and flexible when your weapon and your fighting style are as rigid as a stick? Oh! I forgot! You ARE using a useless stick! Gyihahahaha!"

"Shut up! You're so annoying! Do you specialise in fighting or annoying your opponents to death?!?"

"Both! Gyihahahahaha! Where are you looking at!"

Snake Spear King Lust cursed as she struggled to keep up with the elusive Evisu of the Moon .

The short golden-haired loli was wielding a roughly 2 metre long quarterstaff, one that was almost 30% taller than her short stature of barely 150 cm - a weapon meant to make up for her diminutive height, but right now revealed its shortcomings against a slippery opponent like the one she faced right now!

Despite Evisu of the Moon looking unwieldy with her loping arms, she pulled off amazing flashy moves, spinning around Lust and slipping through her guard multiple times to land unexpected blows on the slim loli's body!

When the bandit tried to back off, the assassin stuck to her as close as her own shadow and pulled out caltrops to scatter in Lust's path, blocking off her ways of retreat .

And when Lust tried to charge her down head-on, her moon-masked opponent backed off with stunning acrobatics, backflipping away and throwing shuriken at her which Lust was forced to block with her spinning staff!

'Dammit all!!! I'll kill you!!!' Despite her aggressive cursing on the inside, Snake Spear King Lust breathed calmly on the outside as she smiled confidently and showed an assured expression - one that made her look as if she were hiding a hidden ace up her sleeve!

This unnerved Evisu who was confounded as to why Lust was still so confident . The tiny girl had been outclassed in every way since the beginning of the fight and was now bleeding and bruised in at least 20 places - but she was still unfazed, looking like she believed she was still going to win!

Was this just a bluff . . . ? Evisu tried to catch her breath in the lull of the battle - her swift movements were definitely not for free; her unique and unpredictable fighting style took a heavy toll on her stamina .

But even as she was resting between attacks, she noticed something . The golden-haired loli was not taking the offensive but merely being passive - almost as if she were also winded and not willing to risk attacking!

Evisu smiled under her mask and scoffed at herself and her opponent . She'd nearly been deceived by the bandit lieutenant's bluff! She shook her head in disappointment at her own naivete and reminded herself not to be caught up in her opponent's flow next time as she dashed forward to finish off this weak opponent!

She rushed forward and straight ahead, as if daring Lust to strike her down where she stood . She was running head on and looked to have no avenue for escape - all Lust needed to do was to thrust out straight at her opponent . . . Right . . . ?

However, Lust hesitated before the apparent no-brainer move, sensing that there was a trap but unable to determine just what it was . Eventually however, she was forced to decide . She could only grit her teeth and still strike out . . . But she missed her staff-stab completely as Evisu bent her body backwards at an impossible angle, nearly folding her waist in half to avoid the stab!

Then in the gap between attacks, Evisu grinned cockily as she swung a palm dagger straight at the defenceless Lust's throat!

Only to see Lust smiling victoriously as she said, "Gotcha!"

Snake Spear King Lust puffed up her cheeks and pursed her lips before blowing out a long and thin needle straight at Evisu's exposed chest - a high-velocity hidden weapon that looked to be coated in poison!

She looked on delightedly at her enemy who had fallen for the trap, but her expression quickly changed as she saw Evisu's reaction - the masked woman was laughing through her mask!

"Gyihahahaha!! Got me??? I GOT YOU!!!" Evisu then pulled off an even more impossible move as her entire upper body crumpled up as if she were a boneless slime and slipped right past the incoming needle!

And despite dislocating her arm completely while doing so, the dagger in her hand did not seem to slow down in the least as it flitted straight towards Lust's throat!


* * * * *

A similar in nature but greatly different scene occurred between Mountain-smasher Adron and his opponent, Dee of the Earth .

Both the heavily built combatants were locked in a strange dance, hands intertwined with one another, legs pressed together and faces close enough to feel each others' breath .

They were mostly still except for a slight inching forward of the legs here, a little change of pressure in the palms there, or the minute trembling of their muscles as they fully exerted their strength and concentration, looking for the smallest weakness or opening in their opponent!

This had gone on for nearly 30 seconds, the entire length of time since the battle had started - and did not look like it had any sign of ending!

At least, until now .

" . . . I admire you . You're the first one who has matched me in strength and technique . " Dee of the Earth spoke in a voice full of respect .

Adron looked at his counterpart stoically, then opened his mouth and replied, "Aye two yam yimpwesst!"

"????? *Cough cough cough!*" As much as the two men were already covered in a thick sheen of sweat, Dee of the Celestial Shadow began to sweat even more - Adron's breath . . . Could kill an elephant!

"Ugh . . . Is . . . Is that your trump card . . . ? H-how damaging and potent . . . It's too bad . . . I have high poison resistance! Now . . . O-out of respect for you . . . I'll show you mine . . . !" Dee looked dead serious as he spoke, eliciting a clueless grin from the cute-looking and innocent-faced Mountain-smasher .

"Bloodline Release: Bear!"

Adron frowned and began to pant as Dee's form began to writhe and grow stronger as the assassin quickly started to overpower the bandit .

"Yoo chitted!?!?" Adron roared in defiance, obviously upset that his opponent had pulled this move out of nowhere .

Dee just smiled calmly - and smashed Adron into the ground .

* * * * *

"Not all dual-wielders are equals . . . "

" . . . For just as men are weaker in will, so too are there those of the same type who are weaker . . . "

Abba of the Sun spoke philosophically as she engaged in fierce battle with Viyash who wielded twin kukris . She herself held two broad-bladed straight daggers . Though they were shorter and not as heavy as the kukris, the lighter weight and shorter blades gave her more flexibility and smaller movements, leading to more control and agility in battle .

The tall and strong woman was fighting toe to toe with him and they seemed evenly matched - if not for the fact that every 10 or so exchanges, she would lash out with a fierce kick to his legs that disrupted his tempo and left Viyash limping!

He was so hard-pressed just keeping up with Abba that he couldn't find the breath to retort in the psychological battle of words - but what he COULD do was keep trying to cut off that bloody sharp tongue along with her head!

But despite his best efforts, he could feel that the fight was slipping away from him . He knew he still had his trump card to pull out, but he was certain that she too had not shown all her cards yet!

Nevertheless, the deciding point of the battle did not take long to come .

As Viyash was forced to block Abba's two-bladed descending slashes with both his kukris, she kicked him fiercely in the abdomen, knocking the wind out him and sending him back almost 10 metres through the air!

Then before he could even so much as regain his foot, her forehead lit up as she triggered her innate killing move - Spiritualisation: Light Dash!

"Skill is more important than power!! Let's finish this!!"

Abba's body ignited and began to release dazzling rays of light, blinding Viyash and hindering him from even keeping his eyes open! Despite him knowing that she was about to launch a killer move, he was helpless to watch - he could only cry out in alarm and focus all his mana into a shield in front of him as he crossed his arms in defence!

Then in a flash of fiery light, Abba shot forward - headed straight for Viyash . . . To end his life!

" . . . . . !!!!!!!" Viyash braced himself to face his fate, preparing to combust his soul and body to self-destruct the moment the woman's attack landed . . . !



" . . . . ????"

" . . . . . ???? What??" But he was surprised when he did not feel the searing heat or lancing pain he had expected .

Instead he heard an exchange of voices even as he continued to keep his guard up in front of him and his ears perked .

"H-h-how . . . !!! *Cough cough!!!* I-Impossible!!! You're just a kid . . . !!!" A woman's voice croaked out, sounding like she was on her last legs of life .

A cool-sounding voice responded to her, echoing her words from earlier .

"It's true . . . Skill IS more important than power . . . "

"It's just that . . . I'm the one who's more skillful!"

A grand voice announced decidedly as the sound of a body slumping to the ground was heard .

As the blinding light faded and his sight returned, he gaped in surprise at the scene before him .

There was no sign of Abba of the Sun before him, only a trail of flames and smoke leading to the side . And when his eyes followed that trail, he saw the woman lying on the ground far off to the side, covered in burns and with one deep cut dancing across the front of her chest .

She appeared to be dead; a lifeless corpse .

" . . . . ???" In confusion, Viyash blinked again and again, and then realised that in his agitation, he had forgotten to notice the boy that was standing directly in front of him .

"Lars . . . . !??" He gasped .

The golden-haired youth merely at the Adept level turned back over his shoulder to flash a smile at Viyash before he spoke .

"Well done . . . !" Lars smiled as he spoke reassuringly; and somehow, Viyash had the sense that he could entrust his safety - and that of his blood brothers and sister - to the boy; the same boy who had taken the life of his brother Raghu, who he should hate .

But somehow could not find it in himself to hate .

"You can rest now . . . Your turn is done!"

At those words, Viyash did not when it happened, but when he realised it, he had already slumped back down onto his butt as the adrenaline left his body . He panted heavily from fatigue and fought to recover his energy levels and mana . Despite the short frame of the battle, he was well and truly drained from fighting at 100% from the word go .

And with those words, Lars dashed forward, off to rescue another member of his new band of raiders!