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Chapter 98: 98

In this generation, information was scarce . There was a minimal flow of people as well . Most people in the countryside rarely went out, not mentioning the women .

Gu Yunshen was not at home these days but Zhang Xiaohui went to the town every day . She might not even return home for 2 or 3 days . It would be abnormal if no one gossip about that in the brigade .

Zhang Xiaohui had no relatives in the town . Why did she go over everyday?

The meaning behind Gu Qingyao’s words was quite direct but Gu Ruoqing did not catch that . Instead, she was very proud!

She was living a good life recently . Her parents loved each other and her father bought her food, new clothes . He even gave her allowance . This kind of life was a million times better than the Gu family’s .

She did not want to stay in the Gu family anymore . She wanted to be with her father .

Gu Qingyao saw the arrogance in Gu Ruoqing’s eyes . She was speechless . It was really easy to deal with such an idiot .

She was not smart but she was not kind as well . Gu Ruoqing was a very selfish and vicious person .

“What have you been doing lately? You have no relatives in the town . Why did you go there everyday? You haven’t come back home for three days . Don’t you need to eat? Where did you stay? The clothes you’re wearing are new, right? Who bought them for you?” Gu Qingyao asked purposely .

Wang Qingshan frowned as he heard his words . It seemed like the rumors in the brigade were real .

Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing ran to town everyday and did not even return home for the past three days?

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Gu Ruoqing was more arrogant when Gu Qingyao asked about her clothes, “Not your business . Mother bought them for me . Why can’t I have some new clothes at this age?”

“Where do you get the money from? Father did not leave us with much money before he left . Brothers and uncles all work outside and require more expenditure . Younger brothers also grow up and will need more food . Elder brothers will need to get married . It’s really a blessing when they can mail us some food sometimes,” Gu Qingyao said .

“We farm to get our food . There is no money and no coupons . How did Mother get so much money?”

“It’s been long since I had new clothes . Father did not even have money to buy for me . ”

Gu Ruoqing felt more proud upon hearing that .

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Gu Yunshen had always cared for Gu Qingyao more than her when she was young . He became more biased as they grew up . Now, she had something that Gu Qingyao did not have . How could she not be proud?

“This is none of your business . You should just stay at home and do your job . Don’t bother about what I do . ”

Gu Qingyao was quiet .

Wang Qingshan now got the whole picture .

Mo Beihan took a glimpse at Gu Qingyao and smiled . His little girl finally knew how to defend herself . She was too quiet and shy in the past .

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Girls in the Gu family were well taken care of by the entire family . They were knowledgeable but too kind .

He could protect the girl but she would definitely suffer when dealing with an uncivilized person like Gu Ruoqing .

It’s better that she knew how to fight back now .

“Where does the chicken soup come from? Chen Goudan, how dare you eat alone?” Chen Honghua envied Gu Ruoqing and vented all of her anger on Chen Goudan .