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Published at 15th of August 2019 10:16:29 PM

Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Maternal Love or Selfish Love

The next day they go alone to the nearby island which is secluded and beautiful . There is a small area of rain forest on the island and the children are not willing to come back three days later .


“If we don’t leave, we would starve . ” Yan Hua tells Gungun, “There are no desserts or snacks, do you still want to stay?”


Gungun says, “No . . . ”


So they happily back to the big island . They are going to place the luggage, while Cong Fei comes up to them .


“Please help me! Help me!” She grasps Yan Hua’s hand as soon as she comes in, “Don’t you have a foundation? I’m asking you for help now . You have to help me . ”


Now that she talks about the foundation, Yan Hua has no reason to ignore her .


“Take a seat . Take it easy . ” She nods at Fei Ying and the latter serves a glass of water to Cong Fei .


Fei Yi and Lang Ruoxian are ready to leave but Cong Fei stops them, “Mr . Lang, Mr . Fei, please wait for a while . ”


Li Yi also stays ignored and sits at the back as the background .


“My case needs both of your help . Please listen to me to finish . ”


Fei Ying takes three children to play outside, then Yan Hua gets Cong Fei to talk . The rest of the story is cheesy and frustrating: Cong Fei and Wu Kai, her husband, are junior high school classmates, who are both poor at that time .


“I was scouted and went into showbiz, but it wasn’t that easy . I have no background, no backup, and anyone can bully me . ” She looks a little dazed thinking of those days .


“I finally got a leading role, and . . . ”


And as a result, the company indicated that she had to sleep with the producer, otherwise the role would not be available for her .


“If I miss this opportunity, I don’t know how long I have to wait, or maybe I will never have another chance . ” So she compromised, and then she succeeded in getting the role .


But the producer seemed to really like her and went back to her a few times . Finally her husband Wu Kai found her infidelities and was devastated . So she broke up crying and promised to give him all the money she made .


“I really loved him at that time, and he loved me too . ” So Wu Kai forgave her, “But I didn’t know he recorded videos of the sexual intercourse . ”


There is hatred in her eyes, “I was so stupid . How could I believe he was totally devoted to me after I slept with someone else?”


With that film, Cong Fei became an instant hit, and then came her time . She rose step by step on the top, making the achievement of the movie queen . At the same time her husband Wu Kai ran a company and did business . The love of these two people was once taken as teaching material by netizens and no one expected their sudden divorce .


“He had a lover outside, and that woman was pregnant in the summer . I met them in the hospital, and I realized how ironic our myth of love has been for so many years!”


Cong Fei laughs with tears in her eyes, “But that’s not the most disgusting thing . ”


As his scandal broke, Wu Kai begged Cong Fei to forgive him as he had forgiven her once .


“I forgave him on the premise that he let the woman abort the baby . I would forget about it as long as he cut her off . He agreed at once, but I didn’t believe him . I had him followed, and knew they were plotting against me . ”


Wu Kai and the woman had a deal . Firstly, the woman would be sent abroad to cheat Cong Fei . Secondly, he would transfer the company’s money to the overseas account as investments, and then divorced Cong Fei after the baby was born abroad .


“Miss Chen, you’re a successful businesswoman in the circle, and you should have heard that his company has many problems recently . ”


Chen Hong nods her head, “Now I understand his intention of transferring property . ”


“I found out early and got my money back . Now that he doesn’t have any money, he starts thinking about robbing the custody of Lulu . ” Cong Fei clenches her fist, “He wants the custody of Lulu, just for alimony . ”


“Tell me! How could I give him Lulu? Isn’t that pushing my daughter into the fire?” Cong Fei cries, “I know I’ve been emotional lately, and a little cranky with Lulu, but I really love her . She’s my only daughter! If Wu Kai does take her away, I . . . ”


Cong Fei loses her temper and cries in a shrill voice .


“Just calm down . ” Yan Hua now has mixed feelings, and her previous dissatisfaction with Cong Fei is replaced by sympathy .


Chen Hong hands her a tissue, “You usually do not care about the child, or you won’t take her to vent when you are in a bad mood . ”


“You’re tight . I will try my best to be a good mother, but now I can’t even get the custody!” Cong Fei chokes with sobs, “I thought if I became a friend with you, Wu Kai wouldn’t dare to bully me anymore, so I ran into you at the beginning . . . ”


“Why are you so naive?” Chen Hong puts it bluntly, “You’re not making friends with us . You’re using us . We’re not that stupid . ”


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“It’s my fault . ” Cong Fei says with extraordinary earnestness, “I didn’t expect him to find me so quickly . Now Lulu is in his hands . I’ve been waiting for you two days . ” Cong Fei takes Yan Hua’s hand, “Please help me, help me!”


Yan Hua startles, “As you said, where is Lulu now?”


“When Wu Kai arrived, he went to live in the house I rent . He guarded our daughter every day, and forbade her to come out or me to go near her . Lulu cried out this morning, so he took her away . And I don’t know where they are now . ”


Chen Hong jumps up at once, “Call the police now!”


“Wait a minute!” Cong Fei stops her in panic, “I . . . I . . . ”


Lang Ruoxian curls his lips, “You don’t want the video to be released, right?”


“Look at the time! You still care about the video?” Chen Hong stares at her, “Your daughter is missing now!”


“He’s Lulu’s father . Whatever happens, he wouldn’t hurt her at all . ” Cong Fei trembles her lips, “He just wants the money which I can give him . I want you to help me get the video back . ”


She cries and begs, “May Mr . Lang can warn him that he and I have no business from now on, so he can’t threaten me and disturb us mother and daughter . ”


“Sister Chen, what’s your view?” Yan Hua signs, thinking that she is selfish but it can be forgiven . She did work hard to win the name after all . If the video exposes, all will be ruined .


“It all depends on Mr . Lang’s ability . ” Chen Hong puts the phone down, “So you mean not to call the police?”


She nods, “I had the islanders to find them . They’ll tell me at the first time . ”


No sooner did she finish than her phone rings . Cong Fei wants to pick up but find it’s a WeChat message, a video call .




Cong Fei has a nervous breakdown as soon as she opens the video .


Lulu is tied to a large rock and her ankles are soaked in the sea . If the tide goes on, she will soon be drowned .


“Wu Kai!” Cong Fei cries with a piercing voice, “You beast! Do you have a heart? That’s your own daughter!”

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Appearing in the video, Wu Kai roars crazily with a ferocious and terrible look, “It’s your daughter too! If you dare not meet my needs, you will lose this daughter . I still have a son anyway . I’m not afraid! Hahaha!”


“Your monster! Monster!” Cong Fei howls and knees down to Yan Hua, “Please, I beg you . I don’t care about the video as long as you save my daughter! Please!”


Yan Hua lifts her up, “I’ll do my best!”


By this time, she seems like a mother .


“Ask him where he is . Fei Yi and I will go there . ” Lang Ruoxian approaches Yan Hua and secretly presses her hand, “Can I ask for compensation?”


Yan Hua’s face turns red, she lowers her voice, “Are you aware of the time? What are you thinking about?”


“About you surely . . . ” He breathes in her ear .


Yan Hua pushes him away, “Just go!”


Seeing them going outside, Fei Ying runs back and asks what’s wrong . After listening to Yan Hua, she can’t help signing with emotion at the sight of three little kids playing with sand under the eaves .


“Our kids are really happy, aren’t they?”


Yan Hua nods instinctively . If Gungun wasn’t born in the Lang Family, if she didn’t return to them, she would now be in a poor situation . . .


Either she raised Gungun and struggled with life by herself, or she was found by Guo Xiaotong, then she lost her child or Gungun lost his mother . Either way is too scary to think about .


“We are all lucky!” Chen Hong pats them on the shoulder, “Don’t worry . Li Yi can handle small roles like Wu Kai, not mention to your two presidents . ”


“Hope so . . . ”


Lang Ruoxian and Fei Yi are worthy of their President titles . They quickly bring the man back . Cong Fei stumbles in with Lulu in her arms .


“Lulu’s running a fever . She’s running a fever!”


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Chen Hong holds her fast, “Don’t worry . There’s a clinic on the island and I call right now . ”


The doctor arrives soon after, and Lulu is sent to the bedroom on the second floor where she is checked for a common fever, probably from shock .


The doctor prescribes an antipyretic and says she will be all right once she wakes up .


“You too have a rest!” Catching Cong Fei fatigue, Chen Hong gives her a set of pajamas, “Here you are . ”


Cong Fei thanks her with red eyes .


As they go downstairs, Fei Ying asks nervously, “How’s going? Where’s her ex-husband?”


“The police took him away . ” Fei Yi grabs his young wife into his arms, “And the video has been destroyed . ”


Yan Hua breaths a sign of relief, “Did he take the video? Are there any copies?”


“He took a USB drive that was thrown into the sea by me . ” Lang Ruoxian says, “There must be over one hundred of the copies saved by his mistress . I’ll have Shu Sheng to get them . ”


Chen Hong worries, “Sure? Is everything cleaned up?”


If the video does get out, Cong Fei may not survive . She’s selfish and probably will come back to bite the foundation .


“Rest assured, absolutely clean!” Li Yi takes the change to blast, “I had his mistress monitored . And we’ll have her under control in case things get wrong . ”


Yan Hua rubs her brow, “Wu Kai is going to jail . ”


“More than that . . . ” Chen Hong smiles, “Cong Fei won’t let him out of prison again . ”


Putting the man in jail is probably the best revenge .


“Unfortunately for his mistress too . Before their child is born, he will never see his father . ”


The so-called poor people must be hateful . That’s probably about it . . .

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