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Divine Brilliance - Chapter 229

Published at 8th of September 2019 07:20:07 AM

Chapter 229: 229

Liancheng was originally sitting silently at the side, even when the table was destroyed with one palm by his master, his expression didn’t change at all .

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However, at this moment his brows couldn’t help but raise up as he looked at the majestic back by the window, and his eyes filled with shock .

“Ruohai Straits, 3 thousand iron cavalry to break through 400 thousand alliance army, unparalleled general talent? The city lord is referring to that Gantian Mountain prince?”

Based on what he knew, the recent period of time was when Zong Shou went into the Ruohai Straits . Moreover, the prince did indeed have a few thousand cavalry under him at this moment .

“Yes and no . ” Xu Zhengyuan shook his head,” Liancheng do you remember that purple lightning spear? That person actually has the unparalleled ability to charge at formations . He led a thousand Xuan Mountain City mysterious armor wind dragon cavalry and 2 thousand heavy armored cavalry to break through many successive formations . He killed 4 Xuanwu ancestors through the process and even took Feng Yu’s life, causing the 400 thousand armies of Yunxia and Blazing Flame mountain to collapse . ”

Liancheng’s eyes were opened wide . His first thought was that he had heard wrongly . His brows furrowed, “Is this news real or fake?”

“It should be correct . I also heard that when he made a blood oath it seemed to have resulted in a heaven phenomenon…”

Xu Zhengyuan looked at the letter in his hand . True qi activating as it tore the letter into shreds, dissipating into the wind and landing in the lake outside of the window .

Then, he was totally silent . Be it master or servant, their hearts were filled with emotions, unable to calm down for a long time .

Their silence lasted for the time it took to brew a pot of tea before a glow appeared in Xu Zhengyuan’s eyes once more, “Liancheng do you think this prince will be able to unify Donglin in the future?”

Liancheng seemed to have expected that Xu Zhengyuan would have asked that, without any surprise . He only slightly taking in a deep breath before saying, “Since Zong Weiran had risen up, it had taken just 10 years . Although Gantian Mountain’s foundations are a little thin, going through multiple wars year after year, they have many elites under them . With the ability of that prince, it would be enough to sweep Donglin . Whether or not he would be able to create a country, I won’t dare to comment . However, if one adds in Xuan Mountain City, an unparalleled general talent, then even those top spiritual houses would be unable to stop him . ”

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“Top spiritual houses cannot stop him . Then all that is left would be those shrines . That Lingyun Sect would definitely interfere…”

Xu Zhengyuan’s expression was still indiscernible, suddenly vicious, suddenly hesitant . He was hesitating constantly . After a short moment, it was like he had made up his mind, his fists clenched tight!

“After a few days, personally make a trip to Gantian Mountain, and bring a surrender notice over . When you see the prince, say that I, Xu Zhengyuan, am willing to go under him . Cloud Saint City is willing to be his . Remember to be secretive . ”

Liancheng’s expression was totally bitter . He had predicted such an outcome, but in the end, he still felt uneasy . He wanted to persuade, but he didn’t know how he should start .

“I know you want to persuade me to be careful, but within these tens of years, this prince is the only source of hope that I can see…”

As he said that, that well-natured middle-aged man’s face was cruel and cold . The corner of his lips was filled with disdain, “Lingyun Sect people definitely did not expect that the prince they had rejected was actually a dual cultivator, sword path one with the spirit, 14 years old night wandering spirit master . Causing Sword Sect and the common people path to frenziedly fight one another . Today, there is actually an unparalleled general talent under him . Who knows whether or not that old man in Pill Spirit Mountian and Cloud Palace would be enraged because of that Liang Miaozi and their 3rd generation disciple Long Ruo? Hahaha…”

In the end, he even laughed out crazily . After a long while, they finally calmed down . Xu Zhengyuan touched his arm which was handicapped a while ago . His eyes filled with bone-deep grievance and hatred .

“Lingyun Sect, Ying Yang technique, withering sword energy, hey! Do they really think I don’t know? I am useless but there is finally someone who could handle you in this world . I am really looking forward to the day the prince and you engage…”

Liancheng’s face was originally green and white before it slowly regained the calmness of before . He knew that his city lord was determined and nothing could change it .

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Pretty much at the same time, east of Donglin Cloud Continent, at a peak of a giant mountain city which stretched hundreds of miles around and was on a tens of thousands feet high mountain . The atmosphere was really suppressive .

A full 50 thousand monster race soldiers with different characteristics were lined up on this wide square .

Their appearance was similar . Their clothes and armor were all silver-white . However, the atmosphere was really nervous, everyone pressed on their weapons, warily sweeping the surroundings . The animosity between all sides made it seem like war was a spark away .

At this moment, the place where the gazes of all these people met was within the jade white hall where “Chongzhen Hall” hung, at the tens of people within who had different expressions on their faces . Their faces were either green with rage, had cold smiles, were filled with confidence, or were really nervous .

Hu Qianqiu sat at the first spot on the left . He was really delighted as he judged the people around .

Sitting beside him was the Gantian Mountain left pillar general Qiu Wei . He was black-skinned and really thin, but his bone structure was surprisingly big and thick . Just like him, he was an 8th-grade Xuanwu . He was currently closing his eyes, like the matters within the hall had nothing to do with him .

Opposite him was the race leader of the wind bear race, Chai Yuan as well as the race leader of the eye wolf race, Ling Fakong .

The former had a big and muscular build . His body was around ten feet tall . However, it gave one a swift and flexible feeling . The latter was around his thirties . He had thin red lips and white teeth, looking really handsome and dignified .

The 2 of them didn’t have many signs of turning into a beast . The stronger one was from the monster race . They could hide their monster body, looking no different from normal humans .

Hu Qianqiu could do that . However, he didn’t bother much about his appearances .

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The 3rd on the left was right pillar general Zong Shiyuan . His face was green . Opposite this person was a bunch of Zong family people .

Zong Family elder Zong Ming, 2nd elder Zong Hao who acted as the Zong family magistrate, behind the 2 of them stood 2 young males who were Zong Shi and Zong Yang .

Although they had a lot of power in Gantian Mountain and could inherit the throne, at this moment within the hall, they didn’t even have the rights to sit .

Moreover, Zong Ming and Zong Hao were the true direct disciples of the sky fox Zong Family and held important positions within the race .

However, 10 years ago, the position of race leader was snatched from them by Zong Weiran who had staged a coup .

Below them, there were tens of people who were all generals in Gantian Mountain City as well as 20 race leaders with relatively stronger strength . At the moment, they were all not speaking, acting like this matter didn’t concern them at all .

The one only speaking in the hall were the tens of people sitting behind tables .

“The position of the monster king has been vacant for close to 8 months . If it was 1 or 2 days that was okay but for several months, how can that be? The heavens have to have days, snakes have to have heads . Gantian Mountain has millions of troops, but recently we can only hole ourselves up, allowing Yunxia and Blazing Flame mountain to occupy our land . That is because our city has no leader . Within the people of our Zong family, only young master Zong Yang has the right to do so . He is the direct bloodline of the Zong Family and can be the ruler of Gantian Mountain!”

“Ruler of Gantian Mountain? Hehe! What position are your words putting prince Zong Shou at? Zong Yang is indeed the direct bloodline but his relation with the ruler is so thin . Even if prince Zong Shou cannot cultivate and can’t become monster king, in terms of blood relation, the right pillar general should take over…”

Before that person finished, there were people who coldly interrupted, “Although the right pillar general is the ruler’s brother, they came from different mothers and he was born as a bastard . He led the troops 10 times and lost 4 . If it wasn’t for him, the ruler would have wiped out Yunxia Mountain . Could such a person inherit the throne? The monster king position not only looks at bloodline, but we must also look at the future . Young master Zong Shi is the grandson of the direct line, reaching xiantian at 20, 2 meridians of the earth chakra level, all rounded and decisive . Within this Gantian Mountain who is abler than young master Zong Shi?”

Hearing those first few words, there was a slight commotion within the hall . The veins on Zong Shiyuan exploded out . His eyes opened wide, looking with killing intent at the person who spoke . Then, he looked coldly at Zong Ming and Zong Shi .

Hu Qianqiu giggled, coldly scoffing to himself . So what if he was earth chakra 2 meridians? His progress is not bad, but compared to the prince, he was useless .

A while ago Zhongyuan had back news that the prince was actually at the night wandering realm and had also entered the xiantian level .

He was actually a dual cultivator . When they met the first time he didn’t notice at all .

Just as he was silently despising them, Zong Shiyuan suddenly opened his mouth and laughed coldly, “Although I am a bastard, what is your Zong Shi? The so-called direct bloodline is just a bunch of useless people . My brother was nice and let all of you live . Who knew that a few years later it would become a problem! An outsider actually dreams about taking the throne . ”

Zong Shi’s brows twitched . However, his expression didn’t change at all . Only the corner of his lips rose up, but he didn’t retort .

On the contrary, Zong Ming slightly shook his head, “Shiyuan’s words are wrong . Zong Shi’s talent is indeed the top of this generation . Even when the ruler was alive he praised him and developed him . Moreover, close to 70% of the people in the sky fox race supports Shi’er . Within Gantian Mountain there is indeed no one who has more rights than him . ”

“70%? I really don’t know how you calculated that . ”

The person who spoke was Zong Hao who scoffed coldly, “Why is it that based on what I know, the 10 races of the fox haven’t made their stand . Even our sky fox race, close to 60% see Zong Shou as our prince?”

“They are just some branches, why should we bother about them? Will you care?”

Zong Ming rubbed his white mustache, suddenly thinking about a matter and smiling, “Oh right! That Zong Yuan matter is there an outcome? Did that purple lightning spear really leave you guys? Raising him for close to 10 years and in the end, someone else benefitted . Cousin brother it’s time for you to reflect . ”

Zong Hao’s expression instantly changed . Then, he burst out into a cold laugh, “Why are we mentioning a traitor? Him wanting to follow Zong Shou is a good thing . However, I don’t think he will ever improve in his life . Who knows how long more can he live . Senior brother doesn’t need to worry for me…”

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