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Di Wang Gong Lue - Chapter 12

Published at 3rd of November 2018 05:12:33 AM

Chapter 12

[Chapter 12 - It's excellent like this] It's only excellent after marriage .

Around ten years ago, in the Xi Nan Miao Jiang region (1), if any child starts crying and doesn't want to go to sleep at night, their parents just have to say Nan Mo Ya has come, even if the kid was so noisy that they shocked the heavens and shook the ground, they will immediately quiet down; he's even more useful than Grandmother Wolf or Yan Luo Wang (1) . Because his martial arts skills are incomparably high, and traces of his comings and goings are eerie, and an expert at raising Gu and making poison; his methods are harsh and cruel too; almost every village suffered from it . Afterwards everyone couldn't bear it anymore, and got together to find the then Xi Nan King Duan Jing, begging him to command troops to subdue him, and let everyone have a peaceful life .

After Duan Jing learned of the situation, he personally led troops towards deep into the mountains and into the thick of the forests, setting up many traps; after spending an entire three months' time, did they catch him . The villagers all assumed that the king will burn this demonic man at the stake, but didn't expect that after barely staying in prison for a few days, Nan Mo Ya was openly brought to the guestrooms of the manor, and became Duan Bai Yue's and Duan Yao's teacher .

Although the villagers are unable to make sense of the situation, but it's still good to have him trapped in Xi Nan Manor, unable to come out and make trouble in the world again . Moreover since he has status and prestige now; he shouldn't be causing a scene like in the past, and so people eventually forgot about this .

And under Nan Mo Ya's tutelage, Duan Bai Yue and Duan Yao attained a level of martial arts that few can reach, but there's just one problem; and that is the method are simply too brutal . But Duan Jing didn't mind this, he has always looked down on the chivalrous and altruistic principles of the pugilistic world of the Central Plains (2); as long as he can win and not suffer losses then it's good enough, who cares about how the methods are .
The servant in Xi Nan manor all know, although Teacher Nan looks to be a bit crazy, but he treats the two young lords extremely well . After Duan Jing passed away due to sickness, it was also due to Nan Mo Ya's support behind the scene, that the young Duan Bai Yue can sit on the Xi Nan King seat securely, eventually leading to the circumstances now .

Also a teacher, also a father; there are some things that Duan Bai Yue will not hide from him, and some that he simply can't hide from him .
"How long do you intend to stand here?" Bai Lai Cai, or should it be said, Nan Mo Ya said, "In this mountain valley there's a highly skilled physician, his temper isn't good, if he later hears that there are unwanted guests at his door step, I'm afraid that he's going to come out and throw poisonous herbs all over again . "

"Everything is fine, and yet why did teacher come here . " Duan Bai Yue held onto him . Previously, every time he steals a corpse and dug his way out of the grave, he has always brazenly returned to the manor . The servants were scared half to death at first, but got used to it after many times, and eventually will even repeatedly talk about why Teacher Nan was able to stay buried for so long this time, and hasn't even dug his way out even now; we all miss him a lot .

"You and Yao-er are not around, why should I go back?" Nan Mo Ya said, "Moreover coming here, there are big things to do . "
"It concerns this divine physician?" Duan Bai Yue walked with him to the inn .

"He is a disciple of Ye Guan Tian, one of the top physicians in the pugilistic world of the Central Plains . " Nan Mo Ya said, "And is the younger brother of the person you like . " And no matter if it's treating old illnesses or matters of the heart, he should be quite reliable . "

Duan Bai Yue is speechless towards the four words "the person you like .

"Although his temper isn't that good, but his heart is softer than ever . " Nan Mo Ya resourcefully said, "Once this teacher has established rapport with him, it can also contribute to your marriage in the future . "

Duan Bai Yue doesn't know whether to laugh or cry .

"I have troubled teacher . " Duan Bai Yue said, "But this disciple's internal injury has existed for so long, and has no weird occurances recently, so there's no need to rush . "

Nan Mo Ya asked: "Where's Yao-er?"

"In the inn, these few days were a bit rushed, he should still be sleeping . " Duan Bai Yue said, "And one more thing, when we set up camp in the forest near Mulberry town a few days ago, Lan Ji of Tian Sha sect chased all the way there, and wanted to bring Yao-er back for marriage . "

Nan Mo Ya is extremely shocked: "Just how old is Yao-er this year, is that demonic woman crazy?"

"According to her, it should be that Teacher personally admitted that Yao-er has learned the Bodhi Heart Sutra . " Duan Bai Yue said, "Although it was not known how the rumor came about, but recently in Jiang Hu there has been people saying that the Bodhi Heart Sutra can strengthen one's mind and soul, and if one can copulate with a male who knows it, the internal energy of both parties will increase greatly . " Moreover the young master of Xi Nan manor is good looking, rosy and tender, a pinch on the cheek will cause a bucket of tears; if he doesn't have a habit of poisoning people and raising Gu, anyone who looks at him will like him .

Nan Mo Ya grumbled: "Nonsense! I just said it anyhow, and there's someone who actually believed it?"

Duan Bai Yue: " . . . . . . "

Said it anyhow?
Nan Mo Ya asked again: "Yao-er didn't get taken advantage of right?"

Duan Bai Yue shook his head: "He didn't, in fact he gained a red eyed snake without doing anything . "

Nan Mo Ya, deeply reassured: "As expected, he didn't disparage his teacher's ways . "

“What kind of martial art is the Bodhi Heart Sutra?" Duan Bai Yue asked, "Also, why did teacher have to find people to spread rumors in Xi Nan, making the situation blow up to the skies?"

Nan Mo Ya patted him: "You wish to learn?"

Duan Bai Yue shook his head: "Don't wish . "

Nan Mo Ya sighed: "Why are you not willing, you see, Yao-er wishes to learn and yet I don't wish to teach him . This martial art is good, it can strength your yang . "

Duan Bai Yue calmly said: "Do you want this king to send down orders, to help teacher make your grave bigger?" Wonder if placing a cast iron plate on top can let him be buried for two more years .

"Now that teacher has returned, I'm not going back . " Nan Mo Ya said, "At least I must see you marry . "

Duan Bai Yue said: " I never thought of marrying . "

"That's alright too, but there must be a relation like that of a husband and wife . " Nan Mo Ya said, "Or else —"

"Teacher!" Duan Bai Yue, gritting his teeth, interrupted him, stopped walking and said, "If you still have anything else to say, say it all here before we return to the inn!"

"That's the emperor . " Nan Mo Ya reminded him .

Duan Bai Yue asked: "So what if he's the emperor?"

"The emperor's heart must contain the entire country, how can he concern himself with just this little corner of Xi Nan?" Nan Mo Ya said, "You didn't wish to be this Xi Nan King, but changed your mind because of a letter, subjugating the east and battling the west to settle the turmoil at the borders, and didn't even care about your internal injury and almost brought about a qi deviation, all to just let him sit on the royal throne peacefully and soundly . With such a origin of romance, if it was sung in a performance, I can predict that people within ten li and eight villages will shed a tear . "

Duan Bai Yue said: "It's excellent like this . "

Nan Mo Ya insisted: "It's only excellent after marriage . "

"I'm by myself in Xi Nan, he also didn't take an empress in the capital . " Duan Bai Yue smiled, "Other than teacher, no one dares to ask this king about marriage matters, but it's not the same for him . " There's so many old officials in the imperial court; every day there's someone asking for the emperor to choose and let exquisite women into the palace; there's even people who kneel from dusk to dawn, bawling; don't mention experiencing it personally, even just the thought of it gives one a headache .

"The road that we chose for ourselves; I don't feel maligned, he also won't feel maligned . " Duan Bai Yue continued, "The situation now, it's truly very good . "

Nan Mo Ya groaned and sighed, and suddenly sent a palm forward, hitting under Duan Bai Yue's arm .

Duan Bai Yue wasn't prepared, and already had an internal injury, before he could dodge he just felt a sharp pain in his chest, and viscerally vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood .

Nan Mo Ya turned towards Qiong Hua Valley and ran .

Duan Bai Yue's heart is full of fire, wanting to stand yet his eyes are full of stars; he can only sit under tree to recover his breath .

Ye Jin had gone to the back of the mountain early in the morning today, and thus there's only Chu Yuan alone in the yard, with Xi Si by his side .

"Warrior Bai, what's happening?" Upon seeing him rush in hastily, eunuch Si Xi quickly stood up and asked .

"Divine physician Ye is not around?" Nan Mo Ya asked .

"Xiao Jin went to the back of the mountain, he will only return at night . " Chu Yuan said . "What's the matter?"

"I wanted to go to the city to buy some wine just now, who knew that before I had gone out of the mountain valley, I saw a white clothed man lying under a tree, he looks to be quite tall, handsome, majestic, elegant, like a jade tree in a wind and dignified; there's even a bit of a luxurious aura, seems like he is a young master of a rich family, and yet got a serious injury for some reason . "

Nan Mo Ya talked fluently without taking a break, "Could be that he came to find the divine physician for treatment, but didn't manage to last till the valley entrance, lost his stamina and fainted . "

Chu Yuan's heartstrings constricted .

"He's probably going to be dead for sure . " Nan Mo Ya groaned and sighed; he's very sympathetic .

Chu Yuan walked hastily outside .

"Emperor!" Eunuch Si Xi got a shock, and quickly caught up to him, "Where does the emperor want to go? The medicine is almost ready . "

"Pass down the order; no one is allowed to follow!" Chu Yuan's head didn't turn back .

"Your Majesty!" Eunuch Si Xi is worried and anxious, and fretted on the spot, what is happening . . . . .

From far away he saw an unmoving person under the tree; Chu Yuan's mind blanked; some feelings that have been restrained for years vaguely wanting to burst out like a river bursting its banks .

"I'm alright . " After being helped up by him, Duan Bai Yue forced a wave of his hand .

Chu Yuan held his wrist and tested his pulse, and frowned: "When did you get an internal injury?"
Duan Bai Yue said: "I will be fine after a moment of adjusting my qi . "

Chu Yuan asked again: "Where are your men?"

"Willow inn in the city . " Duan Bai Yue said, "No one knows that this king has come here, Emperor Chu can be rest assured . "

Although the pulse underneath his fingers are weak but it's not unstable, Chu Yuan is trained in martial arts, and knows that there's no big problem . After experiencing the terror earlier on, he slowly calmed down .

Duan Bai Yue: "Can you send a letter to the inn?"

"This is your Huo Yun Shi?" (3) Chu Yuan beckon a horse that's nearby .
Duan Bai Yue nodded .

Chu Yuan brought him up on the horse with him, and and galloped out of the valley .
Nan Mo Ya looked from afar, in a good mood .

In the Willow inn, Duan Yao is currenting eating together with Duan Nian, when a guard came forward to report, saying that the lord is carried back by someone, seems like he's hurt .

"What?" Duan Yao, in shock, and quickly stood up, but before he could go down, the person in question had already came up the stairs .

"Brother . " Duan Yao quickly went forward to receive him .

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Chu Yuan passed him to Duan Nian, turning to leave, but was grabbed by his wrist .

Duan Yao: " . . . . "

"I have something to say . " Duan Bai Yue's face is a bit pale .

Chu Yuan looked him in the eye, frowning slightly .
Duan Yao, unable to bear his inquisitiveness, asked: "Who are you?"

Duan Nian: " . . . . . "

Duan Bai Yue continued: "It has to do with the peace at the borders . "

Chu Yuan remained silent, and helped him back into his room .
Duan Yao wanted to follow in, but was pulled away by Duan Nian .
The room door closed with a kuang lang; and the lock was even put in place, Duan Yao became even more puzzled: "Do you recognize this person?"

Duan Nian deliberated for a bit, saying: "I recognize him . "

"Who is he?" Duan Yao wants to get to the bottom of this matter, "He seems to be familiar with big brother, but I have never seen him before, and he even covered his face . " Seems like quite a mysterious character .

Duan Nian chose his words carefully: "It's someone from the palace . "

"Big brother went out just to see him?" Duan Yao uncertainly sat back by the table, but before a moment passed, he stood up abruptly .

Duan Nian immediately kneeled with a knee on the ground, cupping his fists: "Subordinate doesn't know anything!"

Duan Yao: " . . . . . . . "
Duan Yao: "!!!"

Coincidentally there was a brazier heating some water in the room; Chu Yuan twisted dry a hot towel, and helped him to wipe the traces of blood off his face .

Duan Bai Yue's breathing has calmed down a lot; in fact nothing big happened to him, just that he was struck dizzy by that one palm; that's Nan Mo Ya after all, even the chopsticks used by him may have poison .

"What do you want to say?" Chu Yuan asked .

Duan Bai Yue said: "In Miao Jiang there's a sect called Huan Tian Zhai, they seem to be in secret contact with the rebels in the south west . "
"A sect from Jiang Hu?" Chu Yuan was surprised .

Duan Bai Yue nodded, "The sect leader is called Li Tie Shou, he's cowardly yet greedy; it can't be considered weird for him to be pulled in by outsiders . "

"Watch him first . " Chu Yuan said, "Now that Liu family has fallen, the situation in the imperial court has to be cleaned up . If the south west does not take the initiative to lead their troops, then we have no reason to move first . "

Duan Bai Yue said: "Then after the situation in the court has settled down, how does Emperor Chu intend to solve the turmoil in the south west?" All these years battles were without end, although the Chu army has sent troops to sweep them away a few times, but they only drove the invaders out of the borders, and didn't manage to eliminate them . But these intermittent battles are also not long term plans, and since the Liu family has fallen, it means that the country of Ah Nu has de facto collapsed too, the many clans in the northern desert territories can team up and invade the south anytime; they cannot not defend against them .

Chu Yuan frowned: "If Xi Nan king has something to say, just say it straight, why beat around the bush . "
Duan Bai Yue smiled a little: "Li Tie Shou sent someone to pass me a letter; he wishes for me to join him . "
Chu Yuan isn't surprised at this, after all in the eyes of a bystander, the imperial court and Xi Nan has always been like water and fire, and Duan Bai Yue is famous for his lofty ambitions .

"Battle between two armies, it's best if the opponent is unprepared . " Duan Bai Yue continued, "If and when Emperor Chu really wishes to remove this thorn, I can first secretly sent thirty thousand Xi Nan troops towards the north, gathering with Great Chu's southwest imperial troops . Then a turmoil can be faked in Xi Nan, at that time the northern desert clans will think that the main force of the Chu army is at the Xi Nan battlefield; to them this is a god given opportunity, it's not possible for them to not rebel . Then Emperor Chu will be perfectly justified in sending troops out to defeat them, and forever eliminate remnants of them .

Chu Yuan said: "Condition . "

Duan Bau Yue can't help but laugh: "Then I must see what Emperor Chu can give me . "

Chu Yuan's voice is very low: "What do you want?"

Duan Bai Yue restrained his smile, keeping silent for a long while .

Chu Yuan's expression is as usual, but his palm are full of cold sweat .

After a long while, Duan Bai Yue said: "South of Meng Qi river . "

Chu Yuan abruptly raised his head, looked him in the eye, and said through clenched teeth: "South of Meng Qi river; that's the entire southwest . "

The corners of Duan Bai Yue's lips lifted: "Emperor Chu can not give it too . "

Chu Yuan swept his sleeves and went out of the inn .

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Duan Yao, standing at the door, saw that the guest door is being opened, and quickly used a vibrant smile for welcoming; but in the end he didn't welcome anything .

Chu Yuan almost instantaneously disappeared into the corridor .

"What are you smiling at nothing for . " Duan Bai Yue has a headache in the room, "Go on, guard him all the way back to the valley, in case anything happens again . "

Duan Yao jogged down the stairs .
Duan Nian, sensing the atmosphere, reached out and closed the room door for his master .

Duan Bai Yue heard the sounds outside eventually get softer, and sighed lightly .

Nan Mo Ya straddled the window frame and said: "Back then I should have suggested to the previous lord, to send you to acting classes to sing songs of love . " Maybe he would have been an actor .

Duan Bai Yue glanced at him, and pulled over the blanket, covering his head .
"Why do you want so much land for, can it be eaten or drunk?" Nan Mo Ya jumped in .

Duan Bai Yue said: "If I don't want anything, according to his personality, he will have another matter hanging over his head . But if I want anything else, I don't think he will give either . " Why not be like this situation, where he takes what he needs; both sides don't owe each other .

"You never even asked before, how can you know that the other person will not give?" Nan Mo Ya threw the blanket onto the floor .

Duan Bai Yue leaned on the headrest: "I know him . "

Nan Mo Ya felt a tightness in his chest .

Chu Yuan's skills are not low; naturally he knows that all along the way there's someone following him, but he didn't mind, and went back to Qiong Hua Valley alone . Duan Yao stayed until his silhouette disappeared before he turned and ran back, intending to interrogate a good while; in the end when he returned to the inn he crashed into someone, and lost his soul upon realizing who it is: "Help!"

"Little brat!" Nan Mo Ya carried him on his shoulder, and hit his butt twice, "You even dare to poison your teacher?"

Duan Yao knows that this was unwarranted, and so shouted with all his might .

Duan Bai Yue covered his ears in his room .

Duan Nian's eyes are full of pity; but it's just pity only .

Throughout the whole of Xi Nan, there shouldn't be anyone who dares to snatch someone from Nan Mo Ya's hands .

A few days later, the letter from the imperial court has been recieved at Qiong Hua Valley, along with southeast imperial troops; they are Shen Qian Fan's trusted aides .
Ye Jin sat in the yard, eating roast chicken .

Chu Yuan pushed open the door and came in, laughing: "Why do you have such an appetite today?"

Ye Jin spit out a bone: "I heard you're leaving, so I'm celebrating a little . " He even needs to set off a string of crackers .

Chu Yuan sat opposite him: "You really don't want to go back to the palace with us?"
Ye Jin almost shook his head off .

Inside, Chu Yuan is a bit disappointed, but he still smiled slightly: "That's fine too, it's more free outside . "

"You're the emperor, be more careful next time . " Ye Jin humped, "Good luck does not appear every time; to be saved by someone just in time . "
Chu Yuan promised: "Yes . "

Silence spread to all four corners .

Turbulence roiled inside Ye Jin .

If this was the usual day, if there's such a awkward scene, he will drive the person back to sleep, but he's leaving soon . . . . . seems like he should restrain his temper a little .
Of course, it's not because he can't bear it, but because this person is the emperor, he can't be chased off so easily .
After finally helping himself find a good reason, the divine physician deeply pondered for a bit, how do the women in Qiong Hua Valley do small talk .

A moment later, Ye Jin asked: "Have you married?"

Chu Yuan: " . . . . "

Ye Jin coughed .

Chu Yuan said: "No . "

Ye Jin said again: "You're not that young anymore, if you should marry then you need to marry . "

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Chu Yuan hesitated, and said: "Right . "

Ye Jin continued to be patient: "Do you have a lady you like?"

Chu Yuan almost wished to admit defeat and escape: "No . "

And so silence pervaded all four corners again .
Ye Jin felt that he didn't find a correct conversation starter .
Luckily eunuch Si Xi came over at that time, wanting to let the emperor rest early .
Ye Jin felt a burden fall off his shoulders .

Quickly go quickly go .

Under the moonlight, along the way back, Chu Yuan also felt like laughing without any cause .

"What did Your Majesty and the Ninth Prince chat about?" Upon looking at the laughter in his eyes, eunuch Si Xi also happily asked, "Is he willing to follow back to the palace?"

"Xiao Jin said he's used to loitering around in Jiang Hu, and doesn't want to go to the capital, but that's alright too . " Chu Yuan said, "I still have just this one brother left, and he's our savior too, we will not force him . "

"That's also right, it's quite good in this valley . " Eunuch Si XI said, "And he's an expert in medical skills . " After staying here for a period, his own big stomach has decreased quite a bit, and his walking feels way lighter .

"Emperor, fat uncle . " A child of Qiong Hua Valley ran over nosily; they're an abandoned child that's being raised by Ye Jin; in their young age they also didn't know that they have to greet when meeting the emperor, and offered up a box with a laugh, "Someone sent this to the valley entrance just now, said that I need to personally give it, and can't let teacher know . "

"Many thanks . " Chu Yuan was teased into laughter, and took the box from his hands .
The child continued ran further and further with each jump . Eunuch Si Xi was initially worried, thinking that this object is of unknown origin, but a glance and he saw Xi Nan manor's wax seal, and so he did not say anything else .

After returning to his room, Chu Yuan sat by the table, and gently broke open the seal . Upon opening the redwood box, inside lay a crystal clear pale blue jade pearl .

Fen Xing?

He hesitantly took it up in his hand; it's cool and round, and seems to shine under the light .
On the early morning of the third day, Ye Jin, with his hands in his sleeves, sent everyone all the way out of Qiong Hua Valley .

"We will come to visit you often . " Chu Yuan helped him to adjust his collar .
Please don't! Ye Jin looked up at the sky, we are not that close .
Chu Yuan can't contain his laughter, and reached out, hugging and patting him, and got on the horse afterwards, kicking up a road of dust towards the north .
Ye Jin, while snorting, also tiptoed to continue looking until the silhouette of the last person in the group disappeared, before turning and walking back .

Nan Mo Ya said by his side: "No wonder he's the emperor, there's even a few groups of people fighting to send him off . "

He didn't really want to send him off, it's just along the way . The divine physician slowly went back to the medical hut, and didn't notice the meaning of "a few groups of people" .

Duan Bai Yue rode his horse to the top of the mountain, and saw Chu Yuan lead his men all the way out of the valley onto the road, congregating with the guards sent by the Shen family; only then he turned his horse and returned to the inn .

Upon looking at him come back, Duan Yao knew to keep quiet, and continued to focus on his own insects — looking at this situation, he just knows that he wasn't able to bring back the person he likes, maybe the person even ran off with someone else; only a fool will try his luck at this time .
Duan Bai Yue didn't speak, and went into his room .

Duan Yao immediately imagined his big brother collapsing on the bed and bawling his eyes out; a moving scene indeed .

"Young master . " Duan Nian brought a few pastries in, "Subordinate just bought these, do you want to try?"

"You really can't tell me, who is the person who sent big brother back?" Duan Yao held onto his hand, not letting on .

Duan Nian said with an unchanging face: "Subordinate truly does not know . "

"Could he be a guard of Emperor Chu?" Duan Yao cupped his cheeks, his thoughts running wild .

Duan Nian calmly said: "Yes, that's probably it . "

Duan Yao ate the pastries while in deep doubt .
Even if he's a man, Emperor Chu can even give sixteen provinces surrounding the border, why he just can't give this one guard?
He really can't make sense of it .

(1) Grandmother wolf: 狼婆婆 - A Chinese version of red riding hood .  Wiki link
      Yan Luo Wang: 阎罗王 - Yama, or the King of Hell in Buddhism

(2) Central Plains: Lower reaches of the yellow river which was the cradle of chinese civilization .  Wiki link

(3) Huo Yun Shi: 火云狮 - lit . fire cloud lion . Duan Bai Yue's famed horse .

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