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Chapter 39

Chapter 39 I Wang to Disfigure Your Face

The taxi driver kindly reminds Yan Hua after hearing the place where she is going .


“Miss, that gallery has been abandoned, and it has already moved to the city . ”


“Thank you, I know, I go there to meet a friend . ”


Although the driver feels very strange, he does not say anything . He leaves after Yan Hua gets off the taxi .


Yan Hua looks around and finds there are many dilapidated and abandoned factories here . She doesn’t know which one is the gallery . She is very anxious in her heart . After stumbling and falling down several times, she finally finds the place .


“Is anybody here? I am coming, where is my son?” Yan Hua pushes the dilapidated glass door open, but there is no one inside . She is anxious and cries, “Return my son to me quickly . . . ”


A figure comes out from behind the broken sculpture, and Yan Hua’s heart is cold at first sight .


“Guo Xiaotong, where is my son?”


She thought about a lot of possibilities on her way here . She also thought that if the person who carried her son away was to deal with her, then there is only one person . It turns out to be . . . Guo Xiaotong, only she wants to deal with Yan Hua .


“Your son?” Guo Xiaotong wears a floral skirt, which does not seem to fit her very well because her waist looks very fat . Her hair hangs down and her face is blue . She is not herself today .


“Why do you have a son, you bitch?” Guo Xiaotong shouts at Yan Hua, “It was because of you that I miscarried . Now Mingkai doesn’t want to marry me . Why can you have a son, and comfortably be a young mistress?”


Yan Hua does not dare to infuriate her, so she has to lower her voice and says, “Don’t you know how my son came from? I also live an uneasy life in Lang Family . I’m not the only one who is in a hurry . If Lang Family knows that you take my son away, they will not let you go . ”


Seeing Guo Xiaotong in a daze, Yan Hua continues to say, “You don’t think about for yourself, don’t you think for your family? Do they dare to offend Lang Family? What about your company?”


“Shut up!” Guo Xiaotong waves her arm, “I don’t care so much; I just don’t want you to be better!”


Yan Hua looks at her nervously . Guo Xiaotong continues to say, “I desired to marry Mingkai since I was a child . I thought he would marry me . But you appeared! Why he doesn’t care even you have had a child with another man?”


“Oh!” Something comes to Guo Xiaotong’s mind and then she laughs, “If you don’t have your beautiful face, Mingkai will not be seduced by you . If you don’t have your beautiful face, there will be no man to help you . Ha ha . . . ”


She staggers around for a few steps, then picks up a sharp piece of glass and throws it over, “Do you want to save your son? OK, pick it up . ”

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“What do you want to do?”


“I want you to pick it up!” Guo Xiaotong screams .


Yan Hua picks up the glass and its sharp edge cuts her palm .


“Scratch your face with the glass . ” Guo Xiaotong shows a smug smile, “If you scratch, I will return your son to you . How about this idea? Do you want to see your son?”


She has been in for so long but she has not heard Gungun cry . Yan Hua clenches the glass, and the blood drips from her white fingers of onto the ground .


“I want to make sure my son is safe first . ”


Guo Xiaotong waves her hand impatiently, “He is certainly safe, hurry up!”


“No, I want to see my son . ” Yan Hua says firmly, “As long as he is safe, I will listen to you . ”


“Wait a minute . ” Guo Xiaotong glares at Yan Hua and turns into the small door behind her . Yan Hua immediately rushes over and wants to go in and have a look . But Guo Xiaotong comes out in a minute with Gungun in her arms .


“Go back to your original position!” She screams at Yan Hua, “Who asks you to come over? If you take one step further, I will kill him . ”


Guo Xiaotong lifts Gungun over her head . Yan Hua’s face pales with fear and she steps back a few steps immediately, “I won’t move! I won’t move! You put my son down, you put him down . ”


“Don’t you want to see him?” Guo Xiaotong pinches Gungun cruelly and the sleeping child cries at once .


Babies will be scared by being woken up so suddenly . So the cry of Gungun is louder than usual and it sounds particularly miserable . Yan Hua is so anxious that she cries .


“Don’t cry, Gungun, Mom’s here . . . Mom is here . ”


Guo Xiaotong slaps Gungun and scolds, “Shut up, you’re so annoying . ”


“Stop it!” Yan Hua rushes over crazily .


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Guo Xiaotong is scared and hurriedly lifts Gungun up . Yan Hua falls to the ground and says, “No, I won’t walk over, I won’t over . . . ”


“Bitch!” Guo Xiaotong knocks on Gungun’s head again .


Yan Hua’s hands clasp on the ground . Yan Hua grits her teeth and holds up the glass with trembling body, “I will scratch . . . You put Gungun down, put him where neither of us can reach . ”


Guo Xiaotong thinks for a moment and she is not afraid of Yan Hua’s tricks . Her purpose is not this little bitch . She is happy as soon as she sees the disfigurement of Yan Hua .


“Okay, are you relieved?” She puts Gungun on the glass table between them . Gungun cries bitterly .


Yan Hua raised her hand with her red eyes . Just as the glass is about to scratch her face, there is a sudden sound coming from the gate . Two broken doors are kicked away with a bang . Lang Ruoxian rushes in, followed by He Mingkai .


“Mingkai?” Guo Xiaotong is stunned and does not understand why He Mingkai comes .


Yan Hua screams, “Lang Ruoxian, save Gungun, save Gungun!”


Guo Xiaotong reacts, and runs faster than Lang Ruoxian and takes Gungun away, “Yan Hua, don’t you want your son?”


“Xiaotong!” He Mingkai looks incredibly at Guo Xiaotong who is crazy, “You . . . What are you doing? Return the child to Hua quickly . ”


Guo Xiaotong cries, “Mingkai! Why do you always stand on her side? Why do you always help her? What’s wrong with me? We grew up together, I wanted to marry you from an early age, but you wanted to marry this bitch!”


“You . . . What did you say?” He Mingkai really doesn’t know that Guo Xiaotong likes him . He always thinks that the relationship between them is a brother and sister .


Guo Xiaotong looks at him with tearful eyes, “It’s all because of this woman . If it weren’t for her, we would have been married . Without her, I wouldn’t have miscarried and you would like me . I want to kill her, kill her!”


“Xiaotong!” He Mingkai calls her bitterly .


He Mingkai didn’t believe that Guo Xiaotong kidnapped Yan Hua when Lang Ruoxian called him and told him . It turns out that everything is true, so the thing that Yan Hua was pregnant before was also framed by Guo Xiaotong . . .


“Why did you do this?” He Mingkai shakes his head and says, “I have always treated you as my sister, but you treat me like this?”


If it wasn’t for her, how could he and Yan Hua be separated? If it wasn’t for her, Yan Hua is still his wife now .

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“Why?” Guo Xiaotong looks at He Mingkai with an unacceptable look, “You asked me why?”


“I don’t expect you to be such a person, I . . . ”


“Shut up, you two!” Yan Hua finally can’t stand it . Suddenly, Gungun stops moving and doesn’t even cry .


Yan Hua pushes Lang Ruoxian aside, goes to He Mingkai and slaps him .


“My son is in her hand . If you say something to force her, if something happens to my son, I won’t let you off!”


He Mingkai covers his face and wants to say something . But Lang Ruoxian has put Yan Hua aside, and then looks at Guo Xiaotong coldly, “Give me the child . ”


“You are . . . ” Guo Xiaotong looks blankly at Lang Ruoxian and feels that he is different from what she usually sees .


Lang Ruoxian looks at her as cold as a knife . For the first time, Guo Xiaotong feels that a person’s eyes can be so terrible that she can’t help stepping back . But Guo Xiaotong immediately has the courage again when Gungun hums in her arms .


“Childe Ruoxian, you’d better not be impulsive . You don’t care about this nephew but Yan Hua wants this son . ”


Lang Ruoxian puts his hand on Yan Hua’s shoulder and motions her not to speak .


“You can try . ” He lifts the corner of his mouth and smiles with ice, “If you hurt the child, Lang Family will let you and your family pay the price . ”


Guo Xiaotong hums and wants to say that she doesn’t care . But Lang Ruoxian says .


“I won’t do anything to your family and I will take good care of your parents and your company . I will also pick up your father’s lover and son outside to your home and let them reunite . ”


“What did you say just now?” Guo Xiaotong stares at him, “My father has a woman outside? You lied to me!”


Lang Ruoxian claps his hands and a group of people run in from outside the door, headed by Xiaokai .


“Don’t come over!” Guo Xiaotong shouts nervously, and Xiaokai stops a few steps away from her .


“I’m afraid you can’t see clearly . ” Xiaokai holds up the pictures in his hand and shows them to Guo Xiaotong one by one .


The photos show Guo Xiaotong’s father and a woman as well as a teenage boy . There are photos of them shopping abroad, eating in the restaurants and even Guo Xiaotong’s father and the woman kissing in bed . . .


“When you kidnapped the child of Lang Family, you should think that you’ll be in prison for life . ” Lang Ruoxian’s voice is like a demon in Guo Xiaotong’s ears, “Your company will belong to someone else, your mother will be abandoned, and your father will give everything to his son . ”


Guo Xiaotong shouts, “No!”


She can’t stand the stimulation for a moment, so she loosens her hands to cover her ears .


“Gungun!” Yan Hua screams and runs over .


Lang Ruoxian is faster than her, and he has already come up to Guo Xiaotong . Just when everyone thinks he can catch the child, Guo Xiaotong suddenly takes out her gun and points it at Yan Hua . With the gunshot, Lang Ruoxian turns over to face Yan Hua down .


Then . . . Gungun falls to the ground .


“Gungun!” Yan Hua is pinned on the ground by Lang Ruoxian . She hears Gungun cry but then Gungun makes no movement .


Yan Hua opens her eyes, tries to say something but then she faints .


When Yan Hua is awake again, she is lying in the hospital bed .


“Gungun!” She sits up suddenly .


One hand hurries to hold her down and says, “Oh, you scare me . ”


Lang Hongyue pats her chest and says impatiently, “How dare you call Gungun? If it weren’t you, Gungun would not have suffered so much . What qualifications do you have to be a mother? If I were you, I would have . . . ”


“Hey, what are you doing?” Lang Hongyue grabs Yan Hua who wants to run out .


Yan Hua pushes her away and says, “I am going to find my son . ”


“Gungun is in the intensive care unit, you can’t go now . ” Lang Hongyue flings her to the ground, “I didn’t expect that Lang Ruoxian chose to save you . He must out of his mind . Gungun fell on the nail and got a hole in his head, you know?”