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Chapter 46

Takami no Kago ch . 46

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I am, Frey*Kokusu, from i was small till grown-up is always being bullied with my elder brothers .
Father, entering our family name into the aristocracy, after did distinguished military services on combat against the monsters as a Knight .
I am the youngest child with 4 siblings and also the eldest daughter at home . My older brothers always said want to become knight when they are still kids . When there are examination to enlist as Knight corps in the town, they took it after they grown-up .
Mother send off my older brothers with a smile, so when I am growing-up, I want to become a Knight too, I kept repeated it to myself .

I was a frail from my childhood, so I am unable to express my opinion nor intention to my surrounding, I can always nodded to my mother .
After my brother who is 4 years older than me entered the Knight corps, my body has growing-up steadily .
There is no older brothers who bullied her, but even though her body growing, but she is still timid .

Everyday, although I’m not suitable as a Knight, but I kept training everyday .
During the continously indecisive state, I invited to take enlistment examination when I was grown-up, I passed it even though I believed it was a mistake .
After that, training, I did training everyday . So I can become more stronger .
I was undefeatable in sword sparring against everyone . Before long, I was being called the most promising young Knight and it made me high .

[Anyone come at me if you dare!!]

The next day, I was beaten-up with my senior Knights . None of my technique working against them .
Afterwards, whenever I met any of my senior knights, I was being made fun, they were laughing at me who is on the lower ranks .
My mind went broken . I was originally a timid person . After being big-mouthed, I lost all of my confidence .
As the result, everything that I did is useless .
I was being defeated by my opponent who should I can win over due my spirit is broken .
I was unable to move on when there is a pitfall due my worry .
In the end, I would be crying during the combat practice . And, my blunder reached the blunder limit .
At last, I got nickname [Crybaby] Frey .

[As I expected, I am not suitable become a Knight]

I didn’t joined the training and shut myself inside the room in the lodging house on the next day after I cried during practice session .
At first no one noticed me, but after three days everyone who shared room with me become worried .
After two weeks passed, I’m still not coming out from the room, the instructor came to the room and shouted at me .

Several months passed, it’s another season for apprentice knight graduation .
No one worried about me anymore because the apprentice knight graduation . There is also no free time during the graduation either .
Half of the apprentice knights were assigned to the knight corps on this town . And the rest of remains is already decided before being enlisted .
I am, was planned on the former, but after my instructor abandoned me, most likely I’ll be driven out from this room as the same time as the graduation .
Most likely I can still lived on this lodging house until today because my father plead . Because the title “Knight” can be obtained as long as you’re graduated, he asked the teachers for it .

And on the day of graduation day, I was given a minimum luggage by my older brothers, who I don’t know why father gathered them today, and then I was taken on the carriage .
I was staying obediently, even after three days passed I am still don’t know nor heard the destination of this carriage .
The carriage stopped in the front of a big mansion and went gone after dropping me and my luggage .
When I was began worried, the maid shows-up from inside the mansion and pulled my hand .

[This way, Frey-sama]

I had been guided to the mansion and put in the bath at once . I am certainly smell bad because didn’t taken any bath for three days .
When I was going-up from bath, a luxury underwear and armor was given to me . Did they will made me fighting after this?
After I ended change my clothes, brought by the maid and taken in the front of a certain room .
When the maid knocked with knock-knock, there is a man’s voice from the inside the room .

[Welcome, to Capri Mansion . Are you Frey?]

Inside the room, there is an uncle which the age is 50 years old . Is he and my father is the same generation? I was being welcomed with a radiant smile .


[I have heard about you from your father . You will guard my daughter, rather I want someone who can talk with her]

A talking partner . If it’s like that I can do it . However, it’s unnecessary to provide me an armor for to be talking partner .

[My daughter is always yearning for a Knight . Because I can’t allow a male knight to be near her, so I decided for a female knight]
I see, so a knight decoration . This might suit me well .

[But my daughter is a little bit strange, so I hope you don’t mind it?]
[I, I understand . I’ll accept the task of guarding your daughter]

It’s already become a habit to make attitude as Knight when I was still on apprenticeship . The carprice lord nodded, and brought me to her daughter which I will guard .
The daughter, is drinking the tea in the garden on mansion . When she noticed the Caprice Lord called her, she smiling brightly when saw me .
Like meeting a Goddess . I’m fully obedient . The situation gives an encouragement feeling on this fleeting atmosphere .

[Good afternoon, are you my Knight?]

[Ye,yes . I am Frey*Kokusu . I have been tasked to guard Lady Flore from now]

I gave greeting while being tensed .

[Please take care of me . Frey]


My life starting like an event of fairy tale after being appointed as Knight of Lady Flore .
On the morning, after finishing breakfast, I went to lady Flore’s room, Lady Flore is still sleeping on her enclosed canopy bed .
This fantastical situation made me hesitate to wake her .
She is always wake-up when I’m prepared myself to call her name .

[Good morning, Frey]
[Good morning . Lady Flore]

The person who is charge to take care of her begin to help change her clothes immediately on the room . There is no stain on the lady Flore’s skin, it’s as smooth as silk .
After lady Flore finished changed her clothes, we’re moving to dining room .
I was standing on her side until lady Flore finished eating . I don’t get tired at all just by watching over her .
Usually, I got a regrettable feeling after her meal ended .

When finish her breakfast, lady Flore usually spend the day with enjoying the tea in the garden . Sometimes, she give greeting for the guest visiting the mansion .

[Nee, Frey . You are strong, right? I, I want to see you fighting]

To realize lady Flore wish, several swordman were called to the mansion . Lord Caprice is very gentle toward lady Flore . (TN: Doting father~)
I am, who is secretly ran away to this place, keep showing calm face when facing the swordman .
My hand who holding the sword is trembling . But, it’s only matter of time before everyone in surrounding know the truth .
My throat were dried-up . I remembered the unpleasant feeling stuck on the back of my throat when I forced swallowed my saliva .


It’s starting at last, why Lord caprice made this kind of treatment despite saying I’m just a decoration knight?
The swordman wield his sword slowly . He might be holding back . Because it’s not gonna be a show if the duel ended soon at once .
I avoided the sword attack without any difficulty and I wield my sword quietly . The swordman noticed my sword, but he is already too late to avoid it .
There is no necessary to make slow movement to avoid it . When I was thinking it, I change the sword moving trajectory a bit .
The swordman body posture got destroyed . My sword is already on the my opponent throat .

[Gi, give up!!]

I won the duel just like that . From the surrounding, I heard the praised voices .
Eh? Is he defeated on purpose?
I am certainly a Knight of lady Flore even though just a decoration . It might be already decided that I’ll win the duel from beginning .
When I was looking on the Lord Caprice, his face were surprised and looking at me . There is no way for a senior noble acting that improper .

The next sword man is also not showing an impressive movement either, so I ended the duel by send him fly with my swordplay .
The spectators gives thunderous applause . Is this really my ability?

[Awesome, Frey . There is one person left . Good luck~]

Lady Flore cheering on me . I will shows her my full strength . I requested the next opponent at once .
The third opponent is stronger than the previous two people .
My attack were repelled with sword, and he aimed for my vital points when I was relaxing my guard .
But, I have regained my combat sharpness after the previous two duels . I countered his attack without any difficulty .

When we are already clashed sword around ten times? His feet were staggered due tiredness .
I am immediately took advantage from it and with the differences of our physical strength, I flicked the opponent sword .
I heard applause and praise from my surrounding again .

[Whoah, awesome . Frey, you’re not inferior than your father on swordmanship]

Lord Carprice is very excited and clasp my hand . I felt a little bit pain on my and due he gripped firmly .

[Frey . That’s really awesome performance . As expected from my Knight-sama]

Lady Flore praised me .

[Ye, yes . Thank you very much!!]

Today, At last I have become a true Knight . The [Crybaby Frey] went into joy on the day .

Several days has passed after I am fully like become a Knight .
After that day, the time when I accompany lady Flore is increasing more than before .

[Frey, there is an unusual flower blossoming in the garden . Let’s go to see it together]

[Frey, let’s take a bath together with me]

[Frey, let’s have breakfast together]




I am decided on my heart that I’ll be use more for the sake of lady Flore .
I made an effort to become a Knight whom lady Flore hoped .
Lady Flore’s Knight, stronger than anyone . Who doesn’t run away from the enemy .
Lady Flore’s knight, always fight fair and square . Always become the winner .
Lady Flore’s knight, who gonna guard the master on everytime .

And then, passing various trials with the aim become the knight who is lady Flore wanted .
Being the winner against the horde of monster alone .
Challenge duel with many knights, and always gain victories .
Gives foods to the poor childrens in the slums .

Accepting lady Flore’s dangerous request . I did it with pleasure .

Two years passed after I worked as Knight for lady Flore, there is instruction from Lord Caprice to left the town for awhile .
Apparently, a large horde of monsters were approaching the town .

[I understand . I’ll guard lady Flore without fail]

Even though I already said that, there are 4 adventurers were prepared as guard along with the wagon coachman .
Lord Caprice is sure worrywart father . Even though it’s annoying, but to save the Lord’s face I accepted the guards .

The several days we’re going out the town is going well . The guards have necessary skills needed on the forest . .
The Lady Flore stayed obediently in the carriage, we’re able to get 70% dangerous distance safely .
However, the guards become made a commotion when we’re almost reaching Efuberu town which is our target .

[Knight-sama . There are a crowd of monsters around here . It become impossible to continue for awhile]

[This, we should change the road]

The guards made a plan .

[I see, so how long the schedule increase?]

[Let’s see, the schedule will increase a day because the detour]

Is the food and water suffice?]

[Yes, it’s safe . We have prepared a lot]

Thus, we made detour to reach Erubefu .
Although we’ve attacked several times by the monsters, we managed to repel it without damaging the wagon .

[During this detour, how many monsters type should be?]

A man starting to say something .

[This is, isn’t the erubefu is dangerous?]

It seems the guards begin to consider to run away . I called them .

[You guys, what are you saying]

[But, Knight-sama . This is nearby erubefu you know? If we’re keep our pace we’re gonna arrive before the evening of today]

[Do you will leaving us here!?]

[Not that . It’s because it’s weird there are monsters appear in this place]

[Is there any possibility there is a large crowd of monsters nearby?]

I laughed on their opinions .

[If it’s a large horde of monsters, they should heading to Bureto . There is impossible another horde to appear]

[I, it’s as you say]

Several hours later, we meet a large horde of monsters after this conversation, no one saw this coming .

[Ha, ha, ha, milady Flore, are you alright?]

[Ha, yeah, ha, I’m alright]

Lady Flore answered with mixing out of breath . She might gonna reached her limit slowly .
We’ve attacked by a large horde of monsters, we abandoned the wagon and running away . As for the adventurers guard, I saw two of them died . The other two were ran away, we’re most likely unable to escape if we didn’t following them from behind because we’re completely surrounded .
The coachman, he is the first person died when the monster attacked .
We are get down from the wagon while the adventurers were attacked by the monsters, we’re running away desperatedly .

[For the time being, there is seems no monster in surrounding]
[I see, I felt tired after running away in sudden . Let’s search for a place to resting]

There is seems no tension on lady Flore . To begin with, don’t you understand the current situation is dangerous for your life?

[I am very sorry . All of your luggage is on the wagon]

[Well, that’s terrible . Can’t we do something about it? There is my favorite tea set in there]

To mention tea set on this moment . No, this is probably a joke to calm me down on this extreme situation .

[I am sorry . To recollect them is impossible]

[I see, it can’t be helped]

It seems a joke after all . Her interest were lost immediately .

[Today, let’s take a rest in someplace in somewhere]

[Yeah, if there is any house nearby]


This one too, must be a joke .
A little bit, it’s been a noisy in the front of our direction . When I was listening attentively, it seems not coming from a person .


[Gi, gi, gi]

There are 50 goblins in there .
I endured to not screaming for a moment and use my hand to my mouth .
When I was worrying if lady Flore gonna screaming like me, I saw her eyes were sparkling .

[It’s awesome, a real goblin]

[Milady, please lower your voice a bit]

[Ee, oh yeah . I’m sorry]

Apparently, the goblins seems gone to other place . A goblin who is bigger than others were lead them toward somewhere .
The goblin villages become quiet at once .
When I was watching the surrounding, lady Flore entered the village .

[M, milady . It’s dangerous . There might still be a goblin]

[Nee, that house seems suited for human to live . Can we stay resting there for today?]

It’s certainly the house which pointed by lady Flore, is way bigger for goblin . Is it for human? There is a human who live closes this tribe?

[We should not do it . We don’t know what is the inside]

[It’s alright, because Frey will defeat if something happen]

After said it, lady Flore walking to the house . I’m surprised the house is not locked .

[There is no one here . Frey, I am hungry]

Lady Flore begin to search something in the house .

[Look, there is foods . Frey, is it possible to cook it?]

[Don’t . We shouldn’t do it without permission]

[But, I am, is very hungry, you know?]

In the end, I have defeated with milady appeal and i took the food . We’re apologize and accept it gratefully .
As for the day, we’re put away the bed in the house .
Recently, because we’re often sleeping the open sky, our tiredness might already collected .
It’s already morning when I was woke-up . I don’t know the surrounding for a moment .
When I see the windows, there is someone looking into the house .
I wonder who is it . I stand-up from the bed and look through the windows, there is pair of goblin eyes from outside the windows .


It’s most likely surprised by my voice, the goblin on outside the windows were run away .

[Ha, Lady Flore!!]

I suddenly remember our current situation, i can’t found lady Flore in the house .
Don’t tell me, did she went out?
I put my armor in hurry and went out from house with my sword on my hand .
When I’m checking around, I found her .
I’m running when I saw milady seems being surrounded by several goblins .


Surprised when heard my voice, the goblins were running away in various directions .

[What is it, Frey?]

[Are you alright?]

[Yeah, I’m playing with the goblins-san]

[It’s dangerous . Let’s return to the house now]

I am, took lady Flore hand and turn around back to home .
After that, I’m calmly understood after observing .
Apparently, the goblins seems not gonna enter this house .
Because, when I was prepared myself, opened the door, saw their appearance, and understand . Even though they were looking inside, they never coming inside .
Also, they seems not gonna harm us .
This one also, I confirmed it after I tried to approach the goblins .
Our safety seems temporary secured .
However, I unable to confirm how we can get out from here . I decided that we’re safest stay on this house .
I’m eating the food while remember the guilty . I went to sleep at once after the meal to recover my physical strength .
Tomorrow, I’ll manage to leave to Efuberu, perhaps we will immediately reaching it . Or perhaps we need one day because don’t know the direction .

[I want to wash my sweat]

On the next day, Flore-sama said that .
Fortunately, there is a space for bath on this house . I prepared the hot water for Flore’s bath .
I am also want to wash my body with the remaining hot water too . Flore-sama finished bath quickly to avoid catching the cold .
We’re endured to wear the same clothes again .

[I want to wear my favorite dress]

I want to apologize when I heard it . During that time, why I am not able to escape while gripping the one of the bags .
When I was about to apologize to lady Flore, the door which never opened, is open . .

[Oi, I want to remind you, don’t touch anything inside the luggage .

I am, as the Knight of lady Flore must looked strong . So I made a determination, and asking to the man who suddenly appear .

[Yo,you, who are you!?]