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Chapter 75

Chapter 75

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“Ah . Even though it’s goblins, this number is really no joke . ” (Sai)

There are 60 goblins gathered in the square which was made for baseball .
First, they are divided into groups . 2 groups consisting of 10 goblins were made, with Lalu and Hamon as the group leaders .
The rest weren’t split into small groups, since Ruby and I will collectively issue them instructions .

“Don’t tell me, isn’t the war potential going to be much different?” (Sai)

“Nope, first of all, I want the same 20 to be accustomed as guards for the time being . ” (Hibiki)

What is necessary for a guard is the defensive power, not the attacking power .
Also, since this will be long-distance movement, being dressed as lightly as possible would be preferable .

Therefore, I planned that we will surround and attack Sai’s light-armored group .

“Then, this is the uniform for [Goblin Transport] . ” (Hibiki)

The uniform is a leather armor made from monster materials, so it’s lightweight and durable .
Since I got a lot of materials from the ogres the other day, I used those .

“Heh~, it’s a good leather armor . Huh? Something is drawn on the back . ” (Sai)

Drawn on the back is the logo of the [Goblin Transport] .
On the black series leather armor there is a picture of a cutely deformed goblin carrying luggage in both hands depicted in white pigment . (Darknari: chibi style)

“This is our symbol . This way people will get familiar with us, it’s also to avoid the goblins being attacked by the adventurers . ” (Hibiki)

Zir designed the symbol . At that time we were experimenting with clay, she was good at it . This fellow has a talent with the arts .

“Kufufu, this symbol is quite valorous . ” (Zir)

Zir has also come to the square . She wasn’t there at this morning’s commotion, but since she reliably woke up at lunch, I captured her .
As for Zir, I have prepared her as the potential aggressive enemy .

“Then, Zir . Please let’s begin immediately . ” (Hibiki)

“Yea, the quantity shouldst beest somewhat large, is’t not?” (Zir)

“Yeah, I’m sure you can do it . ” (Hibiki)

Zir, concentrating her spirit, swings her wand . And then, skeletons spawn from the ground one after another, like bamboo shoots after a day of rain .
I think that they are overall inferior compared to the skeleton warrior which I fought back then . Their level is also a little lower at 20 .

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Well, if the portion of within the forest until Bureto is excluded, I guess it is something like this .

“Fuu . Master, tis something like this?” (Zir)

The skeletons that appear are about 20 . They’re merely skeletons, but their numbers are amazing .
However, their level is also low and they have about the same numbers, so even if they fight normally, the goblins will win .
Right now, the average level of the goblins here is about 30, with Lalu at Lv . 36 and Musashi at Lv . 35 .

“Zir, the number is still lacking . I want about twice this amount . ” (Hibiki)

“Declaring unreasonable things . We hast already used up our magic power . ” (Zir)

“Then, if you can replenish it, it’ll be fine . ” (Hibiki)

I approach Zir and with a jerk reveal my neck .

“Wa-wait for a moment, mine master!? How couldst thou declare for me to suck blood in front of such a great number of people hither!?” (Zir)

“Is it not good?” (Hibiki)

“Th-that’s very bold!? No matter tis just relatives hither . ” (Zir)

When she said that, I remembered what the [Book of Wisdom] said about it .
For a vampire, the act of [Sucking Blood] is nothing better than an aspect of courtship towards their partner, which is me .
In other words, is it like telling her to kiss me in front of everyone?
However, Zir has also quite a pure heart since she is flustered with the kiss position .

“Understood . Wait a second . ” (Hibiki)

I approach and hold Zir, then cast 【Dark Magic】 to cover my surroundings . With this I can intercept everyone’s line of sight .

“Well, Zir? Is it good now?” (Hibiki)

“U, u, twill not change the fact that everyone is still ‘round us . ” (Zir)

“If not, do you want to use a potion?” (Hibiki)

If I have my blood sucked, it’s reasonable since it’s possible to recover it with the Star Sword .
I tried to call Ruby to get the potion .

“Aah, by god . Master really is a hateful person!!” (Zir)

“Why are you so angry?” (Hibiki)

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“By god, I doth not care!! I’ll suck thee til thou art dried-up!!” (Zir)

With a cute pout Zir bit my neck . There was a prickling pain for only a moment, but soon the pain subsided .
Zir places her tongue on the wound and begins to slurp the blood .

“Chuu~~~” (Zir)

I wonder if my blood is really delicious, she keeps silently sucking my blood .

“Chuu~~~” (Zir)

Whenever the wound is being closed, her fangs dig into my neck .

“Oi, Zir . That should be enough, right?” (Hibiki)

“Chuu~~~” (Zir)

Zirc keeps sucking my blood without listening to my words at all .
Somehow, I can feel my power becoming weaker .
Though the physical damage should be able to be recovered with 【Self-regeneration】, is even my soul being sucked?

“Jyuu~~~” (Zir)

I feel that her sucking has become better somehow .

“Oi!! That’s enough!?” (Hibiki)

“Jyuu~~~” (Zir)

I became a little scared and forcibly pulled Zir apart . Zir extends both of her hands and tries to aim for my neck again .

“Calm down!!” (Hibiki)

“Hebuu!?” (Zir)

I chopped at Zir’s face with a little bit of power .

“It hurts, what art thou doing, master . ” (Zir)

“You too, what are you doing? Why have you been sucking my blood so desperately?” (Hibiki)

Although she may bite me at my neck in the middle of doing “it”, but it should have just been a highlight and not have any deep meaning .
As I mentioned earlier, it should have been like doing a french kiss which is exciting during the act .

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“Nay, master’s blood is very delicious . After returning from the Labyrinth, I cannot seem to hold myself back very well . ” (Zir)

“Are you alright? I don’t mind if you suck so much blood in particular, but be careful not to drink too much . ” (Hibiki)

“I understand . I wilt not drink so excessively . ” (Zir)

It has somehow turned into a drinking conversation, but the contents were serious .

“Oi, Hibiki? Are you okay?” (Sai)

Sai called out to me from outside the mist . It seems we spent too much time in here .

“Sorry . We took our time . ” (Hibiki)

Zir and I exit from the mist . Sai is standing nearby but somehow his face is red .

“What is it?” (Hibiki)

“Eh!? No, I’m sorry for interrupting!!” (Sai)

“Interrupting?” (Hibiki)

I tilted my head to the side as I heard Sai’s words and then I suddenly noticed it after I saw Zir at my side .
Zir had a flushed face . There were two people who had disappeared behind a blind spot .
And then, from the time they disappeared there was a conversation between the two people which sounded like a lovers quarrel being heard .

“Ah, yeah, it’s just a misunderstanding . ” (Hibiki)

“I, I know . It’s a secret from Ayla-san and the other girls!?” (Sai)

After that, it took a little bit of time to clear-up Sai’s misunderstanding .

Zir who had recovered magical power again, begins to summon 40 new skeletons .

“Yeah, this will do somehow . ” (Hibiki)

It seems she can still be able to summon more . It might be because she has already drank a considerable amount of my blood .

“For the time being, the skeletons will attack and Sai’s groups will defend that . ” (Hibiki)

“Ah, understood . ”

I had pointed to a container-like wooden box which had a size of 1m in length, width, and height .

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The skeletons will be attacking that wooden box as their attack target .

“Alright, let’s begin!!” (Hibiki)

The skeletons begin to move with my signal towards the wooden box .

“Lalu corp, eliminate the enemy in the front!! Don’t go too far, consider that the situation is 2:1!!” (Sai)

Sai’s instructions resounded in the square . Lalu with his subordinates were deployed to the front, which had the most skeletons, and they calmly eliminate the skeletons that approach sporadically .

“Musashi corp, defend the perimeter around the container . Endure until you can join forces with Lalu’s corp!!” (Sai)

The strategy is likely to make Musashi’s corp stick closely to the container . If it’s like this, the skeletons will probably be eliminated without being able to damage the container .
But, it won’t be interesting . I face Zir who was nearby and instructed her to summon new skeletons .

“Kufufu, with this I wilt beest out of magic power for anon . ” (Zir)

Zir summons 20 new skeletons while breathing heavily . So further skeletons could be added, I hugged Zir and pressed my neck to her .
It has been confirmed that none of the surrounding fellows are looking at us .

“Wai-, again!? Gafu~” (Zir)

Zir begins to suck my blood even though she complained . Her reason hasn’t seemed to flown away this time, and she released her mouth after drinking a proper quantity .

“Good grief, so forceful . ” (Zir)

Even though she was complaining, Zir’s face wasn’t as dissatisfied as she would have us believe . I really don’t understand a woman’s heart .
Well then, the number of skeletons has decreased while we flirted .
Afterwards, on the opposite of where Lalu’s corp was deployed, I made the 20 new skeletons assemble in ranks to charge-in .

“Wha-!? There is an additional force!?” (Sai)

Sai, who was just giving out commands, at last participated in the battle with the appearance of the force from behind . (TN: Pincer attack)
As expected, Sai has considerable skill .
In the crowd of skeletons, several of them are being blown away together with one stroke of a sword .
He has likely become accustomed to combat with his artificial arm . He has also showed that he is able to defend by receiving the opponent’s attack with his artificial arm .

Apparently, the battle seems to have resulted in a rigid state . I cannot participate in this battle because if I did, it might result in seriously wounded victims .
That’s why, I’ll command the main star to appear now .

“Ruby, please . ” (Hibiki)

Ruby shakes his body in nothing but anticipation .

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