Dimensional Sovereign - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Trampling those with Gold Spoons (8)

Jung Kwang-hyeon immediately looked at the Dafeng building after entering Hwanmong .  

Sususu .  

The Dafeng building had become his so the interior was clear through a 3D map .  

Even the enemy barrack was visible .  There was a stage three barrack .  

However, there were only 20 troops waiting in the barrack .  The base contained a blue-haired young man and the cat-headed monster that bothered Jung Kwang-hyeon last time .  

Strangely, he didn’t see Kang-jun or as he was known, Sovereign Lucan .  

'What? Where is he? Did he run away?’ 

It was obvious that he was hiding somewhere because he was scared .  

'Pathetic bastard! Does he think he will survive? It will be the end once his base is broken . ’ 

Jung Kwang-hyeon immediately mobilized his entire army .  

"Kuahahaha! A complete assault! Go to Sovereign Lucan’s base and shatter it!” 

“Chwiik! Yes, Lord!” 

“Kekekeke! I understand . ” 

80 orcs and 10 goblins triumphantly marched towards the Dafeng building .  

They entered the Dafeng building but didn’t receive any counterattack .  

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors were passed without any resistance .  It was natural . It was because those areas were under Jung Kwang-hyeon’s domain .  

As the orcs entered the 4th floor, ratigers and giant ratian warriors popped out and engaged them .  

“Roaaaaar! How dare you come here?” 

A ratigers roared but the orcs bravely moved forward .  

“Chwik! Chwiik! Attack!" 

“Chwiik! Kukyakyakyakya! Kill them all!" 

Jung Kwang-hyeon, who was watching the scene, suddenly cocked his head .  

'Who are they? Don’t they seem like people?’ 

There were people among Lucan’s subordinates .  

Two men .  

They were grumbling while holding an axe in their hands .  

“Last time we had to work in the mine and today we are fighting monsters?” 

“Sob! Today we are truly screwed, Hyung-nim . ” 

They were Hwang Seong-gil and Cho Sang-jin . Due to Kang-jun’s Soul Exploitation skill, they were automatically summoned to Hwanmong . Once the base was in danger, they were placed in the defense troops .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon thought it was absurd .  

'What are those brats doing over there?’ 

He laughed . It didn’t matter . He didn’t care if they died or not . They weren’t threats so there was no need to worry .  

Kakang! Puok! 


“Keeeek . ” 

The battle became fierce .  

As the battle raged on, the cramped corridors of the goshiwon expanded .  The internal structure itself didn’t change but the enemy’s small and powerful troops resisted .  

Despite many orcs waiting in the rear, the orcs in the front died .  

But that only lasted for a moment .  Except for three rooms in the goshiwon, everything else was owned by Jung Kwang-hyeon . He activated the defense capabilities of the place to attack Lucan’s men .  

Kuwang! Syuok! Syuok! 

A door popped open and arrows were fired .  

That wasn’t all . Buffs were applied and the orcs’ health gradually recovered .  No matter how much pain they were in, they kept fighting .  

In the end, the ratigers and giant ratian warriors were pushed back .  

“Huhuhu, Lucan! Are you watching? This is the ability of a golden spoon that you must envy . Poor bastard! From the very beginning, you were not my opponent . Kukuk! Hahaha!" 

Jung Kwang-hyeon was convinced of his victory as he watched the battlefield .  

'If Lucan is dead then I can obtain his sovereign token . ’ His level would also rise after achieving the mission . ‘Hu, am I becoming too strong?’ 

Everything was going smoothly so far . There was nothing to fear in the world .  

Now he only needed to wait, so there was a leisurely smile on his face .  After solving today’s problem, he would enjoy the real world in the future .  

'Now that I have that nurse, should I aim for a doctor next?’ 

Female plastic surgery doctors tended to be beauties . Jung Kwang-hyeon recalled the nurse’s defeated expression .  


'Huhu, my mouth is watering . ’ 

This war would soon be over and the door to Hwanmong would close .  

It was at that moment .  


[The enemy has appeared . ] 

[The barrier is under attack . ] 


‘What does that mean? The enemy!’ 

Who was it? Currently, all of Lucan’s forces were trapped in the Dafeng building .  

So it didn’t make sense that the Yugang building would be attacked .  

Yet this ridiculous situation was actually happening .  

Sususu .  

At that moment, he expanded the area being attacked on the 3D map .  


There was a huge roar as a monster punched the barrier . It was an ogre .  

'Heok! T-that guy?’ 

Jung Kwang-hyeon freaked out . A giant ogre normally seen in movies had appeared .

Of course, Hwanmong was a dream world . It was a world where such monsters could show up .  The question was why an ogre suddenly appeared to attack Yugang’s barrier .  

Kwang kwang kwang kwang! 

The barrier’s durability fell at a frightening rate every time the ogre’s fist hit it .  


[Yugang building’s 2nd stage barrier: 87%] 


Yugang building was owned by Jung Kwang-hyeon so he could strengthen the barrier . He didn’t worry about money and upgraded it .  

Yet the ignorantly strong ogre just sneered and smashed the barrier .  


[Yugang building’s 2nd stage barrier: 76%] 


The durability kept falling . At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the barrier broke .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon hastily issued a command .  

"Pull out! Withdraw right away! Kill the ogre destroying the barrier!” 

Now wasn’t the time to destroy Lucan’s base . He can do that at any time . If he left the ogre alone then the Yugang building would be shattered .  

The orcs withdrew and hurriedly headed to the Yugang building after Jung Kwang-hyeon’s order .  

At this time, the durability of the barrier was already at the bottom .  


[Yugang building’s 2nd stage barrier: 12%] 


The ogre wasn’t alone . A silver-haired man was aiming a black sword at the barrier .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon’s eyes widened as he saw the person .  

"That guy!" 

He already knew what Kang-jun looked like . This was the first time Jung Kwang-hyeon saw him directly but he instantly knew his identity .  

"H-how did Lucan get an ogre?” 

Jung Kwang-hyeon lost his spirit .  


At that moment, the barrier around the Yugang building faded away .  


[The barrier of the Yugang building has been destroyed . ] 



The ogre Germuz roared towards the group of orcs .  



The orcs were scared and stopped .  

It was the most feared enemy of the orcs! The predatory ogre was right in front of them so they froze .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon shouted after he saw the scene .  

"You stupid bastards! Attack the ogre! Attack now! It is a command!” 

After giving several orders through the crystal ball, the orcs flocked with their axes .  

Then Kang-jun said towards Germuz .  

"Can you handle it alone?” 

“Kukuk! Of course . Lord doesn’t have to worry about me . ” 

Despite there being 90 enemies, Germuz didn’t even blink .  


A storm struck the orcs . Of course, the storm was from Germuz’s fast movements .  

Bam! Bam bam! Bam! 




Germuz used his gloves, his strength making the heads and limbs of the orcs blow off .  


[11 nodes have been gained . ] 

[13 nodes have been gained . ] 

[The lowest grade health potion has been obtained . ] 

[A shiny scroll has been obtained . ] 

[10 nodes have been gained . ] 


The orcs dropped some items as they collapsed . Germuz ate the experience but the money and japtem belonged to Kang-jun .  

In the meantime, Kang-jun had occupied the 1st floor and gone down to the basement .  

‘Wait! What is the shiny scroll?’ 

Usually some type of knowledge or skills could be found in a scroll . Kang-jun didn’t kill the orcs directly so it couldn’t be knowledge .  

If so, it was probably a skill .  

'I’ll have to check it later . ’ 

He had competent subordinates so he could obtain the japtem .  

Kang-jun had a warm smile on his face as he struck the basement door .  

“Chwik! Enemy . . . . kueek!” 

“Chwiik! Where . . . kek!” 

Orcs were quickly summoned at the barracks but they quickly fell in front of Kang-jun . The orcs didn’t slow down Kang-jun’s speed .  

He instantly took over the basement and ran to the 2nd floor .  


Then the door on the 2nd floor turned into a golem and aimed a huge fist at Kang-jun . The self-defense capabilities given to the owner of a building! 

Kwang! Papak! Kwa kwa kwang! 

However, Kang-jun wielded his sword as swiftly as the wind and crushed the door .  

Jung Kwang-hyeon, who was watching from the 3D map on the 5th floor, felt his mouth gape open . His legs started trembling .


[The 2nd floor has been occupied by the enemy . ] 


The 2nd floor was occupied . It was only one person . The dirt bag that he had ignored so much! 

He couldn’t believe it . He didn’t want to admit it .  

It was ridiculous .  Yet that was the reality .  


[The 3rd floor has been occupied by the enemy . ] 


Jung Kwang-hyeon panicked as a message appeared stating the 3rd floor was occupied .  

“Ohh! This is ridiculous! How does a poor person like that have such skills?” 

Despite the circumstances, he still wanted to deny Kang-jun’s abilities .  

However, the situation kept becoming more frightening .  


That’s right . It was a defeat, not a victory .  

Losing to an insignificant person who only spent 250,000 won for a room! 

He was the owner of the Yugang and Dafeng buildings! The combined value of the two buildings was more than 10 billion .  

He couldn’t believe it .  

"Ugh! This can’t be happening . Never . . . ” 

Jung Kwang-hyeon didn’t want to lose . He prayed for a miracle . Even if it meant selling his soul to the devil, he wanted to escape this situation somehow .  

It was at that moment .  


(Do you need help, Herod?) 



Where did the voice suddenly come from? Jung Kwang-hyeon looked around in surprise .  


(Don’t be surprised . We have come to make you a good offer . ) 


"Who are you?" 


(It doesn’t matter who we are . The important thing is your survival! Surely you don’t want to be destroyed like this?) 


"Ugh! What do you want to talk to me about?” 

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(We will help you . Defeating your enemy . We have that kind of power . The situation is urgent right now . If you don’t hurry then you will die . ) 


Jung Kwang-hyeon’s expression hardened . That’s right . The 3rd floor had just been occupied! The 4th floor would be captured shortly after that .


“How will you help me? And what do you want?” 


(10,000 nodes . ) 


"10,000 nodes? I don’t have that type of money . ” 


(We know that you don’t have that type of money . But it won’t be hard to raise that type of money in the future . ) 


That’s right . Considering that he would now get the taxes of the Dafeng building as well, obtaining 10,000 nodes wouldn’t be hard .  


(Decide quickly . He is almost here . ) 


A new message appeared .  


[Do you accept the offer of the Kajel Brothers? Yes/No] 

[Charisma will permanently reduce by 2 if you accept . ] 


Something like this! The voices were living beings? 

Furthermore, accepting would permanently reduce charisma by two! 

Jung Kwang-hyeon frowned . He didn’t care about the 10,000 nodes .  

He had four points in charisma .  If it dropped by two then he would only have two left .  

However, that would be irrelevant if he died .  


"O-okay . ” 


Jung Kwang-hyeon shed some bitter tears as he nodded .  

Honestly, he had no other ways .  

He had to grab onto anything .  


[Charisma has permanently reduced by 2 . ] 


After the message appeared, his surroundings started to change .  

Susususu .  

It was the rooftop of the Yugang building .  

Two ugly monsters that Jung Kwang-hyeon had never seen before stood in front of him .  

Two spherical monsters were floating .  

Dozens of tentacles sprang from their bodies like snakes .  

‘Euh! They are just things!’ 

They seemed to be called the Kajel Brothers .  

It was at that moment .  


The rooftop door shattered and a man appeared . He was holding a black sword and wearing a blue cloak . Of course, he was Kang-jun .  

"What are those things?” 

Kang-jun was puzzled . He had reached the 5th floor but Jung Kwang-hyeon was on the roof . Furthermore, there were monsters present .  


[Mission 9] Kill the Kajel Brothers .  

-Compensation: Experience, 2000 nodes, 5 Essence of Darkness 


‘A mission!’ 

He hadn’t received a mission while destroying Jung Kwang-hyeon’s base . It was because the risk was too low .  

Now that a mission had been generated, it meant the combat power of the two monsters was high .  


If so, he needed to use something first . Aura of the Wind! 

"Kukukuku! Insignificant human sovereign!” 

"Kikiki! If you give us your sovereign token . . . ” 

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Kang-jun had reached them while the spherical bodies were talking .  

‘Heavenly Cut!’ 

It was the first time he was using this skill! The opponents were formidable so it was worth using 40 black magic energy .  


The Warrior’s Sword split the space in front of him .  


It was the end . One of the three metre wide spherical bodies were sliced in half .  


The mutilated body fell to the ground and black smoke scattered from it .  

“Kuooooh . H-How dare you!” 

At that moment, tentacles from the other spherical body wound around him .  

Chwack! Chwaaaak! 

Kang-jun just calmly swung his sword and cut off the tentacles . He tried counterattacking but it wasn’t easy to hit the fast moving spherical body .  


In addition, fire poured from his mouth .  

Hwaruru! Kwaang! 

Kang-jun avoided it . However, the flames burning nearby started to slowly decrease his health .  


A magical flying enemy! 

Unlike Keirun’s illusion, this was real magic .  

‘Euh! That guy isn’t giving me any room . ’ 

He witnessed Kang-jun’s strength and intelligently attacked Kang-jun from a distance .  He fled every time Kang-jun chased .  

This wasn’t an easy opponent .  

It was at that moment .  

“Kukuk! How dare a monster do this? Drop dead!” 

There was a wild voice as something grabbed the body of the kajel .  

It was Germuz .  

Kwang kwang! 

Germuz slammed the kajel against the ground several times and tore off the tentacles . At that moment, the kajel opened his mouth .  

Hwaruru! Kwaang! 


Germuz rolled across the ground as he was covered in flames .  

Kang-jun approached the kajel at that time .  

Flash! Sukeok! 

He once again used Heavenly Cut .  

“Kuooooh! H-how vexing . . . ” 

The kajel was split in half and scattered into smoke .  


[Mission 9 has been completed . ] 

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level . ] 

[2,000 nodes have been given as compensation . ] 

[Five Essence of Darkness will be given as compensation . ] 


What were they? 

Well, he reached Lv17 thanks to them .  

Meanwhile, Germuz had put out the flames on his body .  

"Ku! I was caught off guard, Lord . That goddamn bastard! Aigoo, it was hot . ” 

"Are you okay?" 

"That's okay . . . Lord, watch your back!” 

Germuz hurriedly exclaimed and pointed behind Kang-jun . Jung Kwang-hyeon was running towards Kang-jun’s back with an axe .  

“Kuku! Die!” 


However, Kang-jun acted faster .  


His black sword crossed Jung Kwang-hyeon’s neck in a flash .  

“ . . . Kuaak!” 

Jung Kwang-hyeon’s body trembled . His hands rose to his neck before he fell with wide, open eyes .  


It was the end of Sovereign Herod .