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Di Wang Gong Lue - Chapter 18

Published at 8th of December 2018 02:09:21 PM

Chapter 18

[Chapter 18 - Country of Fei Mian] Why haven't you gone to secretly meet him yet 

Although Duan Bai Yue has been in seclusion recovering from his illness, but with Duan Yao and Zhao Wu present, Xi Nan manor is as well-organized as usual -- or should it be said, Duan Yao is responsible for scattering insects all over, with Zhao Wu cleaning up the mess behind him . As for the rest of the matters of Xi Nan, it's handled by a few trusted officials; everything is undisrupted .  

Nan Mo Ye returned to the manor to have meat today; within thirty minutes, he accidentally stepped on Duan Yao's Hong Se Chong (1); after being shocked and sorry about it, the teacher resolutely patted his butt and returned to the back of the mountain, leaving the rotten consequences to the rest .  
Zhao Wu: " . . . . . . . . . . "
Hua Tang asked: "Why don't I go and find another one in the forest? The chill hasn't set in and frost hasn't descended, there should still be some . " 
"I'll go . " Zhao Wu with a headache, picked up his sword and said, "If that little brat makes a scene after coming back, only you and Auntie Jin can humor him . "
Hua Tang instructed: "If you can find its nest, remember to pick a big and fat one, or else I'm afraid that it won't be enough to humor him . " 

The thick forest is quite far away from Xi Nan manor, but the Hong Se Chong has always liked come to out to hunt during the night, thus the time is just right . Zhao Wu, holding a kerosene lamp, hung it on a tree, searching for a tree branch to lie on and wait . After about half an hour, the insect didn't turn up, but sounds of help travelled from far away, and a tiger's roar .  
Zhao Wu jumped down the tree, chasing after the sound .  

In a forest clearing, a woman is drenched in blood, holding a child in her arms, with a sword held tightly in her right hand, and facing a giant, fierce tiger . The baby seemed to be in shock, his cries of "wa wa" agitating the tiger further; with a long roar it sprung forward .
The woman, eyes closed and teeth clenched, stabbed towards it with all her might, thinking that they are at death's door, but was pulled away by someone, falling into the bushes by the side .  
Zhao Wu sheathed his sword, and knocked the tiger out, and went forward to help the mother and child up .  
"Many thanks to this brother . " The woman's face is pale, and couldn't even stand up .  
Seeing her serious injuries, Zhao Wu didn't have time to ask more, and carried them on his back, returning to the manor .  

"He's back, he's back!" Auntie Jin is standing in front of the door waiting for him; after seeing him from faraway, quickly and happily said, "Second young master is back!"
As she finished her words, a group of person rushed out from the house noisily; there's the teary eyed Duan Yao, Hua Tang who has been accompanying him, Nan Mo Ye who felt bad and came back to console his disciple, Duan Bai Yue with a splitting headache, and a bunch of old female servants who treat Duan Yao as their treasure .  

"Where's the Hong Se Chong?" Auntie Jin immediately asked .  
The rest all remained silent; with this situation, shouldn't they first find out who is the woman he's carrying on his back .

"Who is she?" Duan Yao asked, hiccupping .  
"Saved her from the forest, a tiger came down the mountain for some reason, and almost ate this pair of mother and child, it has already been knocked out by me . " Zhao Wu said, "Send someone to drag it back up the mountain, to avoid it from entering the city and harming people . "
"There's nothing serious, she is just in shock and has some superficial wounds . " Hua Teng tested the woman's pulse, "Bring her back to the guestroom first, I will treat her injuries . " 
Auntie Jin carried and consoled the baby, with the rest also helping out; with this incident, Duan Yao has no mood to think about wanting the Hong Se Chong anymore, and so is squatting in the yard digging a hole, preparing to bury his treasured insect . Nan Mo Ye squatted by his side, his eyes flitting about, using his elbows to console him; fires raged in his heart, Duan Yao's really angry, why doesn't he even say a sentence to his teacher .

"I brought a stranger back, is it alright?" Zhao Wu asked .  
Duan Bai Yue doesn't understand: "This is your home, what is bringing someone back even, you can even destroy the house . " 

Zhao Wu also felt that his previous worry is a bit laughable, and scratched his head: "Then you go and rest, I'm going back first . " 
"Xiao Yu . " Duan Bai Yue called from behind, "Why don't we hold a wedding for you next month, how about it?"
Unprepared for it, Zhao Wu's face reddened considerably .  
"To be so honest, it's lucky that the lady doesn't mind . " Duan Bai Yue laughed while shaking his head, "If you have no other thoughts on it, then it's decided . " 

In the guestroom, Hua Tang helped to treat that woman's injury, and placed the kid who was fed and sleepy by her side, and quietly went out .
Zhao Wu is waiting for her in the yard: "How is she?"
"It's all superficial wounds, she fainted due to too much loss of blood, she will recover in a month's time . " Hua Tang said, "I have asked her, she only said she wandered here from the islands in the sea, and that her husband has passed away, she's intending to go to Jin Di (3) to find relatives . "

"Alright . " Zhao Wu nodded, "After her wounds are healed, let's see if there's any merchants going to Jin Di, she can be brought along with them . "
Hua Tang stretched her muscles, then looked at him curiously: "What's your face red for?" 
Zhao Wu: " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "
Duan Yao and Nan Mo Ye, sitting on the roof, sighed with their cheeks in their hands .  
To be able to have such a beautiful fiancée with such a upright personality; comparing the both of them, the other one is simply too embarrassing .  

A wedding is of course a big event; in a moment's time, the manor is as lively as they want it . After the woman's superficial wounds have healed, she also came forward to help; the aunties in the manor, pitying her circumstances, all advised her to stay, but that woman is determined to leave; she has quite the stubborn personality .  

On the day of the wedding, red lanterns are everywhere in Xi Nan manor; Nan Mo Ye is sitting in the Tai Shi chair, face full of smiles, waiting for tea -- although he didn't teach Zhao Wu martial arts before, but he's still a elder that's present, and so he inevitably took advantage of this .
"Big brother . " In the room, Zhao Wu said, "Many thanks . " 
Duan Bai Yue smiled and patted him: "Have a good life after the wedding; if father and your mother knows about this in the afterlife, they will be extremely delighted . " After all it's not so easy that they got such an honest and upright son, who obediently married once he's of age .

Not long after Zhao Wu married, the northern desert tribes led their troops down south; the battle of Xi Bei is officially on . The Chu Emperor personally led the the troops, with many Jiang Hu sects joining in to fight the enemy . As for the battle of Xi Nan, it ended without a sound .  
The people in the south are all shocked, after all the noise for months, how can it be just resolved with a discussion like this; the Chu emperor didn't even send a high ranking official, and the fires of the battle are already extinguished . But at the same time they are also very happy, no one likes to have the war at their doorstep after all; it's more important to have a peaceful life .  

Since Qin Shao Yu is at Xi Bei, Zhao Wu naturally wants to go and help . In the tomb, Nan Mo Ye said: "On the surface it's helping Zhui Yin sect, but in reality it's to help that person you like; sending a younger brother over, you won't be at a loss, in future you can still use this as a trump card . "
Duan Bai Yue: " . . . . . "
But on the afternoon of the same day, Auntie Jin was happy to the heavens and elated to the ground, instructing the cooks in the kitchen to stew soup and brew medicine .
Because Hua Tang is pregnant .
"Tsk . " Nan Mo Ye sighed audibly after hearing the news, "With this speed, I'm afraid that if you can't catch up even if you have ten steeds of Huo Yun Shi . " 
Duan Bai Yue sat in the cold room, feeling as if he may have a qi deviation again .  
Why are other people's teachers most afraid of their disciple getting disturbed while training, but his own teacher is so chatty the moment they meet?

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The battle of Xi Bei is unpredictable; Chu Yuan is personally leading the troops for the first time, and has many things to learn; luckily the people beside him all are able to help, allowing him to rest a while .
The weather this afternoon is good, in the camp of the Chu army, a red clothed woman is drying herbs in the sun; her clothes are provocative and alluring; she's obviously not a person of the central plains, but is part of a tribe who came forward to treat the wounds of the soldiers at the frontline .  
"Lady Zhu Sha . " Chu Yuan walked forward .
"Your Majesty . " That woman turned to face him upon hearing it .
"Do you have time?" Chu Yuan said, "We have some things, that we wish to learn from this lady . " 
"Of course . " Zhu Miao wiped her hands clean and let him into her own tent, "What does Your Majesty wish to know?" 
"Since lady is a wandering doctor of the great desert, and well versed in the occult, I wonder if you have heard of Jin Can Xian?" Chu Yuan asked .  
"Yes . " Zhu Sha nodded, "I have heard of it but I'm not familiar with it, and I have never seen it . "
"No matter . " Chu Yuan said, "Talk about what you know . " 

"Jin Can Xian is a poisonous creature of the Miao, it's extremely sly, once it enters the bloodstream, it's very hard to eradicate it . " Zhu Miao said, "It wakes once a year, sleeping after it drinks its fill of the blood, and once it awakens, it's as if the heart of afflicted person is attacked by a thousand ants, it's no better than being dead . "
Thinking of the pale face of Duan Bai Yue that day, Chu Yuan involuntarily tightened his right hand .  
"The growth of Jin Can Xian is slow, nothing may happen in the first ten-plus years, but if left alone, letting the gu chong grow in the body, it's afraid no one can endure past twenty years . " Zhu Miao said, "Why does Your Majesty suddenly ask of this?"

"Is there any antidote?" Chu Yuan's voice is a bit hoarse .  
"Allegedly there is; Tian Chen SHa . " Zhu Sha said, "But I haven't even seen Jin Can Xian before, and Tian Chen Sha is a medicine only talked about in the legends, so I'm even more unaware of where it is . If Your Majesty wants to know more, Master Ye may be able to help; if even he doesn't know, then the only way to go ask Xi Nan manor, it's something only in the south after all . " 

"What if even Xi Nan manor is at a loss?" Chu Yuan continued asking .
"Then the only way is to search further south . " Zhu Miao said, "I heard from the elders in the tribe before, to the south of Chu there's the country of Fei Mian, it's known as a shamanic kingdom, and are well-versed in poisonous creatures like this, they should be helpful . "

The country of Fei Mian . Chu Yuan nodded: "Many thanks to this lady . "

When he returned to his tent, Si Xi just happened to be inside tidying up the table, so Chu Yuan asked him about it .
"Country of Fei Mian?" Eunuch Si Xi shook his head, "It's said to be shrouded in mystery, the people live in the woods and swamps, no one has seen them before . " 
"How can there be such a country . " Chu Yuan laughed, "If the people have to live in swamps, I'm afraid the country will collapse after three days . "
Eunuch Si Xi said: "Why did Your Majesty bring this up suddenly?" 
"Nothing . " Chu Yuan asked, "Is there still wine?"
Eunuch Si Xi quickly went down to take some .  

As the emperor, Chu Yuan sure lives frugally; not an extra thing is brought along this march to war, if there's something special that must be mentioned, then it's just that he brought along three jars of Fei Xia .

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The wine is very sweet, drinking it begets a good sleep .

In Xi Nan manor, Duan Bai Yue is also leaning on the window, raising his head and drinking a cup of Fei Xia .

In the many months after that, news of the battle reached the manor without end .  
The Chu army's power is like the breaking of bamboo (3), first they attacked Ka Mo river then broke into Yun Han province; the camps of the rebel troops caught a great fire mysteriously, on that night the sounds of explosion almost broke through to the heavens; the Chu emperor followed the victory with a hot pursuit, the enemy fleeing and scattering in all directions; one after another dropped their knees to the ground, begging for surrender .  

The unrelenting chaos going on for ten years since the time of the former Chu emperor has finally obtained a great breakthrough; the northern desert tribes are thoroughly banished . The complicated and winding borders of the country, it's defended by tens of thousand of great Chu men, forging their blood and flesh into metal .  

The Chu army returned proudly and victoriously, and the Xi Nan troops also split secretly and returned . The people are all saying, the current emperor is truly extraordinary, his first war has gone so spectacularly .  

Hua Tang gave birth to twins, chubby and plump, without a hitch; Duan Yao followed behind them happily everyday . Auntie Jin looked at this scene with trepidation, deathly afraid that he will get a strange thought to give his nephews a couple of insects .

Duan Bai Yue's internal injury gradually got better, although the Jin Can Xian is still unable to be eradicated, but it still can be temporarily forced back into hibernation; there won't be any effects within the next year .

Today, a letter was sent from the palace again, saying that the Chu Emperor had sent out an envoy to Fei Mian .  
. . . . .
"Fei Mian?" Duan Bai Yue, puzzled, "What are they going there for?"
"Does this still need to be said?" Nan Mo Ye looked in askance .  
"Teacher knows about this?" Duan Bai Yue still can't make sense of it .
Nan Mo Ye reminded him: "I heard that the ruler of Fei Mian, he is tall and handsome . "
Duan Bai Yue: " . . . . . . . . . . "
Nan Mo Ye said with feeling: "Appearance like that of Pan An . (4)" 
Duan Bai Yue said: "During this period teacher sure read quite a few books . " He even knows Pan An .  
"What are your next moves?" Nan Mo Ye asked .
Duan Bai Yue put down the letter in his hands: "Such as?"
"At least you should change into new clothes, find a painter, then send a copy of your portrait to the capital . " Nan Mo Ye said, "Get it drawn nicer, if it doesn't look like then it doesn't look like you, after not meeting for such a long time, the Chu Emperor should have forgotten how you look like . "
Duan Bai Yue called for Duan Nian emotionlessly, getting him to drag him out .
Nan Mo Ye sighed and sighed again, with such prospects, he doesn't know whether he can drink a cup of wedding tea before he dies again .  

When the two babies' bones have hardened, Zhao Wu came to find Duan Bai Yue to take his leave .  

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Duan Bai Yue sighed: "Looks like I can't get you to stay . "
"My heart is not here, even if I'm forced to stay here I won't be happy . " Zhao Wu said, "But the distance between Zhui Yin sect and Xi Nan manor is not far, if we have time in the future, Hua Tang and I will bring our sons back frequently . "
"During my period of seclusion, I have troubled you and sister-in-law in taking care of Duan Yao . " Duan Bai Yue patted him, "Alright, have a safe journey . "
"And there's Tian Chen Sha . " Zhao Wu said, "I will help you to find too . "
Duan Bai Yue smiled: "Many thanks . "

Hearing that Zhao Wu is leaving, Duan Yao is of course reluctant about it; he personally went to the back of the mountains to dig up a full container of insects, giving it to Hua Tang .
. . . . . . . . .
Auntie Jin grumbled about Nan Mo Ye again, it's all due to Master Nan's indiscriminate teachings when Duan Yao was young, look at this weird habit .

After another month passed, the Xi Nan manor's spy reported back, saying that the Chu Emperor gone to Da Yan city (5) on an inspection trip .  
"You are still not going?" Nan Mo Ye urged while leaning on the door, "I will look after Yao-er for you, in case he causes trouble . "
The strength of the Hua Yun Shi is excellent; a normal horse will need a ten days' journey, but it only used five days to reach the city gates .

For this journey Chu Yuan didn't come down south incognito; with a considerable number of high ranking people accompanying him, naturally he won't be staying at an inn, but is staying at the relay station .

At night, the spring rain fell like snow; Chu Yuan is flipping through a book by the table, when the window frame made a faint sound .  
The imperial guards rushed over after detecting the movement, but before they could go in, they were asked to return by eunuch Si Xi with a wave of his hand, and was even told not to come and disturb once again .
. . . . . . .

Chu Yuan continued to look at the missive, not raising his head: "Xi Nan King really likes to go through windows like this?"
Duan Bai Yue leaned by the window, looking at his figure with a smile .

(1) Hong Se Chong: 红蛇虫 - lit . red snake insect .  
(2) Jin Di: 晋地 - Shanxi province in modern days .
(3) breaking of the bamboo: 势如破竹 - lit . power/potential like breaking bamboo . Means to progress with overwhelming momentum .
(4) Pan An: 潘安 - former name Pan Yue (潘岳), famous poet known for his looks .
(5) Da Yan city: 大雁城 - lit . wild goose city .  

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