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Chapter 29

DWBS 29: Birthday Party

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May 16, 2018curiosOZ

2 months flew by
「Actually, it’s my birthday next week」
Haruto gathered all the employees and said such a thing .

「That’s the first time I’ve heard this news . Next week is July 8……you did not say anything about it on last year’s July 8? 」
「Iya~, didn’t last time we were in debt? 」
「But we have a 100 million liability right now……」
「10 million or 100 million doesn’t matter . I got used to it . Then I remembered that it’s my birthday . Don’t you want me to celebrate」
Haruto laughed while embarrassed .

「Ne~, even if you have an ordinary debt, but is that enough to forget your birthday? 」
「That’s right . I did not remember it either? But instead, it was easier to just forget about it」
Roa and Aisha looked at Haruto with a strange face .

「Iya~, well I was told that my parents died before my first birthday . Afterward, I don’t feel anything so……I was not so conscious about it」
「W-well, don’t feel bad right now!! 」
「It’s hard to be on the contrary if you react so much, you know? 」
Haruto smiled bitterly .

Dennis called out while ignoring the dense air .
「Wha-t about it, I haven’t celebrated in the past few years」
「Iya~, it’s probably natural for a NEET . Go back and adequately reflect on yourself」
Haruto complained against Dennis . But he guessed he won’t do it .

「Then I’ll make the puddingー」
Pudding laughs while raising her hand .
「Although I’m glad that you’re happy……it’s somewhat confusing」
Eating Pudding made by Pudding . It’s going to be complicated to write .

「Then you’re going to have my specialty Rang Dosha」
「Then I’ll make Tart O’Fruit」
「So I’m Rusk」
Rang, Tart, Rusk said .

「I’m confused so stop it . Usually, a cake is good」
In the first place, why are mercenaries who have sweets for names engaged in such a bloody work?

「U~n, birthday……we, the desert people, don’t really celebrate birthdays . Is it the coming-of-age ceremony? I got a spear」
Aisha wielded the spear in her hand .
「The part of the blade is made out of dragon fangs . Haruto, let’s hunt right now if you want? 」
「Iya~, even if I got a spear, I don’t know how to use it……」
「Well then, I’ll make it a different one . Please give me a week’s vacation . I’m going to the mountains for a bit!! 」
Aisha quickly left after saying so .
「I have not granted permission yet……well, whatever」

「U~n, a birthday present……since you gift to me is to release me from slavery, then it should not lose from it……this is difficult . I don’t know what Aisha’s going to catch so there’s no comparison……」
Roa pondered in silence . Because it’s hard to talk to her, he moved his line of sight to the Ash brothers .

「This is difficult……if it’s a girl, it’s easy to understand since it’ll be clothing and so on……」
「That’s right……if we were men, we would know……」
Haruto did not dare to interrupt .

「Ma~, it’s my birthday . You don’t have to be so serious? 」
Haruto concluded so .


「Hey, Eugene . It’s my birthday next week . So the store you lent me, can you give me that? 」
When Haruto says so, Eugene answered while slowly drinking his tea .

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「Are you serious about it? Then can I kick you out? 」
As Eugene says so, the mercenaries behind him moved a little bit . Haruto shuddered .

「I’m just joking . It’s obvious . But what I want is true . I want to buy it」
Haruto pays 100,000 Doria as a monthly rental fee for the shop . It’s just 100,000, but it’s still 100,000 . It’s natural to regret .
「I don’t really mind……the shop is 20 million including the land, the factory is 60 million」
「N? Isn’t it 3 times the original? But the store is 100,000, and the factory is 2 million」
The land itself is three times the price, but it’s 20 times the rental fee . It’s quite unnatural thinking about it now .

「If I let you pay more than 1 million in the early stages, you will collapse . But you were successful . So I increased the price for the factory . This kind of thing is even questionable at the time of the contract . Miss Roa should be aware of it」
「No, we were amateurs at that time……」
If you think about it, we were crossing quite a dangerous bridge at that time .

「Then it’s better to buy the factory than the shop? 」
「That’s not going to happen . The price of the shop is lower since it’s with the factory . If you buy the factory, you will increase the rental fee on the store . Let’s see……it’s 500,000 . How about it? 」
「Isn’t increasing it 5 times so suddenly quite severe? Please make it 400,000」
When Haruto says so, Eugene immediately retrieved a contract .

「Then sign here . We have a deal」
Haruto signs as he is told . The factory is now Haruto’s . If he wants to modify it, Eugene’s permission is unnecessary .

He came to Eugene’s place not just to talk about land .
「Can I ask for slaves? Roughly 100 people . Try to be over 10 but under 13 . Well, maybe a little younger than 10 years old or 13 years old can be mixed in」
As Haruto say so, Eugene looks surprised .
「100 people……that’s quite a lot . Isn’t this impossible right now? I want at least 4 months . Recently, the war has decreased sharply . Whether war will not occur……」
Eugene muttered some sinister things . Haruto ignores the ominous remarks .

「Aahh . I also haven’t prepared to accept the slaves either . I also had to set up lodgings . It will take about 6 months? I hope you’ll be ready by then」
Haruto said so and parted from Eugene .


「Hello, Domoor-san . Long time no see」
「Oh it’s Asuma-san . Looks like you’ve become profitable! 」
Domoor opened the door and invited Haruto .

「So what’s it like for today? 」
「I would like to ask for new slave accommodation and the expansion of the factory」
To increase the number of soap production, employees and slaves must be increased . But even if they have more employees, there’s no point without a factory . Also, if they increase the number of slaves, it’s too cruel to let them stay in a place without beds .

「By how much? 」
Domoor spread out some drawings .
「I’d like to have slave quarters that can house 300 people . I would like to expand the factory three times as much as now」
Domoor said after thinking for a while .
「I see…… altogether 8, no, about 70 million? But slaves are staying on it, right? If we thin the walls, then 50 million is okay……the factory just needs to build a roof? 」
Haruto answers Domoor’s question .
「Aahh . There’s no problem if it can prevent rain . I would like the slave quarters to be as cheap as possible . It’s okay if it’s a little cold . But make it durable . Since it will cost money to repair」
「Understood . Well, I could do it in 5 to 6 months . I’ll make an estimate . Come tomorrow」
Haruto parted with Domoor after giving thanks .


「Bacchus-san, long time no see . Can I order some pots? 」
Haruto then visited Bacchus . Bacchus still has a scary face .

「Again . How many? Is it okay if it’s the same as before? 」
「That’s right……about 10 pieces, please . The size is bigger than the previous ones . Since an adult will use it」
Until now, children were making soap . So it’s not possible to increase the size of the pot that much . But now that he hired second-class citizens . The production efficiency is reduced with the pots they use . He needed a bigger pot .
「Is 10 really enough? 」
Bacchus heard and asked just in case .
「Yes . I will buy again if we run short」

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Haruto answer so, Bacchus looks a little troubled .

「I’ll say this since you’re an excellent customer……actually, the price of metal has risen recently . A considerable amount of metal is being consumed by the Empire . I don’t mean anything bad, but buy them all at once」
「If you say so, I’ll buy a lot . Can I ask for 50 pieces? Please tell me if you can do it in one month . There is really not enough pots right now」
When Haruto say so, Bacchus made a bitter smile .
「It’s also a problem if I made too much profit . I understand . Let’s make it as quickly as possible」

「Even so, why did metal prices rise? 」
「Don’t know . Maybe because the economy is recovering . Because they need nails to build a house . But that alone would not raise it that much . It’s rumored that we are making weapons(?) and barrels」
「Barrel? 」
Haruto asks . Does a barrel require metal?

「Barrel, I mean something that looks like a barrel . I thought about trying to find out from my acquaintances in the Empire, but they would not tell me . It’s a military secret of the Empire . That’s all I got . It’s a secret, you know? Probably in this country, only I know」
Bacchus says in a tiny voice .
「I understand . I will not tell anyone . It’s more likely to become something troublesome」
Haruto parted with Bacchus after a long talk .


When Haruto got home and reached the shop, it’s already dark .
「I’m home now . Thank you for tending the store, Dennis . It’s almost time to close the shop . You can return home」
When Haruto says so, Dennis quickly went back . Are you really that reluctant to work?

「Haruto-san!! I thought about a gift all day……I came up with a good idea! 」
Roa opens the door and comes into the room . He wondered if she came running seeing that she’s out of breath .
「How about I make a dish from Haruto’s hometown! Actually, I’m confident since Marceau taught me a little about cooking! 」
Roa said while breathing in and out .

「From my hometown……sashimi or something? 」
「Eh!? What is raw fish fillet? That strange dish……no, it’s nothing . This is for Haruto-san……」
「Iya~, you don’t have to push yourself . But I didn’t explain the sashimi……ah! Blessing of Language . I completely forgot」
Even if he doesn’t tell it, the blessing will automatically translate it without permission . It’s a very convenient blessing .

「If sashimi is not good……Then something like miso soup? 」
「What’s that? Miso soup? 」
「Aahh is there no miso in the West……it’s seasoning . You have no soy sauce or miso . Is pure Japanese food impossible? When it comes to other dishes aside from that……curry but you don’t know how to make the roux . Croquette is……there’s no potato . Do you have ramen? If the ramen is wheat . But I don’t know how to make the soup . In the first place, I can barely eat soy sauce and miso, so it’s not good at all」
Haruto is suffering while mumbling . Unexpectedly, there are a few things that can be made .

「If there is at least rice, something might have been different……」
When Haruto talked to himself, Roa reacted .
「There is rice . I’ve heard that in the Empire, in the Province of Valencia, rice is being produced with the vegetables . Indeed, there was a dish called paella that used it . I’ll ask Marceau-san in a bit! 」
Roa jumps up while screaming .
「Rice is not a vegetable but grains . And paella is a dish from my hometown……Or my hometown in a broad meaning . It will not be suitable for eating and cooking……well whatever . I like paella」
Roa is very enthusiastic . It would be wrong if he did something to pour water on her . Haruto thinks so, he decided to watch in silence .


A week passed in no time . My birthday party is held at Undine . Hannah and Marceau also cooperated, it seems to be reserved .
「So, Happy Birthday! 」
Roa put the paella in front of Haruto while saying that .

「Thank you everyone . I never thought it’ll become something so significant . Actually, when I told you this, I only meant half of it . But I didn’t know that you thought of me that much ……」
Haruto said and trailed off .
「This……I’m glad I came to this country」
Haruto sincerely said .

「Fufu, I hope you appreciate it! Then raise my salary, ouch! What are you doing, Maria!!」
「Brother, I didn’t do anything! 」
Dennis is beaten by a frying pan, ruining the touching scene . Haruto has a wry smile .

「Even if Dennis-san doesn’t care, please eat! It’s my first home cooking! 」
Haruto bites the paella as instructed . It’s delicious . It’s delicious, but I don’t know what the others thought of it . After all, paella can’t be said to be local food .

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「How is it? What does your gut say? 」
Roa watches Haruto with shining eyes . Roa thinks that the paella is food from Haruto’s hometown . Haruto laughed in spite of himself .
「Eh!? Why are you laughing? 」
「Iya, I was thinking of you」
Haruto tries to endure laughing, but he can’t bear it . At the very least, he covered his mouth so that the paella won’t come out .
「Are you taking me for a fool? 」
「I didn’t say that you’re a fool . Thank you」
Haruto noted so and stroked Roa’s head . Roa smiles happily . Pretty as usual .

「Are? Speaking of which, where is Aisha? She should have played around in this area……is she still in the mountains? 」
The moment Haruto said so, the door vigorously opened .

「Thank you for waiting!! Did you wait? Haruto! I missed you!! 」
Aisha pushed Roa and hugged Haruto .
「You’re dirty! It’s muddy! At the very least, clean the mud! Or rather, where did you go?」
Aisha takes out a pendant from her breasts with a smile . There was a beautiful jewel at the end of the silver chain .

「This, present」
「What? This is? 」
Haruto receives the pendant, observing the thing hanging in front of his eyes . The more he looks, the more mysterious the gem is .

「It’s the reversed scale of a steel dragon . It was hard」
「Steel Dragon? 」
Even if she said it’s a steel dragon, Haruto does not know what kind of living creature it is . Although he can imagine it . Looking around him when they heard steel dragon, everyone was stunned .

「Na~, is a steel dragon strong? 」
Hearing Haruto says so, Roa vigorously nodded her head .
「That’s a given . There are various kinds of dragons, in general, Fang Dragon, Sea Dragon, Fire Dragon, Steel Dragon, Flying Dragon, Earth Dragon, and Grass Dragon in order of ferociousness . Steel dragons are covered with hard scales that steel can’t even pass through, it’s more troublesome than the Fang Dragon if you’re unskilled」
Roa is followed by Pudding .
「As Roa said any iron won’t get past a steel dragon’s scales . It’s said that a secret weapon of the Empire can make a scratch on the scales, the Empire’s Dragon Killer sword made of Mythril, or the fangs of a dragon that preys on the steel dragon . Usually, it takes thousands of people and months of the expedition, there’s no way to defeat it by trapping it in a pitfall and starving it」
Somehow, the steel dragon seems to be quite a fantastic dragon . Then what do you call Aisha who can defeat such an amazing dragon?

「That’s not true . I have this spear . It can even tear a steel dragon’s scales . Besides, I am not alone? I won since I have five friends with me who just came to Claris」
It’s like saying you’re just shopping around in the shopping mall .
「You guys are monsters……I now understand that you’re amazing . But next time, don’t do something so dangerous . I’ll worry」
When Haruto says so, Aisha obediently lowers her head . It seems that there’s an awareness that she did a terrible thing .

「But I’m grateful for this . Thank you」
Haruto said to Aisha .


「Well then, it’s our turn」
「Yes . Presents from us」
The Ash brothers hand a small bottle to Haruto . There’s a transparent liquid inside it .
「This is? 」
When they heard Haruto say so, Allen answered while puffing out his chest .
「Perfume . It was a pain to find a smell that suits Haruto-kun」
Haruto opens the lid of the bottle, putting a drop in his hand and smells it . It smelled very nice .

「Thank you . I will use it if there’s a chance」
Haruto thanked the Ash brothers .

「Chairman, here you go . It was a book that became the best seller in the Empire . You can read it, right? Romague」
Dennis hands the book to Haruto while rubbing his head that was hit by Maria .
「Thank you . But I can only speak it, I can’t read or write it . Can you teach me? 」
As Haruto says so, Dennis puffed up his chest .
「Fu, then leave that kind of thing to me . After all, I’m smart」

「Yes, yes, ye~s, next are gifts from us mercenaries」
Pudding shouted in a loud voice .

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「Here you go」
Rusk brought a big hall cake . Rusk’s physique and the size of the cake is a mismatch which makes a very surreal sight .

「You guys are really good at making sweets……」
When Haruto mutters so, Rang answers .
「Ehh, it was because the four of us accepted an escort mission for a confectionary shop」
Tart has distant eyes .
「It’s nostalgic . At that time, I talked with the candy shop owner about sweets」
Because it seems to be a long story somehow, Haruto decided to go through it .

「Asuma-san . It’s my treat tonight . Drink more」
「You don’t have to hold back . Because you are the benefactor, who pulled out my idiot son 」
That way, Hannah, and Marceau gave out alcohol to everyone .

「Ya~y, idiot son, idiot son!! 」
「This brat……」
Dennis and Pudding are fighting in the back .

「Well then, let’s have a toast」
Haruto said so, everyone raised their cups .
Haruto’s birthday party began like this .


「Haruto-shan, don’t do that……」
「Haruto, being so forceful……ah, stop……」
「Why is it like this in the end? 」
Haruto muttered while carrying Roa and Aisha home .

A/N: By the way today, March 20th is my birthday . Please give me a vote for my birthday .
Empire’s Dragon Killer Sword……Endars I said it’s harder than the best steel, the sword that is made by the best blacksmith at that time which will not be damaged even if a person is cut . Stainless steel which has been enchanted a lot that is described as Mythril . In short, the creator is a transmigrator . Now the manufacturing method is lost .
Fang Dragon……the strongest dragon . Favorite is steel dragon . It’s likely to appear
Sea Dragon……It lives in the Northern Sea . Eats whales and sailors . No turn
Fire Dragon……Living in the desert . Famous as a fire dragon roast . No more turn
Steel Dragon……Mountains and valleys, living in a cave . Will not be there
Flying Dragon……fly in the sky . out
Earth Dragon……living in a herd . Smart . will come out
Grass Dragon……dragon used in carriages . has already appeared

June to July
Income      about 67,000,000 (134,000 soaps) 64,800,000 (36,000 luxury soaps)
Expense      about 44,000,000 (material cost of 134,000 soaps) + 4,800,000 (material costs of 36,000 luxury soaps) + 60,000,000 (Factory) + 2,000,000 (June factory rent) + 900,000 (employee salary) + 4,000,000 (salary for 50 second-class citizens) + 4,000,000 (slave maintenance expenses) + 1,800,000 (mercenaries) + 1,800,000 (50 pots) + 500,000 (store rental fee: June 100,000 + July 400,000) + 60,000,000 (new slave residence and factory expansion) + 3,950,000 (sales tax) + 13,180,000 (Income tax)
Income-Expense = -69,130,000
Debt     100,000,000
Balance     24,740,000
Total Assets     -75,260,000

Other Properties
60 Slaves

Accounting Officer and Slave Director      Roa Samaras
Accounting Assistant     Dennis
Supervisors      Ash Brothers (Sisters)
Mercenaries      Rusk&Pudding, Rang, Tart

※Slaves has not been paid for yet

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