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Divine Brilliance - Chapter 544

Published at 26th of March 2020 09:55:08 AM

Chapter 544: 544

Xuanyuan Yiren’s breath stifled, her brows furrowed and she knew that it was impossible to change Zong Shou’s thoughts .

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She knew that Zong Shou usually seemed like someone who was easy to talk to, however, once he made up his mind, he definitely won’t be easily affected by others . His stubbornness was extremely similar to her’s .

This matter concerned his prestige and thus he wouldn’t just let it pass .

It wasn’t appropriate for her to continue to try and persuade him, her tone quickly changed . “It feels like the Blood Kill Twin Flags are too cruel . It should be best to use it less if you could in the future . ”

“Sure . ”

Zong Shou nodded his head, if there wasn’t any need to, then he wouldn’t want to use it either . “Since you say so, then I’ll just use it less in the future . ”

After hearing this, only then did Xuanyuan Yiren’s brows relax, she knew that Zong Shou was simply going with the flow of the conversation, nevertheless, she felt really happy . She also recalled something . “Oh right! During these two years, I have been thinking about how to solve the poison of the Spiritual Salamander, recently I have some ideas . If it’s based on what I think, this new pill that would be made would not only have low toxicity, but its effects would raise by close to 70%…”

Upon hearing this, he looked at the Blood Cloud Cavalry . “Even the amassed poison in the bodies of these subjects can be mostly removed if that’s the case!”

Zong Shou was startled for a short moment before his lips slowly curled up . He obviously thought that this was quite interesting . Curing the poison meant that these Martial Ancestor cultivators would be able to improve further .

Once the effects of the Spiritual Salamander Blood Essence Pill were to be strengthened, it would also have a huge effect on grade-5 cultivators .

Not long later, he would have two more large-sized Mind Stone Veins in his hands . There would also be dozens of small-sized and medium-sized veins, although he wouldn’t be able to get all of them, what’s important was that he would be able to obtain the majority .

A Blood Cloud Cavalry formed solely of grade-6 cultivators? He was really looking forward to this sight .

However, following which, a helpless expression appeared in her eyes . “The problem is… The recipe is quite tough to prepare! The most important part is to be able to find a God Beast’s blood to go up against the Spiritual Salamander . This means that it shouldn’t be any weaker than it, it needs to be at least Saint Realm…”

When Zong Shou heard this, his anticipation quickly doused itself and turned to despair . A God Beast’s blood of the Saint Realm, where was he supposed to find something like that?

In his memory, he couldn’t recall any map which hid the blood of a Saint Realm God Beast . As for him searching for them, the Saint Realm Beast races alone wouldn’t even need to attack, after a single glance, he would be easily crushed . This was unless he would ask for it from the sect…

However, this was something he wouldn’t do unless he had no other choice, the more he owed the Common People’s Path, the more he would be connected to with this sect that strayed away from the Main Path .

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The way Common People’s Path disciples acted were more often described as extreme, there were even some things he couldn’t bear to watch, and that he wasn’t willing to be wrapped up in .

Suddenly, a thought flashed across as Zong Shou recalled something . His hands slapped together as he smiled, looking in a certain direction in the distance .

He could only think to himself how foolish he really was, wasn’t there a Saint Realm God Beast in the outer region? The Destruction True Dragon, it shouldn’t be below the Spiritual Salamander, right?

If he really had no choice left, he could just find the dragon to have him give some out of pity, anyways, the Dragon Race had a lot of blood .

Outside of the void, Aokun felt a chill around his body for some reason, he couldn’t help but shudder . It was like some terrifying thing had its eyes on him . After searching using his spiritual sense, he was unable to find anything nor think of any reason why . It was impossible for him to not shake his head in confusion .

Currently, Zong Shou’s eyes were tightly furrowed as a sense sharpness appeared within it .

His spiritual sense could feel an exceptionally strong aura that broke through the world and entered .

However, it was only a drop of Essence Blood . The problem was, the moment it appeared, it made him feel terrified and subconsciously stifle his breathing .

…God realm! It was a God Realm Peak Expert’s Life Essence Blood!

With Aokun’s Saint Realm strength, how could he allow this Shenxiao to arrive in the Cloud World?

He had many thoughts in his heart, but despite all this, he didn’t hesitate . His soul flashed as he tossed aside the golden armor and golden sword, quickly returning to his physical body and holding up the blood-colored halberd!

Who knew that before the Mysterious Cloud Sect was wiped out, there would be such a tough battle ahead of him . However, Zong Shou didn’t fear anything at all . The Blood Cloud Cavalry was able to suppress an entire world and wipe out numerous sects, this wasn’t only because of their ability to suppress low-grade cultivators, but they could also go up against top-grade ones too!

With a thought, thousands of Blood Cloud Cavalry warriors who were connected by heart to him had once again gathered up .

Energies exploded and numerous spiritual patterns formed between them . Thousands of Blood Cavalry formed into one once more .

Yuankong laughed out loud, “It’s great senior master Shenxiao, our 3rd generation ancestor! The heavens have opened their eyes, our Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect finally has a chance to live!”

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Zong Shou didn’t mind this at all and casually waved the halberd in his hands, instantly, the strength of thousands of people struck the remaining formation with Yuankong at its helm .


The spiritual energy rumbled all about and didn’t stop . Invisible ripples spread out all over .

Yuankong’s body was instantly turned into a blood rain right away . The other cultivators, on the other hand, had turned into red-colored dust . Only less than ten people were remaining, but they were all on due with their last breaths, they didn’t have any strength left to fight back at all .

At this moment, the blood pearl in the air instantly gave out a tragic howl, it was filled with rage, almost like a beast who was on the verge of death .

Zong Shou still didn’t panic, soul power was injecting into the Blood Kill Twin Flags as he directed them, adding into it was his vast soul power . Following after, a light shone, a blood-colored spiritual light instantly covered the 4,200 Blood Cloud Cavalry warriors .

At this moment, the drop of Essence Blood also charged down, directly occupying the body of one of the heavily injured enemies .

When Zong Shou saw this, he laughed coldly . This was what he wanted . leaving their lives as is was so he could draw him over .

Just as the cultivator’s mind hadn’t fully been snatched, he slashed out with the halberd . It turned into a ten thousand foot long energy ray as it slashed down!

Apart from the Killing Path Halberd Intent of the Blood Cavalry Kill, it also had the ability to swallow energy from Heaven and Earth!

Another thunder-like sound rang heavily across the skies, the shockwaves directly spread hundreds of miles out .

The person who was possessed by the Essence Blood instantly turned into dust! Even the people around were turning into blood-like water by the remnant energy from the halberd .

The drop of blood scoffed helplessly as it didn’t search for other people to possess anymore . It turned into a soul image instead, following which, its aura continued to climb up, almost as if it didn’t have a limit, it was slowly suppressing this part of the world!

Zong Shou smiled as he waved his sleeves, keeping Xuanyuan Yiren into his Lingjie ring . Coldness flashed across within his eyes .

This person’s strength actually climbed to the Spirit Realm! The suppressive power of the Cloud World was actually forcefully pulled open, it was quite similar to what Wei Xu did that time…

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Luckily, there was a small window of delay . Tens of miles out, the Kongqi Sect and the Seven Spirit Sect each opened up their formation . The 70,000 elite cavalry warriors near the mountain were instantly protected .

During this battle, he didn’t need to worry about others, he just needed to go all out in his battle against this Shenxiao .


At this moment in a place within the clouds which couldn’t be seen by the eye . A Confucian-dressed old man had his hands by his side, frowning as he looked at the peak of the Mysterious Cloud mountain, his eyes were filled with unhappiness .

“Spirit Realm strength… It has crossed the limit of this world . This Shenxiao really is fooling around…”

“We can’t blame him! Close to 7,000 years of hard work from the Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect was going to die in one day under the hands of the Monster King . If I was him, I would have definitely gone crazy!”

The person who spoke just now was a teen, his face filled with an evil intent like he was gloating .

“This Zong Shou is really amazing . One step into grade-9 . I remembered that just 2 years ago when he was beside Wei Xu, wasn’t he just a Xiantian? He was actually able to recover the Blood Cloud Cavalry . The Lingyun Sect’s hard work in maintaining Donglin Continent is going to be given to another person . It really makes one feel comfortable and relaxed…”

“Blood Kill Flags raised, blood will definitely flow for a thousand miles . Today, millions were slaughtered, what a sin! I had high hopes for this Gantian Mountain ruler in the past, however, ever since he joined the Common People’s Path, his actions have become so evil, how disappointing, what a waste…”

The monk beside him was filled with emotions, he displayed both sadness and pity, as if he felt that it was all a waste . Shortly after, his brows rose up . “Should we suppress Shenxiao?”

Since the Cloud World’s suppression couldn’t do anything, then it could only be up to them to suppress him back to grade-9 .

The World Protecting Venerables was an ancient contract amongst cultivators . They had the duty to protect this world and the ability to do so .

When the Confucian heard this, his brows furrowed slightly, however, he didn’t speak . Instead, it was a woman wearing a green-colored flowing sleeve dress who smiled . “Why not wait for a little while more? Shenxiao is already badly injured and his strength is at most the Peak of Spirit Realm . If he stays within the Pinnacle Sky Dome Formation, even if something happens it wouldn’t be that much . Let’s just wait for a little more while…”

The Confucian old man didn’t speak while the monk had also kept silent .

However, the eyes of these three looked towards the teen . The latter smiled and didn’t show any intention to reject what the woman had said . “What’s in it for me?!”

“How about a Demon Breath Life Ending Pill?”

That green-dressed woman turned around . “The Common People’s Path betrayed the Path and is also the enemy of your Demon Sect . This Zong Shou is the 2nd generation’s direct disciple of the Common People Path, their rise of doesn’t benefit your Demon Sect at all!”

“You sure do have confidence in that Shenxiao!”

The teen scoffed, however, despite doing this, he also didn’t think that Zong Shou had the ability to fight against Shenxiao who was so close to going insane .

“Don’t you think that the way we are acting today is a little biased? I don’t think the two outside will be willing to let things rest…”

“You’re joking! One of them is just someone in the Saint Realm, while the other is just a little problematic . Once decades pass and he is unable to place down his Heart Demon, he will definitely fall . Why do we need to care so much?”

The green-dressed woman slightly shook her head, she had a scornful expression on her face . “Even if we are biased, what could they do?”

The teen asked curiously, “Shenxiao’s Life Essence Blood came at such a coincidental timing . No matter how I think of it, wouldn’t the fact that Shenxiao was able to escape from the hands of Aokun be kind of eerie? Doesn’t this fairy find it weird as well?”

After hearing these words, her expression turned cold and serious .

“Isn’t it just the Common People’s Path testing the four of us? What is there to fear? The Common People’s Path only has one End Realm expert and he is millions of worlds away from here . Wei Xu isn’t here at the moment . I really want to see who can handle us . If anything happens, I will take the blame . I think that Zong Shou wouldn’t be able to last for 10 minutes . We just need to take that Shenxiao’s life as punishment after this and no one will be able to say anything…”

The teen smiled when he heard this and didn’t say anything more . He had the biggest intention of going with the flow .

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