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Di Wang Gong Lue - Chapter 43

Published at 17th of March 2020 02:37:22 PM

Chapter 43

[Chapter 43 - Discussion] Why must these people stay in the palace


It was very quiet at the dinner table, so quiet till even the sounds of eating and drinking appeared to be extraordinarily loud .


Chu Yuan wanted to speak, but was afraid of scaring Duan Yao, and thus he shot a suspicious look at Duan Bai Yue -- just what did you say before you two had arrived? Why did he become so spooked?


Xi Nan King sighed deeply on the inside, I’m really innocent . He really doesn’t know just what had happened, but based on his intuition, it must be connected to that trickster teacher of his .


“Eat some more of this . ” Seeing that Duan Yao did not move his chopsticks at all, Chu Yuan got a bowl of fish soup for him, saying gently, “The seasoning that was sent from Xi Nan previously is in it, it’s sour and spicy and delicious . There’s no restaurants with good Xi Nan cuisine in the capital, it must have been hard to have a taste of home . ”


“M-m-many thanks, Your Majesty . ” Duan Yao quickly threw down his chopsticks and stood up .


Duan Bai Yue: “ . . . . . ”


“What is there to be afraid about, it’s just a get-together, just having a meal . ” Chu Yuan said with a smile, “Sit down now, if the food isn’t to your liking, the imperial kitchen can simply take it away and make it again . ”


“Yao-er . ” Blandly, Duan Bai Yue shot a glance at him .


Inside, Duan Yao sobbed, feeling that he’s wrong no matter what he does .


Why is he so unlucky?


He simply can’t understand this at all .


… . .


“Let’s all eat properly first . ” Chu Yuan pulled him back onto the chair, “After the meal, we will bring you to the physician’s quarters . ”


Duan Yao asked nervously: “What are we going to the physician’s quarters for?”


To the side, Duan Bai Yue said coldly: “To see if there’s anything that can be saved in your head . ”


Duan Yao: “ . . . . . ”


“Nonsense . ” Chu Yuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and continued to explain to Duan Yao, “There’s a field of plants, in it are rare and strange plants that we have gathered from all over for XIao Jin . We will go and have a look later, and see if there’s any plants that you like . ”


Really? Duan Yao’s eyes instantly brimmed with tears . How is the emperor so nice, he’s so much better than his older brother .


Chu Yuan continued to pass him food, not saying anything else .


After finishing around a few dishes, Duan Yao has finally calmed down a little, and could finally take the food with his own chopsticks . Duan Bai Yue, sitting by his side, felt as if he had found the same kind of happiness as when he first saw Duan Yao first use his chopsticks when he was a kid .


… . .


After the meal, Chu Yuan got SI Xi to serve a pot of pu-erh tea . Duan Bai Yue asked: “When will those Chao Ya people be seen?”


“There’s no rush . ” Chu Yuan said, “Let them wait for a while more, or they may still think that they’re particularly noteworthy . ”


Duan Yao, sitting to the side, swayed around with both hands around his cup .


My sister-in-law is the emperor .


My sister-in-law is the emperor .


My sister-in-law is the emperor .


Heh heh .


“What does Yao-er think of those Chao Ya people?” Chu Yuan asked .


“Eh?” Duan Yao came back to himself, glancing at his dear brother unknowingly .


“Whatever you wish to say, just simply say it . ” Duan Bai Yue nodded .


“I don’t quite like those people . ” Duan Yao said, “ They’re gloomy, and also selfish and fierce . When we had just arrived at the inn, they started ordering the assassins of Xi Nan residence around, only restraining themselves after they were taught a lesson by my brother . If it was the waiter, he would have been bullied to death . And, they are hardly concerned about the toddler, only checking on her once a day . ”    

“It’s still not certain if that’s actually her mother, maybe she was kidnapped by them . ” Chu Yuan shook his head .


Duan Yao frowned, he had not thought of this point before .


Duan Bai Yue said: “They didn’t forget to take this child with them while escaping for their lives . If it’s not the child is not her own, then it simply means that there’s some secret related to the child . ”


“I was young then, and didn’t have much of an impression of Chao Ya people . ” Chu Yuan said, “But I didn’t feel that they were so obnoxious . ”


“The Chao Ya people who came to the palace some ten years ago wanted to have the late emperor bestow gifts on them, of course they would know how to talk and act . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “Perhaps when meeting you later, they will act all respectful and deferential too . ”


“Regardless, let’s see what they want first . ” Chu Yuan said, “The tea is almost finished, want to go to the physicians’ quarters?”


Duan Yao’s spirits rose a little, great great great!


The field was in the deepest part of the physician’s quarters . No one goes there usually, as there’s poisonous plants all over . If they were to accidentally touch some, Divine Physician Ye is in Jiang Nan, and can’t rush over in time to the capital to save their lives . There’s only one guard at the entrance; the surroundings were covered with greenery . It was very secluded .


“Oh, it’s wang tian luan(1) . ” As they entered, Duan Yao smelled a familiar fragrance .


“Xiao Jin had planted a patch of them the last time he came, and said that departed souls can be sent off when it blooms . ” Chu Yuan said, “Before this there was a big lake here . When the previous Zhou regime escaped in a great panic, many innocent concubines were drowned here . Rumors of hauntings have never stopped since then . Furthermore, there’s even eyewitnesses who said that they saw wrathful ghosts wandering around . ”


Duan Yao pinched his brother from the back, do you understand now, this is the outcome of marrying into the palace, you must consider it carefully .


When he returns to Xi Nan next time, Duan Bai Yue intends to find a chance to sell Duan Yao away . A silver or two is still money, it doesn’t matter if it’s even less than that .


“Go now, you would probably like everything inside . ” Chu Yuan said, “Just take whatever you like . ”


Seeing the hall full of medicinal cabinets, Duan Yao really wanted to rub his hands together, heart bursting with joy .


This is a windfall from heaven .


Even if his big brother will have to drown in a lake in the future .


This is still worth it .


He must run into it with happy steps .


“When we were at the Xi Nan residence, our teacher indulged him, the aunties indulged him, our second brother and his wife also indulged him . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “Never would I have thought that in the palace, you would also indulge him . ”


“I have yet to ask, what did you say to Yao-er . ” Chu Yuan said, “Why was he so spooked when you two just arrived?”


Duan Bai Yue said: “I didn’t say anything . ”


Chu Yuan was between laughter and tears, he didn’t even say anything? At least he should… .


“Yes?” Duan Bai Yue looked at him, a corner of his mouth curving up, “Why don’t you teach me, how I should say it?”


Chu Yuan was silent .


Seeing his increasingly red ears, Duan Bai Yue nonchalantly changed the topic: “No one would come here at night?”


Chu Yuan angrily kicked at him .


Duan Bai Yue raised his hand in surrender .


In the great hall, it was as if Duan Yao had hit gold, looking here and there, wanting everything, and yet knowing he can’t want everything . After choosing for a greater part of a day, he just selected a small box of Lan Mu powder to feed his gu .


“You only want this?” Chu Yuan was surprised .


Duan Yao said: “Yes, many thanks to Your Majesty . ”


“Such a small box of stuff, how can this be enough for a thanks . ” Chu Yuan smiled, “No matter, if you want anything next time, just come to the palace . If the palace doesn’t have it, we will send people to search for it, and find it for you no matter what . ”


Duan Yao was teary eyed, and extremely moved .


Xi Nan King was feeling very sour .


This damn brat .


After leaving the physicians’ quarters, Duan Bai Yue and Duan Yao returned to the inn first, intending to bring those Chao Ya people into the palace later secretly . Just as they reached the main street, Duan Yao covered his head and started running, swift as the wind .


But Duan Bai Yue was faster than him .


In what seemed to be only a blink of any eye, Duan Yao was lifted up by his collar .


“You still dare to run away?” Duan Bai Yue raised an eyebrow .


Duan Yao was shocked to tears: “When did your qing gong become so good?”


Maybe he went to learn about it from Sun-moon Hamlet in secret, that’s quite possible . After all, the qing gong of the Shen clan is the first in the world, the first young master Shen is Shen Qian Feng, and he’s married to Master Ye, Master Ye’s older brother is the emperor, and the emperor is having an affair with his dear brother .


Duan Bai Yue asked: “Just what is with you today!”


You still have the gall to ask me . Tearing up, Duan Yao lodged a complaint: “Why didn’t you make it clear before we set out, that you two are in such a relationship?”


“You yourself said that you already knew . ” Duan Bai Yue knocked his knuckles on Duan Yao’s head .


“Teacher’s the one who said it, teacher said the person you like is General Shen!” Duan Yao said in a huff .


It was as if lightning struck Duan Bai Yue: “Who?”


“General Shen!” Duan Yao reached out and pointed . The residence of the general was not far away; green bricks and black tiles, it’s sure very imposing!


Duan Bai Yue: “ . . . . . . ”


Duan Bai Yue: “ . . . . . . ”


Duan Bai Yue: “ . . . . . . ”


“Scared me to death!” Duan Yao’s legs still felt weak when he thought about the situation when the meal just started .


“You actually believed our teacher’s words?” Xi Nan King gritted his teeth, wanting to really do something to his teacher and younger brother .


“Why can’t I believe him, don’t you believe him too?” Duan Yao put his hands on his hips, “Taking a worn down piece of metal as a treasure . ” It’s full of rust stains, and he still has no shame in hanging it by his waist . It simply brings shame to the residence of Xi Nan .


And thus the older brother beat up the younger brother .


Duan Yao held him off energetically, but he couldn’t win . His brother had learnt the Bodhi Heart Sutra after all, thus he ended up crying till he coughed . Is he done or not!


When he returns to Xi Nan, he must complain to all the aunties, the kind where he harps on it for at least half a month!


In the inn, those Chao Ya people waited fretfully, turning at least ten rounds in the room . Just as they couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to leave, they finally heard footsteps from outside .


Duan Yao was in a bad mood, and rushed like the wind into his bedroom that was next to theirs, time to sleep .


On the other hand, Duan Bai Yue’s mood was very good . He said to the group of people: “Who is going with me to the palace?”


The other party paused, saying: “Not all of us are going?”


“Of course not . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “The inside of the palace is heavily guarded, and everyone here has average qing gong . To have so many people going in together, it won’t be an easy task . ”


“Why can’t Emperor Chu be invited out?” The woman asked .


Duan Bai Yue laughed: “What a way of speaking, this esteemed lady . To have Your Majesty leave the palace, all just to meet you?”


“When the Chao Ya clan came to the palace previously, the late emperor also treated them with respect, why is it that now he’s surreptitious and apprehensive?” The woman wasn’t happy .


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“Ten years back, the Chao Ya clan came via the official roads, and entered the palace openly, on horses and in sedans, and thus the late emperor treated them accordingly . ” Duan Bai Yue raised an eyebrow, “Why don’t you do it again? Then the emperor will naturally open the palace gates, and welcome everyone . ”


The woman was rendered speechless .


“Since we are all going the same way, why split up? Just answer a few questions of the emperor, and then maybe you can enter the palace openly, so why be hung up on such formalities?” Duan Bai Yue, leaning against the door, reminded them, “If this drags on, the sky is going to brighten outside . ”


Those few people looked at each other, and said: “We want to discuss this privately . ”


Duan Bai Yue smiled and left the guestroom .


Seeing their indecision just now, these bunch of people probably can’t be fully trusted . Being so suspicious of each other even after going through near-deaths together, the island of Chao Ya must be bleak with no justice .


A moment later, the woman stepped out, saying: “I will accompany you into the palace . ”


The rest of the Chao Ya people were behind him, and although they’re reluctant, they’re also at their wits’ end, and stared at the two people going down the stairs .


It was already nearing midnight . Chu Yuan was drinking tea in the side chamber . Eunuch Si Xi came forward, saying that the Xi Nan King had brought someone here .


“Let them in . ” Chu Yuan put down his tea cup .


“Go now . ” In the courtyard, Duan Bai Yue said, “Whatever you know, whatever you want to say, it’s best you think carefully about it, or you will probably make a fool out of yourself . ”


The woman shot a look at him upon hearing this, but didn’t speak, and entered the chamber by herself .


Duan Bai Yue moved to the back, and leaped onto the roof .


“This commoner greets Your Majesty . ” The woman kneeled and bowed .


“You may rise . ” Chu Yuan said, “Is this lady really from Chao Ya?”


“Replying to Your Majesty, that’s right . ” The woman nodded .


“We have also received news occasionally, stating that Yu Shu had gathered people from all over the pugilistic world, and were pursuing some people from Chao Ya . We had our misgivings and thus sent someone to investigate, but did not think that we would be able to rescue you . ” Chu Yuan said, “According to reason, between court officials and the Chao Ya clan, it should be such that everyone minds their own business . As for how this happened, this lady should ought to be able to give us an explanation . ”


“Chao Ya island has been destroyed . ” The woman said .


Chu Yuan frowned slightly: “Why?”


“There was a person called Xuan Tian on the island, he colluded with bandits from Nanyang, came onto the island, killed everyone, and even got himself killed . ” The woman said, “The few of us escaped by luck . ”


Chu Yuan asked: “Reason?”



“From seven, eight years ago, the island was split into north and south factions . Xuan Tian was the ringleader of the northern faction . He was angry at the power of our southern faction becoming greater and greater, and malice grew in his heart . ” The woman said, “But he didn’t think that he would be used by others . After the southern faction had died, the northern faction was not able to avoid the same fate . Out of the hundred households, there are only seven of us left, who escaped with our lives . ”


“Where are the bandits from Nanyang now?” Chu Yuan continued asking .


“They should be still on Chao Ya island . ” The woman answered .


“There’s truly treasure on the island?” Chu Yuan looked at her, full of interest .


The woman paused, and said: “There is, but we do not know where . ”


Chu Yuan nodded, indicating that she should elaborate .


“There is gold buried beneath Chao Ya island, it was the last wish of our departed ancestors . ” The woman said, “However, although the descendants have always searched for it, there appears to be no trace of it . ”


On the rooftop, Duan Bai Yue shook his head, it’s as if the forefathers of Chao Ya and his own teacher are brothers, they are both similarly negligent .


“So that group of Nanyang bandits remained on the island to continue unearthing the gold?” Chu Yuan asked pensively .


“It’s likely so . ” The woman nodded, “Xun Tian shouldn’t have any other reasons that can convince them to embark on a journey up north from so far away . ”


“It’s certainly unexpected that Yu Shu would have connections with Nanyang . ” Chu Yuan put down his tea cup, “Then, this lady who has come here with her companions to meet us, what requests do you have?”


“This commoner earnestly asks for Your Majesty to help us recapture Chao Ya island . ” The woman said .


“Chao Ya is not of my great Chu, this is unreasonable . ” Chu Yuan replied .


“Your Majesty . ” The woman got down on her knees, “The Chao Ya clan is facing imminent danger, and only Your Majesty can save us . My clan can promise, as long as we can take back our home, provided that the hidden treasure is found in the future, we will pay the entire sum to great Chu as tribute without leaving any of it out . ”


“Chao Ya clan’s ordeal certainly leads one to lament, but the great Chu and Nanyang have always kept to their own business . If trouble arises because of this, people of the southern seas will also be harmed . ” Chu Yuan said, “This lady should understand, it’s not that we do not want to help, but that we cannot help . ”



“The Nanyang bandits have lofty ambitions, their goal is probably not just Chao Ya island . ” The woman’s words carried an implication, “Will Your Majesty be at ease?”


“And?” Chu Yuan smiled, “Chao Ya is not a vital position to guard for transportation, and even more so, it’s not an important place that military strategists will vie for . In front, there is Tian Wu island, and behind there is Nan Shui island, and further away is the sixteen rings of Baisha . Each of those places have massive military forces, and this is not counting the garrisoned troops on the eastern sea . If a war were to truly happen, the existence of Chao Ya, and whoever is in charge of it, to us and to the great Chu, has no significance at all . To use this to coerce us, this lady may have overestimated your importance a little too much . ”


Duan Bai Yue smirked .


“Please forgive me, Your Majesty, this commoner does not dare to do so . ” The woman’s face was a bit pale, “It’s a moment of anxiousness, which resulted in me not watching my words . ”


“We will not send troops to Chao Ya, and furthermore, won’t interfere in the affairs of other countries . ” Chu Yuan said, “On the account of the late emperor, my father, at the very most, we can bestow a residence on you . This lady just has to answer me, if it’s wanted or not . ”


The woman opened and closed her mouth, before saying: “There have been people trying to kill us . ”


Chu Yuan smiled: “You wished to remain in the palace?”


Duan Bai Yue: “ . . . . . . . ”


The woman said: “Yes . ”


Chu Yuan said: “That’s also fine . ”


Duan Bai Yue frowned .


“We can promise you this . ” Chu Yuan said, “But there are many people and many sets of eyes in this palace, if you were to stay here, you won’t be able to move around anymore . ”

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The woman nodded: “This humble woman understands . ”


Chu Yuan said: “Then it will end here tonight . During the day tomorrow, there will be people to fetch the rest of the people into the palace .

The woman bowed on the ground in thanks, and followed Si Xi to the residence .



Duan Bai Yue asked: “Why did you let these people stay in the palace?”


“Or else?” Chu Yuan and him were walking slowly back to the sleeping quarters, “We don’t know what motives they have . Placing them in the capital, the people will be worried . ”


“Placing them in the palace, I will be worried too . ” Duan Bai Yue said .


Chu Yuan smiled: “In the palace, it’s like a house arrest, let’s see if they will expose their true nature . There will of course be people to guard just them, and it’s not like I will go over there often anyway, so why worry?”


“In this period, there’s quite a few people who were in contact with these Chao Ya people . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “But the people who can let Feng Xing give off light, it’s still just you and that Tu Bu Jie . ” I really don’t want to bring up this name .


“Yao-er can’t either?” Chu Yuan asked .


Duan Bai Yue was unhappy: “Don’t mention that brat again . ”


Chu Yuan poked him: “You sure have guts, to dare to defy the emperor . ”


“How could I dare to defy you . ” Duan Bai Yue shook his head, “If that’s the case, then --”


“Yes?’ Chu Yuan looked at him from the corner of his eyes .


Duan Bai Yue was very calm: “Don’t have pork shoulder for tomorrow morning, it’s oily . ”


Chu Yuan laughed: “Not eating either vegetables or meat, Xi Nan King is sure hard to attend to . ”


“I won’t be staying tonight . ” Duan Bai Yue said .


Chu Yuan frowned: “Where are you going again?”


Duan Bai Yue repiled: “A brothel . ”


Chu Yuan stopped in his tracks .


Duan Bai Yue laughed: “It’s really a brothel, Brother Gu had returned to the capital a few days ago, and today a letter came saying that he has something to talk to me about, and there was no time to go meet him, so I said I’ll go over tonight . ”


“What matters are there, that must be discussed even in the middle of the night?” Chu Yuan looked at him .


Duan Bai Yue: “ . . . . . . ”


Because I only have time in the middle of the night .


“Go now, no one is asking you to stay . ” Chu Yuan’s tone was mild, walking forward without a care .


Duan Bai Yue finally got things straight, and caught up to him: “I’m not going anymore . ”


“Not afraid of standing other people up?’ Chu Yuan glanced at him .


“Let him wait, I don’t know him well anyway . ” Duan Bai Yue said very smoothly .


Chu Yuan laughed at this, and pushed him: “Seriously, if there’s really something, then go, you shouldn’t delay it . ”


“It’s really nothing . ” Duan Bai Yue pulled over his hand, “Pretend I never said anything, forget it . ”


The moonlight is clear and bright, making their shadows longer and longer .


In Ran Yue brothel, Gu Yuan Chuan is in the qin player’s room, drinking yet another cup of wine, listening to the songs dully .


Is he coming or not .


After waiting till the later part of the night, when he couldn’t fight off the tiredness anymore, he stood up and went to the inn himself . In the end, he asked the night watch who had said, the king has not been around at all, only the young master is around .


To hell with it . Gu Yun Chuan thought that they had passed each other by, and thus turned back, but met two other people on the street instead .


“Elder Nan?”


Beside Nan Mo Ye was Tu Bu Jie, who were both surprised at seeing him: “It’s midnight, what are you wandering about the street for?”


Gu Yun Chuan told them about how he had arranged a time with Duan Bai Yue but didn’t see him turn up after waiting and more waiting, and said again: “The lord has probably reached Ran Ye brothel already, we probably passed each other by . ”


Nan Mo Ye said: “I will go with you to have a look . ”


Gu Yun Chuan: “ . . . . . . . ”


The three people returned to Ran Ye brothel together, but there was no one waiting there .


Nan Mo Ye started smiling brilliantly .


Gu Yun Chuan was puzzled: “This elder seems very reluctant to let this humble one meet with the lord . ”


“Whatever matter that is, it’s not too late to meet in the morning . ” Nan Mo Ye patted his shoulder, “You will know in time to come . ”


Gu Yun Chuan frowned: “But this matter is somewhat important . ”


“You said it, it’s just “somewhat important” . ” Nan Mo Ye said, “What Duan Bai Yue is doing now is urgent, and can’t wait a moment longer . ”


Gu Yun Chuan was skeptical .


Tu Bu Jie was utterly confused .


Nan Mo Ye walked back while humming .

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He finally got it, maybe he’s really staying in the palace every night .

If that’s the case, then the day where Xi Nan residence will be holding a wedding is not far away at all .



In the palace, the plum blossom tree has been shifted back, had fertilizer added to it, and is storing up its reserves to bloom again during winter, so that it may be dug up fewer times in the coming year .


Duan Bai Yue, leaning on the headboard, was gently patting on his back .


Chu Yuan slept very quickly and very deeply . One, it was because he was tired, and two it was because he was at ease .


Seeing the gradually brightening day outside, Duan Bai Yue sighed internally . He had just lied down not long ago, and now he has to attend morning court again . Every time he sees him in a daze, halfway between sleepiness and wakefulness, he becomes frustrated at not being resolute and just taking him away in the first place . Who knows how carefree he would be now .


Chu Yuan asked dazedly: “What time is it now?”


Duan Bai Yue covered his eyes: “Midnight . ”


Chu Yuan’s lips curved slightly: “Ridiculous . ”


“Don’t attend court, alright?” Duan Bai Yue hugged him, “Just this one day, pretend that you’re sick, yes?”


Chu Yuan raised his head and looked at him: “Idiot . ”


“You’re the idiot . ” Duan Bai Yue held his hand, “Is there any emperor who acts like this, with only the country in his eyes? Isn’t this idiotic?”


Chu Yuan paused, and did not say anything .


Duan Bai Yue pulled over the blanket, and wrapped him in it again: “Close your eyes . ”


Sounds of footsteps sporadically travelled in from outside . Si Xi carefully poked his head in . Duan Bai Yue said: “Tell those damn old men, court is adjourned today, and wait for tomorrow if they want to put forward suggestions . ”


Si Xi froze .


Chu Yuan let out a muffled laugh on his chest .


“Yes . ” Eunuch Si XI quickly closed the door once again .


Silence returned to their surroundings once again . Chu Yuan pinched his chin .


“Sleep . ” Duan Bai Yue grabbed his hand, “If it’s not time for lunch, you’re not allowed to wake up . ”


Chu Yuan turned around, back facing him, taking most of the blanket with him along the way .


Rushing to the main hall in a sedan, Eunuch Si Xi thought, looks like just one blanket is needed for tonight . After all, when he looked in just now, the other blanket was just thrown on the ground .


All the officials were already waiting in the side hall, chit-chatting while waiting to attend court, but was instead informed that the emperor is not well, and court is adjourned for today .


  Tao Ren De frowned: “The emperor is still not well?” He hadn't seen him in the imperial study yesterday either .


“Yes . ” Eunuch Si Xi said, “His stomachache hasn’t gotten better, he went to rest after consuming the medicine . ”


“Many thanks to eunuch for informing . ” Tao Ren De nodded . The rest of the officials dispersed, while Liu Da Jiong came over and poked him: “Let’s go eat roast donkey?”


Tao Ren De shook his head: “I will go visit the emperor, hopefully his illness isn’t serious . ”


“Pei pei pei! Our esteemed emperor is very healthy, what is with that mouth of yours . ” Liu Da Jiong said, “The occasional cold, fever, stomachache or superficial wound; how serious can it be, look at you worry, so long-winded . ”


“You, who wants to act as a matchmaker for everyone all day, dares to call me long-winded?” Tao Ren De was shocked .


Liu Da Jiong was unhappy: “What’s wrong with matchmaking, out of your five son-in-laws, three were by this old man here, allowing you to hold a grandson in a year . Why didn’t you complain about this at that time?”


Tao Ren De: “ . . . . . ”


“Let’s go eat roast meat, you are the one paying, I have no money . ” Liu Da Jiong cupped his hands towards him .


“You say, you’re a great minister of the second grade, but you’re one who must even have his roast meat be paid for by someone else . ” Tao Ren De shook his head . The two of them didn’t use the sedans either, and just walked out like this while wondering, “Ever since the emperor ascended to the throne, he would hold morning court everyday, unless he was not in the palace . When he accidentally hurt his arm while hunting last time, he still passed on edicts in the imperial study for the entire of the next day . What’s with him recently, not meeting people from time to time . ”


Liu Da Jiong said: “You, don’t talk to me, my mind is full of roast meat now . ”


Tao Ren De: “ . . . . . . ”


Passing by Yue Lai inn, commotion sounded from the second floor . Everyone in the streets all looked up .


“Get out!” Duan Yao squatted in the corner, refusing to turn over .


“Yao-er . ” Nan Mo Ye, smiling from ear to ear, squeezed beside his little disciple, “You’re really angry?”


“You just know how to lie to me!” Duan Yao’s nose was bright red .


He’s really crying? It was too late for Nan Mo Ye to regret his actions . He picked him up and placed him on a chair, “This teacher is wrong, alright? Tell me what you want, teacher will find it for you even if I have to dig three metres down . ”


“I don’t want anything, I want to change my teacher!” Duan Yao hiccupped .


“That’s not possible, I can’t bear to do that . ” Nan Mo Ye patted his head, “Why don’t this teacher teach you some of the Bodhi Heart Sutra?”


“I don’t want to learn!” Duan Yao continued to sob, “Who knows if it’s real or fake, you can even take an old, broken piece of metal and give it to big brother like it’s a precious sword!”


”That rascal said it’s an old broken piece of metal?” Nan Mo Ye was furious, but still managed to display a kind smile in time, continuing to coax his young foolish disciple: “Then this teacher will bring you to visit a brothel?”


Visit in your dreams!


Duan Yao cried even louder when he heard this .


What kind of rotten teacher is this… . .


(1) Wang Tian Luan: 望天鸾 - lit . look sky bird, the bird in this case being a mythical bird in chinese mythology .

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