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Published at 26th of March 2020 10:18:32 AM

Chapter 503

Chapter 503: Great Drunken Warrior

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Following the unique fragrance, Ayrin soon discovered a vertical passage leading up . After going through the passage which seemed to be used for dumping, he found himself in a huge wine cellar .

The wine cellar was so big he almost could not see the other end . Wine barrels of human height were placed on the large shelves around him .

“This is the fragrance from the wine in the wine barrels . ” Ayrin realized .

“It’s so fragrant, it must taste great!”

Ayrin could not endure any longer . He unplugged the wine barrel in front of him .

Purplish red wine flowed out . He took a sip to test it .


His eyes immediately sparkled . He let out a joyful cry, “It’s sweet! Charlotte, do you want to try?”

“Sure . ” Charlotte also took a sip . She found it refreshingly sweet . There was the fragrance of fruit, it should be some type of fruit wine .

However, after taking a few sips, she immediately felt heat rising up from her stomach .

Seeing Ayrin gulping down the wine, she reminded him with worry, “It’s delicious, but don’t get drunk, Ayrin . ”

Ayrin continued gulping down the wine while muffling, “It’s fine . . . . . . I will just stop if I feel I’m getting drunk . . . . . . ”

He was way too hungry .

Although it was not as satisfying as a barbeque, it was better than nothing .

Soon, Charlotte called out again in worry, “Ayrin, are you really not drunk?”

Ayrin was drinking way too fast . He finished a few barrels in a moment .

“No . . . . . . I’m quite sober . . . . . . ” Ayrin answered .

He was getting better at drinking . He straightened his throat and let the wine directly pour into his stomach .

“Is it really alright? Why does your body feel so heated?”

Charlotte could not help but worry .

Ayrin’s body was clearly rising in temperature, as if he was a steamer .

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“It’s fine . . . . . . It feels like a hot bath, very comfortable . ”

Ayrin did not feel drunk at all . He only felt his blood circulating faster than before . Each cell in his body seemed to be drinking .

“Are you really fine?”

Charlotte could not feel relieved .

The dozens of barrels on the shelf were all finished by Ayrin . Ayrin’s body was clearly red from the heat it was giving off . The water in his body seemed to be evaporating, creating a white pillar of steam rising up to the ceiling of the wine cellar and falling down as water droplets after condensing . In addition, Ayrin’s stomach did not bloat up even after drinking so much wine .

Ayrin turned to look at Charlotte and answered with confidence, “I’m really fine . See, I’m sober . ”

Seeing him turn around, Helgy immediately went closer and said, “Daddy . . . . . . ”

“Ugh . . . . . . ”

However, the moment she got close, her face turned red and her eyes spun . She spun two circles on the spot and fell down .

“What’s wrong with this Evil Dragon follower now?” Ayrin felt strange .

“What a dense alcoholic smell . . . . . . ”

While Charlotte was also confused, a dense alcoholic smell entered her nose and stimulated her brain . She also felt dizzy .

“Ayrin, you might be fine, but the alcoholic smell you give off when you speak is too strong . ” She immediately reacted and pinched her nose while taking a few steps back .

“You were affected? Why can’t I smell it?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide and mumbled while looking at the fallen Helgy .

“Dad . . . . . . Gup . . . . . . ”

Helgy was regaining her senses . She just raised her head while Ayrin was mumbling in her direction . She fainted again .

“ . . . . . . ”

Ayrin became speechless . He stopped talking and continued pouring wine down his throat .

He seemed to be a bottomless hole . The wine barrels were emptied by him at a frightening speed . The more he drank, the more proficient he became . He even used an inhaling technique to increase the speed at which the wine flowed down his throat . However, his stomach never bloated no matter how much he drank .

The water vapor in the entire wine cellar became extremely dense . It even started raining .

“This is all?” Ayrin suddenly grumbled .

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He saw the last two shelves before him .

Charlotte was unsure whether to laugh or cry .

The wine in this wine cellar has been accumulated by the Kingdom of Doa for who knows how many years . But you’re about to drink it all in one sitting!


Ayrin suddenly trembled as he continued his drinking spree .

He could feel the heat in his body disappearing . A unique aura was reverberating in his body .

“Is my bloodline talent domain going to come out?”

Ayrin opened his eyes wide, but then felt something amiss .

That feeling was similar to when he just finished the entire Ice Dragon Spirit .

It was not the arcane power law naturally generated by his bloodline . Instead, it seemed to be an aura generated when the cells in his body had absorbed a sufficient amount of a specific element .

“What’s this? Is it going to become a domain as well?”

Ayrin turned around to look at the empty wine barrels, “Can I gain a domain from just drinking?”

Charlotte also sensed the change in Ayrin and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Weird, I sense a new domain just like when I ate the Ice Dragon Spirit . ” Ayrin scratched his head and spoke with some ambiguity, “I should be able to use it after feeling a bit more of it, just like with the Eternal Winter Domain . But it doesn’t seem to be my own bloodline’s talent domain . ”

“What? A new domain?” Charlotte’s eyes opened wide .

After getting ahold of herself, she quickly added, “Try sensing it clearly . ”

Domain power had the unique repelling property . Hence, a domain could cause great changes to an arcane master’s strength . In Charlotte’s perspective, nothing was more important than letting Ayrin clearly sense the domain .

“Sure . ”

Ayrin was obedient and immediately began sensing the unique aura of that domain in earnest .

“It should be about there . ”

After a dozen minutes, Ayrin nodded confidently .

“The domain aura should not spread out in this sealed area . . . . . . Even if others discover it, we will have run away by then . Let me try what domain it is . ”

“Alright, after you try it, we will immediately leave this place . ” Charlotte agreed . It was very important to understand what domain it was before facing the enemy .

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“Here goes!” Ayrin exclaimed with expectation .


The arcane power tide unique to domains immediately filled the surrounding air .

It really is a domain power!

Ayrin and Charlotte kept their eyes wide open .

“Such a small area?” they almost screamed in disbelief .

Domains usually covered a large area, at least over dozens of meters . However, the domain Ayrin activated was only a unique arcane power field of about five or so meters .

A pink glow constantly spread out . While the two were surprised, the pink glow became an oval ball of light that looked like a cloud .

“It has an alcoholic fragrance?”

“Why does it seem rather harmless?”

Ayrin looked at that ball of light in disappointment . He did not feel any destructive aura . If the domain was that small, it was no different from a pinpoint arcane skill . It would be difficult to lock onto powerful opponents with it .

“Daddy . . . . . . ”

At that moment, a familiar voice could be heard .

Helgy, who fainted from getting drunk, had woken up at some point . She was currently standing next to that ball of light and stretched out a hand to touch it .


The instant she touched it, it suddenly expanded into vapor and swarmed into her body .

Ayrin and Charlotte flinched .

“Daddy . . . . . . ” Helgy called out again .

Her face immediately blushed .

Her eyes were spinning as if she got drunk .

“Hic . . . . . . Hah!”

However, Ayrin and Charlotte were shocked when Helgy suddenly shouted fiercely . It sounded like the shouts of arcane masters during training .

She jumped around while punching and kicking non-stop .

Meanwhile, a layer of a rose-colored glow shone from the surface of her body .

“Daddy . . . . . . Beat . . . . . . bad guys . . . . . . Hic . . . . . . Hah . . . . . . ”

Helgy jumped around Ayrin and Charlotte . She even showed an expression full of fighting spirit just like what Ayrin showed when he was fighting .

“What’s going on?”

Ayrin was dumbfounded .

He unconsciously stretched out his hand to touch the rose-colored glow surrounding Helgy to find out what it was .


However, before he actually touched the glow, his finger could already feel strong resistance and obstruction . An aura unique to domain shocked his body through his finger .

Sss . . . . . .

Ayrin drew a sharp breath .

His finger touched the edge of the rose-colored glow . The instant he touched it, his mental strength felt like it was burning . He felt as if he was drunk and became dizzy .

Charlotte also noticed the change in Ayrin .

“Hic . . . . . . Hah!” Helgy was still jumping around with a drunken expression yet filled with endless fighting spirit, just like a battle maniac .

“Could it be that this domain makes whoever is shrouded inside become a drunken battle maniac? In addition, there is an arcane power layer covering the body to make whoever comes into contact with it drunk?”

Ayrin and Charlotte looked at each other .

“Her physical strength also seems greater than before . ”

Ayrin studied Helgy for a while and exclaimed, “And this arcane power layer seems to be similar to the anti-arcane armor created by Reattachment . It has a strong defensive power . ”

Although Helgy was randomly swinging her fists and legs like a kitten, Ayrin could see power brands behind each of her punches becoming like layers of crystals in the air .

How long can this domain sustain?

If there’s an enemy, will she help us fight?

Ayrin and Charlotte stared at each other with dumbfounded expressions .

Even Merlin, who was right behind them, seemed to be confused as her eyes sparkled .

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