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Chapter 424

Chapter 424: They’re Eying Your Older Cousins!

Of course, he wanted to!

Chen Feng looked at the things . The meat added up to almost twenty kilograms . Gu Qingyao had given them some food before she left, and now that she was back, she was giving them some more . He was really embarrassed .

There was so much meat . Most households might not eat that much meat in an entire year .

Gu Qingyao was not just helping them a little . She was ensuring that they had a better life .

It was the end of the year, and the meat would be distributed soon . Their Qing River Brigade had plenty of meat . They kept pigs, chickens, and ducks on the mountain, and all these would be shared .

Chen Feng looked at Gu Qingyao . “Thank you, Elder Sister Gu . I will accept the things and I will certainly repay you when I grow up . ”

He would definitely remember his debt .

Gu Qingyao smiled . “That’s a good boy!”

Chen Feng handed the things to his younger sister, Chen Qingqing, who immediately hid them .

She was just a child . She was delighted to see meat .

At first, her older brother had not said that they would accept the things, so she had looked at them with wide eyes . She desperately wanted them but dared not say anything without her older brother’s permission . Now that her older brother said they would accept it, she could not hide her joy .

“Come over here and sit . I have something to ask you,” Gu Qingyao said .

Gu Qingyao only spoke after Chen Feng was seated . “Has something happened in the brigade recently? Why are the girls behaving so strangely? In the past, they liked to make fun of me whenever they saw me, and make sarcastic remarks . Especially Chen Honghua’s clique . But recently, they have been much more polite to me, even… some of the girls are even trying to please me . What’s going on?”

Chen Feng laughed cynically . “What do you think? They all want to gain your favor!”


Gu Qingyao was somewhat startled . “Gain my favor?”

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Chen Feng nodded . “That’s right, gain your favor!”

Gu Qingyao did not understand . “Why do they want my favor? They’ve always looked down on me in the past . The Gus are bad elements . They…”

Chen Feng smiled . “That was in the past . It is true that they always thought of the Gus as bad elements, and that they would suffer if they married into the Gu family . They think that the Gu family’s status is lowly, that you will be considered bad people for the rest of your lives, and will never be able to hold your heads up high again .

“But it’s different now, primarily because of what happened to Gu Ruoqing .

“You know how much the people here envy city dwellers . When Gu Ruoqing became a city girl, the girls were wild with envy . All of them wanted to ingratiate themselves with Gu Ruoqing . You know how they fawned on Gu Ruoqing then .

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“But what happened? All of them suffered heavy losses . You know that there aren’t many good things among the village families . They all scrimped and saved to squeeze out a little food that they used to curry Gu Ruoqing’s favor . But in the end, it came to nothing . Those people are all heartsick over what happened .

“Because of the incident, the brigade leader held a meeting to talk about it . He told everyone they should learn their lesson . It’s not easy to move to the city . To work is glorious, and everyone should concentrate on working the fields instead of spending their time thinking about all these things . ”

Gu Qingyao was stunned . “Really? There was really a meeting?”

Chen Qingqing smiled . “Really . Older Brother and I also attended . Eldest Aunt and her family were livid . Elder Sister Gu, you may not know this, but after Gu Ruoqing ran away, the entire brigade mocked Eldest Aunt and her family . It was the same for the Zhang family .

“Also at the Southern Lake Brigade, that Sun Mei, Wang Li, Liu Zao and the rest were all objects of mockery . The brigade leader even reprimanded Eldest Aunt’s family by name . It felt so good . ”

Gu Qingyao: “…”