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Divine Brilliance - Chapter 221

Published at 4th of September 2019 07:25:11 AM

Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Chapter 221 Winning with Lightning

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

At the same time, within the carriage, Zong Shou was looking at the sky at the lightning snake that was being led down by Zong Yuan .

“The damn heavens . Today I will either win by this lightning or lose by this lightning!”

Using the lightning in the clouds was how he was able to cleanly murder Xie Nu who was unparalleled in terms of strength in just an instance .

However, because of this lightning glow, he had entered the most dangerous state . One could say that this was a change that he didn’t expect would happen before .

Li Luo and Shi Dan both didn’t understand, thinking that wasn’t this situation good? Why did the prince suddenly talk about losing? He seemed to have lost confidence, totally different from his self from before .

They all turned around and took a look at Zong Shou before their faces turned ashen white . Only to see that the black mirror in his hand had now turned back into an ink-black color, the images within had totally disappeared .
Following which they just thought about it slightly before they knew what had happened . When the lightning glow entered the body, it most probably caused the few talismans drawn on Zong Yuan’s armor to be totally destroyed .

“As expected, cheap things aren’t good! If I knew this would happen I shouldn’t have saved money . I would have bought that grade 6 soul control artifact set . I really regret, I really regret!”

Shi Dan’s face was alternating between green and white, so depressed that she wanted to vomit blood .

Thinking to herself about what kind of person he was . He had obviously seen a chance of winning but because he wanted to save money, in the end, he let the battle enter such an unpredictable state . It really made one speechless .

Without Zong Shou’s control, that 3 thousand cavalry would be swallowed by the alliance army of Yunxia and Blazing Flame mountain in just a moment . That Zong Yuan was also not the opponent of those few Xuanwu ancestors .

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Zong Shou furiously tossed aside the demon artifact in his hand . Following which he stood up and instructed, “Xue’er bring a Windrider foal for me! I want the fastest one . ”

Chuxue who was in the carriage avoiding arrows hurried ran out . After she heard that she was stunned and then she understood, “Young master, are you finally prepared to run? What about my uncle Hu and the others?”

Zong Shou was speechless, ferociously staring at her, “What crap are you saying . Who says I am running? Bring me my armor . Your prince is going to save people!”

This battle was dangerous but no matter what he couldn’t sit and watch as the 3 thousand cavalry died because of his mistake .

Chuxue was startled . She frowned as she went underneath the carriage to search for a Windrider foal that seemed slightly more muscular and strong .

To avoid the arrows, the wind winged dragon beast and Windrider foals they bought were all hidden under the carriage . Rows of them knelt on the ground, and searching for them took some effort now .

However, in just a moment, ten miles away a furious roar spread out .

“Blazing Flame Mountain Mu Jiang, dead!”

The entire ten-mile radius was totally silent . Zong Shou’s eyes turned serious as he turned around immediately and looked into that direction . The wooden bird which was circling high above perfectly reflected the scenes below into his soul .

They saw that nearby that intense battle, the formation of tens of thousands of Yunxia Mountain city armored soldiers had slightly loosened, and their morales seemed to be extremely low .

And those 3 thousand armored cavalry were still looking unstoppable, using a flood-like aura to step within the 5th black armored formation . Rows and rows of black-armored soldiers were knocked away by the wind winged dragon beasts .

Zong Yuan was still leading ahead, the breakthrough route he chose was actually the same as what he thought about before .

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However, in the next moment, he saw a corpse which was covered in black heavy armor which was flicked up 500 feet into the air by a huge strength . Causing everyone to raise their heads and take a look .

Zong Yuan’s roar once again rang out on the battlefield .

“Yunxia Mountain Mu Ling is dead!”

Hundreds and thousands of people were speechless . No matter which side you were on, a look of shock and fear appeared in their eyes .

With the body of a 4 meridian martial ancestor to lead 3 thousand iron cavalry to breakthrough 5 formations, challenge 3 Xuanwu ancestors and kill 15 thousand people in just 15 minutes .

Such extreme battle strength was unheard of in the cloud continent during these hundreds of years .

Li Luo looked over closely and was at a loss of words . After a short moment, he sighed slightly, bowing towards Zong Shou in respect, “Prince really knows how to look at people! This purple lightning spear Zong Yuan is such an unparalleled talent! I underestimated him before!”

Shi Dan slightly nodded her head, “I even looked down on him before, I didn’t expect this person to shock everyone! Did the prince let him lead the army and be the head of the iron cavalry so as to develop and teach him? Prince placed a lot of effort into it…”

Zong Shou’s mouth was agape, unable to close it, his eyes filled with disbelief . He knew that Zong Yuan was talented, so talented that he was able to stand on the same level as hundred thousand blood killer, just a little weaker than Xue’er who had the combat martial body .

But he didn’t expect him to be strong on such a level . He had just controlled his body and that fellow had comprehended his purple lightning spear to a level that could kill Mu Jiang and Mu Ling . Although he did borrow the lightning power from the sky, his body had comprehended a portion of the frenzied lightning spear sense!

Not only the martial path, but he was also able to correctly search for the weakness in the enemy formation . This fellow was talented . He was a talented individual that was unparalleled .

Hearing what Li Luo said, Zong Shou regained a few of his senses, quickly closing his mouth and coughing softly . His face looked like he was filled with confidence . He waved his hand in a magnanimous manner, smiling, “That’s too big a compliment . My subordinate is indeed talented, but such little skill isn’t worth mentioning! How could this be called a military talent?”

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Li Luo and Shi Dan were speechless once more . Could he be any faker?

Those war achievements before were controlled by Zong Shou . But now, Zong Yuan killed 2 Xuanwu ancestors and suffered no injuries, crushing the 5th formation . He relied on his ability to do so . If such a talent wasn’t unparalleled, then what was?

It was like such a talent could only be counted with one hand, even lesser than those spiritual grandmasters . Not only did big powers see him as treasures, but even those mid plain empires, shrines and sects would also crave for them .

It was obvious that he was smiling so much that he couldn’t close his mouth, but he was still faking it .

Chuxue had jumped onto the carriage and stood behind him, “Young master the horse has been found . Are you still going?”


Chuxue pouted, secretly expressing her disdain . Then, she looked into the distance with praise, “Those Yunxia and Blazing Flame Mountain people can’t block it . Brother Zong Yuan is so majestic . This feels good, kill kill kill, kill them such that they run back and cry to their parents . Who asked them to try to mess with our Gantian Mountain? We have charged to the 6th formation already . Young master, how did big brother Zong Yuan suddenly become so strong?”

Zong Shou was a little annoyed, feeling a little jealous as he heard that, rolling his eyes at Chuxue in disdain, “You think he is like you? Only knowing how to eat and being of no use!”

Chuxue was instantly furious, feeling wronged . However, she was unable to think of anything to retort . In the end, she viciously stabbed on Zong Shou with her foot, grinding with all her strength .

Zong Shou couldn’t help but bite his lips with his teeth thinking that this little brat was revolting once more . Later he was going to viciously spank her butt and teach her a lesson or she was only going to get worst!

At the same time, tens of miles away, above this valley, at a place where no one could notice, Lei Dong similarly looked down into the valley with disbelief .

“That Zong Yuan is so amazing! I was wondering why that prince always wanted to bring him along . His talent was so strong! No wonder he dared to enter this Ruohai Strait and go head-on against the 400 thousand alliance army of Yunxia and Blazing Flame Mountain . So he had such a trump card . ”

He took in another deep breath, his tone slightly regaining calm, “What an absolute talent! He broke 400 thousand elites with just 3 thousand . From today onwards, the world will have another legend! Even if he couldn’t win today, such a result was enough to shock the cloud world . Even the central continent would be shocked . How unbelievable…”

Zhao Yanran was sitting on a mountain rock at the side at that moment . Below her was a 12 thousand feet cliff . When she looked down, all she saw was a mist around . It was so deep she couldn’t see the bottom .

She didn’t put it to heart, using her legs to play around with the fog . Within her hand, she also had a snow-white bird which was flapping around in her hands . However, no matter what, it was unable to escape . The anxious and helpless expression made Zhao Yanran laugh .

Lei Dong glanced at her before he scolded her for being perverted . Out of the women in the common people path, only this crazy woman was the most abnormal . However, he said expressionlessly, “Crazy witch what do you think we should do now?”

“Naturally we do nothing . Do you still want to hide it?”

Zhao Yanran played around before finding it boring, letting that cloud bird go . Using her hands to support her chin, “That’s great! Apart from one sword path connected to the spirit, it’s a buy one get one free with such an unparalleled talent . Luckily my senior master has gone and your uncle is not here . However, now we are still going to have an inseparable conflict, right?”

Lei Dong’s face trembled, unable to speak for a long time, his heart was conflicted . What he was most worried about was that the 3-month deadline was going to be extended once more .

Who knows when he would be able to see his Miss Zhenru again .

Zhao Yanran showed no sympathy, following which she was deep in thought, “Do you think this prince is the god emperor’s choice? Legend had it that the future god emperor has many famous generals under him…”

“That’s impossible!” Lei Dong shook his head . The cloud world god-emperor prophesied by the 3 saints during the cloud desolate era . Based on what his elders said, he didn’t come from the monster race .

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