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Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Fei Shan Brought Trouble to Yan Hua

“Fei Shan?” Yan Hua cries his name, but the phone is hung up with beeping sound .


Yan Hua hurriedly calls back but the mobile phone indicates: The phone you dialed is turned off . The thought comes to her that he may have had an accident . She remembers that the assistant said they were drinking in some hotel, which is not far from here, so she tells the driver to drive there .


“Xiaoying!” On the way, she calls Fei Ying to ask her to pick up Gungun .


As soon as Fei Ying hears that something may have happened to Fei Shan, she is anxious . “Hua, please, I shall let Fei Yi go there immediately . ”


The hotel where Fei Shan is staying is really close . The assistant said that Fei Shan had originally thought of coming to pick up Yan Hua after attending the activity, but he drank too much . Yan Hua is even more anxious when she arrives at the hotel . Where should she find him?


“I seemed to see a famous star just now . ” A couple come out of the elevator .


The woman is quite excited and says, “Really, they went downstairs from the 18th floor . And there was another woman . They seemed to have an abnormal relationship . ”


“Who? Male star?”


“That was . . . Oh, it looked like Fei Shan . ”


Yan Hua immediately enters the elevator and presses the 18th floor directly . There are suites in the 18th floor . The corridor is quiet . Yan Hua listens at the door of the first room, but there is no sound at all .


“What to do . . . ” She takes a few steps in the corridor, suddenly has an idea and takes out her mobile phone . She finds Fei Shan’s assistant’s number and calls him .


The mobile phone is connected! Yan Hua swallows nervously and begins to run in the corridor .


Must! Must be in the room, must! Fortunately, she hears the mobile phone ringing within a few steps, which spreads out of a suite . No sooner has she run to the door than the ringing stops . Yan Hua lies prone on the door and listens, but cannot hear anything .


“Ding-dong!” Yan Hua looks back and sees a room attendant pushing the cleaning car out of the elevator . Her eyes light up and she rings the doorbell directly .


There is no response for quite a while . Yan Hua uses her quick wits to shout, “I’m sorry, the water pipe in the upstairs room bursts, so the toilet in your suite may leak soon . Please let me enter and have a check . ”


Finally some sound is spread out . Yan Hua nervously stares at the door . She rushes inside as soon as the door is open .


“Ah!” A woman shouts, “What are you doing?”


Yan Hua has already rushed in . Only then does she see clearly that there is a young woman, in a bathrobe, revealing half of her full breasts .


“Are you . . . Yan Hua?” Obviously, the woman has recognized her .


Yan Hua doesn’t know who the woman is, but since the woman can recognize her, she must also be a rich lady . Yan Hua smiles and asks directly, “Where is Fei Shan?”


“What did you say?” The woman looks flustered . “This is my room . Please get out . ”


“Go away!” Yan Hua pushes her away and walks in . The woman doesn’t want her to do so . “Yan Hua, you are no longer the Young Mistress of Lang Family . Do you still dare to act wildly? Do you know who I am?”


Yan Hua has seen Fei Shan’s assistant leaning against the balcony door and seems to have fainted . She turns her head and asks coldly, “I don’t know who you are, but I know what you have done is enough to make yourself be sent into the police station . ”


“It’s none of your business!” The woman is stubborn and reluctant to admit her mistake .


Yan Hua’s eyes flash and she pulls off the bathrobe from the woman . The woman covers her chest with a scream . Yan Hua takes the opportunity to run into the inner room . When she enters, she sees Fei Shan whose body is suffused with abnormal flush . His eyes bulge, full of red blood, which look particularly horrible .


“Yan . . . Hua . . . ” Fei Shan’s eyes stare bigger when he sees her, as if he shouts out her name with all his strength . He is trembling, trying to move his body .


Yan Hua has never seen the Fei Shan in such a mess . The sweat on his body makes the bed sheet wet and he falls out of bed, bare-chested .


“It seems that I am not late, at least your trousers have not been taken off . ” Yan Hua forces a smile and jokes, trying to make Fei Shan not feel so embarrassed .


What she doesn’t know is that Fei Shan has no time to be embarrassed at all now . He just wants to hug the woman in front of him .


“If you don’t want to leave, then don’t leave!” The woman comes in with her mobile phone, “Go to keep that stupid assistant company!”


Yan Hua ignores her and goes straight into the bathroom to soak the big bath towel in cold water . Then she takes it out and piles it on Fei Shan right on the head and face . The woman is fuming with rage, so she dials a number and is about to speak when there is a bang outside .


“Fei Shan!” Fei Yi shouts loudly .


Yan Hua hurriedly answers, “Here!”


Fei Yi rushes in with several people . The woman begins to be afraid, but she still stands in front of Fei Shan . “What do you want to do? Don’t bully me because I am alone . I’ll have someone come right away . Do you know what my family do?”


“F**k off!” Fei Yi knocks her unconscious with a hand knife . “Investigate her identity . ”


Dare to calculate my younger brother . No matter who you are, you will have to pay the price!


“I don’t know what drug makes him like that . He looks very bad . ” Yan Hua wants to get out of the way, but suddenly Fei Shan hugs her .


Fei Yi hastily tries to pull Fei Shan away, but it is unknown that what is wrong with Fei Shan, he just clings to Yan Hua and won’t let go .


“Ah . . . ” Yan Hua feels that her waist is almost broken . “Don’t move!” She cries, “Don’t touch him . You should try to communicate with him . This can’t work . ”


“Fei Shan! Can you hear me?” Fei Yi shakes his younger brother who closes eyes but still wants to rub his body against Yan Hua .


Yan Hua can feel something growing bigger and harder between her legs and keeps bumping up .


“Or . . . You stun him . . . ” Her embarrassment is obviously felt by Fei Yi, too . And he is going to stun his hapless brother without demur .


Suddenly there are noises at the door, and several reporters carrying cameras rush in . Fei Yi and bodyguards hurriedly go to stop them, and Fei Shan who has nobody to stop him bows his head and kisses Yan Hua .


Yan Hua wants to push him away, but his hands on her waist are like a pair of pliers, locking her in his arms . There are also shouts from the reporters .


“Movie King Fei! Movie King Fei! Are you and Yan Hua in love?”


“Are you ready to be a stepfather and marry her . . . ”


Some people even ask Fei Yi, “Mr . Fei, do you mind if your sister-in-law has been divorced and has a child?”


“Smash their cameras . ” Fei Yi stands at the door, blocking Fei Shan and Yan Hua . He glances at the reporters coldly . “I’ll check which newspaper you belong to one by one . You just wait for the lawyer’s letter . ”


Before the reporters run away, the cameras in their hands are smashed . Two of them are still unwilling to submit and shout for compensation . They are thrown out of the door by bodyguards . Fei Yi turns and strikes him at the back of Fei Shan’s head with a hand knife . Fei Shan falls to the ground with a thud .


“Are you all right?” Fei Yi gives Yan Hua a hand .


Yan Hua almost falls on her knees . Her waist hurts, which almost makes her tears come down . She grits her teeth and shakes her head . “It’s okay . Let’s go quickly . ”


Fei Shan is sent to the hospital which belongs to Lang Consortium, because it is the nearest hospital . Lang Ruoxian knows immediately that something happened to the second young master of Fei Family . He asks Shu Sheng to find out what happened, but Shu Sheng returns with a strange expression .


“Dead?” Lang Ruoxian glances at him .


Shu Sheng shakes his head . “Fei Shan was drugged . ”


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“Ah . . . ” Lang Ruoxian doesn’t hide at all that he takes pleasure in Fei Shan’s misfortune, but he is unhappy the next second .


“Miss Yan was also present . . . ”


Bang! The table is pushed down .


Yan Hua lets the nurse look at her waist, and it is black and blue all around . The nurse sprays some medicine for her and orders her to spray it three times a day . Yan Hua is about to put down her clothes when the door of the physiotherapy room is pushed open . Lang Ruoxian is sitting in the wheelchair and his eyes turn red when he sees her .


“Did he do it?” The man eagerly sprints over to lift Yan Hua’s clothes, and his heart suddenly throbs when seeing the mass of black and blue injury .


Yan Hua takes his hand away and looks at Shu Sheng . “Don’t you push the wheelchair over yet?”


“I won’t sit in the wheelchair . I’m fine . ” Lang Ruoxian’s face is as cold as ice, and the young nurse trembles with fear .


Yan Hua keeps silent and looks at him . A few seconds later, Lang Ruoxian clenches his fist and strides away .


“Where is he going?” Yan Hua is puzzled .


Shu Sheng throws away the wheelchair and runs after him . “He is going to kill Fei Shan . ”


“Oh . . . Ah?” Yan Hua pushes the wheelchair and follows . “Lang Ruoxian, don’t be ridiculous!”


Fei Shan hasn’t awakened . Fei Yi stops Lang Ruoxian in front of the sickbed .


“Lang Ruoxian, my brother is very weak now . ”


Lang Ruoxian shows a sepulchral smile . “It’s none of my business . He has hurt Hua . He deserves to die . ”


“It was an accident . He had no idea about what he was doing!” Fei Yi helplessly says, “He did wrong on this matter . But even if you want to hit him, you have to wait until he wakes up, right? I won’t care how you hit each other!”


“Lang Ruoxian!” Yan Hua runs in, with her hand still covering her waist .


Shu Sheng pushes the wheelchair behind her . “Young Master, please sit down quickly . . . ”


Lang Ruoxian ignores him and stretches out his hand, wanting to rub the waist for Yan Hua . But Yan Hua shrinks and dodges . “Don’t touch me . It hurts . ”


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“Have you seen it?” He turns and shouts at Fei Yi .


Fei Yi smiles bitterly . “I’m sorry, Yan Hua . This time he is really . . . ”


“Don’t say that, he didn’t mean it . ” Yan Hua looks at Fei Shan who is lying . Even though he is still in a coma, his brow is still wrinkled, which is obvious that he hasn’t relaxed .


Lang Ruoxian, who looks unhappy, helps Yan Hua sit in the wheelchair cautiously . “I’ve asked the bodyguard to take you back . You’ve been like that, so you shouldn’t care about others . ”


“Then I’ll go first . ” Yan Hua also wants to go back . She didn’t pick up Gungun because of the unexpected incident . She is afraid that the little child will be unhappy .


Fei Yi apologizes again . “This time it was Fei Shan that brought trouble to you . Thank you for coming in time . ”


“You’d better investigate it . I doubt it’s not so simple as it seems . ”


Since the young lady who drugged Fei Shan knew her, there was no reason for her not to know the identity of Fei Shan . She risked offending Fei Family just to have sex with him once, which was ridiculous anyway . . .


“I will . Drive safely . ”


Lang Ruoxian sends Yan Hua to the door of the hospital . Yan Hua sees he get into the car, too . “What are you doing here?”


“Go home . ” Lang Ruoxian firmly closes his lips .


Yan Hua turns supercilious look . “You haven’t been discharged yet!”


“I am discharged now . ” Lang Ruoxian is still with the same expression .


Yan Hua is afraid that he will freak out again, so she simply shuts up and keeps silent . So Lang Ruoxian leaves the hospital, which causes chaos when the doctors find no one in the ward .


On the other side of the city, in front of the French window on the top floor of the hotel, a man is carrying a glass of champagne . In front of him, middle-aged man is carefully reporting the situation .


“It didn’t work out . And Second Young Mistress of Lang Family was involved . ”


The man gulps down the champagne . “Hum! What a group of craps . They even can’t do such little things well . ”


“What shall we do next? Fei Yi won’t tolerate . In case he investigates . . . ”


“That’s just right!” The man smiles, “Long time no see . I believe he will be very happy to meet me, an old friend . . . ”