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Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Yan Hua’s Choice

Gungun is tired because of crying, so he falls asleep when they arrive at home . Yan Hua puts him on his little bed and goes downstairs to find that Fei Shan hasn’t gone yet .


“Are you all right?” Fei Shan pours her a glass of water .


Yan Hua rubs her eyebrows . “Am I too selfish . . . ”


She thinks that what she gives to Gungun is the best, even better than other ordinary children get . But she ignores what he always wants, a father .


“You have already been doing well!” Fei Shan pats her on the shoulder . “Gungun is still too young to understand many things . ”


“But he wants a father . ” Yan Hua has never felt so depressed, as if all her efforts have been in vain .


Fei Shan smiles . “I have a proposal . Do you want to hear it?”


Having seen Yan Hua gawking at him and her expression being more vacant than usual, he knows that she really feels sad . Fei Shan says, “Gungun is still a little kid now . You just keep waiting for him to grow up and he will naturally understand when he gets older . ”


“And Gungun is a . . . ” He originally wants to say him stupid and sweet like a blonde, but it might not be appropriate, so he changes the word . “Gungun is a kind and simple child . When he understands later, he will definitely not dwell on this issue any more, but to become more intimate with you instead . ”


“The other way . ” Fei Shan suddenly approaches her . “Find him a father now and accompany him to grow up . When he grows up, the two will be like biological father and son . ”


Yan Hua keeps silent .


“The choice is made by you . ” Fei Shan takes a step back . “But I hope if you choose to give Gungun a father, you can consider me . ”


Yan Hua looks at him . “You don’t have to do this . I’ve been divorced twice, and have a child . While you are the best actor who has a bright future . . . ”


“You have already said that once . ” Fei Shan smiles . “Love has nothing to do with status . What scares me is that you don’t approve of me or don’t want to give me this opportunity . ”


Seeing Yan Hua’s silence again, Fei Shan adds, “You and my sister-in-law are good friends . We know each other well, and I will get along well with Gungun . And if you like, we shall have Gungun as our only child . ”


“There is Fei Yi anyway . It is okay to let him and Fei Ying have a son to inherit the family business . ”


What they are discussing is originally quite serious, but his sudden remark makes Yan Hua smile, and her brain returns to normal . She stands up . “Marriage is a serious matter, so what you say is like a joke . ”


“I’m not joking . You know I like you . ” Fei Shan stares at her . “You think about it, huh?”


At the same time, Lang Ruoxian knows what happened in the kindergarten .


“I want to be discharged . ”


Shu Sheng says helplessly . “Miss Yan told the doctor before that you could not be discharged without her permission . ”


“ . . . ” Lang Ruoxian darkens his face . “Then I will go by myself . ”


“Young Master, if I take you back, are you sure Miss Yan won’t be angry?” When Shu Sheng sees that he has already begun to wear his coat, he knows that he cannot stop Lang Ruoxian .


Lang Ruoxian ignores him, he goes to the door on his wheelchair, then returns to take off his coat and goes to bed without saying a word .


He lies there thinking about the possibility of getting married by agreement with Yan Hua if he takes the opportunity which Gungun wants to have a father . But he is afraid that Yan Hua won’t agree . . . At this time Lang Ruoxian hasn’t known that someone has moved a step faster than him .


Fei Shan comes out of Yan Hua’s house and asks about her opinion again when arriving at the door . “Think about my proposal carefully . Don’t use unwilling to delay my career as an excuse . I have confidence . As long as you give me a chance, I will definitely make you like me . ”


“I know . ” Yan Hua can only helplessly send him away .


Then she looks at her mobile phone and counts the time . Within five minutes Fei Ying calls her .


“My brother-in-law proposed to you? You are so fast . Are you ready to love after marriage?”


Yan Hua takes the mobile phone away a little bit . “Why are you so excited? I didn’t say yes . ”


“Why didn’t you say yes?” Fei Ying asks, “What’s wrong with my brother-in-law?”


“He is all good, so I can’t say yes . ” Yan Hua feels that Fei Ying who is trying very hard to recommend her brother-in-law is also dopey . “Have you ever thought what his fans would say if he were with me together? If they cannot accept such a thing, it will affect his career . ”


“Excuse!” Fei Ying despises her . “You know that my brother-in-law is not afraid of that at all . This is just your excuse . You like Lang Ruoxian . ”


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Yan Hua chokes . She can’t deny that she really likes Lang Ruoxian more in her heart . That’s why she refuses Fei Shan . Perhaps, as Fei Shan says, giving him a chance may make her like him in the future .


“Too tired . . . ”


Fei Ying is blabbering over there when she suddenly hears Yan Hua say this .




Yan Hua sighs . “In my opinion, to give Fei Shan a chance, in other words, to give us a chance, will make me too tired . ”


“Love is always like this . . . ” Fei Ying thinks that she and her bestie are in two worlds . She feels wronged and says, “Haven’t you heard a saying: Without the continuous bitter cold, there can be no fragrant chrysanthemum blossom?”


“ . . . It’s plum blossom . ” Yan Hua twitches the corners of the mouth .


“What flower is not the point . The point is do you understand what I mean?” Fei Ying feels that she must help Yan Hua establish a correct view of feelings and marriage . She cannot watch her friend continue to go astray .


Yan Hua shakes her head . “Xiaoying, I am not like you . Love is not necessary for me . I am not eager to have love, either . I know it’s hard for me to really love someone, so I don’t expect others to really love me . ”


“Why . . . Why?” Fei Ying used to think Yan Hua was just saying it . Who knows she really think so?


“There is no reason . ” Yan Hua smiles . “Everyone has different life values . I don’t know if I used to be like this . Anyway, now I know that I am not eager to love . I don’t want love, either . ”


Fei Shan has been beside the phone, so he clearly hears every word of Yan Hua . Fei Ying hangs up and looks at him piteously .


“What’s that look in your eyes?” Fei Shan used to regard Fei Ying as his younger sister, but then his hapless eldest brother married her and turned her into his sister-in-law, but sometimes he and Fei Ying got along like elder brother and younger sister .


Fei Ying stares at him . “How do you speak?”


“Xiaoying . . . ” Fei Shan lies onto the sofa . “So I don’t have a chance . Yan Hua doesn’t believe in love, but she believes in Lang Ruoxian . Perhaps this has nothing to do with love, but she will at least give Lang Ruoxian a chance . ”


Fei Ying squats beside him and sighs . “I think you’d better like someone else! Yan Hua is definitely impossible to be your lover . ”


And as his sister-in-law, she also doesn’t want to see Fei Shan more painful in the future . Yan Hua treats love too rationally . You have to afford enough time and energy to earn love from such a woman .

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“While you haven’t lost yourself over your love to her, hurriedly give up such love as early as possible!”


Gungun is really a child who forgets unhappy things soon . The next day Yan Hua is still a bit worried, but he doesn’t mention anything about dad at all and goes to kindergarten with Xiaojiu happily .


“You . . . ” Having seen Fei Shan, Yan Hua suddenly doesn’t know what to say .


Fei Shan pulls open the door gracefully . “You needn’t say anything . I heard it yesterday . Even if you don’t agree to my proposal, we are still friends, right? Get into the car!”


“Thank you!” Yan Hua answers with a laughing face .


The laugh makes Fei Shan cover his eyes . “No, no, no! I am not a strong-willed man, and I will regret it if you keep laughing like this!”


Yan Hua laughs even more joyfully . When Fei Ying comes out, she sees the two people laughing happily, so she exclaims when getting into the car .


“What are you two talking about? You are laughing so happily . ”


Yan Hua hugs her and says, “We are saying that it’s nice to have you . Let me treat you to dinner this weekend!”


“Okay!” Fei Ying also hugs her .


Fortunately, fortunately . . . Her brother-in-law doesn’t break up with her friend to be enemies . They can still get along well with each other!


Yan Hua thinks that it is over . Gungun also forgets it . But when she comes to the hospital, Lang Ruoxian brings up this topic again . . .


“What do you think about it?” Lang Ruoxian finishes saying and looks at her carefully .


Why is her expression so strange? Do his words displease her?


Yan Hua stares at Lang Ruoxian for a while before she says faintly, “That’s what Fei Shan said yesterday . Eh? What are you doing?”


“I am going to kill him . ” Lang Ruoxian says while trying to get up from his wheelchair .


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“Don’t be ridiculous . ” Yan Hua presses him back . “You will be discharged soon . If you have any other problems, then you have to stay here until winter . ”


Lang Ruoxian looks at her with a somber expression . “You said yes to him . ”


“ . . . No . ” Yan Hua feels that this guy’s going to freak out again and says quickly, “Of course I can’t say yes . Is marriage something you can say yes casually?”


“I wish you knew . ” Lang Ruoxian continues to say with a somber expression .


Although Yan Hua doesn’t want to face Lang Ruoxian who is going to freak out, she is not afraid of him . “So, I also refuse what you just said . ”


“Why . . . ”


“Didn’t you just say it?” Yan Hua interrupts him . “I said that marriage is not a casual thing, you said you wished me had known . Now of course I can’t say yes to you . ”


Lang Ruoxian breaks out in a cold sweat . “I am not someone else . I am Gungun’s . . . uncle . ”


“Then you can continue to be his uncle . ” Yan Hua tidies up the heat preservation barrel . “Nobody will mention this matter again . Gungun has already forgotten it, and we shall take it as if it didn’t happen . ”


“Then if he think of it later, he will still ask you for a father . ” Lang Ruoxian takes hold of her . “Escape is not the way to solve things . You know in your heart that even if Gungun forgets it today, he will still mind if some children mention it in a few days . ”


Yan Hua pushes his hand away . “Then we’ll talk about it . ”


Fei Shan seems not to be affected much, but in fact he is still a little sad . After all, this is the first time he loves a woman, but he has to give up the love halfway . The love ends before it begins .


“Fei Shan, you should at least go to have a drink!” A senior manager of the company says with a smile, “This time our two companies cooperate in making movies, aiming for foreign Film Awards . Let’s go to make friendly contacts, especially with the heroine . You have never cooperated with her before, so you should get to know her in advance!”


Fei Shan rubs his eyebrows, picks up the glass and walks towards the table .


Yan Hua takes a taxi to pick up Gungun today . Fei Shan’s assistant just called and said that he was too drunk to come over . As soon as she gets into the taxi, her mobile phone rings . The caller ID is Fei Shan .


“Hello?” Yan Hua answers the phone somewhat unexpectedly . “Are you all right?”


There is a faltering voice from the other side of the phone, then the growl of Fei Shan follows, who seems to be out of control . “Go away . Don’t touch me!”

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