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Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Contract Lover

In the sitting room of the Fei Family .


“I’m sorry . It was my fault . ” Fei Shan looks guilty . “What done is done . You can only be wronged for a few days, and later I’ll post a micro blog message to declare that we are incompatible and break up, but we are still good friends . ”


“Brat . . . ” The agent insists on staying, fearing he might say so . Fei Shan gives him a stern look . “You shut up . ”


Yan Hua looks at them . “Is there anything else I don’t know?”


“Miss Yan!” The agent almost gets down on his knees . “Help Fei Shan and pretend to be in love with him for . . . For at least two years, don’t break up!”


Lang Ruoxian smiles and says darkly . “Do you think I’m dead?”


“No . ” Fei Shan gives his agent a look of disapproval . “Don’t listen to his lies . ”


“I’m not lying!” The agent crackles out the reasons, and after a few words, he looks at Yan Hua piteously . “If Fei Shan misses this chance, no one knows when the next one will be . He’s at the top of his game, and he can’t go any further at home . ”


“Dare you say one more word, I’ll quit the entertainment circle!” Fei Shan looks coldly at his agent . “I went into the entertainment circle because I love acting, and nothing else . What do you mean by that? You think I’m holding you back?”


The agent’s face turns pale . It was Fei Yi who found him for Fei Shan . As an agent, he has been serving Fei Shan with heart and soul, believing that Fei Shan could be the first Chinese actor to win the statuette, which would be the pride of the whole country and go down in history .


“Alright . ” Fei Yi looks at his hapless younger brother . “Wu Bai is doing it for your own good . He is unlucky to be your agent, who dare not blame you nor beat you, and he’s always mad at you . ”


Fei Shan scowls in the same way as Lang Ruoxian . “I don’t agree anyway . ”


Fei Ying raises her hand . “So . . . I think, it’s up to Hua . If she’s willing to help, that won’t be a problem, will it?”


With that, she ducks behind Fei Yi to avoid Lang Ruoxian’s ghostly gaze .


“No way . ” Lang Ruoxian sneers . “You said two years, not two days or two months . Do you know what two years mean?”


The agent replies as if he can’t understand his question . “I said a little too much, actually, it’s one year . One year is enough!”


“F**k off!” Lang Ruoxian swears .


Finally, everyone stares at Yan Hua except Fei Shan who keeps telling her to ignore those words . Fei Ying covers his mouth and drags him aside .


“Can I think about it?” Yan Hua says .


Lang Ruoxian jumps up at her words .


“Don’t worry . We’ll talk later . ” Yan Hua doesn’t want him angry in front of so many people by tugging his sleeve .


Lang Ruoxian’s face is black, but he doesn’t resist being pulled to the other side by Yan Hua .


“Are you really going to help him” Lang Ruoxian still carries Gungun in his arms .


Yan Hua looks at him . “If he wakes up, you’ll be in charge?”


Yan Hua follows as Lang Ruoxian takes Gungun upstairs, undresses him, tucks him in and wipes his face carefully . These two faces in front of her are almost the same, which makes her a little dazed .


“Do you think I’m perfect to be a father?” She doesn’t know when he comes to the door and smiles at her .


Yan Hua walks out the bedroom and closes the door . “You still want to stay today?”


“Of course . I’m still a patient . ” Lang Ruoxian’s face is cold . “It isn’t the time to talk about it . What the hell are you thinking?”


They go downstairs . “I want to help him . ” Yan Hua says as she warms the milk .


“You know he likes you,” Lang Ruoxian is really angry . “You know a man likes you and you want to pretend to be his lover . ”


Yan Hua turns off the fire, and the boiling milk becomes quiet, just as she is now .


“Fei Ying is good to me,” Yan Hua turns and says . “She wants me to help and I can’t refuse . ”

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“But she didn’t say . ”


“Because she treats me as her friend . She won’t say anything, even if she wants me to . ” Yan Hua hands him a glass of milk . “And, it’s an opportunity to take the eyes off us . ”


Ever since the divorce, there have been rumors about her riding on Lang Ruoxian’s coattails . She doesn’t care, but as for Gungun . . .


“I’m afraid two years later, when he’s a little older, someone may say something bad in front of him,” Yan Hua takes a sip of milk . “It’s better to take advantage of this chance to let everyone forget that I used to be the Second Young Mistress of the Lang Family . ”


If she cooperates with him to pretend to be a couple, he’ll deal with the breakup and they will be still friends in the public eye . By that time, the fact that she is the Second Young Mistress of the Lang Family will be forgotten .


If anyone remembers, it won’t be mentioned from time to time as it’s now .


“I don’t want Gungun to come back from school and say that he fought with other kids, because they said his mother committed incest with his uncle . ” Yan Hua looks at Lang Ruoxian seriously . “Do you understand?”


Whatever Lang Ruoxian did to handle their relations . She was his sister-in-law, and that would never change .


“People’s memories are gradual . When a new image overlays the previous one, it’s easy to be forgotten . ” Lang Ruoxian narrows his eyes . “When did you even know the Law of Progressive Memory so well?”


Yan Hua puts the glass down . “That’s not the point . You know what I mean, and I want to agree to it . ”


“Now that you have made the decision, you need not tell me the reason . ” Lang Ruoxian stands up . “I just ask once . If I say I disagree, will you change your mind?”


The man’s eyes are dark with a kind of determination, as a black sea, of which the surface seems calm but under it are countless hidden waves that may raise at any time .


. ” . . No . ” It is a long time before Yan Hua says this word in a low voice .


Lang Ruoxian stares at her for a few seconds and turns away without any words .


Yan Hua sits alone onto the sofa for a long time, then sighs .


When Fei Shan hears Yan Hua’s decision, he freezes for a moment and says with a wry smile . “Does it mean that you have no interest in me at all, and we’ll never be true lovers?”

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He realizes the reason why Fei Ying wants Yan Hua to say yes is apparently to give them both a chance . But he feels that even though she agrees, he will never have a chance .


“It doesn’t matter if you feel bad about it . ” Yan Hua smiles . “I’d like to help you anyway . ”


Fei Shan is now drowned in half sea and half fire . He is happy to spend a long time together with Yan Hua, but sad that he will never really be with her in his life . . .


“Fine!” Fei Shan sighs . “If you want help, I won’t be unreasonable . ”


Yan Hua nods her head . “Ask your agent to tell me what I need to pay attention to . ”


“I can tell you . Why to ask him?” Fei Shan wonders when his fat agent became so familiar with her .


“Are you sure you know?” Yan Hua looks sideways at him .


He has no idea, especially after afternoon call with his agent, Wu Bai, who comes to his house with two contracts .


“What’s this?” Fei Shan is shocked to see the contents of the contract .


Wu Bai ignores him and hands Yan Hua the agreement . “Miss Yan, you like to see?”


“Don’t mention it . Call me Yan Hua by my name . ” As soon as she sees the title, Yan Hua is a little tongue-tied and wants to draws back what she just says .


Wu Bai smiles very rudely . “Yan Hua, look, this show is perfect for both of you . You don’t have to worry . The program is chiefly to film Fei Shan’s daily work, and there are not too much scenes to film at home . But he definitely needs to back home for dinner to have a picture of a warm life of the three of you!”


“You jerk!” Fei Shan catches his agent selling a cute at the end of his speech .


It’s a reality show called “Daily Life of Big Names,” which is filmed for a month . During this month, except sleeping, Fei Shan has to be always on camera .


“Didn’t I say no to reality show?” Fei Shan decides it’s time to change agents .


Wu Bai looks aggrieved and says at once . “Do you think I like it? Look at its status . The show is launched based on the document issued by the provincial publicity department, in order to clean up the showbiz by piloting such a positive program . ”

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“What’s positive about my daily life?” Fei Shan says incredulously .


“They think you look good, and you’re going abroad soon!” Wu Bai is excited again . “It’s about setting you an example and showing the public a good lifestyle of the movie king . ”


Fei Shan keeps a straight face . “Only me?”


“No, no, no! Five more out there . ” Wu Bai turns the contract over to the last page . “See, there are also an old artist, a Canton Opera master, a calligraphy master, a craftsman who has been handed down for one hundred years and a professor . ”


Yan Hua just sees in the contract these guests, who are real contributors to humanity . And she looks up and admires Fei Shan . “You are now on par with these great men . You are amazing!”


Fei Shan rolls his eyes . “It’s merely a kind of propaganda to accomplish the task assigned . ”


“Look at that! You just said it’s an assigned task, so you have to do it!”


Fei Shan ignores him and asks Yan Hua . “It means I have to go to your house each day to eat together and even go on dates . . . Or, to take Gungun out to play . ”


“No cohabitation, that’s alright . ” Yan Hua has no problem about it . Luckily, it’s a supposed positive TV program that never encourages unmarried cohabitation .


But she never takes part in any TV show and doubts whether she herself can do it or not .


“Just behave in the way as usual when you’re on camera . ” Seeing that she agrees, Fei Shan signs his name .


Wu Bai adds cheerfully . “You’re so good-looking that you can do anything!”


Nevertheless, as Yan Hua leaves, she takes a filming note to read . Then she goes through her house to see if there is anything that may expose her privacy .


As the show starts filming next week, she has to explain to Gungun later .


“Young Master, time to board . ” Shu Sheng looks at his watch and reminds Lang Ruoxian .


Lang Ruoxian slaps his phone down onto the table, picks up his coat and leaves . Shu Sheng quickly picks up the phone and sees a reality show poster, in which Fei Shan and Yan Hua stand out .