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Published at 29th of December 2019 10:41:42 PM

Chapter 16

Yang Wei fell asleep snuggled up in her quilt . The next morning, her own straight dark hair startled her in the mirror . It took a little while for her to remember that this was what her hair looked like now . Having washed and groomed herself, she studied the rack of clothes in her closet and picked out a round necked white shirt, topping it with a black v-neck sweater . As for pants . . . khaki commuter pants would do .

Her pink handbag was hanging behind the door . She switched her phone, keys, and makeup into a navy blue bag from the closet .

Inspecting herself in the mirror, Yang Wei patted her face and hurriedly left the house .

Upon arriving at school, the fat security guard posted by the door was shocked to see her . As Yang Wei passed him by, she glanced at him, her straight black hair rising gently in the light wind . "Good morning . "

"Good . . good morning . . . " Jaw agape, the fat security guard stared after her receding figure before rushing back to the guard room, yanking out his cell phone, and posting a message to his circle of friends . "Miss Yang's new hairstyle is so sharp! I don't know if I like it! "

Inside the office, math teacher Luo was still the first to rush up and greet her . But today, after his first two steps, he stumbled to a stop and stood stock still . "Teacher . . . . Teacher Yang, did you change your hairstyle?"

"Mmhmm . " Yang Wei walked quickly to her spot in the office and put down her bag . Teacher Luo trailed her to her desk, nodding appreciatively the whole way . "Teacher Yang, no matter what sort of hairstyle you have, you pull it off! It looks gorgeous!"

Yang Wei smiled . "Thank you . "

Teacher Luo's eyes widened slightly, and then he leaned forward . "Teacher Yang, you seem to have been in a bad mood these past couple days . . . ?"

"Mmm . "

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Yang Wei looked up with a smile . "Could you not talk to me?"

Teacher Luo : " . . . "

As he floated dejectedly back to his seat, Teacher Yao slid her chair over to Yang Wei's side in curiousity . "Why did you change your hair all of a sudden? It's pretty nice . Where did you get it done?"

"D&K . "

Teacher Yao's eyes widened . "That place is crazy expensive! And I've heard that it's for members only!"

Yang Wei pulled out a teal card from her purse and waved it in her face . "Just let me know when you want to head there . "

Eyes lighting up, Teacher Yao snatched the card out of her hand to examine it . "Seriously? Oh my God, it really is a D&K membership card! I hear that their membership requirements are super strict, how on earth did you get it?"

"Just be rich . "

Teacher Yao: " . . . . . . "

Yang Wei slid the card back into her purse as Teacher Dai gave her a call . Yang Wei looked up and smiled at her . "I was just going to hurriedly finish up marking homework . "

Mouth moving, Teacher Dai handed her a stack of test papers . "I just need you to help hand these out . It's self-study in the morning, and then a language exam during first and second period . "

Yang Wei smiled and nodded before leaving with the papers .

Glancing at the door, Teacher Luo turned and commented to Teacher Yao, "Today, Teacher Yang’s aura seems quite different from her usual peaceful, gentle self . "

Teacher Yao picked up her English book and walked out . "She went from corn silk waves to straight black hair . Your eyes must be pretty sharp for her to still look the same . ”

Teacher Luo: “ . . . ”

He was talking about her aura! Aura!

As soon as Yang Wei walked into the classroom, she caused a stir amongst the students . Everyone gave her strange looks . Without turning a hair1, Yang Wei walked onto the podium . She raised the test papers in her hand and smiled at everyone . "Today we'll be taking the the Chinese language test . "

" . . . "

Complaints rang out . Yang Wei had everyone to put away their books, then handed out the tests to the first row . Upon receiving their test papers, many students secretly looked up to observe her . Yang Wei walked a few laps around the classroom before returning to the office, allowing the department representative to stand guard on the podium .

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As soon as she left, the students began to boil .

"Teacher Yang changed her hairstyle! I almost didn't recognize her . "

"She feels so much more serious than before!"

"Don't you think it's like she has 'Don't mess with me' written all over her face?"

"I actually kinda like it . ”

“I thought the old version of her was better . ”

. . . . . .

“What's with all this noise? Don't you all know you're taking an exam?” Teacher Dai stalked in with a stack of exercise books . The students immediately fell silent and began scribbling industriously on their papers .

In secret, Liang Ming Hao dug out his flip phone to send a text to Fang Cheng Ran . "Uncle! Teacher Yang changed her hair!"

Then having given it a little thought, he realized that his uncle probably hadn't woken up yet and stuffed his phone back into his back, turning to his examination paper . As was his habit, he leafed through to the last page and glanced at the composition topic for the day .

"_______ has changed . "

Liang Ming Hao thought for a moment, then solemnly wrote down the words "Teacher Yang has changed . "

On that day, half the compositions that Teacher Dai received were labeled "Teacher Yang has changed" .

Once the test was over, Liang Ming Hao finally received a reply from his uncle . "I know, I accompanied her to her haircut . "

Liang Ming Hao: - . -

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Uncle: What's that expression for? ←_←

Liang Ming Hao: It means that you're truly amazing ^_^

Uncle: Good boy .

Liang Ming Hao rolled his eyes and threw the flip phone back into his schoolbag .

During his lunch break, Qi Xiao Yan turned on his phone and flipped through Yang Wei's Weibo . Her latest post had only a single selfie . When he opened it, his brow creased .

Why the sudden hairstyle change? Even the colour had been re-dyed .

Yang Wei had always liked her curly hair . From time to time, she'd visit the hairdresser to maintain it . Why had she suddenly chopped it all off and straightened it out?

He applied his excellent logic to the problem for a long time, and finally silently saved the picture .

At that very moment, Yang Wei was also browsing Weibo, and a three and a half minute old post on her homepage roused her interest --

"<Guard Against Marriage> is over! Finally, I'll be paid! Authors can only be paid once a month, and if it's less than 800, it won't be taxed . If it's more than 800 but less than 4000, then 800 will be deducted and the rest multiplied by the tax rate . Anything over 4000 will be multiplied by 80%, then by the tax rate . How should I take the payment while paying the minimum in taxes?"

There were already several reader suggestions in the comments . Yang Wei fished out the calculator from Teacher Luo's desk and tapped on it a few times before commenting, "First get 4000, then the rest . "

A minute later, she made a second comment . "Wait, no, I re-calculated it . If you take 800 first, there'll be less taxes for you afterward . "

Soon afterward, she received a reply to her comment from someone named "Curly-bae" . "The correct method is to take 800 every month, and if the company closes, the rest then . "

Yang Wei: " . . . "

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Any time this kind of thing happened, out he scampered!

However, she trusted Qi Xiao Yan's professional advice . Opening a private message, she sent a text to Wait for Three More Minutes . "Here's an expert opinion . Take 800 every month, and the rest upon the collapse of Pujiang . That said, 800 yuan a month just isn't enough to get by . ╮(╯_╰)╭ . ”

Fang Cheng Ran stared at this private message for a few seconds, silent, before quickly tapping on the keyboard: “Which expert told you this?”

Professor, Please Take Medicine: “A Professor of Mathematics . "

Narrowing his eyes, Fang Cheng Ran clicked on Yang Wei's Weibo . It was easy enough to find the mathematician named "Curly-bae" .

Curly-bae's avatar was a digitally painted Q-version of a boy in a white shirt, with slightly curly hair . One could see at a glance from the painting style that both this and Yang Wei's avatar were done by the same person . He took a look at Curly-bae's Weibo . Though the account had been registered a year ago, only three posts had ever been made, and all of them forwards from Yang Wei .

The most recent one was a group photo taken in front of a Christmas tree last year .

Fang Cheng Ran's current mood could be summarized in three words: Thanks a lot . 2

Opening the messenger in the lower right corner, he sent Yang Wei a private message . "Your avatar is adorable! Did you draw it yourself?"

Yang Wei replied, "I did~"

Wait for Three More Minutes: You're amazing! Would you mind making one for me?

Professor, Please Take Medicine: Of course! What do you look like?

Fang Cheng Ran thought for a moment . "Well, I've got short hair . Other than that, feel free to play around~"

Having received Yang Wei's reply, he added a new Weibo post .

Wait for Three More Minutes: I'm gonna take my payment all at once, like the capricious person I am . [doge]

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