Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Trampling those with Gold Spoons (1)

A military adviser .  

A window describing the position immediately appeared .  


[If you have a competent military adviser then the operations of the base will become more effective . ] 

[Do you want to appoint Keirun as the military adviser? Yes/No] 


The military adviser was the representative of the sovereign . He could summon troops and secure resources without Kang-jun present .  

Naturally, Kang-jun wanted it .  

Barrack upgrades, research institutes, mines, workshops, etc .  

There were so many things to think about that he was started to get a headache .  If Kang-jun installed a military adviser then they could do such tasks on his behalf .

Kang-jun only needed to receive the report .  

"Okay . Keirun, you will be the military adviser from now on . ” 

Keirun bowed again and said with a thrilled expression .  

"Keirun is Lord’s subordinate! I will faithfully perform my duties as Lord’s military adviser . ” 


[Keirun has become the military adviser .  

[Strength of all allies has risen by 10% . ] 


Surprisingly, the strength of his allies was raised by 10% .  

This also applied to Kang-jun .  

That wasn’t all .  


[The status of the sovereign has risen by appointing someone as the military adviser . ] 

[Charisma has increased by 1 . This effect will disappear if the military adviser is fired . ] 


His charisma rose by one just because he promoted someone to the position of military adviser! This was called killing two birds with one stone .  

"You should have asked me this sooner . ” 

Keirun just smiled and replied .  

"A sovereign needs to be higher than Lv10 before appointing someone as a military adviser . This also goes for the supervisor position . ” 

It was due to the level .  

Kang-jun was currently Lv12 .  

Kang-jun looked at his status window with a proud grin .  


Lv . 12 (Exp 00 . 00%) 

[War] Beginner 

Health: 310/310 .  

Black Magic Energy: 45/310 

Strength: 15 

Agility: 16 

Intelligence: 13 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 (+4) 

[Additional Effects] 

-Combat power increased by 10% .  


He was so much stronger compared to when he was Lv1 .  

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However, this was only the beginning .  Kang-jun committed to focusing on his level even more in the future .  


On the one hand, there was the Blue Stone Mine located on the roof of Sungkwang building .  

Two sombre figures were using pickaxes in the mine .  

Pak! Pak! 

They were Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil .  

Their faces were blackened as they struck down with the pickaxes .  

‘Ah, fuck! This is shit . ’ 

'Ah! Fuck! What is with this scenario?’ 

They couldn’t understand why they were using pickaxes .  

There was also a cave on the roof of a building .  

‘Wahh! If this is a dream then please let me wake up!’ 

‘Fuck! It is a nightmare!’ 

However, they didn’t dare mutter these words out loud .  

This was due to the cat monster Rodiam monitoring them .  

At first, they had laughed when the guy with the face of a cat appeared .  Then he turned into a giant monster and started to beat them up . Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil naturally froze in front of the monster and couldn’t fight back .  

The result was that they were now working .  

“Don’t slack off . I won’t forgive it, nyang . ” 

Rodiam cried out . Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil flinched before diligently striking down with their pickaxes .  

Pak! Pak! Pak pak! 

It was the first time they had used a pickaxe, but it felt strangely familiar .  

Furthermore, the area around them was dark but spacious .  

Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil didn’t know it was the effect of having Rodiam as a supervisor .  

After a long time had passed .  

Clink .  

At that moment, Cho Sang-jin uncovered a blue coin .  


Blue coins . Rodiam would give them a break whenever they found a blue coin . Cho Sang-jin quickly picked it up and handed it to Rodiam .  

“Here is a coin . ” 

Rodiam took the coin with a laugh and said .  

"Good work . You can rest for 10 minutes, nyang . ” 

"Thank you . ” 

Cho Sang-jin bowed and enjoyed the break . Hwang Seong-gil also dug out a blue coin and received a 10 minute break .  


[1 node has been stacked in the base’s warehouse . ] 

[1 node has been stacked in the base’s warehouse . ] 


That’s right . The blue coins they dug up were nodes .  

However, those words didn’t enter Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil’s ears .  

They were flopped down at the entrance to the mine .  



There was a miserable air around them . Hwang Seong-gil glanced at Cho Sang-jin and said .  

"Do you have a cigarette?” 

"I don’t have any, Hyung-nim . ” 

Cho Sang-jin was also thinking about cigarettes . They stared ahead blankly .  

"Eat, nyang . ” 

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Rodiam handed something to them .  

It was a small candy .  

They placed it in their mouths as soon as they received it .  

Chewing the candy would help with the boredom .  

Chew chew .  Jjap jjap .  

The candy was sweet . At that moment .  


[You have taken candy from Supervisor Rodiam . ] 

[The fatigue while working as decreased . ] 

[You have become motivated to work again . ] 


Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil had no idea what was going on .  

Their fatigue from working was reduced . That seemed to fit . Eating candy would help relieve some fatigue .  But they also felt a desire to work again! 

That really didn’t seem possible .  

“Your 10 minute break has ended . Get back to work, nyang . ” 

Rodiam exclaimed . Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil voluntarily jumped up and ran inside the cave .  

“Ugh, it is strange! Why do I want to pick up a pickaxe?” 

"My hand spontaneously moved towards the pickaxe . ” 

"That damn cat must be doing something to us, Hyung-nim . ” 

“I was thinking the same thing! Bloody cat! It can go to hell . ” 

Then Rodiam’s ears pricked up and he asked .  

“What did you just say, nyang?” 

"Ah, nothing . ” 

"I would never . . . ” 

At that moment, Rodiam changed to an enormous size .  

“Kuooooh! Don’t lie to me! Do you want to die?” 

Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil freaked out .  

“I-I did it . I was wrong . ” 

“Kuhuk! I was wrong . I won’t do it again . ” 

Rodiam returned to his original appearance .  

"You will die if you do it again . Get back to work, nyang . ” 

“Yes . I understand . ” 

“I'll work hard . ” 

Cho Sang-jin and Hwang Seong-gil starting moving their pickaxes again .  

Pak! Pak! 

So a day passed in their dream .  


Yugang building, 5th floor .  

Like always, Jung Kwang-hyeon woke up at noon but he was in a bad mood .  


Mission 5: Scout the neighbourhood to find a nearby, hostile sovereign .  

-Compensation: Experience, 1000 nodes 


He had failed to fulfill the mission .  

Last night, he had raided a nearby building and lost some forces .  

It was the six storey Rose building across from Yugang .  He sent scouts to check if there was a hostile sovereign there but the 10 goblins and 10 orcs didn’t return to his base .  

They were annihilated by the monsters lurking inside the building .  He never thought there would be unidentified monsters inside the Rose building instead of a hostile sovereign .  

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Of course, Jung Kwang-hyeon didn’t directly participate in the scouting .  

'A hostile sovereign can be dangerous . ’ 

He would use his subordinates .  If his troops were sacrificed then he could just summon more .  Enough taxes were being collected form Yugang building to supplement his funds .  

Thanks to that, he built a third barrack and a research institute last night .  

Therefore, losing a few troops wasn’t a problem for him .  

His troops composed of 30 goblins and 60 orcs would soon be completed . In addition, their combat capabilities were enhanced through the research institute .  

It was important to build more barracks, causing his troops to increase even further .  

The problem was the delay of the mission! It was disturbing that he couldn’t find the location of the hostile sovereign .  

'Shit! Where is that person hiding?’ 

Individually searching every nearby building in Hwanmong to figure out the position of the sovereign wasn’t easy . Something else was required .  


The intermediate ghost wearing a black hood, Colt, appeared before him .  

“Lord, did you call?” 

"Did you find out anything?” 

“No . I asked the ghosts again but none of them know who the sovereign is . ” 

Jung Kwang-hyeon frowned .  

“There is something strange . If there is another sovereign nearby then the ghosts should know about it . But they don’t know? Does that make sense?” 

Colt’s expression stiffened .  

"Lord, then perhaps?” 

"There is no doubt . The other sovereign has done something . Go and grab a ghost . Pick one that looks as timid as possible . ” 

"Yes, Lord . But what are you thinking?” 

"I will question them myself . In the end, I will pull the truth from their mouths . ” 

Jung Kwang-hyeon smiled as he visualized the punishment field .  

He killed inside the punishment field .  He would do it until they spoke! A mere ghost wouldn’t be able to withstand pain like that .  

Colt bowed with a pleased smile .  

“Kukuet, as expected from Lord . I never thought of that . Now I will go and grab someone . ” 

Colt turned and disappeared into the shadows . After a while, he returned . His hands were clutching the neck of a young female ghost .  

"I’m back, Lord . ” 

"Well done . " 

Jung Kwang-hyeon immediately used the punishment field . Then he summoned five orcs to the punishment field to brutally kill the female ghost .  

“Sob sob sob! S-spare me . I was wrong . I will speak . Aang!” 

The female ghost sobbed with fear .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon nodded .  

“Tell me . Speak honestly . ” 

“In fact . . . ” 

The female ghost told him everything she knew .  

The look in Jung Kwang-hyeon’s eyes changed as he heard her words . Then a cold smile formed on his face .  

‘Dafeng building! It is an old building where losers live in the goshiwon . ’ 

He finally found it . The location of the hostile sovereign .  

At the moment, he received a message stating that Mission 5 was completed .  

He rose from Lv6 to Lv7 .  

1,000 nodes also piled up in his base back in Hwanmong .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon immediately said to Colt .  

"Don’t release that ghost . We can’t have the enemy finding out that I’ve discovered him . ” 

“Yes, Lord . ” 

Colt disappeared somewhere with the ghost .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon pulled out his smartphone and called someone .  

-This is Sky Realtor Office .  

“It is me, Jung Kwang-hyeon . ” 

-Ah, Boss-nim! What is going on? 

"I wanted to know about the Dafeng building in front of me . What is the price for it these days?” 

-The Dafeng building? The price is three billion won .  

“Three billion? That is cheaper than I thought . ” 

-Haha, rumours have spread about a ghost so people are reluctant to buy it . But that is just nonsense . Where is the ghost? 

“A ghost . How funny . ” 

-Why? Do you want to live there? If you want to buy it then I’ll get you a good quote from the landlord .  

“Please look for me . I will pay you a 100 million fee if you manage to reduce the three billion by 500 million . ” 

Jung Kwang-hyeon hung up and laughed out loud .  

"I can avoid a needless war with money . That bastard doesn’t even know that he is dead . ” 


At that moment .  

In the 3rd floor PC room, Hayun’s expression stiffened .  

After being given an introduction by Kang-jun and Sang-min, Hayun received a five hours per day part time job at the PC room .  

Thanks to her, the place was always crowded even during the day .  

(What did you just say?) 

(Seo-young has been taken . She hasn’t come back after going to the Yugang building . ) 

One of the ghosts hurriedly rushed to tell her the news .  

The female ghost Seo-young was gone? 

Hayun’s instincts warned her .  

‘It is serious . Maybe he figured out this location . ’ 

She wanted to go and rescue Seo-young, but the Yugang building was inaccessible to Hayun .  

Hayun could only exert force in the Dafeng and Sungkwang buildings that Kang-jun occupied .  

It would be dangerous if she went outside these areas .  

‘I need to tell Kang-jun . ’ 

Kang-jun came back from the market at 6 . 30 p . m .  

After hearing the news from Hayun, Kang-jun immediately ran towards the real estate office on the 1st floor .  

“Welcome . Haha! Are you hot? Sit and drink a cold coffee . ” 

Today the realtor was the kind Kim Seok-cheol . However, Kang-jun wasn’t in the mood to drink cold coffee right now .  

"I won’t have any cold coffee . Instead, has someone made an inquiry to purchase this building?” 

Kim Seok-cheol glanced at Kang-jun with surprise .  

“Haha, you are very quick . You have already heard the news? I only just found out . ” 

“It is really being sold?” 

“Yes . Probably . ” 

"Do you know who is buying it?” 

"Do you know the Yugang building? It is the owner of that building . ” 

“ . . . . . . !” 

Kang-jun’s expression became stiff .  

'Jung Kwang-hyeon! Like Hayun said, he must have figured out my identity . ’ 

There was no other reason for suddenly buying the Dafeng building . If Jung Kwang-hyeon owned the Dafeng building then all of Kang-jun’s work would go to waste .  

'Shit! I have no money . ’ 

He needed money to buy the building before the hostile sovereign did! 

Was this the power of a gold spoon? 

‘I won’t obediently step back . ’ 

Those who were strong would win .  

Kang-jun exited the real estate office and stared coldly at the Yugang building .