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Published at 29th of August 2019 11:35:34 PM

Chapter 143

Chapter 143 I’m Chasing after Yan Hua

Gungun is so happy to see Lang Ruoxian that he jumps on him . Yan Hua quickly picks up her son, “Uncle’s health is not good . He can’t hug you . ”


“Uncle!” Gungun dismounts from her and carefully takes Lang Ruoxian’s hand .


Lang Ruoxian bends to pick him up, “Alright . Uncle can hug Gungun . ”


“I know all about it,” Fei Ying hugs Yan Hua . “You saved our family again . ”


“Well, you must remember my great kindness!” Yan Hua smiles, “Return the favor later . ”


Fei Ying laughs, “No problem!”


When she brings Gungun back home, Lang Ruoxian naturally follows . And one elder and one young play together on the sitting room carpet .


“Don’t go alone in such a case anymore . ” She doesn’t know when Lang Ruoxian is leaning against the kitchen door .


Yan Hua puts the house maid cooked food out, “Help me carry the soup . ”


Yan Hua gives Gungun a pudding as he finishes his dinner in kindergarten, and he sits quietly in the sitting room watching cartoons .


“Don’t worry me . ” Lang Ruoxian sits down and fills her with soup .


Yan Hua glares at him, takes the bowl and fills it for him first . “What could I do under that circumstance? Waiting for Fei Yi? Didn’t you see what happened? If I waited for him, Fei Shan would have been stripped . ”


“Who cares . ” Lang Ruoxian feels that the rival doesn’t need any care or love, and it’s so good not to kill him .


“I wonder if Fei Yi can handle the reporters . ” Yan Hua says with a faint fear, glancing at Lang Ruoxian . If this guy knows how she got the wound in her waist, he will be ready for a real fight with Fei Shan .


Lang Ruoxian sniffs, “He can’t handle . ”


“How do you know?” Yan Hua exclaims, “Don’t you always say there’s nothing money can’t handle?”


“Apparently this time, someone is targeting at Fei Shan,” Lang Ruoxian says casually . “No one in the entertainment circle has so much power to provoke Fei Shan, and he doesn’t have such a big grudge against others . ”


Yan Hua frowns . “You mean, someone is targeting the Fei Family, at Fei Yi?”


“Who else then?” Lang Ruoxian turns his spoon . “Three generations of the Fei Family were gangsters, and in those days, Fei Yi eliminated many people by himself . It took him 10 years to clean up the family . ”


You can imagine how many people are offended .


“He did it for Fei Ying and Fei Shan . ” Yan Hua admires Fei Yi very much and feels that he is a man who will give anything for his lover and family .


Lang Ruoxian can’t bear her feeling good about others, he wants to say something but doesn’t know how to say, so he snorts, “I asked Shu Sheng to help with the investigation . But it relies on his own skills to solve this matter . ”


“Dinner time!” Yan Hua smiles, finding the man’s awkwardness endearing .


Lang Ruoxian refuses to go back after dinner and sits on the sofa after Gungun goes to bed .


“What if my wounds hurt at night?”


Yan Hua rolls her eyes, “Didn’t you say your wounds were all healed?”


“My chest hurts . ” Sitting there, Lang Ruoxian, a man over 1 . 8 meters tall, tries to make a pitiful gesture like an abandoned puppy .


Yan Hua feels embarrassed .


She sighs, “Sleep in the guest room?”


“OK!” The man, who looked half dead just now, jumps to his feet and goes upstairs at once .


As expected, at midnight, micro blog platform is full of news about Fei Shan . And thanks to his name, Yan Hua once again makes the headlines . When she wakes up in the morning, she finds that Fei Ying sent her a text message just after 3 a . m .


“Aren’t you even sleeping?” She browses micro blog news on her tablet while calling Fei Ying .


Fei Ying’s voice sounds tired, “Hua, don’t take the bullshits online to heart, or just don’t read them . ”


“Too late . I saw them already . ”


Photos of her and Fei Shan are posted online, with him bare-chested and holding her . The picture is post-processed with Fei Yi and his bodyguards erased, making it look as if they were making love at a hotel . . .


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The comments online are one-sided scolding her . Fans of Fei Shan are crying and swearing on her micro blog account .


“Absolutely, this woman is such a shame . No wonder you are not willing to leave the Lang Family . You are to seduce our Movie King Fei! Shame on you!”


“I only serve you as a bitch to teach me how to seduce men . . . ”


“Our Movie King Fei won’t love a b**ch like you!”


Fei Ying asks guiltily, “Are you angry?”


“What do you think?” Yan Hua robs between her eyebrows, drops the tablet and goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth . “Don’t comfort me . I know it’s all nonsense on the Internet . They are all just keyboard men . ”


She gargles . “I know . But no one can really ignore a bad word like that . ”


“Ah! Look!” Fei Ying says suddenly . “There are many netizens speaking for you . ”


Yan Hua wipes her mouth and washes her face slowly . “Isn’t that the hired supporters paid by you?”


“No . ” Fei Ying says angrily . “Fei Shan doesn’t wake up yet . His agent says they don’t know what to do about the publicity until he is awake . ”


Yan Hua goes out and picks up the tablet to find many ghostwriters on her micro blog account scolding those insane fans .


“What? Are you blind? It’s clearly Fei Shan holding her in the photo!”


“Plus, Even if Yan Hua wants someone, it won’t be your movie king, as our President Lang will never let it happen!”


“Let Yan Hua teach you how to seduce men? Do you have a pretty face like her? Relying on her beautiful appearance only, every man is glad to be tempted by such a beauty . Even though she is luring Fei Shan, he shall be happy . ”


“Did you read the financial news before slandering her here? Although she is divorced, she is taking the alimony and still rich, OK?


Fei Ying shouts over the phone . “Look! There are rational people online . ”


“Aren’t they paid by your family?” Yan Hua doesn’t think so many people can stand up for her .


Her phone starts to vibrate . She glances at it . “Another call is coming in . I gotta go . ”

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“Got up?” It’s Lang Ruoxian . “Come to the sitting room if you got up . ”


“Alright . ”


Yan Hua goes downstairs and finds Shu Sheng there too .


“Never mind what they say online . I’ve had it handled . ” Lang Ruoxian watches her face carefully to make sure she is not sad or angry, then holds her hand . “The poster is abroad, so we can’t let him delete it but suspend his account . ”


Yan Hua gives a look to Shu Sheng who stands there holding a computer . “You hired the hired supporters?”


“Yes . ” Lang Ruoxian says . “Even his account is ceased, the photo is already made public and we can’t remove them all . ”


“I understand . . . ” Yan Hua thinks for a while . “It’s up to Fei Shan . It will be all right as long as he makes it clear . ”


Lang Ruoxian nods his head . “He himself is in trouble . ”


Hospital .


“What did you say?” Fei Shan was in a coma all night, and when he wakes up he has a stabbing pain in the brain and no strength at all . After his agent stammers out, he almost slaps him .


“Honey, do you know how rare the chance is? If Behrman knows about this affair, he won’t choose you as the hero!”


Last month Fei Shan got a role in a famous American hero movie directed by Behrman, a regular Oscar recipient . He wanted to add an oriental hero in the film, and the company spent a bunch of time and money to get Fei Shan an interview, which he also won at last .


“The contract says clearly that if you have an affair, especially a negative one, they will terminate the agreement and disqualify you . ” The agent is nearly crying .


That director, Behrman, is a man of virtues, who attaches great importance to family and loves his wife and children very much . Therefore, he particularly hates star gossips and dubious sexual promiscuity .


“Do you remember? The year before last, the popular black star in Behrman’s movie was photographed visiting a prostitute, and he was kicked out directly after that . ”


The movie later won 13 awards at the Cannes Film Festival, and even the supporting actors and actresses become popular .


“I’m not fooling around . ” Fei Shan has a grim face . “You’re doing her a disservice by asking me to announce publicly that I’m in love with her . ”


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The result of the agent’s discussion with the company is to make Fei Shan pretend to be with Yan Hua . He wants to, but he knows she won’t agree .


“False . It’s false!” The agent’s chubby face becomes a mess . “After the shooting and you win the prize, you can just break up for whatever reason you like . ”


“How can you say it so easily?” Fei Shan rubs his forehead . “What do you think she is?”


The agent throws out his hand . “So, tell me how to do . Do you want others know you are drugged?”


“No! Bad news!” The assistant suddenly runs in . “Brother Fei, the publicity department just logged into your micro blog account and post a message . . . ”


Fei Shan interrupts him before he finishes the word . “Where’s my phone?”


“Over here . . . ” The agent hands it to him and wants to say something, while seeing Fei Shan’s glare, he ducks his neck and crouched aside .


There is a lot of crying on micro blog . The young movie king just announced that he is in love with Yan Hua by posting some cute emojis and asking Yan Hua to give him a title .


“Oh God! Is that the pace to get married?”


“Congrats to the movie king for being a father! Buy one and get one free!”


“Ahhh! No! Why do you marry a woman with a child!!!”


Strangely enough, Yan Hua finds those people who were on her side disappear, as if they vanished abruptly from the earth . . .


“Fei Shan . . . How dare he?” Lang Ruoxian grits his teeth with anger . “Shu Sheng, go and drive!”


Yan Hua is feeding Gungun breakfast because it’s Saturday and he don’t have to go to kindergarten .


“Uncle?” Hearing Fei Shan’s name mentioned, Gungun looks over at once . “You go to see Uncle Fei! Will you take Gungun? I want to play with Xiaojiu . ”


“Gungun, go upstairs and change yourself . Mommy will take you there . ” Yan Hua wipes his mouth .


As Gungun runs upstairs happily, she stops Lang Ruoxian . “It’s not a good way to go to the hospital . In case you get photographed, they’ll brag again . Besides, it’s not clear what’s going on . What’s your hurry?”


“What’s not clear?” Lang Ruoxian says with a cold face . “Whether it is him or his publicity team, it is obviously dragging you down to whitewash himself!”

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