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Published at 28th of July 2018 06:50:35 PM

Chapter 12

Seven o’clock in the evening was when Tian Xia Restaurant was the most packed . As he drove through the parking lot, Fang Cheng Ran looked all over for a parking spot .

Ahead of him, a man and woman were exiting their car . When he drove past them, his gaze was subconsciously drawn to them .

The man was quite tall; he had a white shirt on, and his unusually long black hair had a slight natural curl to it .

The woman next to him… who was she? She had a slim figure, and was wearing a black hat and a pair of sunglasses . Her curled flaxen hair was very similar to Yang Wei . It felt like he’d seen her somewhere before… Song Jin?

“What’s up? Do you recognize them?” Papa Fang asked from the back seat .

Fang Cheng Ran withdrew his gaze and turned into an empty spot . “No . I thought it was a friend of mine, but it seems that I was mistaken . ”

Papa Fang snorted coldly . “I thought it was your girlfriend . ”

Fang Cheng Ran laughed dryly . “Father, I feel like I’m nothing more than a frivolous playboy in your eyes . ”

Papa Fang asked, astonished, “Don’t tell me you aren’t?”

Fang Cheng Ran fell silent . He’d gone through great trouble to invite them out for dinner tonight, so he didn’t want to turn the night into a drama on family ethics .

While Fang Cheng Ran and company exited the car, Qi Xiao Yan and Song Jin were on the elevator headed to the seventh floor . When the elevator doors opened, the tall hostess inquired about their private room reservation, before personally leading them inside .

Song Jin had already had her assistant order dishes in advance, so they didn’t have to wait long after they’d been seated before a waitress dressed in a qipao came in with their food . The sight of the bright red side dishes made her grimace slightly; she’d forgotten to tell her assistant not to order any particularly spicy dishes . She recalled that Qi Xiao Yan didn’t like to eat spicy things .

After the waitress left, Song Jin looked at Qi Xiao Yan across from her with a somewhat apologetic expression . “I’m sorry . I had my assistant help me order, but she didn’t know that you can’t handle spicy food . ”

Qi Xiao Yan eyed the salad in front of him and said, “It’s fine . In fact, I’ve actually eaten this chili pepper salad before . ”

Song Jin’s eyes widened in surprise . “Chili pepper salad?” Which dish was this?

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Qi Xiao Yan smirked slightly but remained silent .

He remembered that day, with its moderate wind, beautiful sun, and cloudless sky . He’d just finished writing a thesis, so he’d been in a very good mood . As a result, he’d sought out Yang Wei in order to talk with her about the venerable Goldbach . Aftwards, Yang Wei had server him a plate of chili pepper salad for dinner .

Qi Xiao Yan had glanced at the fiery chili peppers and pursed his lips .  “What is this?”

Yang Wei had replied in a deadpan manner, “It’s chili pepper salad; are you not going to eat it?”

Qi Xiao Yan had remained silent for a full three seconds before lifting his head to look at her .  “What do you ordinarily use to make salad?”

“Chili peppers . ”

“This chili pepper salad is…?”

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“Normally I use twice as much chili pepper . ” Yang Wei had promptly answered, as if it was both normal and expected .

Qi Xiao Yan: “…”

He’d unexpectedly felt unable to refute her words .

Yang Wei had carefully examined his grave expression as he gazed at the plate of chili peppers in front of him, before finally handing him a carrot as if it was an act of great mercy .  “This is for you . Slice it and add it to your plate . ”

Qi Xiao Yan had taken the carrot and stood up from his, but after taking a few steps toward the kitchen, he’d turned his back to ask Yang Wei, “Do you want an odd or even number?”

Yang Wei: “…”

She’d gripped her chopsticks tightly andgritted out, one word at a time, “I . Want . A . Rational . Number . ”

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Qi Xiao Yan had then turned back around and entered the kitchen . When he returned, the carrot slices had been arranged into the shape of π .

He recalled that this had occurred not too long before Yang Wei’s divorce suggestion . Could it have been because the π symbol he’d arranged hadn’t beautifully expressed the concept of pi?

Qi Xiao Yan felt that this thought was somewhat reasonable . After all, Yang was an art student; her sense of aesthetics was quite high . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have even glanced at him .

“What’re you thinking about?” When Song Jin saw Qi Xiao Yan staring spellbound at the side dishes on the table with a nearly invisible hanging from his lips, she couldn’t help but ask .

Qi Xiao Yan was brought back to the present by her words and shook his head, saying, “Nothing . ”

Song Jin stared at him for a moment before smiling . “Next time, I’ll invite you over to eat at my house . I can make dishes that won’t lose out to top-tier restaurants . ”

Qi Xiao Yan lifted his head to meet her gaze, but didn’t decline or accept her invite .

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