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Chapter 77

Chapter 77

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“This is, amazing . ” (Frank)

There are 20 goblins lining up politely, Frank shows a similar reaction to Sai .

“This is like commanding an army as a Lord . ” (Frank)

The leadership ability which was trained by baseball . Though I didn’t say it, but to me his assessment was generally favorable .
During these several days, there is something that I intensively train .

“There is no question regarding their abilities . ” (Frank)

As a test, I showed those who called themselves adventurers attacking them but they were all rendered powerless without being killed .
We must not kill people in the town as much as possible .
Of course, if there are people attacking the escorts, then they can be killed without hesitation .

“Frank-san, these people are detestable . ” (Hibiki)

“Well, sorry about that . The attacking adventurers just now gathered to be escorts and they said they wanted to see their abilities first . ” (Frank)

From the adventurer’s view, if the number of people for the escort increases, then the profits will decrease . If that’s true, removing us due to the lack of ability is a good reason .
That was probably the main idea .
As for Frank, he should have been able to employ a stronger escort .
Even if the Goblin Corps were being defeated here, there are few things to lose .
As expected, those guild branch heads are not relaxing their guards .

“Well then, I’ll be in your hands on that day, Hibiki . ” (Frank)

After saying that, Frank returned back to the Alchemist guild .
Today’s purpose is to make a debut, I can say it ended well .

“I was able to make an appeal to our guest, keep it up with this condition, Sai . ” (Hibiki)

“Aye, these guys are already excellent so my job will most likely be on negotiation . ” (Sai)

Sai is using an artificial arm . Several days ago, as the replacement for his broken iron sword, there is a new magic sword at his waist now .

Magic Sword +5

Effect: 【Grant Attribute】
An attribute can be temporarily given to the sword .

That sword uses the nature of the magic stone which can store and use magic .
I may charge it with my favorite magic, and if it’s empty it can absorb the opponent’s magic, there are many ways that it can be used .
It’s the weapon that Thill-san made . (Darknari: Welburg Blacksmith)

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With Sai who can use anything skillfully, I’m sure he will handle it well .

“You are leader of this force . Be more confident . ” (Hibiki)

“No, I don’t have any anxiety . With this army, as long as the request is not great, I’m sure it can be accomplished safely . ” (Sai)

Sai seems to be troubled with this pleasant work .
When your sense in life is by default in hard mode, you are most likely unable to settle down if the difficulty is too easy .
What a difficult fellow .

“It’s alright, if it’s you . ” (Hibiki)

“Y-you’re right!! Alright, shall we return and train with these fellow?” (Sai)

Sai took the goblins and returned to the village .
I join-up with Ayla’s group who are shopping in town and then I head towards the adventurer guild .

“Oh, [Annihilation], there is a guest for you . ” (Stew)

“Again?” (Hibiki)

“This is getting more suspicious . This time it’s a real beautiful girl . ” (Stew)

The Stew uncle brought the woman who had waited for me at once .
I see, she really is beautiful . She looked similar to a certain dragon which I got acquainted with somehow .

“Yaa, Hibiki, it’s been awhile . Since I have settled down, I came to play . ” (Selva)

The scorching dragon Selva appears .
I wonder if that’s her fashion when going out, it appears rather casual .

“Selva, you’re really came . ” (Hibiki)

“That’s awful, a friend came to play . Please welcome me well . ” (Selva)

She brought a souvenir, [I went to the Labyrinth cookies] were given to me .

“Went to, eh? Isn’t this from your own house?” (Hibiki)

“But, Ayla said [It’s unacceptable to call on a friend if you don’t bring anything], that’s why, I bought it at the shop in the entrance . ” (Selva)

“Is that so, well, thank you . ” (Hibiki)

“You’re welcome~” (Selva)

“Then, what do you want?” (Hibiki)

“Haa, you’re really cold towards me… . Actually, I have been investigating the cause on why the church is so noisy recently, it’s because the evil god religion is making movements . ” (Selva)

“Church? What is the relation between you and the church?” (Hibiki)

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“That way of speaking is heartless, I heard of the talk within the church because I am a Scorching Dragon . Well, everything can be heard from Airi . ” (Selva) (Darknari: I believe this is her pet name for Irene, her caretaker)

The connection between the Scorching Dragon and The Church . The Scorching Dragons are being worshipped by the church as [God’s Messengers] .
That’s the reason why the church’s outfit is red .
The Scorching Dragon as [God’s Messenger], even she doesn’t understand it either .
However, since humans already worshipped them as [God’s Messengers], the Scorching Dragons leave them as that .

“Therefore, you can get the latest information from the Church?” (Hibiki)

“Yep, there is a temple in my dungeon, it’s a great appeal from the Church . I leave everything to Airi . ” (Selva)

“Dear oh dear”, said Selva who shook her head . I think it’s pitiful for the fellows who worshipped her .

“Master, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting . ” (Ayla)

When I was speaking with Selva, Ayla’s group finished shopping .
Ruby is carrying all the luggages . All the members are empty-handed .

“Hm? It’s unusual for Zir to join too . ” (Hibiki)

Shopping at times like this, Zir always goes by herself .
After pleading to me for pocket money, she spends everything on shopping which has already become her usual pattern .
They appeared with enough food that they can’t hold it with both hands from the shopping earlier, but she doesn’t have anything today .
She seems to be somehow absent-minded, since she didn’t notice I was talking to her .

“Zir?” (Hibiki)

When I talked and put my hand on her shoulder, finally Zir gave me a response .

“W-what!?” (Zir)

“What’s the matter?” (Hibiki)

“W-what doth thou mean?” (Zir)

Apparently, there is something that is hard for her to say .

“Zir . ” (Hibiki)

“What? So persistent . ” (Zir)

“Are you alright?” (Hibiki)

I don’t want to pursue any further . But, I want to confirm if Zir is not pushing herself .

“…Master is so gentle . ” (Zir)

“Zir?” (Hibiki)

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“I am quite alright, I wilt not cause thou any ado . ” (Zir)

Although it’s different from what I wanted to her, since Zir is already showing determination and there must be a reason why she doesn’t want to talk, I’ll leave it as that .
Afterwards I invited Selva to the village, more shopping was done for her .

“Amy, can you come here for a second?” (Hibiki)

“Yes? What is it?” (Amy)

I talked to Amy while walking . I want to hear about Zir’s appearance during the shopping earlier .

“It’s like usual . We separated in town and then joined together before going to the guild, since she looked like that I tried asking what happened . ” (Amy)

It’s nothing . That’s her answer .
I wonder if something happened when she was alone .

“Amy, I have a request . ” (Hibiki)

“Leave it to me . ” (Amy)

She gave me a reply before hearing the full story .
Let’s just be prepared before something happens .

We returned to the village, everyone is being told to make a welcome party for Selva, the preparations are immediately started .
The goblins eat in the plaza, so for this time we’re also having the meal together .
The members who saw Selva for the first time…

“Uwaa–, she really is beautiful girl . ” (Latia)

“Beautiful onee-chan!” (Yakuu)

“Sco-scorching Dragon-sama!? I-I must pray . ” (Frey)

Since I am introducing her as Scorching Dragon Selva, everyone knows that she is a dragon .
Unexpectedly, Frey was a vivid believer so she went to kneel down to Selva and offer a silent prayer while bowing her head .

Is it alright even though Latia is a half-demon?

“Latia is my friend . Religion and friendship are unrelated . ” (Selva)

That’s a really flexible way of thinking .

We introduce ourselves to each other, and then begin eating .

“I had yearned a little to eat a meal at a friend’s house . ” (Selva)

Selva began to speak delightfully .

“Don’t think that there will be a welcome party every time . Next time I’ll have you help to cook some food . ” (Hibiki)

“Sure, I’ll be happy for that . ” (Selva)

“Se-selva-sama, is it alright for us to talk with you?” (Frey)

“Sure, I’ll go there~” (Selva)

Selve went to Frey’s group while waving at me .

“Yond dragon is very much a joyous fellow . ” (Zir)

“She totally is . ” (Hibiki)

Zir approaches me while drinking the sake in her hand . She seems to have gotten back to normal .

“Thither art many strange fellows ‘round Master . ” (Zir)

“You are one of them, aren’t you?” (Hibiki)

“Kufufu, I am aware of this myself . ” (Zir)

I felt relieved when I saw Zir laughing .

Zir invited me to the bedroom after taking a quick meal .
There are no obstructions from Ayla nor Amy, because both of them are still eating .

“Those two girls are gonna be angry later . ” (Hibiki)

I didn’t plan to stop even though I said that .
She pulls off her clothes and lies on the bed .

“Come, mine dear Master, prithee love me . ” (Zir)

I also take off my clothes, and cover Zir on the bed .

“Kufufu, Master~♪” (Zir)

Tonight, Zir is very spoiled .
She bit my neck many times, and I return back with biting Zir’s weak points .

“Ukyan!? M-master, that place . ” (Zir)

We interlocked our bodies with each other’s, there are several bite marks on our bodies .

“Tomorrow, Ayla and the other girls are gonna be angry for sure . ” (Hibiki)

Zir laughs happily .

“With this, already…” (Zir)

I felt that there were tears shining in her eyes .

In the morning, the appearance of Zir was not there when I woke up .

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