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Chapter 56

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Although he was really coveting the exotic beast bathing in lightning, Zhang Che understood that obtaining such a beast as his subdued beast was surely part of the 'in this lifetime' series .

That was a thunderstorm, and yet that exotic beast was flying in it in pleasure . How horrifyingly powerful must its strength be? -In Xianxia novels, those powerful immortal cultivators experiencing a lightning tribulation is probably something like that, right?-

"But I believe that I will be able to have such a powerful subdued beast in the future!" With the mysterious seven-colored crystal in his possession, Zhang Che had such confidence .

However, that was something for consideration in the future . At present, it was better to leave this place as soon as possible, to avoid being caught up in that expanding thunderstorm . Otherwise, he'd really be turned into ash, and all his sky-high ambitions would be for nothing . . .

Exerting its strength, the impatient Hanxue immediately let out a long neigh and ran along the path in the narrow ravine, borrowing the light from the thunderstorm .

The path was full of twists and turns . On the way, Zhang Che could feel his field of vision growing increasingly narrow, surrounded by mountain cliffs on all sides .

Who knew how Hanxue ran to this secluded corner in the past? As a horse king with incredible speed as its forte, shouldn't it favor the vast grasslands?

Zhang Che didn't have the mood to care about this, either . There shouldn't be any danger in here, from the looks of it; that was enough for now!

Even though Hanxue had been running for quite a long while and they were deep into the mountain range, the thunder still showed no signs of stopping . Zhang Che even heard the sound of rain; it was now raining the heaven's tears out there!

From the looks of it, it seemed like this area would be engulfed in a torrential rain soon . Zhang Che only hoped that a flash flood wouldn't occur . Otherwise, this place Hanxue found wasn't going to be safe, either!

Zhang Che couldn't help but furrow his brow, worrying about their safety .

Alas, things had already developed into such a situation . He could only trust that Hanxue would find a safe place to hide from the storm and get through this natural disaster .

The lightning flash behind him grew increasingly brighter, and the rumbling of the thunder seemed to be chasing Hanxue . Zhang Che even felt the fine rain approaching his way .

"Hurry, how much further is the place you're going to? We'll be in danger if we don't get there soon!" Zhang Che urged impatiently . Hanxue seemed to know that danger was approaching as well and increased his speed, as if moving to a dangerous dance on this rugged mountain terrain .

Finally, a dark cave appeared under the face of the mountain . Hanxue jumped into the cave without any hesitation .

"Hey, are you sure it's safe here?" Zhang Che was scared . He subconsciously felt that this dark cave gave off an unsettling vibe . However, the thunderstorm was approaching from behind them, and he had no choice but to let Hanxue go ahead .

The result greatly exceeded Zhang Che's expectations, however .

The cave seemed really dark on the outside, but it wasn't deep . It extended less than twenty meters in before opening up to a wider area .

Dismounting the horse, Zhang Che took a short, stealthy walk and went around the whole cave .

There weren't any powerful exotic beasts in here as he imagined, nor were there any treasures to be found . Zhang Che felt a burden lift from his chest, while feeling slightly disappointed at the same time .

Aside from feeling confused, Zhang Che couldn't resist looking at Hanxue and asked, "There's nothing special about this place . How did you find it?"

After hearing Zhang Che's question, it neighed excitedly and walked to the wall . It stuck out its long tongue and licked at the coarse wall of the cave, revealing a satisfied look .

-The heck, this beast still has such a hobby!- Zhang Che felt his scalp going numb . Could this fellow actually enjoys licking rock? -Hmm? Something seems amiss!-

Making use of the light from the thunderstorm outside, Zhang Che discovered that there seemed to be some greyish white crystal particles on the face of the wall .

-Could this be a natural salt mine?- Zhang Che immediately thought of this possibility . He walked over with wide strides and used this finger to swipe at the powdery particles, tasting them . As expected, a salty taste accompanied with slight bitterness assaulted the tip of his tongue . -It truly is a salt mine!-

Seeing its master taking a taste at the good stuff it found, Hanxue couldn't help but grew excited and let out a neigh, asking to be rewarded .

"You fool!" Zhang Che didn't know whether to be angry or amused . He couldn't resist patting his palm on Hanxue's long face, saying, "This has a bitter taste to it . What's so delicious about it? Wait till I leave the beast world; I'll let you have a good taste of what fine salt is like!"

Alright, after wasting so much time, this place actually turned out to be where the elephorse herd replenished their salt levels .

-But, do exotic beasts have to consume salt?- Zhang Che couldn't help but wonder . Alas, Hanxue couldn't speak . Even if there was some special component in the salt here that was beneficial to the growth of exotic beasts, he wouldn't learn of it .

The sound of rain and thunder outside grew even more violent . This cave Hanxue found was situated at a higher elevation; Zhang Che didn't have to worry about flash floods . Thus, he decided to set up his tent and went to sleep .

When he woke up, the sky was already bright . Although the sound of the storm was a little lower now, it was still raging on violently .

Zhang Che walked to the entrance of the cave to take a look outside . The whole world seemed to be covered in a layer of rain, and the areas at a lower altitude were flooded with muddy water, flowing at high speed .

"It seems like I can't go back anytime soon . " Zhang Che shook his head and returned to the cave . He took out a piece of compressed biscuit and sat at the entrance, taking small bites of it uninterestedly .

After eating a piece of the biscuit, Zhang Che only drank a few mouthfuls of water .

Only the heavens knew how many days this flood would continue on for . If he didn't ration his supplies properly, it would be hard to find a clean water source . . .


Zhang Che was right . This storm lasted for almost a whole week's time . Although the final two days of rain gradually subsided, looking into the distance, the flood was even worse than before .

"If I still can't leave in a few days, I really have no choice but to drink that muddy water below…" Looking at the mostly depleted water bag in his hand, Zhang Che licked his dry lips, feeling deeply worried .

In the few days he was stuck in this cave, although there were enough compressed biscuits to sustain him, the same couldn't be said for portable water .

Moreover, with the extended rain, the cave became unusually humid . Zhang Che even felt like he could squeeze water out of his undergarments . All of his clothes had been cycled through, but they were still in usable condition .

Hanxue was better off . It had been hiding in Zhang Che's spiritual sea for the past few days, devouring the seven-colored fog non-stop . It didn't have to eat nor drink; there wasn't much difference from a subdued beast .

While thinking about the carefree Hanxue in his spiritual sea, Zhang Che suddenly trembled; there were sudden changes occuring in his spiritual sea!