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Di Wang Gong Lue - Chapter 17

Published at 8th of December 2018 02:09:17 PM

Chapter 17

[Chapter 17 - Tian Chen Sha(1)] Maybe it can really be found

Although eunuch Si Xi is a bit plump, and looks quite stocky, but he is not a martial artist after all, and so he was easily dragged out by Duan Nian .
It's very quiet in the room .
Chu Yuan looked dumbly at Nan Mo Ye's extremely fast movements, who had stripped Duan Bai Yue of everything but his inner trousers, revealing a fine and solid upper body .
. . . . . .
"Help me to hold onto him . " Nan Mo Ye instructed .  
Chu Yuan hesitated a little, then held Duan Bai Yue accordingly, letting him half-lie in his arms .
Nan Mo Ye took out a silver needle, and stick it into one of Duan Bai Yue's acupuncture points .
There's no other use; it's only to create pain, heart rending and bone piercing pain .  
Even though Duan Bai Yue is unconscious right now, he still clenched his teeth, the knuckles of his hand whitening .
Nan Mo Ye continued to instruct: "You must hold him tightly . "
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . . . . . "

In an hour, Nan Mo Ye stuck at least a few hundred silver needles into Duan Bai Yue's body .  
Half of it is for treatment, and the other half is instead for . . . . making him look worse .
Feeling the person in his arms moan constantly, Chu Yuan unknowingly tightened his arms .  
Nan Mo Ye is very satisfied with this .
This kind of skinship, there should be more of it .  

"Why did he suddenly had a qi deviation?" Chu Yuan asked during a break in the treatment .
"It's not sudden . " Nan Mo Ye said while twisting out a needle, "Bai Yue originally already had an internal injury, and during this marriage duel he forced himself again, it's unavoidable that he will be hurt . "
Chu Yuan frowned: "He already had an internal injury, when did he get hurt?"
"Long story . " Nan Mo Ye cleared his throat, intending to say from the start, but Duan Bai Yue has already woken up: "Teacher!"
"It's good that you have woken up, now that you have woke up, you won't have to be weak in your extremities, bleed from seven orifices, have a darkened glabella, feel as if ten of thousands of ants are eating your heart, and be no better than being dead . " Nan Mo Ye seemed to sigh in relief, standing up and said, "I'm going to the kitchen to take a look, to see if the hot water has been prepared . " When he reached the door he instructed again, "I still have to please ask Your Majesty to hold this disciple of mine a bit tighter, in case something happens again, after all gu poison is not like others, it must be handled more carefully . "
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . . "
Duan Bai Yue: " . . . . . . . . "

"You are afflicted with gu?" Chu Yuan waited till Nan Mo Ye left before asking .
"For people who grew up in Xi Nan, who doesn't have a few gu chong in their body . " Duan Bai Yue doesn't think much of it, "It's not a big deal . " 
"Why did you suddenly have a qi deviation?" Chu Yuan asked again .
Duan Bai Yue answered: "Of course it's because I failed to grasp the aim during martial arts training . " 
"Since you have a serious injury, then you should return to Xi Nan manor to rest properly . " Chu Yuan shook his head, "The battle of Xi Bei this time, King Duan does not have to go . "
"If I don't go, who will help you?" Duan Bai Yue sat up slightly .  
"The leader of the pugilistic world Shen Qian Feng, he and Xiao Jin are friends . " Chu Yuan said, "Qin Shao Yu also has reached an agreement with us . " 
"Looks like there's a lot of helpers . " Duan Bai Yue smiled, lying back on the head rest and said, "Alright then, then I will return to Xi Nan . "
Chu Yuan didn't continue the conversation, and so all four corners once again became tranquil; it's so quiet till they could almost hear each other's breathing .

After a long while, Chu Yuan stood up: "Rest well, no one will come to disturb you here . "
Duan Bai Yue said: "Right . " But his voice sounds a bit unusual .
"What's the matter?" Seeing that his expression is off, Chu Yuan grabbed his wrist to test his pulse, finding that it's much more faster than normal .
Duan Bai Yue's eyes reddened .
Chu Yuan wanted to find Nan Mo Ye, but was pulled back .
"No matter . " Duan Bai Yue said hoarsely, "I will be fine after a while . "
Chu Yuan frowned slightly; in the beginning he still didn't understand, but his eyes accidentally swept past below Duan Bai Yue's navel .
Only a thin inner undergarment is worn; some changes are especially obvious .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .
Duan Bai Yue's breathing is rough and heavy .
Chu Yuan slammed his way out of the door .  

Nan Mo Ye is currently in the yard, tossing and turning a few sickles, pretending that he is very busy .
Chu Yuan stood at the door of the bedroom, his entire face red .
"Your Majesty . " Eunuch Si Xi rushed forward to hold him, "Is Xi Nan King is not well?"
Duan Nian also ran forward, not knowing what happened inside .
"Elder . " It's truly difficult for Chu Yuan to describe this incident, wishing to say something and yet being unable to say .  
Nan Mo Ye said understandingly: "Could it be that there's some changes in that area?"
Chu Yuan nodded against the force of ten of thousands of lightning .
And it's not just some changes, it has changed . . . a lot .

"This is then good, this is then good . " Nan Mo Ye patted his thigh .
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . "
This is then good?
Nan Mo Ye instructed Duan Nian: "Quickly go, book all of the most beautiful ladies in the brothel, doesn't have to be many, twenty people is enough . "
"Why?" Duan Nian got a shock, eunuch Si Xi also felt that he was deaf, he seemed to have heard something extraordinary just now .

"Why find the women from the brothels?" Chu Yuan also asked .
Nan Mo Ye answered: "Of course it's for copulation . " 
Chu Yuan is rendered speechless .
This kind of answer .
Nan Mo Ye said patiently: "He's afflicted with He Huan Gu (2), if some things are not done in time, I'm afraid he will explode . "
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . . . . "
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . . . . "
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . . . . "
Duan Nian finally recovered this time, and started running outside .
"Come back!" Chu Yuan said angrily .
Duan Nian reluctantly stopped, what's he coming back for, this cannot drag on, my master is going to explode .
"Of course, this is the residence of Emperor Chu, it's not convenient for outsiders to know about it . " Nan Mo Ye came to his senses, "Then I will just bring Bai Yue directly to the brothel, there are a lot of women there, he can pick however many he wants . "
Before he can finish his words, Chu Yuan had already swept his sleeves and went into the inner room .
Nan Mo Ye quickly crouched at the entrance to listen .
Eunuch Si Xi: " . . . . . . . . . . . . . "

Duan Bai Yue frowned in suffering, his entire body drenched in sweat .
Chu Yuan stood by the bedside, heaven and man battling in his heart .
"Your Majesty . " Nan Mo Ye still called from the outside, arms in his sleeves, "When can we bring the lord out, it cannot be delayed for long . "
"Close your eyes . " Duan Bai Yue said hoarsely .
Chu Yuan didn't react in time: " . . . . yes?"
Duan Bai Yue untied his waistband .
Chu Yuan instantly turned and looked out the window; it's not known if his face is red or pale .
The room is still just as quiet, but there was some rough breaths, and dubious sounds .
The effect of the pill that Nan Mo Ye fed him before coming to Zhou manor is truly shocking .
A long time passed .  
Duan Bai Yue kept his eyes on Chu Yuan's back .  
Chu Yuan felt, maybe he has to stand by window till daybreak . Luckily just as he wants to force his way out, the sounds in the room finally ceased .
Chu Yuan casually threw him a silk handkerchief . There are many gu in Xi Nan, this incident can't be considered to be rare, but this person, unexpectedly, didn't get afflicted with this or that, and was afflicted with He Huan Gu, a gu with such an indecent effect .
No sounds travelled from the bed for a long time .
Looking at him again, Duan Bai Yue has already fell asleep instead .
. . . . . . . . .

This night, Chu Yuan stayed in the study; even eunuch Si Xi was sent out when he wanted to bring tea in .

As the day broke, Duan Bai Yue blinked open his eyes .
Nan Mo Ye's face appeared in front of him .
Duan Bai Yue closed his eyes, continuing to stay unconscious .
Nan Mo Ye lamented: "Just when can this teacher attend your wedding?"
Duan Bai Yue said: "A person's teacher, will usually ask how's the injury first . "
"What can it still be, teacher has already tested your pulse . " Nan Mo Ye said, "Using He Huan Gu to swallow the Jin Can Xian (3), this method saves time and effort, although it weakens the body a little, but there's no big danger . "

Duan Bai Yue doesn't know what he should be feeling, honestly speaking he is willing to get afflicted with Jin Can Xian, experiencing the heart rending pain and bone piercing ache, instead of losing his composure like last night .  
"After you marry, then you will know the He Huan Gu's pleasantness . " Nan Mo Ye shook his head with a look of an experienced person .

Duan Bai Yue really wants to bury him into the grave again .

"Once the Jin Can Xian has woken up, it will take at least three days for it to return to dormancy . " Nan Mo Ye continued, "If teacher is you, then I will continue to eat this He Huan Gu, and be in ecstasy; no matter what it's better than ten thousands arrows shooting through your heart . "

Duan Bai Yue chased him out .

Nan Mo Ye sighed and sighed again, but upon raising his head, saw Chu Yuan standing in the yard, and so he urgently said: "Your Majesty, my lord, his poison has acted up again . "
Chu Yuan turned and left .
Nan Mo Ye looked at him leave dumbly, and almost wanted to return to the bedroom to hit Duan Bai Yue with a palm and let him vomit blood, and then return to Xi Nan along with Duan Nian .

At that time he will be more dead than alive; let's see if you still want to visit him or not, save him or not .

After two days, the Jin Can Xian in Duan Bai Yue's body became active at times, travelling from his brain to his joints; his entire body almost wants to change shape and shatter into pieces . The last time the pain hit him, he once again fell into unconsciousness; during this foggy time, a warm handkerchief seemed to lightly wiped his forehead, bringing away a great deal of pain .

Chu Yuan arranged the blanket, and carefully placed his hand back in . As he turned and left, he directly went to another compound in the city .

"Jin Can Xian?" Ye Jin nodded, "I know about it, it's a gu chong used by the Miao people to cause harm, it's extremely sinister and wicked, why are you asking about it for?"

"Is there an antidote?" Chu Yuan asked .

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"You're poisoned?" Ye Jin flew over and grabbed his wrist to test his pulse, only sighing in relief after a long time, "There's nothing . To remove Jin Can Xian, then Tian Chen Sha must be found first, but it's an item from ancient legends, even if you're the emperor, I'm afraid it's not easy to find . "

"Is it only not easy to find, or is it cannot be found?" Chu Yuan wants to ask to the bottom of this matter .

"The world is so vast, it could be present somewhere . " Ye Jin rubbed his nose, "This kind of thing, no one can talk about it confidently . "

Chu Yuan became somber .

"Just who is afflicted with gu?" Ye Jin continued asking, "Is it Si Xi?"
Chu Yuan looked blankly: "Why must it be him?"
"A blind guess . " Ye Jin said, "Other than Si Xi, you don't seem to be concerned about anyone else . " Don't even talk about finding medicine personally .  
Chu Yuan asked: "Then what about you?"
"That's not the same . " Ye Jin crossed his arms, "I am 'this divine physician' . " I'm not that close with you .

In Zhou manor, Duan Bai Yue focused on meditating and moving about, finally forcing all of the Jin Can Xian back into dormancy . Although it's only a short three days' time, the suffering he went through is not little, his face is also more pale .  
Eunuch Si Xi, smiling happily, brought in a bowl of sweet soup; saying that it's specially stewed for him, it's great for nourishment .
Duan Bai Yue didn't ask anything, and finished it cleanly in a few mouthfuls .
Eunuch Si Xi continued: "His Majesty oversaw its cooking personally . "
Duan Bai Yue felt he should have ate a little slower just now .

Chu Yuan pushed the door and came in .
Eunuch Si Xi idied up the empty bowl quickly, retreating with his head bowed .  
Chu Yuan stood by the bedside, a very faint voice: "We are returning to the capital . "
Duan Bai Yue asked: "When?"
Chu Yuan answered: "Tomorrow . "
Duan Bai Yue smiled, and didn't say more, only advising: "It's a long journey, everything else can be left unsaid . " 
Chu Yuan said: "Right . "

"And . " Duan Bai Yue thought about it, "No matter what my teacher has said, everything cannot be trusted . "

"Including Tian Chen Sha?" Chu Yuan asked .

"It's a medicine only present in rumors, why believe in it . " Duan Bai Yue's voice is relaxed, "Why not justaccept this, at least your heart won't be tired . "

"Why did you not tell me that you have gu earlier?" Chu Yuan continued asking .

Duan Bai Yue replied: "Because it's embarrassing . "
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . "

Duan Bai Yue raised an eyebrow: "If I couldn't come for the marriage duel, wouldn't I have lost the offering of the lands of Xi Nan in vain?"

"Rest well . " Chu Yuan doesn't want to continue talking about this with him, standing up and saying, "Regarding Tian Chen Sha, we will also help you look for it . "

Duan Bai Yue said:"Many thanks . "

Just as Chu Yuan reached the entrance, he was again stopped: "Tonight, a cup of wine together?" 

. . . . .

Duan Bai Yue leaned on the bed: "This trip to Huan Tian Zhai, a jar of Xue You(4) was brought along specially . "

Chu Yuan said: "You have an injury . "

"Jin Can Xian will only wake once in a year . " Duan Bai Yue said, "I'm already alright, moreover gu chong can't be compared to a sword wound, it's only drinking a few cups of wine . "
Chu Yuan hesitated for a short while, nodding: "Alright . "
The corner of Duan Bai Yue's mouth raised up, and he continued to see him leave .

Nan Mo Ye entered from the window -- for convenience, he wore a mask when in Zhou manor; it's an exorcist's mask bought from a roadside stall for a copper; a green, hairy face with fangs, previously it almost caused eunuch Si Xi to faint from fright in the middle of the night .  

Duan Bai Yue asked: "If I forced a mouthful of blood out using my internal energy, will teacher shut up?"

Nan Mo Ye said: "I won't, even if it's ten mouthfuls . "

Duan Bai Yue covered his head with the blanket .

Nan Mo Ye said: "But this time you can be said to be successful, even knowing to let him stay and drink wine, do you want teacher to help you add a little something?"

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"Men!" Duan Bai Yue couldn't stand it anymore .

"Lord . " Duan Nian walked in from the door .

"Bring teacher away for a nap . " Duan Bai Yue commanded, "If he's not willing to sleep, then hit him unconscious and throw him on the bed . " 

Duan Nian walked out while dragging him .

Nan Mo Ye was still instructing: "At least change your clothes, if you don't want to change, then just remove everything . "

Duan Bai Yue's head throbbed till it wanted to split open .

At night; Chu Yuan arrived on time, as expected .

Duan Bai Yue really changed his clothes; he looks to be very charming .
Chu Yuan: " . . . . . . . . . "
"Sit . " Duan Bai Yue arranged two wine cups on the table with a word .
"You brewed this?" Chu Yuan asked .
Duan Bai Yue smiled: "The Fei Xia that was sent to the capital, do you like it?"
Chu Yuan nodded .
"It's good that you like it, I will send more next year . " Duan Bai Yue broke the seal of the wine jar, "Xue You is a bit stronger than Fei Xia, first try a little, if you do not like it -- "
"Then we can leave?" Chu Yuan interrupted him .  
Duan Bai Yue paused, then shook his head: "If you don't like it, then I will get someone to buy two jars of Nu Er Hong (5) from outside . " No matter what he must let him stay here .
Chu Yuan's eyes showed a rare hint of laughter .
Duan Bai Yue offered him a cup of wine .
After Chu Yuan finished drinking, he said: "It's really strong . " 
"What if you get drunk?" Duan Bai Yue asked .
Chu Yuan poured himself another cup, "If I'm drunk, just call Si Xi in, he's standing outside . " Your teacher should be present too .
Duan Bai Yue smiled and shook his head, touching his cup with him .

Eunuch Si Xi, his hands crossed, stood and waited on them outside .  
Nan Mo Ye made some small talk with him while chewing on a bag of melon seeds .
First, create good relations; maybe it can be useful in the future .

Half a jar of wine later, Chu Yuan reached out wanting to continue to pour, but was stopped by Duan Bai Yue: "I have already said, the wine is too strong, drinking a lot will make one drunk . "
"So what if I'm drunk?" Chu Yuan rebutted .
"I still have something to say . " Duan Bai Yue gently took his hand away .
"Yes?" Chu Yuan looked at him .
"Are you really going to Xi Bei personally?" Duan Bai Yue asked .
Chu Yuan nodded .
"During wars the swords and knives have no eyes, do be more careful . " Duan Bai Yue placed a jade seal on the table, "The Xi Nan troops have already been inserted into the major towns in Xi Bei, this is the seal of the army . When the northern desert troops come down south, someone will know to find you . " 
Chu Yuan said: "Many thanks . "
"Why say thanks?" Duan Bai Yue offered him the wine jar again, "I only have this to say, do you still want to drink?"
Chu Yuan deliberated, asking: "Your injury, is it really serious?"
"It's said by teacher again?" Duan Bai Yue shook his head, "Why trust him . "
Chu Yuan looked at him directly .  
Duan Bai Yue calmly said: "Even if it's a superficial wound on a hand, he will talk about it as if it's a broken arm . "
Chu Yuan turned away from his line of sight: "It's good that you're alright . "
The corners of Duan Bai Yue's mouth turned up; he pour him a cup of wine again .

"Why don't we go to have supper in the room beside it?" Nan Mo Ye suggested sincerely, although there's only a jar of wine, but it looks like the two of them are going to drink till tomorrow morning, it's no fun to continuing to stand here .

Looking at his green mask with fangs, eunuch Si Xi firmly shook his head .

Seeing such a face, don't talk about eating, even just sitting still is torture .

The last cup of wine was finished; when Chu Yuan stood up, his head felt a quite heavy .
Duan Bai Yue brought him into his arms .
"Call Si Xi to come in . " Chu Yuan dizzily said .
"Alright . " Duan Bai Yue agreed, but did not make any other move, only continuing to hug him .  
Chu Yuan closed his eyes, his forehead creasing . In so many years, the number of times he got drunk can be counted using his fingers, it's truly arduous .
"Take care of yourself properly . " Duan Bai Yue patted his back, "After I come out of seclusion, if the battle of Xi Bei is not yet over, I will come and find you . " 
A slight wetness was felt on his neck; Chu Yuan's eyelashes trembled .  
Duan Bai Yue took a deep breath, pushing open the room door .  
"Ai yo . " Eunuch Si Xi hastily ran in .  
"There's no need to make a hangover soup (6), just a rest will do . " Duan Bai Yue said, "Xue You will only let one be drunk, they'll be alright in the morning when they wake up . "

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Eunuch Si Xi nodded and agreed, and helped Chu Yuan back to his bedroom .

Before his teacher could talk to him, Duan Bai Yue closed the room door firmly .  
Nan Mo Ye squatted on the ground, continuing to spit melon seed shells; he admits that he has been despicable and shameless for quite a few lifetimes, so he doesn't understand why, how can he have taught such an . . . . . insulting disciple .  

He doesn't know if he should be boasting or crying if he meets the former king in the future .  

On the morning of the second day, Chu Yuan and Shen Qian Fan, one secretly and one openly, left Huan Tian Zhai .  

A few days later, Duan Bai Yue also brought Zhao Wu and Hua Tang, leading the way back to Xi Nan manor .  
On the road, Nan Mo Ye bought countless sugar figurines, embroidered fans and small bells, till that they took up a whole carriage colorfully .  
Duan Bai Yue reminded him: "Wanting to bribe Yao-er, with just this things, I'm afraid it's not enough at all . " 
Nan Mo Ye's face instantly soured .
Duan Bai Yue continued: "If teacher's treasured Zi Jin Gu is included, however, there may be some effect . " 
Nan Mo Ye's face immediately got longer .

Duan Bai Yue got off the horse, bending his waist and went into the carriage .  
Zhao Wu and Hua Tang were talking, upon seeing him come in, Hua Tang said: "Want me to go out?"
Duan Bai Yue nodded: "Many thanks, lady . " 
Hua Tang smiled, turning and stepped out of the horse carriage .  

"When do you intend to release me back to Zhui Yin sect?" Zhao Wu has lost his patience .  
"Yao-er is returning, you should at least stay at the manor for a while . " Duan Bai Yue said .  
Zhao Wu looked out the window, not speaking .  
Duan Bai Yue patted his shoulder: "Even if you want to marry, you should bring your fiancée back to Xi Nan manor, what are you doing wandering outside . "
"Zhui Yin sect is not outside!" Zhao Wu frowned .  
"I don't want to argue about this with you . " Duan Bai Yue shook his head, "Moreover next month will be father's anniversary, do you intend to offer a cup of wine outside every year?" 
Zhao Wu did not reply, only saying after deliberating for a long time: "Then after the New Year's, let me go . "
"Alright . " Duan Bai Yue nodded, "I promise you . "

The convoy went back to Xi Nan manor directly; Duan Bai Yue selected two guards, secretly sending Du Zheng towards Da Li -- she is an innocent woman after all, instead of letting her stay in the fire-pit, why not bring her away and find a small village, hiding her surname and changing her name to start a new life . Luckily when Du Zheng was at Huan Tian Zhai, she already had a lover, and with the help of Zhui Yin sect, he is already settled in Da Li with a farm, waiting for her; the later half of their lives doesn't have to be drifting without aim too .

Not long after Chu Yuan returned to the capital, Xi Nan fell into the chaos of battle .  
Shen Qian Fan, with an serious injury, it's not yet know if he will survive; the imperial court committed many troops in condemnation of Duan Bai Yue; this time it's afraid that the emperor wants to firmly take back Xi Nan .

But Duan Bai Yue did not participate in the battle .  
Duan Yao was fetched back angrily, and wanted to find and argue with his brother and teacher, but did not expect that once he reached home, he was told, the two of them are in the back of mountain, and has already stayed there for almost a month .
"Why?" Duan Yao surprised, "In order to hide from me?"
Zhao Wu doesn't know whether to laugh or cry .
"It seems like King Duan had serious injuries . " Hua Tang explained, "Master Nan is helping him treat his wounds . "
Duan Yao: " . . . . . . . . . . "

"Go back and rest first . " Zhao Wu patted him, "Big brother said that someone may come and find trouble for you, so stay in the manor obediently during this time, don't go running everywhere . "
Duan Yao angrily pulled up grass from the ground .  

In the tomb, Duan Bai Yue, eyes closed, is in deep concentration; his whole body is so cold till there's no hint of warmth, even his blood seems to have turned to ice .
Nan Mo Ye pulled out the last needle from his nape, and sighed in relief: "Finally one came out . "
Looking at the hair strand-like gu chong on the needle, Duan Bai Yue asked: "Only one?"
"It's not bad already, to have one . " Nan Mo Ye said: "Slow work begets skilled work, it cannot be rushed . "
Duan Bai Yue: " . . . . . . . "

"Moreover this year the Jin Can Xian has already woken up, and you still ran out to have a marriage duel, it's expected that you got an internal injury . " Nan Mo Ye continued, "Don't worry about the battles outside too, stay here properly . "
Duan Bai Yue asked: "How long more?"
Nan Mo Ye counted: "Five months?"
Duan Bai Yue: " . . . . . . . . . . "
"Don't think about going to Xi Bei . " Nan Mo Ye saw through him, "If this illness sets in, your eyes and mouth will be skewed, your yang rod(7) will not be able to rise --"
"Teacher!" Duan Bai Yue, with a headache, compromised, "I will continue to just train . " He only begs that his teacher doesn't hang the three words "not able to rise" by his mouth constantly .

(1) Tian Chen Sha: 天辰砂 - lit . day/heavens cinnabar . Cure to Duan Bai Yue's poison .
(2) He Huan Gu: 合欢蛊 - lit . together happy gu . Guess I don't have to explain what this means . . .
(3) Jin Chan Xian: 金蚕线 - lit . golden silkworm, what Duan Bai Yue is afflicted with .
(4) Xue You: 雪幽 - lit . snow quiet .
(5) Nu Er Hong: 女儿红 - lit . daughter red .
(6) Hangover soup: 醒酒汤 - lit . wake wine soup . I have no idea on any other words to use lol .
(7) yang rod: 阳根 - yang refers to male stuff in this context so it's . . . that

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