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Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 41

Published at 4th of November 2016 05:22:59 AM

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Trampling those with Gold Spoons (4)

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Kang-jun finished his final day selling socks at 7 p . m .  

A profit of 1 . 52 million .  

Even if he had the management skill, the profit was constrained by the floating population .  

He was proud about earning more than 14 million won in just 10 days . He was even more proud about delaying Jung Kwang-hyeon’s contract .  

Kang-jun had told the realtor Kim Seok-cheol that he was willing to buy the building for more than three billion won . However, he needed a few days to get the money .

Kim Seok-cheol had immediately contacted the owner of the building .  It was more than Jung Kwang-hyeon offered so the owner was forced to delay the contract .  

Of course, Kang-jun didn’t have the money .  It would be the same even after a few days .  It would be tough to sign the contract without the money .  

The most important thing was to postpone the contract as much as possible! 

It was a little bit sneaky, but this was necessary in a life or death battle .  

And it might actually be beneficial to the owner .  Jung Kwang-hyeon could offer a purchase price much higher than 2 . 8 billion .  

In other words, only Jung Kwang-hyeon would receive damage .  

By the time Jung Kwang-hyeon managed to buy the Dafeng building, Kang-jun would be ready to defeat him in Hwanmong .  

'Jung Kwang-hyeon! Just wait . I’ll step on you . ’ 


The next day, there was heavy rain all day long .  

Thus the population of the market was less than usual .  Thanks to the management skill, people still gathered around Kang-jun .  

The part time female workers Kang-jun decided to hire helped him sell products at the market .  

"Come here unni~!” 

“Hoho! Pretty lady! Come look at this underwear . ” 

After deducting the value of the goods and the labour costs, the profit was approximately two million won .  

It was raining on the first day but the atmosphere was still pretty good .  

"Hoho, there is a lot of business despite the rainy day . Boss-nim is lucky with money . ” 

Kang-jun laughed . He couldn’t say that it was due to the management skill .  

“Haha! I haven’t heard that before . It will become more busy in the future . Both of you, good job today . See you tomorrow . ” 

“Yes, Boss-nim~ . ” 

Kang-jun closed up at 8 p . m . and returned to the goshiwon .  

He spoke to Kim Seok-cheol who had called the owner .  

The contract would be signed if Jung Kwang-hyeon raised the amount .  Fortunately, the building owner had flow to Jeju Island this afternoon and wouldn’t be back until the day after tomorrow .  


10 o’clock at night .  

Kang-jun lay in the bed of the newly contracted Room 307 of the Eco Studio Apartment .  

Hayun was sitting on a chair in front of the bed . She would protect Kang-jun when he was sleeping .  

"Would you like a lullaby?” 

“Please . ” 

Kang-jun fell asleep while listening to Hayun’s lullaby .  


[The door to Hwanmong is open . ] 

[You have entered the world of Hwanmong . ] 


A strange but familiar room .  

As expected, Kang-jun was standing in Eco Studio Apartment’s Room 307 after waking up in Hwanmong .  

An empty room .  A dark corridor .  

Still, everything was better than when he first started in Room 406 of the Dafeng building .  

The Demonic Dragon’s Ring was on his left hand .  He had three bottles of health recovery potion and one bottle of black magic recovery potion .  His right hand was holding the Solid Iron Axe .  

Above all, he was Lv12! 

And one more thing .  

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(Lord! It is Keirun . I was surprised to see a new territory rise, so Lord must be planning to create a base there . ) 


He was the military adviser .  Thanks to that, Keirun could send messages like there was a telepathic link .  


(Of course . ) 


Surprisingly, Kang-jun could also communicate through the same method .  

It was natural .  

Kang-jun briefly explained the situation .  

He had heard the status of Herod’s troops from Colt .  

In addition, Kang-jun was creating a new base because Herod was trying to interfere by buying the Dafeng building .  


(Ohh! As expected from Lord . I wouldn’t have thought about a new base . It is a wonderful plan that will prepare for the worst . ) 

(But Herod knows the location of the Dafeng building so he might decide to attack the base there . Can you stop it?) 

(Lord, don’t worry . Although Herod has many troops, he has no information about our side . That is enough to defeat them . ) 


Herod had 35 orc infantry and 15 goblin archers .  

The goblin’s attack power was similar to the ratian archers and gnomes, but the damage wouldn’t be small if the 15 archers fired at once .  Furthermore, the attack power of the orcs was close to the giant ratians .  

He had 35 orcs! Herod would start producing more troops tonight . He had three stage three barracks, so he would have a total of 90 troops in the near future .  

In contrast, Kang-jun’s side only had 20 troops .  Even if he upgraded the barrack to stage three today, it would only increase to 30 .  

However, he had golem ratigers and intermediate gnomes that could deal with the orcs .  

Was that all? 

The senior ghost Hayun, intermediate ghost Colt, advanced gnome Rodium and the military adviser Keirun were all in his camp .  

And Kang-jun was a Lv12 sovereign .  His side wouldn’t be easily pushed .  

However, there would be enormous sacrifices on his side in a confrontation .  

A victory couldn’t be guaranteed .  

Therefore, Kang-jun planned to build another base for a siege operation on two sides .  


(Keirun, thank you for the trouble . ) 

(Lord should also be careful . I do have one question . How did you manage to get Colt as your subordinate?) 

(Herod did something very unscrupulous . It is worthy of betrayal . ) 

(That isn’t possible . Like I said last time, treachery is impossible unless the lord releases the subordinate . Even if charisma falls, there is no way . ) 

(Then what is going on?) 

(Let’s see . . . Something very strange has happened . I wonder if you have awoken the hidden power of a sovereign . ) 

(The hidden power of a sovereign?) 

(It isn’t a certain guess . I’ve never developed any powers . ) 

(I don’t know . A message just appeared . ) 

(Anyway, it is a good thing . Focus on making your base right now . We will look into it in the future . ) 

(I understand . Take care . ) 

(Yes, Lord . ) 


The conversation between Kang-jun and Keirun ended .  

Maybe today would be a very difficult situation . But Kang-jun trusted Keirun as the military adviser .  

Right now, it was more important to defend himself .  

New messages had appeared in the meantime .  


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[You can build a base in this territory . ] 

[Would you like to build a base at Room 307? Yes/No] 


‘Yes! I will make it . ’ 

There was no need to hesitate . It was the reason he came here .  


[Stage 1 base is being constructed: 1%] 


[The enemy has started to notice you after the construction of the base started . ] 



He was already prepared . Kang-jun quickly ran down the corridor of the Eco Studio Apartment .  



Dark smoke filled the corridor and monsters with black fur emerged .  

Flashing fangs! 

They were large wolves .  There were 10 of them .  



Kang-jun ran forward and used the momentum to swing the axe .  


[Experience has been gained . ] 

[3 nodes have been gained . ] 


One monster gave three nodes . It wasn’t a bad income .  


[Inferior ‘dark wolf’ knowledge has been acquired . ] 

[It is possible to summon a dark wolf in the barrack . ] 


[Dark wolf] 

-Resources: 10 nodes 


Furthermore, knowledge was obtained! 

The black wolves were called dark wolves .  10 of them rushed simultaneously! 

It was easy now but it would have been tough if he met them at Lv1 .  

‘It is difficult to make multiple bases without raising my level . ' 

Of course, there were no such threats if he owned the building .  

However, Kang-jun welcomed this situation .  It might be small but he got experience from the monsters . In addition, knowledge was gained .  

He would become much stronger .  


[Stage 1 is complete . ] 


His base was finished . Kang-jun instantly started attacked the studio rooms on the 3rd floor .  

Sometimes giant dark wolves would pop out, but they weren’t too hard .  


[Inferior ‘giant dark wolf’ knowledge has been acquired . ] 

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[It is possible to summon a giant dark wolf in the barrack . ] 


[Giant dark wolf] 

-Resources: 20 nodes 

-Can only be summoned when charisma is over 1 point .  


More knowledge was obtained . For the moment, he couldn’t summon any dark wolves to the barrack . But there were no negatives about gaining knowledge .  


[Room 309] 

-Occupied territory 

-Territory effect: Barrack construction is possible .  


[Room 318] 

-Occupied territory 

-Territory effect: Construction of a research institute is possible .  


And he succeeded in finding two rooms . He didn’t know about the research institute, but a contract was needed to build a barrack in Room 309 .  


[The Eco building’s 3rd floor has been occupied . ] 

[102 nodes have been gained . ] 


[The Eco building’s 4th floor has been occupied . ] 

[A Solid Iron Sword has been obtained . ] 


Kang-jun took over the Eco Studio Apartments located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building .  

His earnings were surprisingly high .  He obtained money and a new weapon .  

However, Kang-jun had never learnt kendo so he was more comfortable with the axe that could deal a large blow .  

‘I will store the sword . ’ 

He didn’t continue to climb up to the rooftop . Finally, he went down to the seafood noodle restaurant on the 2nd floor, the pub on the 1st floor and the kendo school in the basement .  

Strongest Kendo Dojo .  

The name seemed plausible, but no sword-wielding monsters emerged .

Only dark wolves appeared .  

Naturally, they were just snacks for Kang-jun .  


[The Strongest Kendo Dojo has been occupied . ] 

[The Eco building has been occupied . ] 

[A rare treasure chest of good luck has been obtained . ] 


'A rare treasure box of good luck?’ 

This wasn’t the first time he had found a treasure chest . Yet this was the first time Kang-jun had found one with such an unusual name .  

‘What will be in here?’ 

Kang-jun excitedly opened the chest .  

A glittering gold scroll was inside .  


[Heaven’s Blood Sword Style] 

-Learning Restriction: Sovereign 


‘W-what is this?’ 

It was a name that seemed like it would appear in a martial arts novel .  The ‘blood’ part of the name gave him a feeling of horror .  

There was a restriction that only sovereigns could learn it .  

Of course, Kang-jun was a sovereign so he could learn it .  


He opened the scroll and a brilliant light poured out .  


[A sword style that contains the invincible strength of the heavens!  However, there will be a lot of pain before it reaches that stage . . . ] 


A shadow of a man holding a sword appeared and penetrated Kang-jun’s body .  


[The Heaven’s Blood Sword Style has been learnt . ] 


[The highest quality knowledge of swordsmanship has been gained . ] 


[Your body has become optimized for the sword . ] 


[Heaven’s Blood Sword Style is limited to your level . ] 


[As your level rises, your swordsmanship will also increase . ] 


"Heaven’s Blood Sword Style! It is a strange coincidence . . . !” 

There was no doubt . He had literally just obtained a sword .  

Kang-jun didn’t know how strong Heaven’s Blood Sword Style was .  

However, the highest quality knowledge of swordsmanship would be obtained, so he didn’t think he would be disappointed .  

It was at that moment .  

There was an unexpected message .  


[The neighbouring Dain building is the territory of the ogre Germuz .  

[Germuz does not like your occupation of the Eco building . ] 


What was this? 


The Eco building was a four storey building .  

Keirun stated that taller buildings had scary monsters, so Kang-jun had avoided the high-rise buildings .  The problem was that the Dain building next door had seven floors .  

The boss there was an ogre called Germuz .  

‘Shit! Ogre!’ 

He heard of an ogre before .  

The fearsome ogre that appeared in movies and fantasy novels! 

He didn’t like that someone had occupied the adjacent building .  


[Germuz requires 500 nodes as tribute . ] 

[If you accept then you will no longer be threatened or perceived as a hostile presence . ] 

[He will also protect the Eco building, where your base is located, from outside attacks . ] 


[Offering tribute to Germuz will permanently reduce your charisma by 1 point . ] 

[Would you like to offer a tribute? Yes/No]

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