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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Gungun’s IQ

Lang Ruoxian comes out of the conference room, facing domineering Deng Jingjing, who is followed by her entourage . Fortune favors the bold . The two groups are silent, and crowds of onlookers around them are shivering .


“Auntie, why are you free to come to the company?” Lang Ruoxian is very calm, with a faint smile .


Deng Jingjing lifts her eyebrows and says, “You should stop pretending . You know what you have done . What? Your father hasn’t died yet, and you can’t wait to take over the company?”


“I suggest we talk somewhere else . ” Lang Ruoxian glances around and all the onlookers hold breath, as quietly as chickens . “You don’t want tomorrow’s headline to be Lang Consortium’s infighting, either . ”


Deng Jingjing snorts coldly, stepping on high heels into the office .


“Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t it too crowded for you all to enter?” Xiaokai stops the following persons . “Let’s play the finger-guessing game . Who wins will go in . ”


Other people squint at him .


Finally, two people on Deng Jingjing’s side follow Xiaokai into the office . The atmosphere inside is not very good . Deng Jingjing is sitting behind Lang Ruoxian’s desk while Lang Ruoxian is sitting on the sofa .


“You just sit on this seat temporarily . After all, it is not yours . ” Deng Jingjing shakes the large rotary chair and says to Lang Ruoxian with a defiant face . “Don’t think that I can’t handle you now . Believe it or not, I can let you leave the company . ”


Lang Ruoxian still looks calm . “So, Auntie, what are you doing here today? If it’s just to warn me, it’s not necessary . If you say that you can let me leave the company, I really don’t believe it . ”


“You!” Deng Jingjing stands suddenly . “How dare you talk to me like that?”


“It is you that deal me a head-on blow at the first encounter . ” Lang Ruoxian smiles, “Just tell me directly what the matter is . It’s not good for everyone to shed all pretenses of cordiality, is it?”


Deng Jingjing gasps several times, then points to the two of her people and asks, “You have sidelined all my people . Don’t you feel ashamed to ask me what the matter is?”


“Who says that?” Lang Ruoxian lifts his eyebrows . “There’s a big project here for them to do . That’s why they have been arranged to hand all their work over to others . ”


He pauses: “Auntie, if you are not willing to do so, then I’ll find someone else . ”


“What project are you talking about?” Deng Jingjing stares at him suspiciously . “I don’t believe that you will give me the project of the development zone . ”



That is the most profitable project of Lang Consortium’s this year . Lang Ruoxian has been following it from beginning to end . How can it be possible for him to give up the victory to someone else?


“It is a resort . ” Lang Ruoxian glances at Xiaokai, who smiles and puts a document in front of Deng Jingjing .


“It will be originally announced at the meeting tomorrow . Since you have asked, you can look at it first . ” Lang Ruoxian takes a sip of coffee and says, “If the first cooperation with Fei Consortium is successful, Fei Consortium will join us in bidding for the development zone . ”


Deng Jingjing is shocked . No one can develop the land exclusively for everyone keeps an eye on it . If Lang Consortium can join hands with Fei Consortium, then . . .


“Has Fei Consortium just bought this mountain villa?” She reads the document carefully . “Are you sure? Another hill peak has to be developed . You must know that all the entertainment facilities are now in the original mountain villa . ”


It is clearly stated in the contract that the two companies will cooperate in renovating the villa, but the extension of the villa will be completed by Lang Consortium independently . Of course, Fei Consortium will not gain future profits of this part .


“The following assessment is very clear . ” Lang Ruoxian raises his chin . “There is a living mountain spring over there, whose temperature is 40 degrees all year round . It can be developed into a hot spring . ”


Deng Jingjing listens to Lang Ruoxian and reads the project proposal . Indeed, she has to admit that it is a good project . Now it seems that she has come with great fanfare to harass Lang Ruoxian with unreasonable demand .


“It is good . ” Staring at the two men on her side, she stands up and says, “Since there is a misunderstanding, then just forget my coming here today . ”


Deng Jingjing walks away on high heels . Smiling Xiaokai shows her into the elevator . At the moment of the elevator door closing, the smile on Xiaokai’s face disappears . He rolls his eyes and goes back to the office .


“This is a good opportunity, Young Master! I just heard she say that she will go to the beauty salon later . ”


Lang Ruoxian throws aside the proposal just read by Deng Jingjing . “Then let’s start to draw the net in . ”


This is a game, he has already become a hunter, but his prey has no self-consciousness .


“If it is before, I can play with you gradually, but now . . . ” Lang Ruoxian thinks of the woman, with tenderness in his eyes .


“In order to stand next to her as soon as possible, I have to let you fall into the net quickly . ”


When April comes, the temperature in G City gradually rises . Many young girls in the street have already dressed short skirts which show their thighs for beauty . Yan Hua is going to do a very important thing today .


Oh, no! It should be said that Gungun is going to do a very important thing .


“This IQ test is very authoritative . When I was abroad, I noticed that many children did it . There is a set of tests for children specially developed through Mensa IQ standard test . ” Fei Ying holding Xiaojiu, and Yan Hua holding Gungun, sit in a car of Lang Family .


Yan Hua knows Mensa . It is said that those with IQ above 140 can enter Mensa Club . It seems that geniuses with IQ above 140 account for only 1% of the population on this earth .


“140 is genius’ standard . ” Fei Ying kisses her daughter, “Our Xiaojiu only has to be normal, which is okay!”


Today, the car is driven by the bodyguard . Since the last accident, Yan Hua has stopped rejecting the bodyguards . She realizes it is very necessary, for her own sake and for the safety of Gungun .


“It’s not to say that Gungun is not smart, but if you know that how developed his brain is, it is also a good thing, right?” Fei Ying looks at chubby Gungun, who is one year old but he can only say Mommy and Gungun .


The point is that he can’t recognize people and calls everyone like that .


“I know what you mean . ” Yan Hua touches her son’s little head . Gungun looks up and smiles at her cutely .


The mind of Gungun is absolutely fine . He can understand many words and responds to you . So Yan Hua also wants to know why he speaks so late . And one more thing is that Gungun is unwilling to stand up .


“This will not work . ” Fei Ying advises her, “There is nothing wrong with his legs . How powerful he is when kicking people! Don’t hug him all the time in the future . Let him walk by himself . And don’t allow him to crawl all the time . ”


Gungun suddenly points to Fei Ying and says, “Ah!”


“Yo! What? You know I’m talking about you?” Fei Ying smiles at him . “Look, if you always don’t walk on your own, and you won’t be taken out to play with Xiaojiu in the future . ”


“Yiya yiao!” Gungun opens his eyes wide .


Xiaojiu says hastily, “Take Gungun! Take Gungun!”


“Gungun! Gungun!” Gungun pats himself, twisting his small body to kiss Xiaojiu .


Fei Ying quickly puts her face next to them . But Gungun pushes her away, and returns to Yan Hua arms .


“See? He is just like what I said . ” Fei Ying laughs . “He’s smart . He knows everything . ”


Fei Ying has already made an appointment . When they arrive at the place, Xiaojiu does the test first . Yan Hua holds Gungun . Both of them look at the things on the table with great curiosity . Xiaojiu finishes all the tests with great cooperation .


“Congratulations, your daughter’s intelligence is now 115, five percentage points higher than normal . This is our advice for her brain development . You can foster her according to our advice and her intelligence will be improved after she is 18 years old . ”


“What is the average IQ of a normal person?” Yan Hua asks .


The test is conducted by a foreign woman, who smiles and answers, “The IQ of normal people is between 90 and 109, and it is not very good to be below this range . ”


Yan Hua nods and understands what she means . If IQ is lower than 90, the person will be estimated to be mentally retarded .


“Come on, it’s your baby’s turn . ”


Yan Hua sits seriously with Gungun in her arms .


Half an hour later, the foreigner says out of pity, “I’m sorry, your son’s intelligence is 110, at normal level, very normal among normal people . ”


One percentage point higher than 109 . . .


“Mommy?” Gungun is aware of Yan Hua’s mood, he pats her on the face to express comfort .


Yan Hua suddenly doesn’t feel sad . Aren’t we all ordinary people? Why should we yearn for children being geniuses if we ourselves are not geniuses?


“Mommy is fine!” She kisses Gungun .


Seeing Gungun smile and show his millet teeth, Yan Hua is soft-hearted .


On the way back, Fei Ying says, “There is nothing wrong with Gungun . Then that is, he doesn’t want to speak . And he doesn’t want to walk, either . Do you want to train him?”


“Let’s wait and see!” Yan Hua is reluctant to let her son suffer . Anyway, she has already known that there is no problem with her son’s IQ, although he is an ordinary person .


We are all ordinary people, aren’t we?


As a result, it is unknown whether Gungun is stimulated, or suddenly he is enlightened . When he wakes up the next morning, Yan Hua puts on pants for him . Gungun helps himself to the bed and stands up .


“Ah!” Yan Hua is so excited . “Gungun, you can stand up, can’t you?”


Seeing her so happy, Gungun bites his chubby finger, unexpectedly lets go of his hand, and stumbles towards Yan Hua step by step .


“Oh my God!” Yan Hua scratches her hair . “Who says my son is an ordinary person? My son is a genius!”


Have you ever seen any baby who can’t stand up only spend one day in learning walking?


So today everyone in Lang’s mansion knows their little master can walk . Lang Ruoxian goes to the company early in the morning and does not know that . When he comes back in the evening, he sees a chubby baby waddling towards him as soon as he enters .


“Gun . . . Gungun?” Although he has always been calm, he suspects he is wrong .


Gungun holds Lang Ruoxian’s leg and says, “Gungun! Gungun!”


“Well, Gungun is very wonderful . Gungun is great!” This is probably what Gungun means .


Yan Hua is in a good mood and meets everyone smiling . “He suddenly stands up this morning and then starts walking . At first he cannot walk steadily . But in the afternoon he can walk steadily . ”


“ . . . ” Passing Deng Jingjing squints at Yan Hua, who has been talking about this unimportant thing all day, talking about it with everyone she meets .


Lang Cha also knows that Gungun can walk, and he specially calls Yan Hua to tell her that his great-grandson is indeed outstanding, who will be very great in the future .


After Gungun discovers the benefits of walking, he begins to walk in the big house every day . He has almost run into Deng Jingjing for several times . But she is not able to blame him . Lang Li hasn’t been back recently, saying that there are card games outside .


So Deng Jingjing goes out to play cards every day . When she sees a young girl’s diamond bracelet in a shopping mall one day, her face suddenly darkens .