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Divine Brilliance - Chapter 171

Published at 17th of July 2019 09:45:11 AM

Chapter 171

“Not long ago I entered the Xiantian Realm, so therefore my realm hasn’t stabilized . That means I’m making a fool out of the two of you!”

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Discovering Zong Shou’s rapid progression, Ye Feishuang’s heart intensely jumped once more .

Xiantian Realm? Looking at him, he was still quite far away from his coming of age . He usually spoke lies and told jokes, but was he actually a Xiantian?

Even in their race, no matter how immensely talented one was, it was impossible for someone so young to reach such a stage!

The black-robed teen kept silent, but after a long pause mockingly said, “A 14-year-old Xiantian, how terrifying! If my teacher found out, who knows how much he would like you? However, I came today to ask you a question . Did you kill Old Mi?”

“Old Mi?”

Zong Shou thought about the question and didn’t understand . After a short moment, he had an idea, breaking out in laughter, “Was it the one that died under my sword at Blood Cannon Valley in Demon Corpse Mountain? I thought you two came for the girls, I didn’t think you came for me…”

He had no intentions of hiding the truth since if they had already found their way over here they must have had enough evidence . No matter how he tried to argue they wouldn’t look favorably upon him . It was undoubtedly going to result in a battle, so he didn’t bother, and besides he was searching for two people he could go all out in a battle with .

“As expected it was you!”

The black-robed male took a deep breath, tossing aside the cape and revealing his face . His features were distinct and handsome, though they were filled with many knife scars that created a fierce and ugly appearance . ( Boxno vel . co m )

He held a sword, though it was hidden in its sheath, his intent hidden within his pair of ice blue eyes which were quite calm . “Our Demon Mountain Sect always pays back favors and gets revenge! Killing people from our sect is like killing a relative! However, if you are willing to join our sect then I won’t mention this small matter . I, Yun Xu dare to make the decision to let you live!”

The sword was around three feet in length, and when it was slowly pulled out it shone with a cold light, an unrevealed sword strength hidden within it . He didn’t try to hide his killing intent, solemn energy spreading across the wilderness, sending a chill down one’s spine .

“A Martial Ancestor!”

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Ye Feishuang’s eyes constricted, this teen with a face full of scars was actually a four meridian Earth Chakra Martial Ancestor!

However, what stunned her was that Zong Shou didn’t seem afraid in front of such a strong pressure . His body giving off an aura that wasn’t any weaker . He stood still, his expression unchanging, as though he wasn’t affected at all .

The brows of the black-robed teen rose, shaking his head slightly in response, “It seems like the prince has comprehended much of the martial path . You really are amazing to do so at your age! No wonder you were able to kill those three from Juelong City like you were killing dogs . Although the three of them are strong, in your eyes they are nothing . I have cultivated for close to twenty years and have never seen a person as talented as you . It’s probable that the Hundred Thousand Blood Killer Li Yaling died in your hands . With your strength, you could fight with my Senior Brother!”

As he said that, his voice turned really cold, “Unfortunately, I never liked to fight fair . Although I am good with the sword, I am not a swordsman . I won’t take you lightly and I also won’t give you any chances . Prince’s sword is strong, but the two girls behind you are too weak in my eyes . Chou Ling…”

Without needing further instructions, Chou Ling let out an arrogant laugh . The energy within his body exploded out, revealing his strength to be not lower than that of Yun Xu . He stepped forward, covering six hundred feet in an instant, ferociously punching out . Numerous black flames surged from all over his body, gathering at the end of his fist . Energy surged out, causing snow and ice to fly into the air and dissipate!

Ye Feishuang was prepared, ordering her sister to place the twin jade in front of their bodies and use all their strength to activate it, causing a repelling force to gather around them . When the fist’s wind arrived, the sound of an explosion rang out .

Blood spurted out of both of their noses, both of them badly hurt as they sat down once more .

Although Chou Ling’s looks were very ugly, his fists were quite overbearing and strong . With just the strike of a single fist, he displayed a full one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms of strength! It was enough to split mountains and crush stone . Just one fist was enough to cause the twin jade to shudder . The repulsive force it gave out had lowered by twenty percent!

Yun Xu smiled as he noticed Zong Shou’s expression change . He only needed to create some worry or anxiety, and his martial intent will reveal a weakness . Then, his sword would be able to claim Zong Shou’s life!

He was also feeling really excited . So what if this boy was a talent sent from the heavens? He loved to kill such talents! Viciously stomping them down into the mud in such a way that they couldn’t return .

He was destined to win this battle!

The expression of the teen in front of him did indeed change . He seemed to want to help yet was forcefully restricting himself .

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Yun Xu lips raised in delight . The sword in his hand rang, as though it was looking forward to coming out .

However, in the next moment, he saw Zong Shou’s expression totally calm once more .

Zong Shou had closed his eyes and taken a deep breath .

“Using these three months of time, apart from silently cultivating, most of my time has been spent on comprehending the sword to create a sword art . However, it’s taken so long and it still hasn’t formed . I’ve only understood two-thirds of the remnant strokes, naming it the World Shocking Sword . Three days ago, I was suddenly enlightened . Sword arts and martial cultivation need to be proven and tested through battle and killing, not just practice…”

He repeated his thoughts word by word in a very clear voice, spreading his words across numerous miles . There seemed to be some kind of rhythm and melody to them, his aura slowly rising . He didn’t bother with the two girls struggling behind him, and his voice wasn’t fast nor slow, neither rushed or relaxed .

Just as Yun Xu’s brow furrowed and he didn’t know what to do, Zong Shou opened his eyes once more, and they were completely empty . They were pure and clear, yet also slightly inquisitive .

“Brother Yun, you train in the Cruel Demon Sunflower Sword? Since you have trained it to the Martial Ancestor level, is your thing still there? You have become a eunuch, right?”

Yun Xu’s hands immediately clenched, feeling like his heart had been stabbed by many needles, experiencing intense pain . Rage rose in his heart which he was unable to suppress .

“You are looking to die…”

His voice was not as low as before . It was higher, sounding like someone who was neither a girl nor a guy . He paused between each word and filled them with killing intent, suddenly stopping halfway through his sentence .

A silver light spread out from Zong Shou’s sleeves, his entire body suddenly expanding and completely filling his field of view . The area it took up swiftly increased, bringing with it many after images .

“World Shocking Sword First Move, Great Spiral!”

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The sword light spun, fire and water intersecting, with a lightning glow wrapped around it, suddenly sweeping over .

At the start it seemed really normal, but when the sword light was in front of him it’s strength seemed to fill the heavens .

Half of its strength was like sub-zero ice, while the other half was like a blazing flame, purple lightning shining on both sides like a giant serpent .

Yun Xu was distracted for a short while before he roared out, causing the weakness that had appeared in his spirit to be instantly hidden . He then tossed aside everything and stabbed out with his sword . The sword was really quick, creating an afterimage three times quicker than that of Zong Shou’s . All his strength was gathered at the tip of the sword .

The three feet sword danced within his hands like a sewing needle, flexible and deadly .

But when it crashed with Zong Shou’s sword, Yun Xu shockingly found it was like his sword had stabbed into a whirlpool and he no longer had any control over it .

…The sword image spun! Twice! Thrice! A fourth spin! It was really like a spiral, frenziedly sweeping everything in its path . The nearby air was also stirred up, as though it had transformed into a giant tornado striking the surrounding area .

In the middle of it, there were also lethal shards of ice and flames, as well as a deep purple lightning snake which was randomly swallowing things and spitting them out .

Yun Xu’s heart sank, the sword glow in his hand expanding to its maximum . His sword was faster and stronger than most, yet it was unable to break away from the spiral . He could only attack back in a tiny area, trying his best to defend against the siege of the storm, though he began to feel more and more helpless .

He felt like a dam on the verge of collapse, blocking against a flood that was growing higher and higher, unable to move elsewhere .

Between the two of them, apart from the whistling storm, the air was filled with the clanging sound of metal as sword struck sword, and sparks flew .

Yun Xu’s sword was right in front of him, maneuvering left and right . Facing the storm, his eyes became colder and colder, filling with killing intent .

Yun Xu could only feel terror, shock and fear striking his previously flawless heart .

What kind of sword technique is this? It’s so strong and overbearing, it’s almost unreasonable . From what Zong Shou said it seems to be self-created . How is that possible? Such a sword technique even in large sects would be considered a pinnacle technique, how can it be self-created?

If this continues, he will definitely die!

His eyes squinted as he bit his lips, shouting in a really sharp tone . Tens of wounds opened up on his face, blood flowing out .

Even the lower part of his body became dyed red . The energy within his body instantly exploded numerous times, a crazy intent rising, his eyes turning blood red and becoming filled with endless amounts of hatred .

He was definitely going to tear this Zong Shou into pieces! He wanted to chop him down piece by piece and eat him alive! No matter what price he had to pay, he was going to tear him to shreds and bury him here!

In the next instant, he noticed the person opposite him smirk in disdain .

A silver glow suddenly stabbed out from within the spiraling sword light and struck him . Yun Xu instinctively lowered his sword to block, but he blocked thin-air . The sword image flashed and turned illusionary, appearing on the other side .

The “flood” that he had been blocking for so long finally overcame the dam .

Yun Xu was startled and stunned, his eyes swarming with images of the sword . A storm-like sword glow swept over him, sword energy surging all around . Water and fire wrapped up amongst one another and swallowed up his body .

Instantly, blood and flesh spurted out in all directions, all pieces no larger than a fingernail . Yun Xu’s body instantly burst into pieces as the spiral sword light cut it up .

However, the sword didn’t stop there, sweeping forth like a magnificent dragon . The water and fire sword energy actually charged thousands of feet before stopping . In the ground it left a three hundred feet wide and forty feet deep giant hole!

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