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Di Wang Gong Lue - Chapter 44

Published at 30th of May 2020 05:35:05 PM

Chapter 44

[Chapter 44 – Return from Jade Coffin Mountain] Seems like that Lan Yi Zhan is really dead

It was already afternoon before Duan Bai Yue returned to the inn from the palace .

Tu Bu Jie was squatting by the door to the guestrooms, a peach in his hand . Seeing Duan Bai Yue approach, he quickly made a face — Master Nan is not in a good mood, this honourable nephew shouldn’t go in and get into unnecessary trouble…

Duan Bai Yue was taken by surprise: “When did you return?”

Standing up, Tu Bu Jie said: “Just returned yesterday . ”

Duan Bai Yue nodded, and asked: “Why did this elder not return to his room to rest, but squat here instead?”

Tu Bu Jie pointed into the room, and mouthed: “They are quarreling . ”

Of course they’re quarrelling . Duan Bai Yue was not surprised at this at all, it would be more strange if they weren’t quarrelling .

After he went in, as expected, Nan Mo Ye was sitting by the table, sighing, not even raising his head when he heard someone come in . Duan Yao wasn’t around . He was probably having a good sleep in his room next door, or had angrily gone out for a walk .

“Alas . ” Nan Mo Ye sighed deeply again .

“More ‘alas’ won’t help . ” Duan Bai Yue poured himself a cup of tea, “When teacher has successfully cajoled Yao-er, we will then talk about the matter of General Shen . ”

Nan Mo Ye: “… . . ”

It’s clearly the same issue, why does he have to deal with it again .

“On your trip to Jade Coffin Mountain, were there any findings?” Duan Bai Yue asked .

“None . ” When this was brought up, Nan Mo Ye shook his head over and over, “Who knows where the rumor came from . When I reached that Jade Coffin Mountain, I easily broke the guarding array with Qian Hui Huan . In the end, once I had a look into the cave, the coffin of that Lan Yi Zhan was still on its pedestal, its eighteen pegs solidly in place, with dust at least a finger’s thickness laid over everything, how are there any signs of a resurrection?”

“So the coffin is intact, but what about the person inside?” Duan Bai Yue asked .

“He’s there too, but he had long turned into bare bones . There were some knife marks on him, it should be from when he was injured during the fight with Qiu Ji . ” Nan Mo Ye said, “Bothering the deceased for no reason at all, it should not have been done . After sealing the coffin, we found a monk to pray for three days at the bottom of the mountain before we returned . ”

Duan Bai Yue shook his head: “This sure doesn’t seem like teacher’s style . ” To even know that he should reseal the coffin and find a monk to help the soul find peace .

If it was the previous him, of course he wouldn’t be bothered .  Nan Mo Ye thought, but now that he has two brats to take care of, merits must be accumulated when possible . He is not afraid of dying, but nothing must happen to his disciples .

“After so many years, there’s probably no one in Jianghu who knows who Lan Yi Zhan is . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “Mention demonic sects, and one can only think of Feng Jiu Ye, who was eradicated by the Dominion of Chasing Shadows . Only that Sai Fan An keeps reminiscing about him . Once he heard that Jiu Xuan Ji was destroyed, he immediately thought that Lan Yi Zhan had come back to life, not hesitating to work with Tian Sha sect, and even came to the capital and set up Feng Xin Ju with great fanfare to entice him to appear on some mysterious basis . ”

“We can simply interrogate him after we catch him . ” Nan Mo Ye said, “You saw with your own eyes that he went down over the precipice while holding onto a piece of vine . He’s probably still alive . “

Duan Bai Yue nodded:”I can only trouble this teacher once again . ”

“Since you know it’s hard work for this teacher, then go cajole Yao-er for me . ” Nan Mo Ye urged .

Duan Bai Yue was unbothered: “The words were spoken by teacher himself, and naturally it must be teacher who goes to coax him . ”

If I could cajole him, what would I want you for! Nan Mo Ye made a suggestion: “Why don’t you try changing your beloved? This teacher finds that General Shen is quite good too . ” Like this, he won’t be lying, and was just predicting the future .

Duan Bai Yue patted his shoulder, and said sincerely: “Teacher is really someone who can’t be pitied . ”

That little disciple of yours, go and humor him by slowly yourself .

A while later, Chu Yuan sent guards to bring the Chao Ya people into the palace under disguise . Duan Bai Yue had nothing to do, and naturally followed — even if he was busy, he must still follow them the same .

A group of officials, gathered in a room beside the imperial study, were all waiting to present their edicts . Duan Bai Yue glanced at them from a tree far away, feeling a headache coming on . With another glance he saw that Tao Ren De was waiting right in front, and his headache increased .  

For so many years, spies from Xi Nan residence who were planted in the palace would send back information occasionally, saying that this Tai Fu was once again trying to appeal for the emperor to select an empress; not only would he be reprimanding the emperor for being too laissez-faire with the Xi Nan King, after that he would even describe the eight great crimes of Xi Nan residence in detail, causing resentment in the other officials too — he was practically an archnemesis that heavens had sent to pit against him .  

So even though he knew that this old fellow was a good and faithful official, every time he heard the three words “Tao Ren De”, Duan Bai Yue still felt like feeding him an insect by his own hand .  

Officials one after another, issues one after another; the last person was Liu Da Jiong, though he was not there for official business, and instead said happily that his grandson would be one month old in ten days, and that he wished for the emperor to bestow him a courtesy name .    

Chu Yuan said: “Out of this whole afternoon, there’s finally a good thing . Tai Fu had also said that he will be going to your residence for the banquet ten days later . ”

“I reckon that Old Tao knew that the issues he presented were not happy things, so he said something else on purpose to avoid a rebuke by Your Majesty . ” Liu Da Jiong shook his head, “I never expected that even the grandson of this lowly official, not even a month old, was also made use of by that old fox . ” This isn’t something that can be solved by one roast donkey bun . It will take at least two of them .

Chu Yuan laughed, then stood up and said: “We shall have someone send it to your residence a while later . Does this official want to remain for a meal?”

“Many thanks, Your Majesty, but this official still has matters to attend to at night, there are guests at home . ” Liu Da Jiong said .  

“Then we shall not make you stay . ” Chu Yuan patted his shoulder, “When you meet Tai Fu later, remember to ask for some money from him . If not for your grandson, we wouldn’t have passed that edict . ”

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“Yes . ” Liu Da Jiong nodded, “This official shall properly exhort money from him . ” 

“Your Majesty . ” After everyone had left, then did Eunuch Si Xi come in, saying, “Should we return to the residential quarters for a rest?”

“We slept for an entire morning, we are not tired now . ” Chu Yuan shook his head, asking, “Have those Chao Ya people entered the palace?”

“Your Majesty, they arrived four hours ago, Commander Xiang fetched them personally . ” Eunuch Si Xi said, “They have been placed at Yi Xin Hall . ”

“Good . ” Chu Yuan nodded, saying, “Let’s go, back to the residential quarters . ”

Eunuch Si Xi was puzzled, he just said he wasn’t tired, so why is he returning to the residential quarters now . To think I thought he wanted to see that group of Chao Ya people .  

The residential quarters weren’t far from the imperial study . When Chu Yuan opened the door, Duan Bai Yue was sitting by the table, waiting for him .

Aiyo! Inwardly, Eunuch Si Xi slapped his head; what happened to his head today .  The Chao Ya people arrived, of course Xi Nan King would have come too, how can the emperor not rush back to the residential quarters .

Duan Bai Yue said: “Looking at the number of people outside the imperial study, I thought you would have only returned at night . ” 

“There were many people, but their matters were not serious . ” Chu Yuan sat opposite him, “As long as there’s no disorder at the borders, everything else is not a problem . ” 

“You didn’t visit those Chao Ya people?” Duan Bai Yue asked .  

Chu Yuan shook his head: “Let them be for a few days first . ” 

“I went to see them . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “A group of them are currently complaining in their rooms, saying that it’s a cold palace that hasn’t been cleaned . ” 

“It’s not that it hasn’t been cleaned, it’s that there’s no servants . ” Chu Yuan said, “There’s brooms and pails, if they want it to be clean, they can do it themselves . ” 

Duan Bai Yue smiled: “Listening to their conversations, there are two of them who had come to the palace a decade back . It seems like they had been seen as important by the late emperor . ” 

Chu Yuan nodded: “After three days, I shall go see them . ” 

“Then let’s not talk about this anymore . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “My teacher has returned from Jade Coffin Mountain . ”

“Elder Nan?” Chu Yuan asked: “Has he found out anything?” 

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Duan Bai Yue shook his head, and roughly talked about the situation of Jade Coffin Mountain once more .

“As expected . ” Chu Yuan said, “I had written to Sun-Moon Hamlet, and Qian Feng also said that it doesn’t seem like it’s true . To be able to come back from the dead, other than Elder Nan, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else . ” 

“It’s not that my teacher came back from the dead, but that he simply didn’t die in the first place . The martial arts he practices are too many and too messy, causing harm to his body easily . So every once in a while he will fake a death to recover, staying in the ground for at least a month, and at most years . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “Although Lan Yi Zhan practiced demonic methods, it’s still something that happened decades ago . ‘Debt disappears when one dies’, as they say . Those sects that were offended by him shouldn’t have held their grudges for long . If we were to talk about who is still hung up on him, then it can only be his former good friend Qiu Ji . ”

“He’s Sai Pan An?” Chu Yuan said .

Duan Bai Yue shook his head: “About whether Sai Pan An and Qiu Ji are the same person, it is not certain yet . It’s just my guess . ” 

“Lan Yi Zhan died by the hand of Qiu Ji . The two of them grew up together . About the martial arts that either of them have learnt, about whether resurrection is possible, it should be very familiar to them, and suspicions shouldn’t rise just because of one Jiu Xuan Ji . ” Chu Yuan said, “I can’t figure out this part . ” 

“If you can’t figure it out, then don’t . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “You just have to be concerned about the matters of the court, and leave the matters of Jianghu to me . ” 

“If Tai Fu were to know that the Xi Nan King was involved in the matters of Jianghu, he would have a fit again . ” Chu Yuan looked at him with a smile .  

“All the better if he gets infuriated . ” Duan Bai Yue sat by Chu Yuan’s side, “Want to go for a walk? You were stuck in the imperial study for the entire afternoon . ”  

“There will be a lotus light festival in the city tonight . There will be people everywhere, I don’t want to go . ” Chu Yuan said, “Or else there will be chaos again . ” 

“Lotus light festival?” Duan Bai Yue said, “Haven’t heard of it . ”

“It’s nothing special, it’s just everyone gathering to have fun . ” Chu Yuan said, “Tao Tai Fu will also be bringing his grandson . There will be quite a few other officials too . If they saw that Xi Nan King showed up, they would probably faint on the spot . ” 

“I can simply disguise myself . ” Duan Bai Yue held his hand .  

“They can’t see me either . ” Chu Yuan said, “I just barely managed to finish dealing with them, why would I run out to bump into them again . ” 

Can’t do this, can’t do that .  Duan Bai Yue cupped his cheeks, saying: “Boring . ” 

“If you’re bored, then go to the brothels . ” Chu Yuan raised an eyebrow at him .

“If I had known that you would be so hung up on it, I wouldn’t have said it . ” Duan Bai Yue felt a bunch of conflicting emotions, “Honestly, if you hadn’t brought it up, I would have forgotten about it . ” He had really left Brother Gu stranded .

“It’s not too late to go now . ” Chu Yuan said .  

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“I won’t go . I will go tomorrow instead, I want to be with you today . ” Duan Bai Yue said, “Why don’t I take a walk with you in the imperial gardens? It’s dull here . ” 

Chu Yuan said: “Why don’t we go to your inn?” 

“En?” Duan Bai Yue sat up, a little surprised .  

Chu Yuan said: “The lotus lights can be seen from there too . ” 

Although it was a little far, it will still be a pretty sight to see candle lights swaying on the river .

Inside the inn, Duan Yao was asking: “Really?” 

“Of course it’s real, when we return to Xi Nan, I will go to the grave and dig it out for you . ” Nan Mo Ye swore on his hand .  

Duan Yao rubbed his nose: “Don’t lie to me this time . ” 

“Of course, of course . ” Nan Mo Ye nodded .  

Duan Yao handed over one of the meat skewers in his hand: “Deal . ” 

Nan Mo Ye’s smile stretched across his face, happily taking over the skewer to eat .  

There were sounds of footsteps on the stairs . Duan Yao frowned: “Why do I hear two people?” 

Nan Mo Ye said without thinking: “Maybe it’s the emperor . ” 

Duan Yao peeked through the door gap, then said astonishedly, “It’s really the emperor . ” 

“Is it?” Nan Mo Ye’s interest was piqued, and quickly went over to peek too .

Duan Bai Yue and Chu Yuan went into the bedroom together .  

In unison, Nan Mo Ye and Duan Yao silently moved from the door to the wall, continuing to listen intently . Even their posture was the same, like they wished they were able to pass through the wall .  

One look and one would know…that they are master and disciple .

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